Graham Norton’s April Fools - Best Of The Pranks On The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show
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Amatya D. Sachin
Amatya D. Sachin 17 hours ago
Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens 2 days ago
Kate’s prank has ruined lives after this. FOR YEARS. (Also she is so super hot)
Chad Cuervo
Chad Cuervo 4 days ago
Dude is Kelsey Grammar really Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Heat 4 days ago
The intensity that Salma builds up about her story 😂🤣
Ryan Mahoney
Ryan Mahoney 5 days ago
So Kate Beckinsale was sleeping with a co-star.
MexicanJesus1998 7 days ago
That joke on Emma was messed up 😱😬😂
Brooke G
Brooke G 8 days ago
"No their not here" *Emma heart drops*
Luís Teixeira
Luís Teixeira 9 days ago
Salma's accent is so funny and erotic xD
Hiruu I.S
Hiruu I.S 10 days ago
"It wasn't a tobeleron" oh I'm dead😂😂😂🔫
Small Moustache Man
3:10 Emilia Clarke's face lmao
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 10 days ago
The Emma Stone one was funny. I was hoping they would be there
debinosa 10 days ago
kate beckinsale is so damn hot and hilarious haha.
paj 1492
paj 1492 12 days ago
Kate you nasty! 😂
W0NK042 12 days ago
Kate Bekinsale..
Ill Saliva
Ill Saliva 12 days ago
Salma Hayeks husband is most definitely one self confident man 😂
Lars Olov Sjöström
It wasn't a Toblerone!!!!:-) :-D
*Princess* *Farah*
*Princess* *Farah* 15 days ago
Dominic cooper😂😂😂😂😂
ironfae 15 days ago
Emma Stone’s expressions are precious.
Jessica ZED
Jessica ZED 16 days ago
Kate sounds annoying
darktennisball 16 days ago
Just a question
Apple Inc
Apple Inc 17 days ago
Kate is a genius😂,a very hot genius😍
J J JR 17 days ago
Kate is into poo stuff. She even exclaimed "is it poo!?" With a huge smile on Jimmy Fallon.
Karim 19 days ago
1:46 Wtf happened there
mcfcguvnors 19 days ago
it wasnt a toblerone :D
Thor 19 days ago
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V V 20 days ago
Kate Beckinsale has a lovely voice
Brian Ferrell
Brian Ferrell 22 days ago
I've done the "Dog Jowl" a number of times. First time I saw it done was on a episode of Designing Women.
Ashbringer 22 days ago
Andrew Garfield worst spiderman ever Kate Beckinsale = Perfection
Dervs 2016 Fluffy
Dervs 2016 Fluffy 23 days ago
The first one was so mean!😫😂 Poor Emma! #MakeEmmaASpiceGirl.
Tullz 23 days ago
Omg will smiths dog jaw 🤣🤣
Alex_Danilov 23 days ago
SH: Joo tried to steal my horses, pinche karol? Zeese are my horses. How do I explain it to mi hoos-band?
jakedrums12 25 days ago
Andrew Garfield is the best hype man 😂😂
Finnjävel 14 days ago
They were dating back then and I bet he kind of was in the joke.
22TriForce3 25 days ago
10:48 always love Salma's accent 😍😍
22TriForce3 25 days ago
10:16 🤣🤣 I want to try that
Adam G.
Adam G. 26 days ago
Oh ok so Kate Beckinsale is the most beautiful charming person I've ever seen. Jesus Christ
Ryan Pesch
Ryan Pesch 26 days ago
I love Kate Beckinsale even more now!
Arjay 26 days ago
Will Smith getting Graham with the dogjaw joke will never get old. I've watched it so many times.
Saurabh Pathak
Saurabh Pathak 26 days ago
God I love British humor :D
Best China Deals
Best China Deals 26 days ago
Press 9..repeat.. Thank me later :)
shinsuke shrink
shinsuke shrink 26 days ago
my gawd the 'dog jaw' , im crying .
Prajnay Patra
Prajnay Patra 27 days ago
Anyone else found salma hayek looking similar to winona Ryder?
