Google Pixel Slate: This Ain't It Chief!

Marques Brownlee
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Don't spend $600 on the Celeron Google Pixel Slate. Just don't do it.
But here's a link anyway: store.google.com/us/product/p...
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Dec 22, 2018




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Comments 9 609
Sighs Internally
Sighs Internally 8 hours ago
10 million subs and buys the bitch base version
srinivasan srinivasan
ahh google trying to beat to apple but goes with a lag shame
Y A 2 days ago
Haha my laptop. Has 3 USB a ports
Ares_ Cherry9
Ares_ Cherry9 3 days ago
Its chrome. What do you think.
E. Castillo
E. Castillo 4 days ago
Late to the party, but, I just got the black Friday 2019 deal, the i5 Slate is so smooth and runs way better than what he's got here. Not even close. For those of you on the fence, get it when it's on sale. I love it.
Rocket Force
Rocket Force 2 days ago
I got the m3 version and even that one is pretty smooth as well now.
Robel Lessons
Robel Lessons 5 days ago
I have the newest iPad Pro
Kabal Gaming
Kabal Gaming 6 days ago
google pixel slat playboi carti edition
BCGTR 6 days ago
If you installed ipados on an original iPad with a patcher or something it would be faster.
Series - The Animated Cinema
Fernando Mendoza
Fernando Mendoza 9 days ago
Celeron didn't help. Do a review with m3 or i5 will ya Marques?
John Parry
John Parry 10 days ago
Re-review send to be needed
John Parry
John Parry 8 days ago
Wow that sentence is horrible. A re-review is definitely needed is what I wanted it to say
Wacko Dreamer
Wacko Dreamer 11 days ago
I would definitely revisit this tablet. Got the m3 version on Black Friday for a steal and all of this has been fixed
Dee Y
Dee Y 9 days ago
M3 version for me too! Got mine with the keyboard for £449. Bargain and it works great! So sad that Google are dropping this device as they were on to something here.
daNiferTV 12 days ago
bought the M3 version with keyboard and pen for 450 on black friday, runs smooth as my savings :D
Sam Ann
Sam Ann 12 days ago
Unfair comparison. I agree that they shouldn't ship a device with a weak CPU like Celeron. Should have compared with an iPad Pro with similar hardware specs.
blackmixmad 12 days ago
Review the Samsung tab s6 🙌🏾I'm curious of what you think of that one
juddadam2 12 days ago
why wouldn't you get the i7 which is the competitor to ipad pro? Of course celeron processor will suck
James Rivera
James Rivera 12 days ago
As always, great review. Thx.
Ange Alexiel
Ange Alexiel 13 days ago
funny how ppl moks apple but google release shitty stuff like the slate, pixel 4, stadia and it's not a huge google bashing ...
frank cui
frank cui 14 days ago
On an i5 8200y version and this device is awesome
Nick Arent
Nick Arent 14 days ago
Have the m3 version of this and in late 2019 it is AWESOME! No lag whatsoever. It's actually very fast and battery is great! I think you should do an update review and give it an honest try.
Aditya Bhardwaj
Aditya Bhardwaj 7 days ago
Nick Arent chromeOS is still not good enough. It probably will never do well. The base model iPad Pro delivers almost the same user experience as the top tier one, and google needs to do the same for the base model.
Edward Pelinovsky
Edward Pelinovsky 16 days ago
Raimiky 16 days ago
what about i7 version?? same lag? Or IPad Pro is better investment?
Cris. Hernandez
Cris. Hernandez 17 days ago
That lag is the reason I switched from android to apple. The lag just angers me immediately lol
Yamikani Kadzombe
Yamikani Kadzombe 17 days ago
Please review Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
itsa hustle
itsa hustle 17 days ago
iPad for tablets all day
Joe Avery
Joe Avery 19 days ago
No update to this video?? The reviews that did an update to found that they fixed the lag and it turned to a great device.
Aditya Bhardwaj
Aditya Bhardwaj 7 days ago
Joe Avery it doesn’t deserve it
umayr ariff
umayr ariff 19 days ago
did you upload a 100 times?
Aarsh Parashar
Aarsh Parashar 19 days ago
7:40 MKBBC
Luke Baker
Luke Baker 19 days ago
Mark Ass Brownie
xD3bod 19 days ago
i want that
Random Tech
Random Tech 20 days ago
I have same bad, sadly, stupid, crappy experience on huawei's EMUI :(
Caleb Wheeler
Caleb Wheeler 20 days ago
I don’t think you should have to buy the most expensive product for it to run properly. I have the $329 iPad 2018, runs perfectly, zero lag. It is unacceptable to ship a product that is that unusable.
Kyler Ferry
Kyler Ferry 21 day ago
My old iPad 2 is faster than this lol
just_cheerio 19 days ago
My friggin cracked iPhone 6 is way faster than that lil piece of metal
Google User
Google User 21 day ago
So have they fixed the issue?
Bumbo TGC
Bumbo TGC 22 days ago
Can you use the the keyboard on the iPad Pro
Lamar Is Not Here
Marcus Washington
Marcus Washington 25 days ago
how much lag you want in the pixel slate ? google:yes
Srinivas Iyengar
Srinivas Iyengar 26 days ago
My schools celeron chromebooks lag less than that
ерунда сэндвич
Using the iPad is like being in prison but then using this Pixel Slate is like being homeless.
kramdens1967 26 days ago
just bought this today...hoped it improved but it's still a glitchy slow mess
the.abhiram.r 26 days ago
my dell Chromebook 11 that my school gives is better than that
Azad SIDDIK 28 days ago
Red Hydrogen .lol...stfu
CRONUS Karmalakas
CRONUS Karmalakas 28 days ago
Any update after software updates if there were any?
Kelvin Wong
Kelvin Wong 28 days ago
my 5 year old samsung tablet is better than this..
HeavyIzThaCrown -
Looks like the Pixel Slate could be a cool laptop, but why $200 for the keyboard accessory? Maybe I’ll just get a Pixelbook and call it a day.
FKY Rips
FKY Rips Month ago
WTF 600$- 800$ = Lag XD Surface better than
Mitchimus Maximus
i5 Model is snappier
Enter User Name Here.
Does the it and i7 version have the lag is the question and a answer that should have been given in the video.
Enter User Name Here.
What is up with Chrome OS products offering such tiny storage options. This is absolutely unacceptable in 2019!
Faiyaz Hasan
Faiyaz Hasan Month ago
Cmon marques this is Google 😅
wolfbite6 Month ago
bro the 300$acer Chromebook im using at this moment isnt this bad thats sad
CatSmileXOX Month ago
I still have the first ipad and it has less lags :')
John Theurer
John Theurer Month ago
One word. I have one word as to why apple and sometimes android are stupid fast; optimization
Angel Palazuelos
I’m felling the lag of the tablet and it’s Hurts
Prison Mike
Prison Mike Month ago
Has this got any better with updates?
M. Whitaker
M. Whitaker Month ago
I must say you brought the wrong one. The one I have is the i-5 and it runs perfectly is it gorgeous device with good software.
Joe Friedman
Joe Friedman Month ago
2:14 Vulfpeck!
aaron mack
aaron mack Month ago
Holy shit $600 for a lagy tablet and $800 for better performance? I'd rather just build a new desktop.
joel sam
joel sam Month ago
Waiting for review on Samsung tab s6!
Jesse Stevenson
Jesse Stevenson Month ago
I love my Pixel Slate. This dude is likely some Apple fanboy.
Y Us
Y Us Month ago
Never heard about celeron version. Is it really exist. I have i7 and it's way faster ipad. I use it mostly as laptop
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