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No olive oil. Water isn't seasoned. It's not even boiling.
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.


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Aug 11, 2019




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Comments 1 789
Philip Newman
Philip Newman 6 hours ago
I know that Gordon Ramsay is an amazing cook and all that, but I could never eat in a restaurant with him screaming blue murder all the time in the background. That'd do my nut. Would rather go down the local chippy.
Ganesh Reddy
Ganesh Reddy 9 hours ago
Gordan, you are a fucking idiot. Is that how you behave with women and force her to repeat the sentence.
Stealthed Nexus
Stealthed Nexus 10 hours ago
I can cook pasta better than these people
Adam Jacob
Adam Jacob 10 hours ago
He meant like putting salt in it. Cause salt helps bring it up to the boil quicker
maddy !!!
maddy !!! 10 hours ago
“you’re fucking pathetic” “yes chef”
Super Noodles
Super Noodles 10 hours ago
BadVibez 13 hours ago
yes chief the ice is frozen not fresh
avid hiker 207
avid hiker 207 14 hours ago
*The water is R A W*
Keith Foester
Keith Foester 14 hours ago
NOBODY: Gordon Ramsay: Complains Water Isn't Seasoned
TJ.BOY A* 15 hours ago
5:00 “ I’m joking you stupid cow” 😱😱😱
Martin Blee
Martin Blee 15 hours ago
All I know is that censor guy for TV must make a fortune off this one series!
Naoufalaa A
Naoufalaa A 15 hours ago
Gordon:your FUCKING pathetic. Karen hairline looking ass cook:yes chef
umeng2002 16 hours ago
"The water is RAW!!! You muppet."
Patrick.mp4 16 hours ago
i need my water spicy, with a tint of lime chalk.
cheeseman 16 hours ago
You didn't specify the water was meant to boil pasta in, not to drink.
Caspar Cubitt
Caspar Cubitt 18 hours ago
hells kitchen contestants in a nutshell. contestant 1: i can't believe he/she can't cook something so easy, i mean are u stupid or something 2 episodes later contestant 1: *messes up an easy dish* forgets earlier comment
Sackem Jay
Sackem Jay 20 hours ago
“She cannot be normal” lmfaoooo
tatiana krizay
tatiana krizay 20 hours ago
“Just joking u stupid cow”
big boss
big boss 21 hour ago
Iamadumb bitch
Iamadumb bitch 21 hour ago
😬he did not need to call her a stupid cow tho
caleb chandley
caleb chandley 21 hour ago
Honestly thought he said put more spaghetti in there and she said yes chief and then he said I fucking joking u cow honestly that was actually a dick move more than usual but that’s just me
4Kjay Gamer
4Kjay Gamer 22 hours ago
Gordon is mean and rude
Uh Huh? ?
Uh Huh? ? 22 hours ago
Swear to god that statefarm ad where that girl says “Well it finally happened” came out at the perfect time. (Saw this video from the picture for those who are confused) 😂
Toby Jones
Toby Jones 23 hours ago
2:02 when someone farts and it hits you proper.
Norakami Day ago
you also gotta season the stove too!
Sweet Babes Tiktok
Is this people studied culinary or cookery / or chefs? Or they're just engrs. Teachers or etc
kermit_san_ 420
No fucking way, the stars aligned to bring us this moment
Clash Forever
WTF 1 hour the longest I have waited is 20 mins I that was in a really busy restaurant!
John von Horn
Marco Pierra White sneaks in and offers to add a Knoor stock cube, saying, "It's your choice, there is no recipe"
Omni G
Omni G Day ago
Coi would make Josh so proud
Matthew Coppola
Whats it like to rush a fraternity? 1:50
Absolutum Maximum
Someone needs to beat the shit out of Ramsey.
Tyler the tiger
6:24 his face 😂😂
Baerto Meneguzzi
I feel like this channel is taking the piss out of him now
Skull Day ago
Waiter: *Gives Gordon Water* Gordon: *Dry, Cold, Bland Very Bland.*
The Crazed Masked Squirrel and Bella the Labrabull
Welp ain’t this episode gonna become a meme •_•....
SGO1 Day ago
FaZe bUttOx
FaZe bUttOx Day ago
Gordon: Hey madam, you're fucking pathetic Colleen: Yes chef Gordon: I'm fucking kidding you stupid cow Coi: Yes chef Obedience 100
bartlett247 Day ago
In a 7 minute video about 20 seconds were spent on the non boiled and unseasoned water and that's what they found to be the main subject of this video?
1:41 I don't understand what she did wrong here. She said it right 3 times then brain farted, what's the problem.
Amin Cira
Amin Cira Day ago
Cy Brunel
Cy Brunel Day ago
When you make authentic Italian/French style pasta dishes you serve for $150/300 a plate the preps should understand all this shit from basic training 101. He has a lot of dumb fucks in his team just for show, no 3-4 Michelin Star chef would put up with this ignorance, lol.
Adam Binyamin
Gordon: "WHERE'S MY WATER?" *Gets a glass of water* Gordon: "It's fucking *RAW* you stupid cow"
"COME ON GUYS THE LADIES ARE READY TO KICK YOUR A-" *USvid has entered the chat* "BUTTS.."
