Gosh Bless You | Rudy Mancuso

Rudy Mancuso
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Jul 23, 2017




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Comments 10 280
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 2 years ago
Thanks for watching, enjoy.
Just _tiella3547
Just _tiella3547 10 hours ago
Oh dont worry i most certainly will
Little Cxrby
Little Cxrby 7 days ago
Enjoy - life
Voortexing 11 days ago
ok boomer
Kami S
Kami S 14 days ago
Eilido 16 days ago
Just _tiella3547
Just _tiella3547 10 hours ago
Rudy: the girl i hooked up with was that you? gosh: ehhh no that was god Me: AAHHHHAHAHAHAHAH
Janice Zorrilla
Janice Zorrilla 15 hours ago
Who is in 2019 Like
I0S B0T BTW 15 hours ago
Janice Zorrilla it’s 2020
Yoshs dance was so funny lol
Stanley Lin
Stanley Lin 2 days ago
This is the middle place.
Wolfie Aurora
Valentina De Leon
3:23 Sounds like heaven to me Ha ha love u god
ali shamma
ali shamma 3 days ago
Wait why didn’t he go to 7 eleven 😂
A r i f l o o f e r
3:18 😂
Stezzy Ivan
Stezzy Ivan 6 days ago
:20 he’s god, just a bit crappier 😂
KhalilMtv 6 days ago
If you were out of usa they would kill you for this video 😂 , in my country you could go to jail for using god’s name in your video
Jbryan Hitosis Awanan
"I'm like God... but a little crappier"
Mr. Okad
Mr. Okad 7 days ago
المترجم العربي كلب 😁 وشكرا
Yeen Senood
Yeen Senood 8 days ago
يوماه بمووتتت 😂😂😂
agelos karpathakis
Smart video 😁😁😁
Savage Queen
Savage Queen 8 days ago
Bruh this was funny as hell bro your reaction and stuff!? Omg! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✌🏾
Parsa fung
Parsa fung 9 days ago
Xx SapphireWolfy xX
“And there’s beautiful people” *Wait-* SO IM NOT BEAUTIFUL?!?! T^T
Alpha Dickson
Alpha Dickson 11 days ago
Oh my gosh 😂😂
Shadow D
Shadow D 11 days ago
Did anybody notice his American accent?
vroomy woomy
vroomy woomy 11 days ago
thisnhas been on my reccomended page for atleast a month
BRIAN Thato 13 days ago
Oh my Gosh 😂😂
Deletezzz 14 days ago
Rudy will pin this if he loves his fans
Swifty Bet
Swifty Bet 14 days ago
MEMER 15 days ago
1:05 Me: Uh um uhmh umhmhm uhhhhhhmmmmmm Dafuq bro?
Sydney Lam
Sydney Lam 15 days ago
I think going to 711 when you die is better then Kevin
Anna Phyladitis
Anna Phyladitis 15 days ago
*If heck had wifi I would go there*
ivan perez
ivan perez 15 days ago
ivan perez
ivan perez 15 days ago
Waldina Ortiz
Waldina Ortiz 15 days ago
you mean gps Or gosh for the title
pinky with some fluff
"Is this HeLl" "nO thIs is HeCk...LiKE hELL bUt NOt aS bAd" "oH" I appreciate the leg room btw😂😂😂
সরপুরিয়ায় পোকা
In which 7-eleven can I find Yash.
Blanca Berdejo
Blanca Berdejo 19 days ago
Blanca Berdejo
Blanca Berdejo 19 days ago
Poloski from Hell
Poloski from Hell 19 days ago
Click CC Caption...
Akidheuohggu Yugctfctu
In 3:18 why is god smoking and shirtless
starfie chun
starfie chun 21 day ago
When you wake up on a Monday
The real deal Rojas
I don’t F****** KARE LOL
The real deal Rojas
Yea I’m sure
Lil PandazZz
Lil PandazZz 19 days ago
The real deal Rojas
Nah I’m trynna say kare cause I want people to correct me lol
Lil PandazZz
Lil PandazZz 20 days ago
The real deal Rojas care*
blizzard. 22 days ago
I’m guessing heck has Lele pons videos
Toastie Box
Toastie Box 22 days ago
1:06 the little dance tho
TheCurious AndTheQuestionable
*OH MY GOD* OH MY GOSH Oh my yosh- What the heck?! *WHAT THE HELL?!*
lana asklany
lana asklany 22 days ago
I am dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chris Janedri
Chris Janedri 23 days ago
Imagine if he said what the heck then the devil guy sais exactly
Furreh UwU
Furreh UwU 26 days ago
I've been to 7 eleven before :|
JustALittleLoser 23
Plot twist someone watched this at church
Starixx Bxxh
Starixx Bxxh 27 days ago
There was a sprite cranberry commercial before this
Bendu Scott
Bendu Scott 27 days ago
Aaron Villarreal
Aaron Villarreal 28 days ago
Have you ever watch the Wizard of OzOne of those scenes her auntie M says well being Christian woman I can’t say it
Aaron Villarreal
Aaron Villarreal 28 days ago
Well being Christian girl I can’t say it
Gacha Kaitlyn 케이틀린
Aaron Villarreal Heck I’m such a pottymouth
Miss Charlotte
Miss Charlotte 29 days ago
I gotta pay for warm beer
Tttt Tt
Tttt Tt 29 days ago
بيرة ساخنة 😂😂
GamesSong 29 days ago
Gosh I have broken tv and not netflix
vim zenith Lisay
" *no wifi and stuff* " Me: -actually dying bc theres no wifi-
vim zenith Lisay
vim zenith Lisay 9 days ago
@Mr. P3kk423 Off indeed mah fwend ;-;
Mr. P3kk423
Mr. P3kk423 20 days ago
khushi verma
khushi verma Month ago
anyone else hooting for a part 2?
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer Month ago
Who actuall red "Goh bless you" wrong
"Nice to meet u, im gosh" "Like god but crappier"
slime girl
slime girl Month ago
I don't really know how he has some dislikes 😂❤️
Tttt Tt
Tttt Tt Month ago
Da Random
Da Random Month ago
Can I talk about ear rape???
HeadCanon Month ago
This video is secretly propaganda to stop you from using your phone while driving
Samuel Gazi
Samuel Gazi Month ago
Do more vids like this please
Next videos
Gosh bless you