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Gordon Ramsay
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This week on Gordon’s National Geographic Channel series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, he heads to Hawaii explore the Hana Coast. And for this week’s Scrambled, he’s making eggs with a Hawaiian delicacy: SPAM with Maui’s own Sheldon Simeon! Catch Uncharted on Sundays at 10/9c on National Geographic and new episodes of Scrambled right here weekly!
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Aug 11, 2019

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Comments 6 052
MrBugatii12 9 hours ago
They bouta get stoney bologna after this video
ariana the queen
ariana the queen 10 hours ago
what would happen if Gordon went on im a celeb get me out of here
Butch Dicus
Butch Dicus 10 hours ago
Definitely a new way to look at SPAM and eggs. Saturday mornings just got better. Thanks Gordon.
Mally’s Mama
Mally’s Mama 10 hours ago
Ilovesesshomaru sama
Is it just me or is he always making scrambled eggs these days? The undefeated king of scrambled eggs
dbassir87 10 hours ago
This is how I cook when I’m camping! I love this!
Jackie Boy
Jackie Boy 10 hours ago
Gordon....is on METH. Promise you
AKATSUKI 10 hours ago
Well I know what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow.
AsarMentu 10 hours ago
Spam is gross!
isinox 10 hours ago
love spam :)
John Ahn
John Ahn 10 hours ago
Wheres the LAMB SAUCE!
JKuda 10 hours ago
UHHHHHHH I’m hungry lol
u Trip659
u Trip659 10 hours ago
Them flies are all over that spam
GrimyLaLa 10 hours ago
I think that shit is shit
L 11 hours ago
Littletini 11 hours ago
Got a Gordon Ramsay ad on a Gordon Ramsay vid *NoIcE*
Vernon682 11 hours ago
We dine well here in Camelot! We eat ham and jam and spam a lot!
Travis 11 hours ago
Some kid in my pre algebra class brought a packet of spam for a snack.... it made the entire room smell 🤢
Natalia Banana
Natalia Banana 11 hours ago
Poor Justin oof
nt109 11 hours ago
You look tired Gordon, take a break.
Katherine Krueger
Katherine Krueger 11 hours ago
stresses me out how fast he runs through the whole cooking process. he doesn't take a second to breath
SongsAndMixes 11 hours ago
3:27 Creeper
Alpha White Male
Alpha White Male 11 hours ago
Gordon u getting fat on me? Better lose the spam...
EMT urtrashh
EMT urtrashh 11 hours ago
They should call them SPAMbled eggs
icychill105 11 hours ago
imagine having the balls to be on tinder while filming for chef ramsey
Glenn Whittaker
Glenn Whittaker 12 hours ago
I want to go buy SPAM & cook it on my George Foreman & add it to my microwave scrambled eggs! 😋👍🏻👍🏻
Max Sorono
Max Sorono 12 hours ago
"Any tinder matches?" "No...." Saddest no I've ever heard.
Rene C
Rene C 12 hours ago
Where's Gordon's Hollywood 🌟?
jacobmarlow2 12 hours ago
There should have been a close up shot of the scrambled eggs. We could barely see the damn dish!!
Dontneedusername 12 hours ago
Ramsey was sweating like shower time
dx McChubby
dx McChubby 12 hours ago
Spambled eggs
Rory Carter
Rory Carter 12 hours ago
The fact that he didn’t wisk the eggs first triggers me
A. K
A. K 12 hours ago
Thought ramsay said not to season eggs before scrambling....🤔
Dean Fukawa
Dean Fukawa 12 hours ago
Heritage pork and house made pate....sounds yummy. Glad Gordon got to experience the aloha and beauty of Hana. Sheldon, you da bomb brah!
Killing Time Box - funny and my dogs video channel
You look great even when you're old.
ShinyRayquaza9 12 hours ago
Gordon is so wholesome when he's not yelling at horrible chefs lol
Clifford Roffel
Clifford Roffel 12 hours ago
Spam is GROSS DISGUSTING GARBAGE that's not fit for Human Consumption It is made up of the Offal / Fat/Skin / Snouts and Arses/ Internal organs and Entrails all the stuff that normally would be thrown away. What we Canadians call DOG FOOD.🐕🐩 But I tried to feed it to my DOGS 🐕🐩 and they would not eat it. if a DOG won't eat it why would any Human being aren't you smarter then a DOG🐕🐩 P.S. Bon Appetite Chef Ramsey👌😁
Geraldine Duncan
Geraldine Duncan 13 hours ago
you need to slow your ass down Garden and pick black people when they're in your show contests
Newty Boy
Newty Boy 13 hours ago
Spambled eggs.
Aiden Remshard
Aiden Remshard 13 hours ago
Guy: Hash is actually legal here in Hawaii Gordon: Is it really? I didn't know! Guy: Yea it's legal here...well some of that later
Bonjo Maddison Wonne
Pacific islanders love spam
Luis luga
Luis luga 13 hours ago
Fire transparency between two concepts...... Tuff.... Wat can u cook up wit spam???... 😂🤣😂😂
smoll potato
smoll potato 13 hours ago
Gordon is a chef brought down from heaven!!
