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Lele Pons
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Stories from our Future is in partnership with Netflix inspired by fan homages to the Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ anthology series “Black Mirror.”
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Jun 10, 2019

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Comments 5 264
Lele Pons
Lele Pons 14 days ago
Thanks for watching! Watch more stories from our future here usvid.net/video/video-xdOC8WIXAkE.html
Audrey French
Audrey French 2 hours ago
Hey lele I wanted to wish you a good and happy early birthday tomorrow I think its ur birthday but I wanted to say happy early birthday and ur one of my favorite youtubers happy b day
Miyah Lewis
Miyah Lewis 5 hours ago
I love you lele pons i dream so many times to see you
Johan Manuel Vargas
Mi børsten is to 25 jun
Danie Brits
Danie Brits 7 hours ago
Elle you have a boyfriend man I wanted you as my girlfriend 🙁😖😦😓😧😨😩😳😳😳😳
Miyah Lewis
Miyah Lewis Day ago
Lele i want to meet you one day but its always in my dreams
Elsa Lita
Elsa Lita Hour ago
OMG we hope this is not the future of our children.😭😭😭
Martinez Mc
Martinez Mc Hour ago
Yes, we will be like that very soon.... So sad😢💔
Miriam Mustawi
I’m so confused??
summer hays
summer hays 2 hours ago
Only.whitney’s Channel
" but he's cute doe " lmaoo😂😂
Chloe macdonald
Chloe macdonald 2 hours ago
happy birthday for tomorrow Elle pons
Chloe macdonald
Chloe macdonald 2 hours ago
Milica Jovic
Milica Jovic 2 hours ago
I love Lele Pons❤❤💙💙💚💚💛💛💜💜
Lili pearl Love
Lili pearl Love 3 hours ago
I don’t get it
Brianna Villagomez
Brianna Villagomez 3 hours ago
Kirsalyn Hood
Kirsalyn Hood 4 hours ago
Wow... that’s all I have to say, WOW! This is so great. It blew my mind. I love u Lele
Fiona 4 hours ago
damn you should make that into a movie 🤩
hip hop girl
hip hop girl 4 hours ago
That creepy
Mariska Pieters
Mariska Pieters 5 hours ago
Can you please make more videos
Rodney Helms
Rodney Helms 5 hours ago
Who else saw there tiktok R U AND TWAN RLLY MARRIED AND EXPECTING A BBY GIRL?!?!?!?
Amir liba
Amir liba 5 hours ago
Make more videos with kids
Pigzfor Life
Pigzfor Life 5 hours ago
I don’t get what the wives problem is
Shaan & Sophie Forever
Happy birthday for tomorrow!!!! Wishing you the best. The world has been so happy having you for almost 23 years now (23 years tomorrow) Happy 23rd birthday 🎂 lots of birthday wishes ~Sophie
Toys and Rhianna
Toys and Rhianna 6 hours ago
🎉Happy Birthday Lele pons!🎊😄🎂🎁
Afra Nawar
Afra Nawar 7 hours ago
Lele pon ‘s birthday 🎂 is tomorrow 25 June
Afra Nawar
Afra Nawar 7 hours ago
Lele pon ‘s birthday 🎂 is tomorrow 25 June
Marisha Joubert
Marisha Joubert 7 hours ago
Lele Pons. You are amazing! You rock! Very very amazing awesome good work!
Sahra Yeşil
Sahra Yeşil 7 hours ago
Lele pons❤
llama_ lisa
llama_ lisa 8 hours ago
I love your videos🤩💖
gamer 19841
gamer 19841 9 hours ago
GUYS APARENTLY LELE AND TWAN ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!😮😮😀😀😀❤❤❤CONGRACTS GIRL btw im on my brother youtube account so yeah but im actually a girl
Just Bobby
Just Bobby 9 hours ago
Lmao wasn’t dude just clowning her ass with Cody Ko on the lil haircut joint 😂😂😂
Habiba Tamer :D
Habiba Tamer :D 10 hours ago
did anyone see lele’s tiktok?!
Ludovanje i zezancija
Lele you is vary good❤❤
Pumpkin 872
Pumpkin 872 10 hours ago
Pause at 6:35 and read the chat
BakugoBlack 13 hours ago
Yo she played him
Maddy Black
Maddy Black 14 hours ago
I don’t get it?
Rushtoon Malik
Rushtoon Malik 15 hours ago
This is such a masterpiece Lele!
Xxsoulis Deadnowxx
Xxsoulis Deadnowxx 15 hours ago
YO this can be out actual future..😯
Xxsoulis Deadnowxx
Xxsoulis Deadnowxx 15 hours ago
Mind blowing right?
Maritza Ramos
Maritza Ramos 16 hours ago
I swear they from another planet
amy and isabella Hmar
I love you lele
ram ii blm
ram ii blm 17 hours ago
she looks like mia khalifa
Jamie Sorto
Jamie Sorto 18 hours ago
Ruth Aguilar
Ruth Aguilar 18 hours ago
This video is so 😍😍😍
Thatgirldeb 19 hours ago
Am i the only one who got scared at the end????
