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The Amazing World of Gumball
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Gumball and Darwin encourage Dad to stand up to his long term bully.
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Gumball, the amusing blue cat with a giant head and his best buddy Darwin, a pet goldfish who sprouted legs, step up the hilarity and hijinks in Cartoon Network's comedy series, The Amazing World of Gumball. The BAFTA award-winning series tells the story of an extra-ordinary suburban family who just happen to live in an ordinary town. Along with Gumball and Darwin there's Dad, a 6'4" pink rabbit who stays at home while Mom works in the rainbow factory and Anais, a 4-year-old genius bunny. This season will bring to light to some tough questions such as; will Gumball ever win the affections of Penny? How will Darwin react when Banana Joe chews up his pen? And what happens when Gumball and Darwin get their first cell phone? All will be answered, well maybe not answered, but it sure will be entertaining to watch.
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Jan 10, 2019

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Comments 207
Jaenel Perrotte
Jaenel Perrotte 2 minutes ago
S burst
S burst 22 hours ago
He said bad a$$
Ditto 73
Ditto 73 Day ago
"Pwincipal Bron"
Mistress Meow
0:56 Did Richard actually just curse? (Aka badass)
Demonic Fantasy
Demonic Fantasy 2 days ago
His laugh is so fake
Unicorn Lover716
Unicorn Lover716 2 days ago
hector R.
hector R. 3 days ago
That face lmfaoo
Khristof Oliver Dan Tejada
3:34 what the heck?!?!
Wafflez Playz
Wafflez Playz 4 days ago
0:58 did he said badass
IMHX 7 days ago
Did he say bad acid or badass?
Sniper Goddess
Sniper Goddess 7 days ago
Dude the dad said bada$$
Alex Haberny
Alex Haberny 14 days ago
It said bad ads
Eclipse Allied
Eclipse Allied 17 days ago
Richard said Badass
Blanca Martinez
Blanca Martinez 18 days ago
Is ir me or did richard say badass
rofi vey
rofi vey 18 days ago
"Yes it was me all along, sucker!" iS tHaT a JojO rEfEreNce
Just a guy who loves sneakers
Principle LeBRON James
Sage Markham
Sage Markham 20 days ago
The part when he got a new wifey was waaaaaaaaaaay to real 😂
Royal Studios
Royal Studios 20 days ago
Oh boy
Bacon Puppy
Bacon Puppy 22 days ago
Name of episode??
MZANTRIS 87 21 day ago
The Cycle
Greg Yochum
Greg Yochum 23 days ago
Did He Say “I Get Such BADASS...” ?
Soap Instead Of Syrup
bad acid he said
Xwarmliqudsx 15
Xwarmliqudsx 15 23 days ago
Did you hear him 00:57
Yep Its Me
Yep Its Me 29 days ago
Bad a$$?? Did he just say bad A$$????
Fred Month ago
Pwincipul Bron.
Mutaz Younis
Mutaz Younis Month ago
why everyone saying that on 0:57 it said bad a** it is bad acid
Level 100 Boss 2:25
rebellious pearl
Winie Winie
Winie Winie Month ago
4:35 did u saw waston’s but
ale Month ago
I love gumball
DWB DAYS Month ago
0:57 Who was suprised affffffffffffffffffffff
Oglagold Month ago
I've spent my whole day watching these clips, someone stop me.
mlg pou
mlg pou Month ago
0:57 cuss word
2:09 they had a check why didn't they spend to?!
gaming with unicorns unicorns unicorns
Anias:yea we should try something else Gumball : So we run him over 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kim Lewis
Kim Lewis Month ago
This is the best episode of gumball
Melissa Robinson
Joselyn Rivera
Joselyn Rivera Month ago
A$$ that what they said
JToonz Month ago
I'm crying because I could Kinda Relate
Sofia Williams
Sofia Williams Month ago
Sofia Williams
Sofia Williams Month ago
Tete was a bad word .😡🙎🙊
Ashton Willis
Ashton Willis Month ago
0:57 listen closely it says badass and this kids show
memes the maker
memes the maker 14 days ago
Bad acid
halie thefoxx965
1:20 that always gets me!!!!! XD
fortnite BG
fortnite BG Month ago
best show ever!!!!
