Gordon Ramsay Judges Steaks Cooked By NBA Legends Shawn Marion & Caron Butler! | Raising the Steaks

Gordon Ramsay
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With a little help from Jamie Redknapp and the Savoy Hotel in London, Gordon surprises ex-NBA stars Shawn Marion and Caron Butler to judge their attempts at a perfectly cooked steak. Who will be victorious!?
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Jan 15, 2019

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Comments 3 604
see thao
see thao 2 days ago
Shawn Marion cooked his steak with his hilarious jumper.
jason robbins
jason robbins 6 days ago
Thats the easy way to cook it... Steak should be cooked on the grill... Sure its gonna be way better when you cook it in butter! Judge the best steak by who can keep it good & juicy on the grill... Its basically impossible for it not be juicy when you cook it in a pan with butter
Christian Blake
Christian Blake 9 days ago
That jumpshot us isn't apitizing
Jamie HT
Jamie HT 16 days ago
Gordon Ramsay keeping it casual
Sm.arty655 AVFC
Sm.arty655 AVFC 16 days ago
Should of put Redknapp's head in the oven
Glowbeamshine 17 days ago
No one gives a fuck about the NBA but Americans. That is a fact.
jj 18 days ago
They're not legends but ok
Hammad Habib
Hammad Habib 20 days ago
You read this comment Read more
TruthTV1 20 days ago
Legends.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jared Toh
Jared Toh 21 day ago
Has Gordon ever tried wagyu beef or cooked it??
R Dubya
R Dubya 22 days ago
The word legend is thrown around loosely these days.
Ibrahim baig
Ibrahim baig 22 days ago
Gordon ramsey wearing stone island
O P 23 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks NBA legends is a stretch
Lih Degu
Lih Degu 20 days ago
O P yes
OXYMORON 23 days ago
johnmackelroy 23 days ago
Both player were on the Mavs 2011 championship team!
121212 24 days ago
These guys probably richer then Gordon ?
Whale Legs
Whale Legs 24 days ago
Caron Butler isn’t an nba legend lol
hehe xd
hehe xd 24 days ago
I’m surprised Caron isn’t chewing on a straw in the vid
Abdullahu Bob
Abdullahu Bob 25 days ago
Gordon stay fresh damn
Y D 25 days ago
NBA legends?lol
SantiagoX Dij
SantiagoX Dij 26 days ago
6’7 is different from 7 feet......
Will O
Will O 27 days ago
Gordon with the stoney. In the kitchen in the morning, Millwall away in the afternoon.
Saxon Elyaman
Saxon Elyaman 28 days ago
NBA legends is a stretch
Blue Collar Northwest
T T Month ago
Remember that one time gordon slagged an inmate saying he aged badly lol
Idk about them but if someone told me Gordon was gonna judge my cooking I'd be getting prepared for a fucking beat down
JasonNonsuh Month ago
Nice jacket
Nikhil Krishna
Nikhil Krishna Month ago
2011 MAVS
Jimmy731b np
Jimmy731b np Month ago
Is that corom butler
Wayne Evans
Wayne Evans 2 months ago
Can't do the pink... my mom and aunty are cooks.... you would love my aunty fish dinnner...
Nikko Cepe
Nikko Cepe 2 months ago
no wonder Caron's steak was better... Marion forgot the lamb sauce! 😂
kaden Pham
kaden Pham 2 months ago
I would like to watch Gordon Ramsay cook wagyu
wahyu rahmanto
wahyu rahmanto 2 months ago
jamie redknapp ? football player ?
couchpoet1 3 months ago
M3l203 3 months ago
Damn it feel crazy seeing Caron Butler fat he was my guy on the clippers
Paul Canedo
Paul Canedo 3 months ago
I saw "nba legends" and then saw shawn marion and caron butler and was confused lol
el Arte
el Arte 3 months ago
The Matrix 👍
_mvx_mvllvr_ 3 months ago
2:46~ *Casual brofist over the whole damn huge ass table*
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams 3 months ago
Crazy how Shawn Marionxs seasoning method is as ugly as his shot.
khrom 3 months ago
God damn age is hitting Gordon like a mack truck.
janik sarissky
janik sarissky 3 months ago
janik sarissky
janik sarissky 3 months ago
janik sarissky
janik sarissky 3 months ago
Hsnzhsnsj 3 months ago
Gordon with a stoney
LM V 3 months ago
Not for nothing but in what universe are these two “Legends”???
