Guy Fieri Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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Guy Fieri goes Sneaker Shopping at Flight Club in Miami and talks about Steph Curry and Kevin Durant hooking his sons up with sneakers, his love for clothing with flames, and his thoughts on one of the most legendary food sneakers of all time.
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Mar 18, 2019




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Comments 4 124
Complex 6 months ago
What is your go-to pair of sneakers on days you have to be on your feet all day?
freetayq on insta
freetayq on insta 28 days ago
af1 🤩
Redsox Films
Redsox Films 28 days ago
Under armour hovr phantom
pristine Month ago
Ultra boost 2.0
gary lebon
gary lebon Month ago
Yeezy 350's
Fanb0i Hi
Fanb0i Hi Month ago
nmds or air max 270 reacts
Victor Chico
Victor Chico Day ago
I put Dr. whatever his name is insoles in my ultra boosts and that shit is soft af
Jackson Media
Jackson Media 3 days ago
What pants is puma wearing?
Crunch Buttsteak
Crunch Buttsteak 7 days ago
Kirk Douglas goes sneaker shopping with Complex
Above The Line
Above The Line 10 days ago
Who was the host of this show?? smh
neetfif 11 days ago
Who the hell invited Guy Fieri...?
Demonetized 17 days ago
Now, this, is content I needed in my life.
Samuel Ruano
Samuel Ruano 19 days ago
there the best
Samuel Ruano
Samuel Ruano 19 days ago
it will be my jordan 10 red and blue
ImmaDuckOnQuack 20 days ago
I heard this guy got so fat he started having to work out due to eating all the time
GoldenPheonexPlayz XD
Welcome to diner drive ins and dives
Alejandro Ramirez
Meme King
Meme King 22 days ago
I thought guy fierri was gonna eat the sneakers
Leo McGrail
Leo McGrail 26 days ago
Guy has opened 63 restaurants including out back and chick fi la
Spy 88
Spy 88 Month ago
A kid in 8th grade at my school named aiden wears a size 18 and a half size foot and he’s 6’5
Dank Boi
Dank Boi Month ago
He got some of the best sneakers compared to other guests on the show
Merl Strunk
Merl Strunk Month ago
Welcome to 3am
Grim Month ago
flightclub sells everything for wayyy to high
Lego kid
Lego kid Month ago
The ultimate dad
RAY -49-
RAY -49- Month ago
They should make yeezy x off-white
Martin Rangel
Martin Rangel Month ago
Y r shoes so expensive there
Ordinary Vlogger
Thanos found the flavor stone 😱
Car Enthusiast1
Car Enthusiast1 Month ago
Flavor daddy
San PDrew
San PDrew Month ago
Marcos joke anyone?
he seem cool af
Remy Stern
Remy Stern Month ago
Mans was just trying to get some camo adidas and got the babe collab 😭😭😭
Jr1k Month ago
Jack_ Month ago
may i give you a warm welcome to flavor town
Mack Lotus
Mack Lotus Month ago
Woah really i didnt expect this...good job complex
I got supplies
I got supplies Month ago
Hopefully he is gonna buy some sneakers Fieri : All of them ( It was at this moment he knew he can't )
Alfie D.
Alfie D. Month ago
Lucella Restani
Lucella Restani Month ago
Bobby Flay Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex
Lawrence Lim
Lawrence Lim Month ago
"I'm gonna look like Imelda Marcos" 😂😂😂
King Jokk
King Jokk Month ago
Pretty decent sneaker taste
Mohammad Abdullah
0:34 Me crying when he says "all of them" when I cant even afford one. :( :{ ;(
Sheikh ANDO
Sheikh ANDO Month ago
Mohammad Abdullah hey brother, you added my snap
Sheikh ANDO
Sheikh ANDO Month ago
Mohammad Abdullah yeah the reason I said Atlanta Georgia is because how big it is for hip hop. I love hip hop and also love drill music which Chicago is famous for. I’m all about that positivity energy brother, however where I live is very small village and no opportunities. we don’t even have take out places or shops. Add my snapchat liamhustlababy
Mohammad Abdullah
And again you just got yourself a subscriber
Mohammad Abdullah
And I don't got WhatsApp I do have Snapchat
Mohammad Abdullah
Not as old as you and another tip is not to live in the big cities they will pretty much steal you money have you heard of Charlotte NC that's where u live a mix of urbun and rural
Gary E. Ko
Gary E. Ko Month ago
Fun fact the Air Max 90 Bacon's is not only supposed to represent all the colors of bacon when you're frying it but when they're sideways in the shoe box it's supposed to also look like what raw bacon looks like in the package when u look down on them
ElasticNine26 Month ago
Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me
MikeBounderz Month ago
How about Joe puma goes sneaker shopping he watches everyone else do it it would be cool if he did
Naeras Month ago
Zebra 500 dollar xddddddd
Juan Mendez
Juan Mendez 2 months ago
Flavor town.
Kumo 2 months ago
I wanna save up like 500 for a pair of shoes, it’s gonna take a while...
Kumo 2 months ago
Øk this is epik
Gavin Mulhern
Gavin Mulhern 2 months ago
this a grind
Gavin Mulhern
Gavin Mulhern 2 months ago
i respect this a lot
Nelson Molina
Nelson Molina 2 months ago
These shoes are gangster
Chantal Brinxma
Chantal Brinxma 2 months ago
Cardi b sneaker shopping!
The fun mart
The fun mart 2 months ago
Someone buy me some sneakers please Im in SA hit me up even if its a worn out pair
ghetto 2 months ago
Guy Fieri takes dad shoes to the next level
Levander Smith
Levander Smith 2 months ago
Ahh thats gangster
Steven Romero
Steven Romero 2 months ago
gah damn KD feet gross...
Melis Zukic
Melis Zukic 2 months ago
Do Kylie Jenner
Jimbo 2 months ago
Vladimir Putin goes sneaker shopping with complex !
sophie 2 months ago
spent two racks like its nothin💀
sophie 2 months ago
ight den😭
MXRG ۶ 2 months ago
Joe just went to flavourtown
Carmelo Atienza
Carmelo Atienza 2 months ago
Lol imelda marcos
Alm Kcr
Alm Kcr 2 months ago
2:52 Why is *T* *H* *E* nike ? Or *A* *D* *I* *D* *A*
Beast Row
Beast Row 2 months ago
Jackson Nicoll got biiiggh
oof oof
oof oof 2 months ago
$500 for bape ub's im dead
Alaska Squatchin Xtreeme
Thought he was gonna buy some flame Converse's.
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