Google Pixel Slate: This Ain't It Chief!

Marques Brownlee
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Don't spend $600 on the Celeron Google Pixel Slate. Just don't do it.
But here's a link anyway: store.google.com/us/product/p...
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Dec 22, 2018




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Comments 9 615
Dakota Blank
Dakota Blank 4 days ago
i just want a TABLET so i would get it XD
Rithik Kumar
Rithik Kumar 5 days ago
But why x86?...
Amirdex_ TDG
Amirdex_ TDG 7 days ago
mojo rojo
mojo rojo 8 days ago
Opening duckduckgo app on Google tablet . We saw what you did there.
HellFire 9 days ago
Does anyone know if this got any better
Gerardo 2 days ago
SkittleManiaYT 9 days ago
mrunaldhar bathula
mrunaldhar bathula 10 days ago
@mkbhd can we add this google keyboard accessory to iPad Pro
Dimetri Drossos
Dimetri Drossos 11 days ago
The only device I have used that has similar lag is my 9 year old galaxy s stratosphere.
V. Sriram Sundar
V. Sriram Sundar 13 days ago
You've got used to the promotion display for your day to day purposes and ultimately you find this lag. Your anger will be over 9000.
Mintace 13 days ago
It’s not the pixel slate it’s the pixels late
Abhishek Bhudolia
Abhishek Bhudolia 13 days ago
USvid said watch it again after 8 months. I asked why. The answer: 7:40 in 2x
imicca 15 days ago
It has been literally cancelled now
imicca 11 days ago
@victor Igwe yep discontinued
victor Igwe
victor Igwe 11 days ago
What cancelled? The tablet?
Kung-Fu Mojo
Kung-Fu Mojo 16 days ago
I actually like the m3 version. Kinda mind numbing that Google's R&D didn't catch all this lag on their Celeron version, or they did and decided to launch it anyway? Then a year later says they're not making anymore slates. The conspiracist in me says someone up top purposely greenlit the Celeron version to purposely get bad press. This will then make it easier to exit the tablet game. Or, they are simply incompetent? LoL.
Vaibhav Tripathi
Vaibhav Tripathi 17 days ago
Avedis Manoukian
Avedis Manoukian 18 days ago
I'm guessing they could fix it with a software update? IDK
Buzz Top
Buzz Top 19 days ago
wtf is that?? celeron for 600 bucks??? fuck u google
David King
David King 19 days ago
Key word: CELERON
Tamim Ahsan
Tamim Ahsan 20 days ago
Whats the price of the keyboard cover?
Shaun Jairam
Shaun Jairam 20 days ago
The lag has been fixed. Just purchased the M3-8100y version and the lag has been virtually eliminated since ChromeOS version 75 (Now on 76. Purchased it at BB for $298 with the keyboard thanks to a glitch found on SlickDeals. Might want to take another look at it although they stopped producing it.
Gerardo 2 days ago
eBay retards they have alot their SMH
Edgar R. USA
Edgar R. USA 20 days ago
Gone now
King Kegelrobbe
King Kegelrobbe 21 day ago
*Smacks Lips* This ain't *Smacks Lips* This ain't it, chief!
Madfrazzer 21 day ago
Lmao, this is as laggy as my Lenovo Tab 4. 1 GB ram btw
Music Lover 99
Music Lover 99 21 day ago
Solve the puzzle! @7:40
bdeva029 21 day ago
nitch features??? please learn how to say niche. It's a french word. Please Google: "how to pronounce niche"
Ben Garcia
Ben Garcia 22 days ago
Bruh my 2014 Ipad is soooo much faster
Potatoゲーマー 24 days ago
the iPad is good as a tablet. the Surface/Tab S6 is good as a laptop the Pixel Slate tried to be good at both but ended up being worse than fortnite
Jay ayee
Jay ayee 24 days ago
Why tf would the use a Celeron processor
Kevin 25 days ago
How about the samsung tab s6
Noah Hughes
Noah Hughes 25 days ago
It's not that the iPad pro is good, it's the fact that everyone else is being completely incompetent.
Noah Hughes
Noah Hughes 22 days ago
@BLACKBURNER I wasn't saying it was bad, I was just making the point that apple's restrictions make it not as good as it could be. For instance, removable storage ports like the slate or a file manager. That's not the fault of the iPad pro though, it's just apple being stupid. But the pro is the best right now, and that is exactly why I own one.