ZneR_25 3 months ago
4:50 that laugh by Marions worst than Kawhais laugh like what was that?!
Daniel N
Daniel N 3 months ago
I would die to see Shawn Marion teach everybody how to shoot the ball
L0bl0ow 3 months ago
Legends? Ok.
peskaka15 3 months ago
Legends? Butler and Marion? Wow.
John Dough
John Dough 3 months ago
Matrix a legend
Alex Le
Alex Le 3 months ago
Hes wearing stone island lol 😂
Gustavo Maracaibo
Gustavo Maracaibo 3 months ago
I was hoping one of them messed up so that Gordon could say ITS FUCKING RAW
Leopoldo Gonzalez
Leopoldo Gonzalez 3 months ago
NBA legends? Nah man.
MrMongoose221 3 months ago
"There's nothing different about me. I'm just another bored male, approaching 30, in a dead-end job, who lives for the weekend. Casual sex, watered-down lager, heavily cut drugs. And occasionally kicking **** out of someone" - Gordon Ramsay 2019
PrivateWednesdays 3 months ago
The Knicks and the Wizards? Maaaaannnn get the fuck outta here
Ollie Cooper
Ollie Cooper 3 months ago
Wearing stone island 😂
JoshXander1 3 months ago
Woah wait a minute... Legends? I mean both of them were decent in the league, but I wouldn’t go as far as legends lol. Now if they had like Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant or some others like them then we are talking Legends.
Murad Miah
Murad Miah 3 months ago
Wait Gordon said he’s like 6’1-6’2 and the NBA guys are like 7ft but next to them he’s not that much taller wtf?
Gankster 3 months ago
Yeah the NBA players are lowkey more 6’4/6’5 not 7’0
NickBlazin 3 months ago
Gordon flexin on us with the stone Island jacket
Matt Bradley
Matt Bradley 3 months ago
NickBlazin wtf is stone island and why is everyone on its dick
Dartavius Farris
Dartavius Farris 3 months ago
Am I the only one who thought that was Steve Kerr from the photo
L 3 months ago
They tried they best to hype up the weak ass wizards and knicks game lol
Rick Razor
Rick Razor 3 months ago
That's pink in the middle 😂😂😂
GamezillaGaming 4 months ago
Shout out to Kobe
SwankyStill 4 months ago
The word legend losing value more and more every day
Its Zedd
Its Zedd 4 months ago
nba legends?
akebo92 4 months ago
Where that hair come from Caron?!
Darrell Saunders
Darrell Saunders 4 months ago
Liked the video cause caron said Kobe 😎
Lobixt 4 months ago
Ho Ho Chi
Ho Ho Chi 4 months ago
somekind of MasterChef US feelings.
Malphas 666
Malphas 666 4 months ago
Never seen gordon so red even when he’s helloing ahaha
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paul baker
paul baker 4 months ago
A stone Island jacket and big hair Gordon...you are a great chef but FFS.grow the fuck up
Erik Odegaard
Erik Odegaard 4 months ago
Thought he always gonna say Jamie oliver
joe odonnell
joe odonnell 4 months ago
gordon is sick of the chef life he's a certi road man now
SpunkGargle wee wee
SpunkGargle wee wee 4 months ago
Gordon gain some weight 👌
It’s Melvin
It’s Melvin 4 months ago
Gordon: buys stone island jacket *puts it on* Gordon: it’s bloody RaW
RJ G 4 months ago
Legends???? Dear lord.
Niko Gambino
Niko Gambino 4 months ago
NBA legend ? Lololooo
California E92
California E92 4 months ago
Legends lol no they were really great role players
Bark 4 months ago
Shawn has better cooking ability than his jump shot looking clean
LiNUS UNLiMiTED 4 months ago
NBA legend? More of NBA retirees ;)
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