Lorenzo Guimarães
Lorenzo Guimarães 28 days ago
Will Smith looks like he's in his 30's again
Muhammad Mirsab
Muhammad Mirsab 28 days ago
4:00 a woman does it = funny A man does it = sexual abuse
Wallace Rose
Wallace Rose 28 days ago
Frasier is like, "Mmm, yes I'll have an affair with you."
REM AM 29 days ago
I like salma jokes
Salaado Mohamed
Salaado Mohamed 29 days ago
Why so little subscribers
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith 29 days ago
The George Clooney bumper sticker story is hilarious, my buddy put a Trump 2020 sticker on my car...and one I am not only canadian, but two vehemently against that scumbag of a man. So I had to admit it was a subtle and well placed prank.
Anna Lisa
Anna Lisa Month ago
Kate Beckinsale is an excellent story teller
thefridgeman Month ago
11:36 Watching her and thinking..."if onyl she would have been a little taller...yummy mamacita" :D
Artificial Insolence
Howard Stark seems to be very interested in the chocolate story!
cicstommy Month ago
Kate Beckinsale looking 😋😋
clayman648 Month ago
10:30 Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ckay
Derek Mason
Derek Mason Month ago
Kelsey Grammer has the willpower of a god. His eyes didn't waver once.
Elizabeth Knoerle
23SKG23 232
23SKG23 232 Month ago
Idk why. But not bleeping out the swear words humanizes them.
Jennifer Holden
Jennifer Holden Month ago
Why is the guy next to Kate Beckinsale so obsessed with the chocolate between the buttocks? She is hilarious, very well done that lady.
Mukuni Mulundika
Kate Beckinsale's voice and accent.... I diiiie😍
Sam M
Sam M Month ago
This is the best talk show ever
x iLeon
x iLeon Month ago
The Beckinsale story is sooo made up! You can tell by her reactions and the details she adds when they start probing her about it... Still, quite a story-teller. No wonder she won writting awards as a youth
Tolly T
Tolly T 29 days ago
It's not made up.. She is well known for playing practical jokes like that..
fiddy Month ago
i knew i had a crush on kate and emilia ,i didnt know i had one for salma as well, on fire
Ashwin Month ago
Mother of dragons looks so average when sitting next to Kate. Gosh!
Leyla Rustamova
Leyla Rustamova Month ago
i want emilia and kate in a movie together
Tolly T
Tolly T 29 days ago
They can film it in my bed, and I will provide the chocolate..
cipher88101 Month ago
"No because I placed it very carefully....centrally.." LMAO
Kartik Gupta
Kartik Gupta Month ago
looks like kate doesnt like dominic
sarusuryawanshi Month ago
Was salma mimiking someone? Coz thats not her real accent..
Hero57 Month ago
That last one was the best! Her husband totally saw through her! That's so funny!
R. F.
R. F. Month ago
Salma has just shot up in my esteem!!!
R. F.
R. F. Month ago
Kate knows how to tell a story
Jahn Van Sohn
Jahn Van Sohn Month ago
The dog-jaw one was weak
Shailesh Rana
Shailesh Rana Month ago
What did Clooney do???
rohan bardeskar
rohan bardeskar Month ago
Poor Emma!! 😚😚
Marianne Souza
Marianne Souza Month ago
It should be illegal to look like Kate Beckinsale.
Tolly T
Tolly T 29 days ago
Both her parents were good looking. Her dad Richard was an amazing actor, but died at 31 of a heart attack.. I think he was half Burmese.. Her mother is a good actress too Judy Loe..
den19852 Month ago
Pete Davidson is a lucky man.
Tolly T
Tolly T 29 days ago
They split up a couple of months ago..
Justin Cosing
Justin Cosing Month ago
Hearing Kate’s story makes me see why she is with Pete. In her movies she comes across as this badass but in reality she’s just this perverted funny person. She’s perfect honestly!
