GIANT 10LB Edible Tootsie Roll

The King of Random
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Today we're showing you how to make a giant tootsie roll, as well as how to make edible play-doh.
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Apr 14, 2019




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Comments 2 297
MajedTheGamer 2 hours ago
Playdoh is edible its just salty u need oil, food coloring , flour and a full cup of salt and water done its edible
Kaleb Houston
Kaleb Houston 2 hours ago
play dough is edible
iUploadStuff 7 hours ago
They didn't eat the Tootsie roll I'm mad...
xjk gaming
xjk gaming 14 hours ago
@9:46 there logo shows up
xjk gaming
xjk gaming 14 hours ago
@9:46 tere is a logo
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon 16 hours ago
“We’re making edible play doh!” Me: What’s the point of copying playdoh
Iknowwhatgyvermeans Weeb100
Footlong for only 5.99 at subway
Klaire Gieleghem
Klaire Gieleghem 23 hours ago
9:46 pause at the right moment and you will see this.
Jamin Mitchell
Jamin Mitchell 13 hours ago
I see it.....it's the logo
Ewan Green
Ewan Green Day ago
I broke my microwave trying to make “chocolate sauce” using these when I was little
Zakk Day ago
a brand new can of play-doh is one of the most satisfying things ever!
Greg Wells,Jr.
What about the super long tootsie role???XD
ElectricJ125 Day ago
Yo should put the edible play-doh in the container and then send it with a little kid to school, freak out the teachers because it looks like the kid is eating play-doh...........................................
Ben Cherukoth
Just imagine TKOR and MythBusters Cross-Over!
Markial Gardner
Markial Gardner 2 days ago
Anyone catch that at 9:46
MotoDerrick #23
MotoDerrick #23 2 days ago
What if you just get a bunch of tootsie rolls and put them together till you make a giant tootsie roll
J P 2 days ago
Baking with a giant twist
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio 2 days ago
10:54 omg so adorable when she says "okay". Lol
Anton Carlos Luna
When ur in the grocery trying to find the largest size tootsie roll😉😉😉
enrique iglesias heartbeat
Shockingly I am loving you Calli cause I never thought I'll like you or love you as much I love Nate... But I am loving you, seriously... But hey Nate is still my most most most Favourite... No one can beat him.... I, literally, am in love with Nate.. Thanks guys for lifting me up.... And great job Calli...
Mark Freier
Mark Freier Day ago
should we be worried for this persons sanity?
William Wright
William Wright 3 days ago
playdoe is already edible
-KIMG- 3 days ago
She has great presentation skills- could be a public speaker
Cody Holzerland
Cody Holzerland 4 days ago
they flashed us with the logo at 9:46
Leafyr Oakfyst
Leafyr Oakfyst 4 days ago
Wicked epic yo! Thanks for the laughs n memories!! 💚😘🐸😆
Britt-Knee WouldyoulikesomeTèa!
Look at 9:45-9:46, they hid their logo sneakily into the video, I got it just right to see their diamond outter shape look like it was smashed into pieces with the crown inside. Clever.
Selina Sirett
Selina Sirett 4 days ago
I saw the logo in the split second frame
Knights CharKoal-Casting
A 10lb tootsie roll!! I just got heartburn but i need this in my life!😍
Scorpion_Kills_All 3796
Is any one eating tootsie rolls right now 😂
itZ Kreeper Krew
itZ Kreeper Krew 4 days ago
You Spank Your Tootsie Rolls? Lmao 8:14
Eric Mahlstedt
Eric Mahlstedt 4 days ago
shane farmer
shane farmer 4 days ago
I love you guys. It would be cool if you team up with TheHackSmith
WolfGaming 3 hours ago
shane farmer they have
BurningYT –
BurningYT – 5 days ago
Try making an exploding Bob-Omb
pinche THOTIANA 5 days ago
If Rick Ross was a Tootsie Roll .. the baws
Wallace Reed
Wallace Reed 5 days ago
Please make a tootsie Berger
Amellia Vazquez
Amellia Vazquez 5 days ago
Can't you just mold a lot of tootsie rolls together
Latwain Buchanan
Latwain Buchanan 5 days ago
Can you make a giant Hershey
Corban Harrison
Corban Harrison 5 days ago
“Not that I now what play dough tastes like” (looks around like he has ate play dough)
mustafa ali
mustafa ali 5 days ago
can you make LCD with samrtphones
Teddy Vain
Teddy Vain 5 days ago
What was that logo flash at 9:46?
B B 6 days ago
Idea: Do some experiments with oobleck (cornstarch and water) Burn it. Freeze it. (Via liquid nirtogen) Vacuum Chamber it.
xmu_PhanTom 6 days ago
What is a tootsie roll
Gaming Planet
Gaming Planet 6 days ago
Logo flashes at 9:46
WesMan 7 days ago
A feminist landwhale's dream.
Billie. .eyelashes
9:46 did anyone else catch that?
Vinny D
Vinny D 7 days ago
I'll give you a foot long log
Daniel Stevens
Daniel Stevens 7 days ago
i hope they washed the playdoh containers
Art Khan
Art Khan 7 days ago
The King of Random logo popped up at 9:00=10:00
Cedrik Johnson
Cedrik Johnson 7 days ago
Try tying balloons to an RC car and see if it will be like driving on the moon
Rodrigo Ramirez
Rodrigo Ramirez 7 days ago
Maxitul TV
Maxitul TV 7 days ago
Wy is ther a tkor sine at 9:46
Design Master
Design Master 7 days ago
a foot long log..... thats what she said
Karthik Suresh
Karthik Suresh 7 days ago
💡 can you mix food colour. In a mealted iron. For this i need 2.5k likes plepase like
JayKB ༄
JayKB ༄ 8 days ago
What’s one of those?
