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1 like = 1 emma should move to new york
also sorry 90% of this video was in my hotel room...i really dont do much... ever
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-emma chamberlain


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Oct 6, 2019




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Comments 16 350
Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie 7 hours ago
This comment section makes me was rip my eyes out
Ellary Sophia
Ellary Sophia 7 hours ago
Come to Chicago!!!! 🌃
E. Royal
E. Royal 7 hours ago
the knocking freaked me out lmao
Sister Shauna
Sister Shauna 7 hours ago
Come to Missouri we have a lot of fun stuff fr tho ✌🏼
Rocio Quijada
Rocio Quijada 8 hours ago
lui hall
lui hall 8 hours ago
Wtf -mE 2019
jade marie
jade marie 8 hours ago
emma is so weird in this video
Felicia Timothy
Felicia Timothy 8 hours ago
I'm not this rich. - me 2019
Gwen smiling
Gwen smiling 8 hours ago
Him: *catches her filming but doesn’t know what’s going on* Emma: “Im A yoUTUBeR” Him: “I’m sorry” Emma: “NeVER MiND” Best part of the video
Alberto Torrez
Alberto Torrez 8 hours ago
weird flex but okay
Ava Vlogs
Ava Vlogs 8 hours ago
me : *going through the comments comment section : “me 2019” me : what the fuck -me 2019
s b
s b 9 hours ago
You look like hugh grant. Lmao. Thats a compliment. Of course
zara //
zara // 9 hours ago
why was this video so freaking weird
JoshKeatonFan 9 hours ago
These videos are aimless and go nowhere!
Catherine Baker
Catherine Baker 10 hours ago
Literally the whole comments: -me 2019
Fiona Luberti
Fiona Luberti 10 hours ago
when the person knocked on the door i thought someone was at my door
Siti Aisyah
Siti Aisyah 10 hours ago
hey emma im singaporean do you mind coming to singapore!! im a huge fan of you!!
로다 11 hours ago
Do somthing epic like going s 🇰🇷 korea without plans
Ed Pepperell
Ed Pepperell 11 hours ago
"Emma should spill the tea about aaron" - me 2019
Felicia Jacinta
Felicia Jacinta 11 hours ago
Emma : i wanna go to new york Next day: new york Wow
Oreo Doge
Oreo Doge 11 hours ago
How is emma Chamberlain so fricking cute?
Jelibeanss 11 hours ago
OMG shes so pretty.😄
Madelyn Malee
Madelyn Malee 11 hours ago
next come to kansas city its actually soooo cool u would love the crossroads
k a t a r i n a
k a t a r i n a 12 hours ago
"I wish I was rich" - me 2019
Regan White
Regan White 12 hours ago
3:56 when the person came with her coffee i thought someone was at my door 😂
Eva Zhou
Eva Zhou 13 hours ago
move to New York emma
Klara Laurence
Klara Laurence 13 hours ago
I am a new youtuber, I would love it if you would check me out!
Masego mokolo
Masego mokolo 13 hours ago
Game Seekers
Game Seekers 13 hours ago
U should move to New York I mean it’s amazing I’ve been here my whole life it’s beautiful
Georgia Kirkwood
Georgia Kirkwood 13 hours ago
“iM a yOuTubEr... wot? NEVERMIND” Favourite part 😂🤙🏼
Eunice 13 hours ago
but lowkey why did this video call me poor in 24 languages
gracie elizabeth
gracie elizabeth 13 hours ago
emma bought the same sweatshirt i bought in new york and i don’t know how to act🥴
Tirzah Bless
Tirzah Bless 14 hours ago
wait like mocha ? is that how it’s supposed to be pronounced? literally moCHa?
shayma salah
shayma salah 14 hours ago
Vsco girls being mad right now
Klaudia Klaudia
Klaudia Klaudia 14 hours ago
I love the editing at 2:51
Ariana butera
Ariana butera 14 hours ago
That was 6 days ago I'm late asf srry Emma lyy❤️❤️
Laaiqah Pillay
Laaiqah Pillay 14 hours ago
Wait she has tik tok ?
Terese Moon
Terese Moon 15 hours ago
where my New Yorkers at?
5M0K3 15 hours ago
-me 2019
5M0K3 15 hours ago
-me 2019
5M0K3 15 hours ago
-me 2019
5M0K3 15 hours ago
-me 2019
5M0K3 15 hours ago
“Wtf is going on” -me 2019
Bade Tatarer
Bade Tatarer 15 hours ago
Dude it happend again shit
Bade Tatarer
Bade Tatarer 16 hours ago
Dude Im at a starbucks and it’s glass all around and I taught that the knock was coming from outside and now Im paranoid THANKS EM
Lance Parson
Lance Parson 16 hours ago
This girl is beautiful and gets stupid vlogging points with me. are sooo incredibly stupid.But that's what's got me listening i guess.
Daisy Maldonado
Daisy Maldonado 16 hours ago
LA Emma 🤦🏽‍♀️
Jazz00 00
Jazz00 00 17 hours ago
Zuzanna Bernatek
Zuzanna Bernatek 17 hours ago
‘I just came back from a get away i need another one’ -rich emma 2019
Melise 17 hours ago
Who takes care of declan while you’re gone ?
Christoph 17 hours ago
So everyone forgot about the video: why I moved to LA??????????????????????
KYRA OPP 17 hours ago
Hey Emma! Where did you get that jacket you wore working out? It’s super cute and I’ve been looking for one like it! Love you and your videos 😘❤️
Clarenthia C.
Clarenthia C. 17 hours ago
I'm really scared for her heart.
S. Earl
S. Earl 17 hours ago
Girl, you need a project to work on. Start designing clothes and start a brand or open a coffee shop or something.
Entanto Brothers
Entanto Brothers 17 hours ago
"I'm a USvidr" This cracked me up so good!!! 😂😂😂
Xristina Sp
Xristina Sp 18 hours ago
I am terrified of the amount of coffee emma drinks
jessica richey
jessica richey 19 hours ago
All you did was complain and drink coffee
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 20 hours ago
you know you have good headphones when the knocking at 3:57 scares you
Joel Martin
Joel Martin 20 hours ago
-me 2019
Leahcim Nworb
Leahcim Nworb 21 hour ago
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