Graham Norton’s April Fools - Best Of The Pranks On The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show
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Take a look back on some of the best pranks and prank stories on the show.
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Apr 1, 2019




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Comments 597
afza asso
afza asso 13 hours ago
Please don't tell me u picked up another dog
afza asso
afza asso 13 hours ago
Please don't tell me u picked up another dog
Sushil Ghonse
Sushil Ghonse 2 days ago
I don't know anyone noticed or not but salma's boobs are attractive. Thank you.
Ilona Psiuk
Ilona Psiuk 5 days ago
the chocolate prank :) I have to try it
E-MAN 8 days ago
2:44 who’s that 😍
Danny Richardson
Danny Richardson 10 days ago
Salma's cleavage...
Jarrett Dean Music
Jarrett Dean Music 10 days ago
Emilia Clarke and Kate Beckinsale on the same couch......... #dream #sandwich
Aron Lloyd
Aron Lloyd 11 days ago
Kate Beckinsale is perfect
Wayne Thomson
Wayne Thomson 13 days ago
Who's the actress at 6:28 next to George?
Wayne Thomson
Wayne Thomson 4 days ago
@Ken Molinaro Isn't it Britt Robertson?
Ken Molinaro
Ken Molinaro 9 days ago
Jessica Hynes
Xenomorphs Hive
Xenomorphs Hive 14 days ago
KATE!!!! Good god look at that woman
LilithBerlin V
LilithBerlin V 15 days ago
So let me get this straight: not only is Kate Beckinsale one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever seen, she’s also a weirdo!!! So awesome 😂
RandyPantheGoatBoy 18 days ago
Garfield's got no poker-face.
The PUNISHER 18 days ago
Will smith by far the best
Nikola Lutov
Nikola Lutov 21 day ago
Kate is pure perfection...
Angie Garcia Renteria
Ugh I love this video. Just laugh after laugh after laugh.
CPQ-Apollo 24 days ago
The only thing Frasier heard was the sight of cleavage
Alex Rickman
Alex Rickman Month ago
Andrew Garfield was more excited to meet a spice girl than Emma Stone
Louis Graham
Louis Graham Month ago
Smh, today in things black people will never understand: your "friend" intentionally getting you pulled over by the cops
Louis Graham
Louis Graham Month ago
There's no way i can believe the chocolate story. If there's a piece of lint in my trousers, i feel it right away. How could you not feel an object that size in your cheeks? I call bs
parth thapliyal
parth thapliyal Month ago
Poor Emma
Joe Buchanan
Joe Buchanan Month ago
"Dog Jaw". Classic dad joke.
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson Month ago
To this day Michael Jackson still calls him 2019.
Leia Sophia
Leia Sophia Month ago
Kate is so hot 😄
Hrishikesh Dutta
Salma is a GODDESS. Respect her 😍😍😍
Niconter Month ago
"Please don't tell me you picked up another dog". her husband is a chad god
Raffy Inning
Raffy Inning Month ago
"Oh please don't tell me you picked up another dog!" I'm dead! 😂
Khizar Khan
Khizar Khan Month ago
Graham is the best talkshow host ever!
Johan van Roekel
Johan van Roekel 2 months ago
Someday Selma will come home to a whole new line of Gucci bags, all made of different kinds of dog leather, horse leather with parrot feather decorations.
Elijah Elisha
Elijah Elisha 2 months ago
Michael Jackson was a cool fun dude.
Life with Jamie Stirling
At 2:18 Emma’s face was like no he ain’t gonna do it (thinking that he would) and then he didn’t!!
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack 2 months ago
1:56 Andrew's excitement here is f**king hilarious lmao.
Chandan Bhowal
Chandan Bhowal 2 months ago
Kate Beckinsale can play whatever pranks she wants on me. She can also do whatever she wants do to me too.
84Elenai 2 months ago
01:44 that was so mean, hahahaha. Poor Emma Stone XD
84Elenai 2 months ago
Every time I listen to Salma talking in English it's just like "okay, my English accent is actually pretty good" XD
D-Base Rox
D-Base Rox 2 months ago
@ 10:15 Whom is the lady on couch with Will Smith ?
Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson 2 months ago
I like how readily Kelsey accepts Salma's idea to pretend to be having an affair. Like, "Oh yeah, the old fake affair ploy." haha
Mikael 2 months ago
after Salmas story I had no idea what she was talking about. My attention was somewhere else
Hiya Gada
Hiya Gada 2 months ago
I love andrew garfields reaction!!
Amatya D. Sachin
Amatya D. Sachin 2 months ago
Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens 2 months ago
Kate’s prank has ruined lives after this. FOR YEARS. (Also she is so super hot)
Chad Cuervo
Chad Cuervo 2 months ago
Dude is Kelsey Grammar really Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Heat 2 months ago
The intensity that Salma builds up about her story 😂🤣
Ryan Mahoney
Ryan Mahoney 2 months ago
So Kate Beckinsale was sleeping with a co-star.
MexicanJesus1998 2 months ago
That joke on Emma was messed up 😱😬😂
Brooke G
Brooke G 3 months ago
"No their not here" *Emma heart drops*
Luís Teixeira
Luís Teixeira 3 months ago
Salma's accent is so funny and erotic xD
Hiruu I.S
Hiruu I.S 3 months ago
"It wasn't a tobeleron" oh I'm dead😂😂😂🔫
Small Moustache Man
Small Moustache Man 3 months ago
3:10 Emilia Clarke's face lmao
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 3 months ago
The Emma Stone one was funny. I was hoping they would be there
debinosa 3 months ago
kate beckinsale is so damn hot and hilarious haha.
paj 1492
paj 1492 3 months ago
Kate you nasty! 😂
W0NK042 3 months ago
Kate Bekinsale..
Ill Saliva
Ill Saliva 3 months ago
Salma Hayeks husband is most definitely one self confident man 😂
Lars Olov Sjöström
It wasn't a Toblerone!!!!:-) :-D
*Princess* *Farah*
*Princess* *Farah* 3 months ago
Dominic cooper😂😂😂😂😂
ironfae 3 months ago
Emma Stone’s expressions are precious.
Jessica ZED
Jessica ZED 3 months ago
Kate sounds annoying
darktennisball 3 months ago
Just a question
Apple Inc
Apple Inc 3 months ago
Kate is a genius😂,a very hot genius😍
J J JR 3 months ago
Kate is into poo stuff. She even exclaimed "is it poo!?" With a huge smile on Jimmy Fallon.
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