Google Map Top Fails (very epic fails)

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Mar 23, 2019

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Comments 28 917
Trisha Parish
Trisha Parish 30 minutes ago
The Earth is actually a sphere
Pug Lord
Pug Lord 3 hours ago
If you look to the right you can see a very historical artifact. It's a video of Pewdiepie before he became a Minecraft youtuber. Pay close attention.
Issaih YT
Issaih YT 4 hours ago
Earth isnt round its a sphere you idioit
SossKey YT
SossKey YT 5 hours ago
Legend has it The dog is still following the car
ArcticTaco_XD Mr. Taco Is My Buddy
It's a meme!
ghxst 6 hours ago
WAIT.... the earth isnt flat?
Jaime Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez 6 hours ago
4:32 water cow!
Owen Frizzell
Owen Frizzell 6 hours ago
you can go under water and see the titanic on google earth
Brad Haines
Brad Haines 7 hours ago
Its Newfoundland! Pfffffffft
Brad Haines
Brad Haines 7 hours ago
Pee pee island is very close to my house. I'm offering tours for $250. Hit me up bros
Nathaniel Gamboa
Nathaniel Gamboa 8 hours ago
I lost my account 😭
Kot wica
Kot wica 10 hours ago
2:25 Sven!
Ben K
Ben K 10 hours ago
Legend has it that the dog is STILL chasing the google car...
Mads Mortensen
Mads Mortensen 10 hours ago
I Saw the google car om MCdonals
Leon Zhao
Leon Zhao 11 hours ago
Cow near water which means boat cow from past. Coincidence, I THINK NOT
The Suspisious Animator
When i was on google earth i wasn’t looking at it,although i looked so cringy
Putri Fadiyah
Putri Fadiyah 12 hours ago
that's why i always love google maps HAHAHA
Putri Fadiyah
Putri Fadiyah 12 hours ago
i always google maps HAHAHA
dumpsters 13 hours ago
they love watching u even the turtle wants to watch ur vids
Imam Pratama
Imam Pratama 13 hours ago
OMG Google map new openworld game
metaliist penguin
metaliist penguin 13 hours ago
8:52 plz send the coordinates
Lionelhun Gameplay
Lionelhun Gameplay 14 hours ago
Pewdiepie please look the donkey in the bostwana dessert
Marshmallow 15 hours ago
anyone miss what up bros it’s peeeeeewwwwdiiipie
Ella Kaczmarek
Ella Kaczmarek 17 hours ago
I've been to pee pee Island it's cool
KARMA 2999
KARMA 2999 18 hours ago
No you stupid fucc the earth is flat :))
fule 55
fule 55 18 hours ago
Pee 〽️ 〽️ 〽️
ᗅurora 18 hours ago
Почему ты Россию не посмотрел?
BenChester Playz
BenChester Playz 18 hours ago
do you hate Mr.Beast? he believes Earth is flat XD
Ethan McKenzie
Ethan McKenzie 19 hours ago
I'm from the future that turtle is virgin tertle
Ethan McKenzie
Ethan McKenzie 40 minutes ago
@poWg zeko why
poWg zeko
poWg zeko 17 hours ago
Shut up
Smith Face
Smith Face 20 hours ago
Virgin turtle organ story
Harros 20 hours ago
How did they get the car into the sea 😂
The Poke' Master
The Poke' Master 21 hour ago
5:13 virgin turtle
Sophal KH
Sophal KH 21 hour ago
U so good at screaming
Moon Su Bi
Moon Su Bi 21 hour ago
Namjoon will go there
Jack Puff
Jack Puff 22 hours ago
Hey my aunts dogs chased the google car where tf is that at
mario 1150
mario 1150 23 hours ago
Kamu dari indonesia kah
Lauren Giorango
Lauren Giorango 23 hours ago
Pewdiepie: If you break the law, don't film it. Mr. Beast: I have betrayed the master....
Colegladiator Doesgames
Has anyone notice how no one gets a dislike on a comment I’m about to change that look at my likes and dislikes
Ozone Day ago
The Earth is flat! How could you possibly believe it's round!?
Ozone Day ago
Korin Weir
Korin Weir Day ago
what was in the stadium in gothenburg?
Hangmatman 420
I don’t like minorities
I want your knees
1:04 no I think that this proves that god is real
Andy Stewart
Andy Stewart Day ago
Literally while I was watching this I got an ad for pewdiepies tuber simulator
Bunny Bros
Bunny Bros Day ago
It’s water cow
Simon garcia
Simon garcia Day ago
5:11 the first time we seen virgin turtle
Elias Day ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: Not even a soul: Pewdiepie : the earth is ROUND
Quailjuice Day ago
Who’s watching at pee pee island
Zelotic Day ago
all of the overused youtube comment templates: hold my beer no one, literally no one am i a joke to you? he attacc, he protecc J.K. Rowling: (insert something about gay stuff) % of comments (insert name): me: (insert text) anyone in (insert year)? like if you (insert text)
Peter Griffis
Peter Griffis 22 hours ago
Zelotic very true
Loic Even
Loic Even Day ago
I already went ti pee pee island!!!!!
TheMaro Day ago
Nihao is chinese...
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