Jiang Boxb
Jiang Boxb 13 hours ago
This was fun!
Jackie McCoy
Jackie McCoy 13 hours ago
I’ve watched Gordon’s scrambled eggs video until I perfected it myself:). Made it for my husband who said that was the best he’s ever had❤️. Ty Chef!!!
Eternal Perspective
Eternal Perspective 13 hours ago
@10:03 Kip is that you?😂
Anthony Carrera
Anthony Carrera 13 hours ago
Some of the cameras needed to be focused on Gordon and not the background.
Jiang Boxb
Jiang Boxb 13 hours ago
Hey, shout out to Hot Ones by Ramsay! Good show Bruce!
Jason King
Jason King 13 hours ago
Gordon - I am somewhat interested in your take on scrambled eggs. They look more runny than I was raised on. I sort of like mine cooked the point of a bit of solidness - but not scorched. Not a chef myself, but I do make some tasty food haha. Have you ever made scrambled eggs by first frying up some bell pepper? You should give that a go - I found an old lady on USvid that makes depression food - it is a divine combo. You want to fry the peppers until they are browned a bit, and then add the egg over it. I like to also add some button mushroom, onion, and a bit of simple salsa. Season with salt, pepper, and paprika. Give it a go!
knut 14 hours ago
Dear Ramsay Channel sound guy: mic the mouths, not the knives. KTHX!
Test Account
Test Account 14 hours ago
"downloaded that" gordon you boomer, you dont download a youtube video
Yaemyam P.
Yaemyam P. 14 hours ago
Dizzy with camera
sweetbabe 14 hours ago
Why does Gordon always seem like he trying to get the video done asap?
Clifton Cheng
Clifton Cheng 14 hours ago
It feels like this Hawaiian chef may have cooked a better dish than Gordon.
Intense Hides
Intense Hides 14 hours ago
Hey youtube gordon is stealing my recipe can u help me report him for stealing it xD
Logan Adams
Logan Adams 14 hours ago
Gordon's eggs looked under cooked
Andrea 14 hours ago
Should be called Spambled Eggs
Peter Kim
Peter Kim 14 hours ago
Sad, at the big island and wish was in maui
Create Front
Create Front 14 hours ago
Anyone else get a Gordon Ramsay commercial before Ramsay himself?
Space Man
Space Man 14 hours ago
👨‍🍳 Bucket list item ~ Eat one thing cooked by Gordon Ramsey 👨‍🍳
someoneonlylol 14 hours ago
More interactions between gordon and his camermen plz
ksteng15 15 hours ago
De-glaze with fucking sea water 🤣
Jaz Beats
Jaz Beats 15 hours ago
the double dip 8.58 shit that's good ahaha
Adam Young
Adam Young 15 hours ago
Hey, shout out to Hot Ones by Ramsay! Good show Bruce!
Evan O'Donnell1996
Evan O'Donnell1996 15 hours ago
Spambled eggs
siftr tals
siftr tals 15 hours ago
PROJECT FROGMAN 15 hours ago
gordon ramsey confirmed stoner
Hr_ 021
Hr_ 021 15 hours ago
U forgot the tortillas
Sandra 15 hours ago
I like my scrambled eggs better - that’s like egg puree or mashed eggs.
248034607 15 hours ago
Gorden come to Canada and you can show me how you'd dress a Kodiak.
chaoskill 26
chaoskill 26 15 hours ago
Was he using a metal spoon in a nonstick pan?
Buddy Buddy
Buddy Buddy 15 hours ago
I didn’t know Gordon Ramsey knew what spam was🤔 learn something new every day
Sandra 15 hours ago
Camera work isn’t my favorite - very shaky
Adrian Corday
Adrian Corday 15 hours ago
Ramsey cooking in the ground lol some ppl can't make Sunday morning eggs in a kitchen and he's out here with a dirt cooking pit, eggs and spam lol
chaoskill 26
chaoskill 26 15 hours ago
I've seen other videos from him where he says dont salt it until it is cooked cause it breaks it down
Orlando Wells
Orlando Wells 15 hours ago
I wish Gordon Ramsay and that Hawaiian brother were locked up with me when I was in jail for nine months and they were cook trustees making that type of spam in jail I wouldn't have hated spam to this day "DAMM YOU GORDON RAMSAY"!!!😁👍
Aaron Woodard
Aaron Woodard 15 hours ago
SPAM was a staple growing up poor as hell in the South during the 70's and 80's. It wasn't until I was well into adulthood that I realized that SPAM saved western civilization from Nazi control. Now Gordan Ramsay is cooking with it. My life has come full circle!
J1 LDN 16 hours ago
Why is Ramsey always rushing
FoodNetWorld 16 hours ago
YEAH, put some cannabis in the SPAM and you get real Spam Hash.
Patrick Ptomey
Patrick Ptomey 16 hours ago
Like if Sheldon’s plate was better than Gordon’s.
Shane Todd
Shane Todd 16 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay, you should be asking yourself what could be going on Tinder today. You are in Hawaii cooking spam. LOL
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