Gordon Ramsay Fishes & Cooks Squid | Gordon's Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay fishes and prepares squid for the local fisherman in Vietnam.
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Feb 10, 2019

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Comments 1 453
David Zheng
David Zheng Day ago
10/10 Humor from the fisher “Their wives miss the squid more than their husband.”
Jeremy Hannaford
Jeremy Hannaford 4 days ago
Apparently there’s a lot of squid off Devon and Cornwall now.
Andrew Phipps
Andrew Phipps 4 days ago
Gordon does something. Gordon meets somebody. Gordon insults them to establish a rapport. All is well.
Hitesh Rathod
Hitesh Rathod 7 days ago
Can anybody tell me which song played in background at 05:00 please...
Eckerbirb 24 days ago
every splatoon player and inkling are now furious
Gabrielle LaForest
Gabrielle LaForest 24 days ago
Better than Quang Tran
emads30 25 days ago
Angry Gordon deactivated • • Fun Gordon activated
Patra P
Patra P 26 days ago
"They seem to think I v got the hang of this, bt am not convinced",🤣🤣🤣
B00ST10 26 days ago
Can you go to northern Russia and hunt whales with an anti-tank rifle?
Sev D
Sev D 26 days ago
One Two
One Two 27 days ago
My_Names_Yeet 27 days ago
that guy has very good english surprisingly
Russeroo 27 days ago
Does he actually have any form of intellectual conversation within his coconut head? He meets the most fascinating people and his best effort is gobshite smartmouth comments and zero conversation. The viewer learned nothing ever from this ignorant jerk-off.
Colipsum Gaming
Colipsum Gaming 29 days ago
I disliked just cuz that dude is cringy AF and annoying.
flesh effigy
flesh effigy 29 days ago
What I've learned the most from watching these episodes is that the most multicultural thing next to great food is the word f*ck.
Reina Shmayssani
Every time he says basket case I remember the Green Day song😂😂😂
Anna Costello Wisniewski
gordon looks so big...lol...ridiculously tall for the boats and everything :)
Lovalux Month ago
man they eat good over there
vamp's curse
vamp's curse Month ago
6.10 I don't think he said perfect,, nevermind
nahxela Month ago
"Here's the engine" *Flexes*
Joe Month ago
I ❤ Gordon Ramsay!
jomel montances
jomel montances Month ago
Mr. Gordon Ramsay can you cook any filipino dishes??
MadiMeow Month ago
First it’s the village of poop hole now village of fat shit wtf
h31212 Month ago
Gordon: How's the squid? Fisherman: (In vietnamese) It's fucking raw Other fisherman: He said it's perfect!
GhettoHouseinLA Month ago
6:01 how’s the squid? Vietnamese guy: this is that nastiest shit I’ve eaten in my life. What is this?? squid shit dipped in human shit? mutha fucka calls himself a chef and can’t even cook a damn squid
Lizz The Barber
Lizz The Barber Month ago
Gordon requests 5 meter head start in the race... Goes full speed in reverse 😩😂 I’m literally in tears😅🤣
Cioby Month ago
"don't their wives miss them?" *spends all his time at restaurants, TV shows and traveling around the world*
Ed Month ago
The auto-subtitles get the Vietnamese guy right more often than Gordon, who's better with English now, fucknut
Lil Gay
Lil Gay Month ago
Nice that you’re in country Vietnam. The south of Vietnam is the best of Vietnam.
M J Month ago
Gordon is really living his best life.
Jem Vin
Jem Vin Month ago
We eat that squid ink here in the Philippines Gordon it's a surprise that Vietnamese don't use squid ink as an ingredient
"You ain't drunk, you ain't going home today" 😂😂😂
The sweaty fish Xbox
The sweaty fish Xbox
That thumbnail looked fucking disgusting. Was that a wrap with puke???
Shadow Monarch
Shadow Monarch Month ago
That guy's english is awesome
Arthur Garcia
Arthur Garcia Month ago
really humble, learning from the vietnamese. loved it.
Charles Adams
Charles Adams Month ago
Dude quit being a fucking puss and take the shot instead of shipping it like a bitch
magnetictheory Month ago
Gordon is no Rick Stein when it comes to traveling and appreciating other cultures. He doesn't really seem interested, just impatient.
CoolAsFreya Month ago
Is it fishing if you catch squid or squidding?
Trong Ha
Trong Ha Month ago
I went there before
big boof
big boof Month ago
those squid look tiiiiny, probs why there aren't many there...
James Brooking
James Brooking Month ago
Who else binges these before they eat so they feel more hungry?
dawsyn Month ago
I would love to go outside of America honestly even Canada would be an amazing experience
HorseShit35 Month ago
Do it at any cost life is way to short to live with regrets.
