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we didn't really go crazy at all lol
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-emma chamberlain


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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 6 861
Veni Vidi Amavi
*um....they all look the same and I can't really tell them apart and i feel bad but help*
Valentina Espinoza
Emma where ever she goes “eats the best food”
Soupy Water
Soupy Water 2 hours ago
hot gorl summier
Park Jiyeon
Park Jiyeon 2 hours ago
Her editing skill tho
Ashanti Michelle
Ashanti Michelle 3 hours ago
k but the song she used in the beach🥺😔🤙🏻
molly meinen
molly meinen 5 hours ago
yes i will teach you how to surf dm me @molly.meinen
Celina Johnson
Celina Johnson 6 hours ago
Amanda being a mom at Walmart for 2 minutes straight
Lyssa M
Lyssa M 7 hours ago
What’s the song she used when she was at the beach
John Cunningham
John Cunningham 7 hours ago
Because... Amanda #ha ha!
Kathy Qu
Kathy Qu 8 hours ago
her laugh is so beautiful
Kaliyah Combs
Kaliyah Combs 8 hours ago
Victoria Raeanne
Victoria Raeanne 8 hours ago
I really need to know where Emma got her name chain necklace!!! I really want one like thatttt
Ana Sofía García
Ana Sofía García 9 hours ago
“HASTA LA VISTA BABY”said by emma is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard
Connor Kuttrus
Connor Kuttrus 9 hours ago
I love Hawaii
ximena mora
ximena mora 10 hours ago
I see them as Amanda being the mom,Olivia the oldest daughter,and emma the youngest daughter🤭
Hoppy Bricks
Hoppy Bricks 12 hours ago
Summer isn't just a school holiday, its a season. so when she says summers almost over, its because SUMMER is almost over.
Marique Stevens
Marique Stevens 16 hours ago
Emma: Guys can I have a baby? Ethan Dolan is quaking 😳
daws tv
daws tv 16 hours ago
i just had the jerkoff of my life, so tnx for uploading such shit
Zachary Fraser
Zachary Fraser 17 hours ago
Check out Bali! Way more exotic I'm actually here right now and there's so much too see and do!
angered rat
angered rat 18 hours ago
i love their friendship so much, they have the cutest chemistry and just wow i’m living
Karma Lewis
Karma Lewis 20 hours ago
The sweat is your body saying stop tanning you will get skin cancer
Kylee Webb
Kylee Webb Day ago
HAHAHAHHA that fish is a native to the waters. You seem them everywhere especially around Kona.. They won't harm you unless you pee directly on them.. jk... I believe they're harmless.
Zalie Webster
is she still vegan
Mya Vazquez
Mya Vazquez Day ago
i love u and bitch im 9
Natalie Lockwood
I think I’ve stayed there...
mr. hOt dUdE
mr. hOt dUdE Day ago
i was at the same hotel as u and she’s not lying the breakfast is killer
Chris Johnson
Oh my God, you're unbelievable. I've never seen you before, found you through Casey neistat and your channel is better than Seinfeld, friends, a big-budget sitcom, you are freaking hysterical!
caroline carrsmith
Omg plz do more videos with them I love them so much ❤️ they’re so funny
Katija Kramer
where did she get the first bathing suit from ?
That alarm sound makes me cringe soooooo hard.
Jenscarlet Day ago
Amazing let’s vlog
Shaquena Murphy
Emma: why am I wearing a hoodie right now? Me: why did you bring a hoodie 😂😂😂
Ruby Margaret Funnell
That creepy voice she keeps talking in lmaooo
Rosa Wharerau
I live in Australia uwu and it’s almost summer ;3; and ITS HOT Even tho it’s spring uwu And I’m homeschooled ;w;
Joanna. HH
Joanna. HH Day ago
whi else thinks emma should go to britian/ asda. since she loves target
Cara Isabella
4:22 damn, that transition tho
Karin Karin
Karin Karin 2 days ago
Wish i had your life😔💔❤😍😍Love u Emma😘😍❤
Peace Kush
Peace Kush 2 days ago
nice transitions!!
Reese Hall
Reese Hall 2 days ago
why am I the only one flipping out that she had her eyes open in the salt water.. It burns my eyes if i open them u good emma?
Kaylee Hudson
Kaylee Hudson 2 days ago
Every time I heard that alarm, I felt attacked
Anonymous Girl
Anonymous Girl 2 days ago
“It’s like August..” Posted on the 9th of September
Ranisha Newsome
Ranisha Newsome 2 days ago
hey Emma chamberlain 💫💫👑
Princess Mimi
Princess Mimi 2 days ago
10:59 “oooh it’s 20% off”
The house Of sound
6:15 she looks like an actual guy
Audrey Macdonald
Audrey Macdonald 2 days ago
whit one
Cristina Santos
Cristina Santos 2 days ago
Emma and her friends at target is Meeeee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 💀💀💀
Mackenzie Holtz
Mackenzie Holtz 2 days ago
What kind of vlog camera do you use?
Kate Harris
Kate Harris 2 days ago
4:34 Was anyone else watching her necklace flip backwards and forwards as she talked or was that just me who noticed?
Saydee Spencer
Saydee Spencer 2 days ago
Why does she lowkey remind me of Michael Scott
Alexis Jay
Alexis Jay 3 days ago
Lmao why are white girls like this ?
m m
m m 3 days ago
10:35 - 10:45 im fucking dying 😂
Jenika Main
Jenika Main 3 days ago
I jumped when the alarm sound went off bc I thought it was my alarm for a second 😭🤣
Rileigh Farricker
"good morning thats all im gonna say" but then she keeps talking XD i swear i love emma shes to funny
Elizabeth G
Elizabeth G 3 days ago
Bruh emma. this transitions are fire
s n
s n 3 days ago
after each day can u fucking stop putting an alarm bell. Everytime u do i wanna fucking die that shit gives me head collisions stop please my god annoying ass nasty ho
mãriah 3 days ago
maddie scharf
maddie scharf 3 days ago
emma EW your body is incredible
Noel Grace
Noel Grace 3 days ago
If you use the alarm sound in your vids one more time I’m unsubscribing
Anna C:
Anna C: 3 days ago
The alarm towards the end set off my fight or flight mode
Alexa Villarreal
Alexa Villarreal 3 days ago
Edit at 8:01 has me dead 😂😂😂
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