Marcus Morris
Marcus Morris Month ago
1:45 half speed ... O_O
Vienna Felix
Vienna Felix Month ago
I love how when the topic of Spice Girls came on, Andrew and Jamie just moved away from Emma. All fans have to have their own space when fangirling lol
saksham gupta
saksham gupta Month ago
in the second one matt is like that's it?
stan xavier
stan xavier Month ago
Kate beckinsale should act as captain marvel rather than that silly Bree
Smudolini the Great Dragobear
I want Kate to read to me every night until I fall asleep.
عبدالكريم القريو
Here is the thing .
King Wacky
King Wacky Month ago
OMG I am so gonna try that chocolate prank on my girlfriend!!!
5thDawg Month ago
2:55 who is she?
Tolly T
Tolly T 29 days ago
Kate Beckinsale.. Great actor (starred in Underworld among many other things) and gorgeous.. Huge practical Joker.. Her father was a fantastic comedy actor but died aged 31 of a heart attack.. Her mother Judy Loe is a very good actor too.. I assume you mean the one telling the story? The other woman is Emilia Clarke, stars in Game of Thrones..
Angkit Rajkumar
Angkit Rajkumar Month ago
Salma hayek! Nuff said.
Stewpot Tv
Stewpot Tv Month ago
Wow kate is delicious
Raptor Drone Photography
I like how readily Kelsey accepts Salma's idea to pretend to be having an affair. Like, "Oh yeah, the old fake affair ploy." haha
Ruben Lechuga
Ruben Lechuga Month ago
I'm using the "dog jaw".
ALLY S Month ago
I luv selma’s Big heart, how she rescued so many animals. Big responsibility tho
Paul Richard
Paul Richard 2 months ago
I think I'm old... I don't know who half of these people are :-0
Damian0481 2 months ago
who is that woman at 11:30
Tolly T
Tolly T 29 days ago
Selma Hayek.. Starred in Dusk till Dawn and Wild Wild West among other movies..
Barsha Chaudhary
Barsha Chaudhary 2 months ago
What's the name actress who picked the dog?
SCBJQ 2 months ago
Salma Hayek
hoofhearted4 2 months ago
is there anywhere to watch the full episodes of this show?!
Tolly T
Tolly T 29 days ago
There's loads online.. They're hilarious.. Best chat show in the world.. Shown in over 25 countries.. Watch the one with Matt Damon, Bill Murray and Hugh Bonneville.. And the one with Miriam Margolyes, Jimmy Carr and Stanley Tucci.. Or Miriam Margolyes, Will. I. Am, and Greg Davies.. They're all amazing, but those three you need to wear incontinence pants or just sit on the toilet to watch them..
Count Dracula
Count Dracula 2 months ago
Imagine a foursome: - Kate Beckinsale - Emilia Clarke - Selma Hayek *JOEY VOICE* YEAH BABY!
eddiewinehosen 25 days ago
"How you doin?"
Shalini Goel
Shalini Goel 2 months ago
Yeah!!! I can !!! Totallyy !!!!!! Why God why !!! 😍😍
Bogus. 2 months ago
My oh my.. Kate Beckinsale. What a woman.
Amar Dhurandhar
Amar Dhurandhar 2 months ago
Jay K
Jay K 2 months ago
Good lord Kate Beckinsale is amazingly gorgeous!
RecklessFables 2 months ago
And Oxford educated.
Rock Ade
Rock Ade 2 months ago
who is that lucky man , dame it, do these men realise how lucky they are.
Karen Mooney
Karen Mooney 2 months ago
Kate Beckinsale is a friggin genius
Milk Tub
Milk Tub 2 months ago
That one with emma is so cruel
Poutchyka Butterfly
Poutchyka Butterfly 2 months ago
Haha my mom was the queen of dog jaw. Selma's husband is my boyfriend to a T lol
Sharon Gitau
Sharon Gitau 2 months ago
Emma's reaction, Kate's genius, George's savagery and Selma's hysteria = comedy gold!
Miraj Chawda
Miraj Chawda 2 months ago
11:03 it takes only 1 look to see if the person is in live with you or not
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