Vampires in The night
Hewo I’m at 15:56
Channel Mati
Channel Mati Month ago
I liel that blue cat
Holden England
Holden England Month ago
0:58 Richard said the a word
Purrel Month ago
He looks like randy from south park
-Sugar 0-๐-0God-
Do you really have to wear the mustache? Is it sweaty?
UnHoly Spork
UnHoly Spork Month ago
I lovehow they jump over the fence when hes right infront of them
1:12 rips off mustache to reveal mustache
Dandoesthis 5 days ago
Aj Midnight art
Aj Midnight
Aj Midnight 27 days ago
RebelAnne Landers
click corn and fartom stuff
richard: this moment is bigger me me: that what she said
David Dean
David Dean Month ago
Did he just say badass
Krystal Kari Gouin
Lucero tavera Tavera
On 0:57 i heard the bad a** word its soo bad
RareBigladLB Month ago
And... the captions say “Bad Acid.”
RareBigladLB Month ago
Ryenne Lindsey, yes? All I hear is “Bad Acid” because that’s _ACTUALLY_ what he said! >:(
Ryenne Lindsey
Ryenne Lindsey Month ago
RareBigladLB he didn’t say bad acid play it in slow motion press the three dots and press playback
RareBigladLB Month ago
Bad acid...
Sweet Plum Slime
"Principal Bron"
MikeRM Productions
People say high school years are the best time of your life. Well, this shows us the truth
Donna Villacis
Donna Villacis 4 days ago
MikeRM Productions, I’m in high school and I also deal with the same problems that Richard does in this episode. Nowadays, I realize that high school is the most difficult place to be in.
Dandoesthis 5 days ago
ღ Midnight Dazzle ღ true
ღ Midnight Dazzle ღ
Only for the 'popular' jerks who make themselves feel good by bullying others.
Ari Gachaverse
Ari Gachaverse Month ago
Chris Tang
Chris Tang Month ago
“Two of those at the same time” ahaha
Mario Kart 8 Gamer LIVE AKA Gabeishot Really
Its ending soon this year
MandMgamers101 Month ago
The bad word was at 58
Moo Joouice
Moo Joouice Month ago
This is where Tobias gets it from huh
I love watching theese. They make me laugh
Zoe Clarke
Zoe Clarke Month ago
Why was he wearing a mush dash when he has a real mush dash
Brandy Paez
Brandy Paez Month ago
Harold is a jerk to Richard.
Alexis Phone
Alexis Phone Month ago
Is this a kid's show :-\
Sutton Family
Sutton Family Month ago
3:54 that’s so dark
Dani Coni
Dani Coni Month ago
3:55 *P i m p e d out*
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed Month ago
0:58 wat did he say
Will’s MM2 Channel
I love this show
RobloxGreat321093 - Roblox, Minecraft and More!
Thank you Cartoon Network for The Amazing World of Gumball, Rest In Peace, this is my childhood show and thank you for making this show. 2011 -- 2018
MakeASplash Month ago
+RobloxGreat321093 - Roblox, Minecraft and More! It's not over. When they said the last episode of 2018 they meant that it was the last episode of the year cause 2019 was starting
RobloxGreat321093 - Roblox, Minecraft and More!
+Its-Me Anthony Dude, Did you not see the last episode of 2018? The last episode is called "The Silence".
Its—Me Anthony
RobloxGreat321093 - Roblox, Minecraft and More! There is no mention of it ending, it’s still in continuation.
RobloxGreat321093 - Roblox, Minecraft and More!
+Superboy 473 Yes. Because there is an last episode of 2018.
Superboy 473
Superboy 473 Month ago
Its over?!
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz Month ago
WHY did Harold had another mustache for a disguise? He ALREADY has a mustache!
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz Month ago
Wait! Principal Brown was still principal at that time? In the past?
Angel Lopez mejia
Richard said badass
memes the maker
memes the maker 14 days ago
Bad acid
Jade Workman
Jade Workman Month ago
But I’m the king but.
That one Guy
That one Guy Month ago
What dose adults dream of?
Isak Gustafsson
Isak Gustafsson Month ago
Principal Brown was principal back then🥴 Wait! Richard went to elmore jr high?!
Isak Gustafsson
Isak Gustafsson Month ago
Draw do fortnite and animations ???????
but middle schools don't have prom.
