Ghetto Avengers | Rudy Mancuso, King Bach & Simon Rex

Rudy Mancuso
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Apr 20, 2019




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Comments 9 930
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 6 months ago
Gachagacha 3 days ago
You are the best you tuber ever i like your videos and your music
Lerqz Stats
Lerqz Stats 5 days ago
Rudy Mancuso endgame
Walter Dorsey
Walter Dorsey 6 days ago
Love this video, I done watched it more than 100 times lol can’t wait to see the next one
Robert Trice
Robert Trice 14 days ago
@Cori Judd u play bo3
Jonah Munnings
Jonah Munnings 2 hours ago
Steve I mean peter
Shady Venom
Shady Venom 2 hours ago
I never laughed this much 🤣🤣 this is one of the best video on this channel ❤️
Sameer Studios
Sameer Studios 3 hours ago
Didn't thanos like needed 6 stones to do that
Johann Salazar
Johann Salazar 3 hours ago
Who's the thor hes funny
Fire and blood
Fire and blood 5 hours ago
He looks like Barney 😂😂😂
Ean Azlan Rashid
Ean Azlan Rashid 10 hours ago
I aM tHoR Da GoD Of hUnDeR,best part
MoMo Chi
MoMo Chi 12 hours ago
I'AM THOR GOD IF DA TUNDAHH. hAahhahaahahahahah
Jpcoolness9852 21 hour ago
That was only 5 stones 😒😠
AgentMcloud TV
Tony Steak😂😭
Lucy Fletcher
Hi startrek
Rakesh Singh
Rakesh Singh Day ago
Black widow got some big........
Felicitas Abalon
dhruv Day ago
Purple piece of shit!
Kerron Martel
im just happy no spoilers and weres the robot girl in endgame
OMARPLAYZ Games 2 days ago
aprilwanted 2 days ago
Please do part 2!!!!! Please!!!! Thank you!!!
sagemode Mason
sagemode Mason 2 days ago
Steve..I ..I mean Peter😂😂
Forceful Tommygun
So we gonna ignore how rudy is dressed up as miles morales Not peter parker?
slobodan 2 days ago
Is spiderman actor in kobra cai
Rafael artiga
Rafael artiga 2 days ago
We're not near a hospital 😂😂💀
NinjaGaming 2 days ago
”Take it Easy Mufasa” should’ve been Simba
NinjaGaming 2 days ago
I hope no one has used this yet but Legends still say he still waiting for the answer @2:06
Brian Baeza López
Steve... i i mean ah peter 🤣🤣
Lemmon 2 days ago
Anthony Hill
Anthony Hill 2 days ago
Purple telly tuby
Ashik N.G
Ashik N.G 3 days ago
Thanos - Soo SKINNY
Muhammad Azeem
Muhammad Azeem 3 days ago
RĔckLess 3D
RĔckLess 3D 3 days ago
Te cholo , thor king thundor , Im doctoor strange, im spidor man
Sp_jose 21
Sp_jose 21 3 days ago
Sp_jose 21
Sp_jose 21 3 days ago
Hay I’m Mexico
Sp_jose 21
Sp_jose 21 3 days ago
I so aisin
Justice Okams
Justice Okams 3 days ago
"Do you feel me inside you?"😂
Captain Deadpool
Captain Deadpool 3 days ago
"Do you feel me inside yewwww"
Gabriel Jacak
Gabriel Jacak 3 days ago
Did thor say go to hell teletuby when he hit thanos.
NinjaGaming 2 days ago
Isaac Lopez
Isaac Lopez 4 days ago
I died when iron man tried to close Spider-Mans eyes
Isaac Lopez
Isaac Lopez 4 days ago
"Do YoU fEeL mE iNsIdE yOu???" Thor
BOOSTER 4 days ago
Oooh shiitt -Black Panther
BOOSTER 4 days ago
*God of a Thandaaaaaa*
Bisola Alimot Akinlagun
1:55 IS LOOKING AT BLACKWIDOW, you no wahw i mean
Team 6 MC Maddie & Chase
5:53 those tits🙈
Itz Kamikaze
Itz Kamikaze 4 days ago
"Do you feel me inside you?" - Asian Thor
Xd pumped You
Xd pumped You 4 days ago
Thanas: who was that Captain America: it me your purple piece of shit 😂😂😂😂
Tayler Casey
Tayler Casey 4 days ago
BigBoyFunky 4 days ago
I love this one!!! LOL Great man
Bill BeElectric
Bill BeElectric 4 days ago
Oh snap The best part
Michael Grado
Michael Grado 4 days ago
When he the Chinese thor said go to hell at the end
NinjaGaming 2 days ago
Michael Grado How do you know that he is Chinese and not Japanese or Singaporean
NWAR gamers
NWAR gamers 4 days ago
“Go to hell you purple teletubby!”
Alexei Alonso
Alexei Alonso 5 days ago
Hey thanos you look like a grape
farzanaiqb33 5 days ago
I love your video
Kostik ·
Kostik · 5 days ago
This video was sponsored by:... Racist™
Trend Pictures
Trend Pictures 5 days ago
Steve..... I mean Peter 😂😂😂
Games for life
Games for life 5 days ago
Anwar should of been antman😂
Q 2 days ago
Nah anwar is flash 😂😂
PBJ_Jams 5 days ago
Since when the fuck is miles morales in the mcu?
Tofu San
Tofu San 5 days ago
Gg. T. V. V
Visar Krasniqi
Visar Krasniqi 5 days ago
Dorei 6 days ago
6:46 Me When Im in bed with my girlfriend Plot twist - *I dont have a girlfriend ;-;*
DrPsycho 6 days ago
Eggplant im dead iwvivshahahaaha
K T 6 days ago
Go ta Hell purple teletubie
DylanTheSlime 6 days ago
3:26 this guy said 4 infinity stones it's five my mans
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