Thomas Horsman
Thomas Horsman 8 days ago
Who else has never heard of a tootsie roll?
shane farmer
shane farmer 20 minutes ago
Until this video i didn’t know it existed. But that is what i get for living in wales while all the food youtubers are in America
Nate Daines
Nate Daines 3 days ago
Wow... If live in the USA and have no idea what a Tootsie roll is, then that's like saying you have no idea what candy is
Leafyr Oakfyst
Leafyr Oakfyst 4 days ago
They're classic beloved USA/Canadian treat!
Thomas Horsman
Thomas Horsman 4 days ago
John Stevonson same
John Stevonson
John Stevonson 4 days ago
Same. Until before this video that is. Hint: I'm from the UK
TS Rahul
TS Rahul 8 days ago
Freeze a bullet proof galss with liquid nitrogen and shoot it with a gun...........
The Beast
The Beast 8 days ago
Can you cook a fish in a dishwasher
Lynn's Life
Lynn's Life 8 days ago
8:01 “this is a terrible idea imma do it anyways” 🤣🤣 MEEEEEE
Verniixxx 8 days ago
Am I the only person who was bothered at the fact she touched the play dough and then touched the 'edible' play dough?
Whats up with the random numbers and letters appearing and disappearing through out the video
Sprite Official
Sprite Official 8 days ago
*a footlong log* also 7:55
Cat Man
Cat Man 8 days ago
Play-doh is a little salty (to me)
Kalee Dobrydnia
Kalee Dobrydnia 8 days ago
You guys should do the queen of random to
tk cj
tk cj 8 days ago
Marko Hollier
Marko Hollier 8 days ago
Check on the pot of paint
Thadb YT
Thadb YT 8 days ago
9:45-9:46 there was a flash of the king of random icon
Stephanie Peraza
Stephanie Peraza 8 days ago
But play doh is already edible 😂
thatonepersonwiththatreallylongname nolastname
Edible Tootsie roll? Since when?
Leafyr Oakfyst
Leafyr Oakfyst 4 days ago
thatonepersonwiththatreallylongname nolastname boooooo..
gigavolt 376
gigavolt 376 8 days ago
Whag were the ingredients and how much of each ingredient
Nick George
Nick George 8 days ago
Nate, I dont believe you've ever ordered 1000 small cans of play doh off of amazon. Maybe you guys can run some of your regular tests on a oot of play doh? Heat it, cool it, foundry, solar scorcher, liquid oxygen maybe?
Destin Sofield
Destin Sofield 8 days ago
It looks like a turd
Asaiah Muha
Asaiah Muha 8 days ago
Eat it
madhunter2005 8 days ago
Their was a secret logo at 9:46.
YaYa 8 days ago
I love how she said YUPP 7:45
Mr Mushroom - Pixels
8:15 it looks like Sh!t
rsusyjdd fhhdud
rsusyjdd fhhdud 8 days ago
to sciency stuff to cook show
The Cosplay Bff's
9:45 i saw something on the screen..
Unicorn Couch
Unicorn Couch 9 days ago
Edible Play do play do was already edible
Aaditya Phartale
Aaditya Phartale 9 days ago
P.S. try casting hot wheel car in silicon/proto putty
ShallowInTheDeep 9 days ago
Are you still in grants house?
Rainbow Psycho
Rainbow Psycho 9 days ago
*tootsie from dan and Riya is quaking*
melbert toroba
melbert toroba 9 days ago
Is it a world record??
Kaine Henman
Kaine Henman 9 days ago
The king of random please make a giant caramel eclair
Moritz D.
Moritz D. 9 days ago
Not like he tastes pretty much everything he can get his hands on 😂
Rocky Jim
Rocky Jim 9 days ago
hey I won in the pubg contest in india I won 1 million rupees (indian currency) I am very happy
jaenicorn 9 days ago
am i the only one bothered by how she touches the play doh and then touches the tootsie roll all with the same finger? no? ok
Eddy Padilla
Eddy Padilla 9 days ago
Mario Esquivel
Mario Esquivel 9 days ago
RetardGames_exe 9 days ago
What is a tootsie roll
Robert Kubrick
Robert Kubrick 9 days ago
I was hoping it would be something I could buy :(
Rose Drop
Rose Drop 9 days ago
Call it *Diabetes roll*
Those candies are so dis
Lamont Wilson
Lamont Wilson 9 days ago
I don't know if you have done it already,..... GIANT REESE'S PB CUPS!!!!! (My favorite!!!!!).
Simon Shamblin
Simon Shamblin 9 days ago
i would LOVE getting that for halloween.
andy 9 days ago
Should have just stopped at giant 10lb edible
kellylynnpf 9 days ago
YOUVE EATEN PLAY DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY
Andrew Swaim
Andrew Swaim 9 days ago
They should put orbiez in the toaster
[J] E S S E
[J] E S S E 9 days ago
9:46 logo is seen
blackplauge133 9 days ago
but playdo was already edible
Miles Remmel
Miles Remmel 9 days ago
Computer Nostalgia
I know what Play-Doh tastes like. It's disgusting
Kirk Foster
Kirk Foster 9 days ago
White chocolate as a base for fruity rolls? Use your brain.
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