BLACKBURNER 23 days ago
iPad pro is really good.
Tikko 24 days ago
both actually, ngl.
theacp127 26 days ago
That processor and 4Gb of RAM was not made for 4k. I'd say it needs at least an i5 and 8Gb of RAM to better handle that kind of work load.
William Topping
William Topping 26 days ago
Don't get a chromebook at all. Apart from the spying by Google, there's no fucking apps for it. And don't get me started on "you can use the Google Play Store"... Because that's so fucking hit and miss...
Andres Valdevit
Andres Valdevit 27 days ago
I still want to love this thing and get one but I keep watching reviews and till now this is the only one that reports this "lag city" experience. I will keep searching for more opinions but this is worrying me. Most other reviewer's beef with it it's just the keyboard flap. Any reports so far on device performance updates?
Marek Macko
Marek Macko 28 days ago
Where are you Apple trashtalkers at ?
Muhammad afnan
Muhammad afnan 28 days ago
I like your video dude it's a different style on your video 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Yashvardhan Gaur
Yashvardhan Gaur 28 days ago
i can't even think of a funny metaphor for the lag.
Boaz Chapman
Boaz Chapman 29 days ago
7:39 I got a Notification right here and I thought the alert sound I had had been changed to this. Then I found out it was part of the video
Gene The Bean
Gene The Bean Month ago
You could buy 2-3 chromebooks with those specs for $600
dinnerandashow Month ago
Better than Amazon Fire Kindle tablets. One can go go to the bathroom and come back before the tablet reacts to input. Launch Washington Post, 20 seconds, click post, 2 minutes, type something, lag hell....
VenkataSainath Ravikanti
How come Google effed up at making better software? They are supposed to be one of the best software companies in the world. What went wrong??
Randall Roberts
Randall Roberts Month ago
If it's a Celeron steer clear of it...
Gerardo 2 days ago
Lol now we know
Robert Llinares
Robert Llinares Month ago
even if it lags, android is still better.
Gerardo 2 days ago
Celeron is lag
Brie Retardson
Brie Retardson Month ago
Robert Llinares nope
Vrijman Month ago
I just bought my girlfriend an iPad, and I haven't really liked apple. but after using the iPad, even I want one. it's just the best tablet. period
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts Month ago
Aaaand that’s android for you
Gerardo 2 days ago
And that's the Celeron processor for u
RJ Herbst
RJ Herbst Month ago
They should have had 12 gnome of ram
Oofer Gang
Oofer Gang Month ago
Y do google keep doing stuff
Adam DeKleine
Adam DeKleine Month ago
Do these work better now?
Niro HAY
Niro HAY Month ago
yo just say you are working for apple lol....
Z Salty
Z Salty Month ago
The celeron prosser it's Always lagging. It's good to be used only for recording and not working on laptops or desktop or others. I don't advise people to buy any celoron devices for daily use.
Gerardo 2 days ago
Thanks for letting us know 😁
Jeremy Fraser
Jeremy Fraser Month ago
"internal Intel Celeron" ... as opposed to external CPUs? Lol
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson Month ago
I've had a $100 7 inch tablet that was just as laggy. Google should be hanging their heads in shame.
Thrillcekr Month ago
I was out as soon as I heard Chrome OS.
Luis Angel Santos
Google Pixel Slate = Lag Hell
Golan Ssenkooza Mutesah
Thank you so much aint i am taking it back today Dixon curry i am on my way
witchsistah Month ago
This is BAD for the end of 2018 going into 2019. My old 2016 Samsung Tab A does a better job. That's a damn shame!
J L Month ago
Maybe some AMD chip can give this tablets a boost? I don't know what to say after watching these videos. Its like all my good. Lag city. And this is 2019. Has to be that Intel Celeron processor. Change to coffelake or something. Gheez
Suyog Dwivedi
Suyog Dwivedi Month ago
So now if you don't use please give it away to me. I need a laptop. But I don't have money
Ben Stark
Ben Stark Month ago
exploring life
exploring life Month ago
Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 will be the best tablet
Bailey Clancey
Bailey Clancey Month ago
Zulficar Ali *cough* iPad Pro *cough*
Juan M
Juan M Month ago
what is in the background @ 7:40 min in????
Iam Kamara
Iam Kamara Month ago
review the galaxy tab s6
1thecop Month ago
Thank you I have dodged a bullet.
David Coady
David Coady Month ago
Your first mistake was 4 gbs of ram
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