Giannis Antetokounmpo says he's only at 60 percent of what he can be | BS or Real Talk | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan play "BS or Real Talk," discussing (0:32) Mike D'Antoni's comments on "The Woj Pod" explaining why the Houston Rockets, with James Harden and Russell Westbrook, can win. They then (2:38) react to Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo saying, despite winning 2018-19 NBA MVP, he's still only at "60 percent" of how good he can be.
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Jul 16, 2019




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Comments 528
tk.images 26 days ago
The Greek Freak said that he has the 60% in his MIND so to push himself to become better. It was not a statement.
NBA 2k mobile
NBA 2k mobile 3 months ago
100% is MJ+ Shaq in a single player.
Luca D?Innocenzio
Luca D?Innocenzio 4 months ago
What? Is he like Frieza?
Owenism Hotline
Owenism Hotline 4 months ago
Brain windhorst lookin like jabba the hutt
John Perry
John Perry 4 months ago
maybe 30%
jr the sauce gawd
jr the sauce gawd 4 months ago
Ultra instinct giannis vs full form lebron round 7 of the the finals tune in next time on dragon ball finals
BEAT MAN 4 months ago
Y’all don’t understand . Too y’all it’s 80 percent to him he’s at 60 because he know he needs improvement. Wait till he says he’s at 💯 percent 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
Shaun Lim
Shaun Lim 4 months ago
D’antoni is full of shit.. he hasn’t won a ring yet
Pierre Goh
Pierre Goh 4 months ago
Why is that fat ass tryna talk about basketball
Ant Don J
Ant Don J 4 months ago
I Would Have To Disagree...Giannis Is At 75 Percent Of What He Can Be! The Other 25 Will Come With A Much Better Jumpshot And Defense!
D R 4 months ago
Once again, media getting it all wrong. Taking a quote at face value. Cringe. The great thing about what Giannis said is that he believes he can get much much better. Which means he will put in the work, and will be optimistic about it. He has the right mindset. Thats the beauty in what he said. That's why he will be an all time great.
Miles 4 months ago
Giannis is speaking facts these dudes are idiots
Max 117
Max 117 4 months ago
With him being Greek, I worry he's one of Zeus's lost demi-god children. The NBA is not ready.
Cash Moola
Cash Moola 4 months ago
My question is if giannis can do what he doin without a jumper than why can’t wilt in this era
Donte Reid
Donte Reid 4 months ago
Giannis has very little offensive versatility to his game. He's really only efficient at bullying his way to the basket and dunking the ball. Its not just a jump shot he needs to develop, but a better back to the basket game. Some post moves. Mid range jump shot, ECT.when you're deep in the playoffs you need your number one guy to be able to score in multiple ways. Especially when you have strong defenders, and strong teams playing you tough. It makes all the difference in the world. So yes, he's at 60%
Ian Baker
Ian Baker 4 months ago
Why’s a fatass talking abt sports
Matt TheDestroyer 2
Matt TheDestroyer 2 4 months ago
Ben Simmons litterally cant shoot 3s 😂
WatchNo Face
WatchNo Face 4 months ago
Yeah I believe him, he’s good but he reminds me of that guy you see in AUU that has so much talent just hasn’t got it all together yet 💯
Pete Espiritu
Pete Espiritu 4 months ago
40% goes to that jumpshot
CJ 21
CJ 21 4 months ago
Bruh looking like tay k holding the Glock
Luke Doyle
Luke Doyle 4 months ago
If giannais gets a jumper and wins a few rings with the bucks hell be in goat convo
Quintin Tarantino
Quintin Tarantino 4 months ago
If he is really at 60% and the other 40% is an elite jumper we could have to top ten player of all time on our hands
Synics 4 months ago
I actually believe giannis is currently at 60% Of what he can be. His defense is good but he can make it great, if he really gets jumpshots to get in 80% of the time his literally unstoppable. If he work in his 3 point game and footwork just imagine a man who is a 3point machine who can also fake u out with footworks and drive to the rim in 2-3 strides
Adam Miller
Adam Miller 5 months ago
The other 40% is literally a three point shot and pull up jumper. That’s it
jeremy roberts
jeremy roberts 5 months ago
D’antoni your problem isn’t offense it’s the defense. Dude has had several great teams and has yet to take a team to the finals. He’s a great regular season coach but when the game changes in the playoffs he doesn’t adapt accordingly
Yunan 5 months ago
Giannis is secretly a toguro
Poopy john 101
Poopy john 101 5 months ago
I'd say he more at 80% or 85%
Kerke463 5 months ago
Its true though his missing 40% will have a jumpshot, more moves inside the paint, a more cruel defence that can lock down others 1 on 1 and better passing All these things ARE 40% and if he gets to a 100% he will dominate the league and he will be in the GOAT conversation and even be considered to be the GOAT.