Hey It's Marie
Hey It's Marie Month ago
Isak Gustafsson yeah
Akamorriss Silotto
Like your picture btw lmao
Rei Aiken
Rei Aiken Month ago
SkyFireSavers768 Roblox gamingz
1:01 he is a dabber offscreen
lunaetic_s Month ago
SkyFireSavers768 Roblox gamingz dab like slightly put stuff
Dwebly Month ago
They're aloud to say "badass" on a kid's show?
Shanatsumomo 3 days ago
Dwebly “Bad acid”
They are not aloud to say it because it's a kids show and im a kid
Pugs & pokemon
Pugs & pokemon 24 days ago
I would never watch this video ever again
DWB DAYS Month ago
BattleClaws HD
BattleClaws HD Month ago
TheMonkeyBoy5 when
first last
first last Month ago
Pwincipul Bron
first last
first last Month ago
Frown King
condorito gondales
Minito 0:40 rihar tiene cara de tonto😪
Not Bored
Not Bored Month ago
+CraZyninja2000 ! He is spanish
condorito gondales
no ablo ingles
yay cb
yay cb Month ago
2:31 when you found a box full of 1000$
StrongRuler Month ago
Finally not blocked in america
StrongRuler Month ago
Oh, The network (Turner) thinks their clips are copyright infringement (since gumball’s channel isn’t verified with them yet) so they think it’s some random copyright infringer and promptly block it worldwide.
Rednex The Fox
Rednex The Fox Month ago
StrongRuler I wonder how USvidr choose their region for one video because I don't see any option which region you want to upload
FlamingGamer99 Month ago
1,185th viewer :3
xXAnime_ LoverXx
finally! a video that lasts more than 5 minute!
UniSwitch Month ago
19 seconds
Kawaii girl123 A
Lel true
May I ask what episode this is?
Rubii Month ago
ゝほヷsugarush The cycle
soulxmaka shipper
I know embarassing richard is fun but harlod is litteraly huge a jerk
hawyee 6 days ago
+Kayla McColl learn to correct your grammar first before you ask others to correct their spelling lmao, and i'm sorry if i sound rude to you but that is your opinion and in my opinion i think that you should have at least learned to type correct grammar before you comment on others' english mistakes.
Cecuun 6 days ago
+Kayla McColl their* you* your* I can go on and on correcting your spelling like you
Artemis the Geek
Artemis the Geek 25 days ago
Correction: I know that embarrassing Richard is very fun, but Harold is literally a huge jerk.
Starlight Pink Gamer
+Kayla McColl alright then let's end it bye and have a good rest of your day/night
Kayla McColl
Kayla McColl 27 days ago
Starlight Pink Gamer I edited my comment to make it not sound as rude as it was so now we can end this conversation and go on with our day so see ya later have a good day!
YOKO HO Month ago
Gacha Ruzgar
Gacha Ruzgar Month ago
lol xd
Crystal glitter adventures TV
This is to funny I can’t 😂😂😂🤣😂
Tom Lord
Tom Lord Month ago
"This moment is much bigger than me." "Uh, hardly!"
I wanna die
I wanna die Month ago
+Kawaii girl123 A I know right
Kawaii girl123 A
+Earnestine Davis and funny lol
Earnestine Davis
That was just rude
SlamaWolfPlays Month ago
5:19 gets me every time hahaha
Aldo Haimar
Aldo Haimar Month ago
Bruh I fell for it
Kawaii Kitten MSP
0:57 badass?! :0
Sultan of Science
Bad acid reflux is what he said
Draqin Month ago
It said bad action
Kayla McColl
Kayla McColl Month ago
RareBigladLB Listen carefully and u will here “badass”
Christina Hamilton
He said "bad ac(id reflux)".
YaNormalDude Month ago
He said bad acid not badass
The Jaay Dawg crew Tv
love it shout mee out
天吉Mark Month ago
i think mr. harold is having a _Blast_
Galaxy Month ago
+Super Johana Ba dum tss*
Super Johana
Super Johana Month ago
天吉Mark Ta dum tsssss
Ash cee
Ash cee Month ago
Never fails to make me laugh...literally im crying
Lamar_ Small
Lamar_ Small Month ago
i love gumball and that channel
RobloxOdko Odko
RobloxOdko Odko Month ago
Richard is King yey
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