Gordon : you pathetic Girl: yes chef 1:19
Leo Gibbons
Leo Gibbons Day ago
I love Chef Ramsay prompting them to roast each other's food on the spot lol Ramsay: C'mere. What's that taste like? Chef: Uhhh....tastes like that fake play-doh we made in kindergarten with peanut butter and a little bit of sardine juice Chef Ramsay: Fuckin right it does! Fuckin hell!
Craig Whitney
Sorry Gordon, but olive oil in cooking pasta is a no-no. It takes away the ability of the pasta to absorb other flavors added later. In addition, never say demeaning things to your staff. It doesn't accomplish much and you will find them smoking a joint in the alley to get over it. Why do you have to be such an incredible prick?
Brayan Ramos
Brayan Ramos Day ago
Imagine being Gordon’s kids😭
Itz Lone Wolf
1:09 if you did your job properly he wouldnt moan at you
MOEDOLLAZ125 Day ago
how do you mess up boiling pasta and make caesar salads?
Yukta Bhatti
Yukta Bhatti Day ago
In my mind I was thinking " I knew this day would come. "
TheCring3 L0rd
TheCring3 L0rd 2 days ago
What the hell is this! What chef?? WHERE THE FUCK IS THE SALT AND PEPPER IN THE SPOON?
dedpxl 2 days ago
they said the fuck word
Anthony Guadalupe-Baerga
DISGUSTING! I would never eat in a restaurant that puts olive oil in pasta water and makes Caesar salads with extra protein. Screw tradition with Gordon Ramsey!
MobileDecay 2 days ago
Imagine going to a restaurant that was seriously this dramatic. Lol. 😂
Lol for real though
Pasta water is supposed to contain tamarind juice, miso paste, ground nutmeg and bleach. You add a pound of dry noodles to one gallon death liquid, soak for 12 hours or overnight, then freeze it. Take the frozen block to an open area of rough pavenment, like the alley or parking lot behind the restaurant preferably an area near a dumpster coated in sticky trash juice. Smash the frozen block with a blunt instrument like a hammer until you get an average chunk size of 1-2 cubic centimeters. Scoop the chunks into a bucket, bring to table and dump the bucket on customer.
Luis Medrano
Luis Medrano 2 days ago
slicer940 2 days ago
I don’t remember the season but this is one of the seasons I watched all the way through and I remembered giovonni getting kicked off the show in like an argument or fight.
Rey Dela Pena
Rey Dela Pena 2 days ago
Nobody: Gordon: Is ThIs SaBoTaGe?!?!?!?!
hacker hacker
hacker hacker 2 days ago
Waiter: can I get you any drinks? Gordon: I would like a glass of water. waiter: here is your water Gordon: Its raw,underseasoned,undercooked,bland and tastes like a swimming pool.
james 2 days ago
2:40 what an asshole
*:・゚Lumire Blu*:・゚
the water is... *RAW*
Angie R.
Angie R. 2 days ago
He really called her a cow 😮
Some guy in the comments
Listen I know he's professional and all but the title makes him sound stupid
Flamethatburns 2 days ago
1.Do not put olive oil in spaghetti water, or the sauce will not stick to it, and salt is unnecessary as there is a ton of salt in the sauce already. Most pasta sauces are salty. A half cup can easily eat up 500 milligrams of sodium-a third of your day’s limit, and if you are served a low-salt sauce, you can always grab the salt shaker and load up. 2. Cook it al dente which means of the teeth or chewy. 3. To speed cook noodles, soak them in water for an hour and a half in the fridge, then bring your water to a boil, throw the noodles in, and they will cook in one minute.4. Break the pasta in half, otherwise it cooks unevenly. 5. Thoroughly drain the pasta, or all the work you did on the sauce will be watered down and ruined. 6. Put one to two teaspoons of sugar in the sauce to take the bitterness out of the tomatoes. 7. Serve with proper cheeses, like Romano, parmigiana, or a fiesta blend. 8. Find someone else to work for, as anyone who diminishes your self-worth isn't worth working for.
Matthew Kennedy
Matthew Kennedy 2 days ago
Gordon is a miserable asshole but it’s still entertaining
Ann Trinh
Ann Trinh 2 days ago
How come the restaurants he always goes to is trash, like mine are always good
Etec 0987
Etec 0987 2 days ago
is nobody gonna talk about how this chick blew on the food 3:35
AutoMan Dan
AutoMan Dan 2 days ago
LOL the people in the comments have no idea you always salt the water when boiling pasta LOL western people for you
Whatster87 2 days ago
supprised they don't have to make the pasta from scratch wtf.
Caleb Pearl
Caleb Pearl 2 days ago
4:56 It's weird hearing a black woman say this about a white man screaming at her.
Tig Lilly
Tig Lilly 2 days ago
I be like. I know what i have to do back off!
Con Con
Con Con 2 days ago
I strongly dislike Gordon Ramsay with a passion
Alex Mccutchan
Alex Mccutchan 2 days ago
Those stupid lip piercings make him top heavy. No wonder he can't run food
Alex Mccutchan
Alex Mccutchan 2 days ago
You're no chef if you can't watch your mouth working in an open kitchen. At least be aware of your volume.
obscuresoul 2 days ago
IT'S RAWWWWWWW! (I know I know but I had too)
Allheart8705 2 days ago
You shhtoopid cow
Gaming Urmom4ss
Gaming Urmom4ss 2 days ago
I would’ve picked up a pan and fucking hit him haha haha jp
Ryan 2 days ago
“Vicious attack dog” I’m fucking dying
Clam73 2 days ago
This water is RAAAAWWWWWWW!
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