Switch 5 months ago
Like Ben Simmons they are a 37%-40% fgp jumpshot away from being LeBron 2.0 and LeBron 3.0
Vehementtoast 5 months ago
Giannis about to average 40-20-10 at 100%
Metallicblue 5 months ago
He talks bs
MarSH 5 months ago
imprve your shooting
thatfatguy 5 months ago
If Blake griffin can develop a reliable 3 point shot and jumper I can’t see why giannis can’t.
five0threeEJ 5 months ago
Let me guess... The other 40% is shooting?
Dan Customer
Dan Customer 5 months ago
I hope the Bucks can hang onto to him when he is 100% !
logan martinez
logan martinez 5 months ago
Rachel look 9 months pregnant 👀
B G 5 months ago
Can't wait to see him average 50-25-25 then
Yared Eyasu
Yared Eyasu 5 months ago
If Giannis is only at 60%, then at 100% he is going to make MJ look like his baby.
dabuilder -
dabuilder - 5 months ago
Hopefully he gets lucky and doesn't get any major injury that would stop his development
Schauncy North
Schauncy North 5 months ago
Post game catch and shoot both mid and 3pt shooting sounds about right ....yall was just preaching if u can't shot you can't play in the league lol ESPN a trip
Flurest 5 months ago
lol he's at 60% at 78% he better learn a new move called "jumpshot" it is a pokemon reference if u dont get it
kratos 5 months ago
giannis on his way to unlock ultra instinct
Tiago Ribeuri
Tiago Ribeuri 5 months ago
He should have a talk with Kamaru Usman
Aiden Allen
Aiden Allen 5 months ago
What is this DBZ😂
tintman831 5 months ago
wondu xx
wondu xx 5 months ago
Giannis said "In my head saying I am 60% that make me want improve". These guys argue he is 60% or 80% smh
Elvis 5 months ago
Giannis channeling his inner anime villain
lil chopstauce
lil chopstauce 5 months ago
Let's be real he's not what he can be but he's definitely more than 60 percent of his potential probably like 80
Tyler Ramsey
Tyler Ramsey 5 months ago
Its crazy watching basketball players shoot in practice. Even in college. They really rarely miss. I remember coming from high school. Thinking I'm decent at basketball and then going to college and playing around with the basketball team. That shit puts things in perspective lol.
Doctor Sam
Doctor Sam 5 months ago
If Giannis ever Joins Golden State the league will see a massacre beyond anyone's imagination
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias 5 months ago
Giannis should've won Defensive Player of the Year too!
Matic Herzog
Matic Herzog 5 months ago
Amin, you are way off on this. Russel's natural position is the shooting guard, he should not be even near playing the point. So if harden plays the point and Russel off of him the Rockets can be good. If they adjust like you suggest they will suuuuuuck balls.
ReTroMaGic 5 months ago
So Giannis is Pokémon/Saiyan?!?
Taylor Charles
Taylor Charles 5 months ago
how you gonna tell somebody about how far along their game is⁉️ we can only go off what we see these guys have things they don’t get a chance to show
Chris Parker
Chris Parker 5 months ago
I say it’s bs giannis is overrated can’t improve his game with the jumpshot
Jamal Turner
Jamal Turner 5 months ago
The jump sucks cause none of them no basketball literally none of them
Nate Cruz
Nate Cruz 5 months ago
I mean, is he wrong though? He literally cannot shoot the ball consistently good at all and his dribble moves could be better as well. He is already stronger than almost every basketball player, so if he works on his finesse and touch he’ll be even better. Furthermore, he could work on his passing as well. 60% is a fare assessment of what he can be and if he adds the other 4 things he will be at his peak.
Milin Patel
Milin Patel 5 months ago
BS, he’s 60% of Embiid right now
Paul Karabatsos
Paul Karabatsos 5 months ago
Hahaha. He owns embiids soul. Don’t make me bring up his averages against the sixers.
Matt M
Matt M 5 months ago
Its what i tell all the women when im stickin em.
Me 5 months ago
Nah ben just cant shoot period like me not like what she was talking about
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