Adura Queen
Adura Queen 20 hours ago
*_Black Mirror Vibes_* 🤨
itz kittencat
itz kittencat 20 hours ago
Lele I see u in Jack in the box commercials love u
Jade Edney
Jade Edney 21 hour ago
Helen Vrantza
Helen Vrantza 21 hour ago
Omg so beautiful!😍
Letttuce 21 hour ago
i don’t want to sound weird or anything but umm *im kinda addicted to your channel and i need more*
MasterBowser 22 hours ago
If you like Lele Pons, i want you to know that Pyrocynical thinks you are mentally insane.
MasterBowser 22 hours ago
Support Pyro to stop scumbag channels like theese
MasterBowser 22 hours ago
Honestly im wondering how you have more subscribers than Pyrocynical
Marquice Moore
Marquice Moore 22 hours ago
I like how you young actors are subconsciously playing right into your destruction, it’s riveting.
Valeria Sanchez Ramirez
Queen Of love
Queen Of love 22 hours ago
I saw the TikTok
Queen Of love
Queen Of love 22 hours ago
Aré you really prego
tara khoram
tara khoram 23 hours ago
Notice the books in the story is actually foretelling the story. Lele's book says The Lioness The wife's book says Catches The books in the office say Her Prey So... the Lioness catches her prey!
ItsGavin Clark
ItsGavin Clark 23 hours ago
Hey lele I saw your jack in the box commercial and I wanna say I couldn’t stop laughing
the one of the blue barry im a scrub
I'm sorry but to me it's KingBach is the only one that's funny now and Lele pons
Marie Fifita
Marie Fifita Day ago
Lele it's our birthday in 2 days lmao.
Nour Bunyan
Nour Bunyan Day ago
Lele this is amazing and also I love you so muchhhh💗💗
Hannah anou
Hannah anou Day ago
I think this is one of ur longest vids 🤣👍🏼❤️
Kidus Assefa
Kidus Assefa Day ago
Black Mirror
Süeda Sunduri
It reminds me of Black Mirror
Bubbly Bubbles
lele can you keep on doing theses future stuff 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Kk_twins5 95
Kk_twins5 95 Day ago
if you love lele pons then like this comment and let me know in reply if you have seen her high school crush video lele i want the second part plzzzzzz.........
Alanah Acilio
That confused me so much I don’t even know what the video is about. It was good though
sdwillis39 Day ago
You the best youtuber in the whole world
sdwillis39 Day ago
I love all your friends so much
eddy wow
eddy wow Day ago
false feeling :'(
DD MXDZ Day ago
basically that ep of black mirror of the two boys who were best friends
Patienze Herrmann
This not good Waaaaaaa
Lps CuteBunny
Woah that was cool especially the ending
Xavier Kun
Xavier Kun Day ago
I thought engage meand Engage
Princess Reyes delos
Princess Reyes delos
Bossmann.x Day ago
Lele what the f***
Mohammad Hamodi
Omg I saw onas Tik toks are u actually pregnant
Ruu Ali
Ruu Ali Day ago
Okay wtf is Jeff doing with Lele in the same video
Mobina Ghasemi
I Love you Lele ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌🏻
Sammyjo Wilson
This so creepy and weird
Grace Kerehi
Grace Kerehi Day ago
Lele sorry to bug you but um on tik tok on ola account do you actually date twan well are you married to twan?
Lucas Tapia
Lucas Tapia Day ago
I love you. Taps
wolfgirl :3
wolfgirl :3 Day ago
At first I thought it was a movie trailer when it started
seriously waste of time
I just lost a lot of respect for Jeff
Daxter Gaming DG
This was sick!!!!!!!😵😵
Javier Sanchez
Lele being on señorita was the best😁(is a girl saying this)
kimberly love
Hi Lele you my champions 🎉
Maddy D
Maddy D Day ago
The lioness catches her prey... idk if anyone else noticed the names on these books but thats an amazing series of easter eggs right there
Tabitha Caudill
Congratulations I heard that you got married
Hadishee Girmay
CardiB Biggestfan
IM SO HAPPY THAT YOUR PREGNANT❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🦋🦋🦋🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😎😎🤓😎😎😎😎😎giving the birth stay strong
GamerX Boaz
GamerX Boaz Day ago
Its JEFF!?!?!
Lucy Plays
Lucy Plays Day ago
Also I love this plot line
Lucy Plays
Lucy Plays Day ago
Urm this was a weird name coincidence my name is lucy and my dads name is mike
Dislou 7 Gomez
Estaría poca madre vivr eso y sentir eso... Jajaja ojalá y un día llegará a México... Jaja 😬😵😳
Sofia Rivera
Sofia Rivera Day ago
But she touches his knee at 2:37 lmao
Paris Key
Paris Key Day ago
Wow that phone
Antron Petty
Antron Petty Day ago
It did feel like I was in Netflix😱
Pete Lopez
Pete Lopez Day ago
Buen video me encantó pero fue un poco triste
•that girl Ki•
Jeff and lele
Kingcaleb 314
Hey just wanted to know if there is another escape the night all stars season would you be interested
Slime Lover
Slime Lover Day ago
Are y really pregnant
Zaidyn Donahue
Zaidyn Donahue 2 days ago
Q. I am
Layla Queen
Layla Queen 2 days ago
Is she really getting married and having a child?
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