Oliver Scattergood
2:14 that dude on the left is really enjoying himself
SandyRiverBlue Month ago
I love the rapport that Gordon has with Chen Duhk and vice-versa. Usually he seems to try to give his host some crap but they don't always rise to the occasion. Hah, thinking about that chap in Greenland who he said looks like a puffin. I think he hurt his feelings a little. Chen Duhk sure gave as good as he got. I think Gordon and him would make good drinking buddies.
SandyRiverBlue Month ago
Surprised that a Scotsman had never seen a coracle before.
Ammar Bawa
Ammar Bawa Month ago
The way Gordon Ramsey says “bloody hell” makes me think he is the muggle version of Ron Weasley living his life out as a chef
R Month ago
I love how Gordon treats everyone the same. No matter your race or gender. He's harsh to anyone when he has to be, and respectful when someone deserves it.
Drake Windham
Drake Windham Month ago
Not to call Gordon fat but, him just sitting almost tipped the boat XD
Hecc :0
Hecc :0 2 months ago
when the trees start speaking
Duyên Lê
Duyên Lê 2 months ago
Kon biết ở đây có ai là người VN nhu mình ko
shieroc 2 months ago
Fun episode. 😊
OIFIIIOIF07-09 VET 2 months ago
2:52 did that fuckin' wanka just throw his chip bag into the ocean? Dirty fucka.
The HeadAss Man !!
The HeadAss Man !! 2 months ago
Gordon in rainbow six siege* Thatcher:fookin laser soights Gordon:fookin lamb sauce
Anonymous ?
Anonymous ? 2 months ago
2:38 holds gun
Iris Jovel
Iris Jovel 2 months ago
Deberían de subtitular los programas habemos mucho que no podemos ingles....
Robux Farmer
Robux Farmer 2 months ago
Sees McDonald ad badabab..holy fuck the new item is like 10 bucks
sumfuc 2 months ago
2:26 im soffffft, the way they shouted Gordon’s name 😂😭
katrina nguyen
katrina nguyen 2 months ago
where my viêt lads at 🙋🏻‍♀️
Sobhi Salah
Sobhi Salah 2 months ago
'It tastes fucking dreadful' He said um it's.... it's perfect
Win Nguyen
Win Nguyen 2 months ago
This makes my mouth watery! Pretty much everything in vietnam from the country side is fresh.
Orch 2 months ago
Im so jealous of that real fresh food. My bread makes me depressed.
Lwanda M
Lwanda M 2 months ago
"God, I feel so stupid" 01:32
Ian Buchan
Ian Buchan 2 months ago
Those boats are welsh coracles
Jacob Kleinsasser
Jacob Kleinsasser 3 months ago
I would love to witness these locals do this!
Almac x
Almac x 3 months ago
4:52 gordon is such a savage
Legend Gotta Catch Em All
He gets away with every insult 😂
Klizzlll 3 months ago
I don’t know if I’m thinking this because I’m high out my mind right now... but at 6:00 when Gordon asks “how’s the squid” and he says something in Vietnamese, the other guy translates for him, and it looks like an actuality the guy was saying something like “well it’s ok, needs more work, it’s kind of bland, they agree”. And the other guy is to embarrassed to tell Ramsay that so he hesitates, and tells him “he said it was perfect” 😂😂😂😂😭 Okay I don’t know if any of that made sense.
Just A Random Viewer
probably video cut out the part on his opinion on the squid
Klizzlll 3 months ago
Just A Random Viewer LOL omg really??? So technically the guy did translate something he didn’t even say?
Just A Random Viewer
he actually said it was a pleasure for you to join and sit with us, guy never answered Gordon's question :(
Anqor 3 months ago
Those bath tub boats are actually designed to work around boat regulations and taxes.
8OctoThot8 3 months ago
I love squid sashimi
Lester Walit
Lester Walit 3 months ago
4:50 i laughed at this bit idk why. "Dont give them the idea"
Deanna Adkins
Deanna Adkins 3 months ago
I love Gorden Ramsey!!
Foxado 3 months ago
1:36 that ass grab tho... 🤭
Digital_Grim 3 months ago
Wasn’t sure what country it was until I heard them speak in Vietnamese, I can understand the basics so that’s cool I guess
Jesse Miller
Jesse Miller 3 months ago
Holy hell I want some NOW
Isaiah Gonzales
Isaiah Gonzales 3 months ago
"Wife's miss the squid more than them" 🤤
JaneySims 3 months ago
Gordon asking for a 5 meter head start for the race then rowing his boat into reverse 😂
T T 3 months ago
When westerners come to our part of the world we treat them as one of ours. When we go to west they treat us like suspicious aliens came from another lower planet.
Rozzy1312 3 months ago
is his right eye blackened ? "Black-eye" on a few angels it looks like he has a black-eye.... [ 5:08 ] and [ 5:43 ]
TV Quang
TV Quang 4 months ago
tôi thích gordon ramsay trải nghiệm những món ăn ở Việt Nam, đó cũng là nơi tôi sinh ra - nước Việt Nam
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