Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have HEATED disagreement over tactical set-up! | Super Sunday

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Jose Mourinho joined Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness in the studio for Manchester United's 4-0 win against Chelsea. Sky Sports pundits Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville went on to have a heated disagreement over tactical set up.
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Aug 11, 2019

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Comments 3 255
David Armstrong
David Armstrong 10 hours ago
Every football journalist has been writing about "Deep Blocks" since last Sunday like they knew about it the whole time.
Joanna 10 hours ago
What does Dave Jones say to sourness at 9:16?
Joe Dunne
Joe Dunne 10 hours ago
Official Strongman
Official Strongman 12 hours ago
Souness Tactics, "You two stay behind the ball and LET'S SEE HOW THE GAME GOES" (master tactician) looool No wonder you're sat in a studio now Graham.
boxthorncutter 13 hours ago
Gary Neville showing why he failed as a manager.
Joanna 10 hours ago
utd ,jose from both,can't they find someone to bolster the Chelsea side instead of biased (all I want to talk about is liverpool) prats
reyner ackerman
reyner ackerman 15 hours ago
Yeah, said the looser from liverpool years ago. Carragher is a joke.
less kiss
less kiss 15 hours ago
Jose - top, top manager!!!!
aesthetic __
aesthetic __ 15 hours ago
Jose talked so much abt "compact block" and when he was in charge of Man Utd the players were all over the place like a headless 🐔
movinbutnotshakin 15 hours ago
Thumbs up if you skip to the parts when Jose is talking
GOCHUPUNCH 16 hours ago
If you call that heated, my nonexistant sex life must be out of this world
less kiss
less kiss 15 hours ago
manager is a joke. Legend. And yes I’m a Chelsea fan. I agree what he is saying too
M Swayze
M Swayze 16 hours ago
But can they do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke????
ZiNgZ ZiNgZ 16 hours ago
False headline. Nothing heated there.
Elkartos 17 hours ago
Misleading title. Mourinho only pundit with great analysis.
Stuart /
Stuart / 18 hours ago
Souness sounding like your da down the pub
Abraham Junior
Abraham Junior 19 hours ago
Hey frds kindly subscribe my Chunnel Abraham junior let support each other my frds kindly
Ganja4life 20 hours ago
Por que?
Charlie B
Charlie B 20 hours ago
Heated disagreement starts at 14:17
david crespin
david crespin 20 hours ago
Carragher is so tunnelled visioned you cant expect much sense to come from his biased mouth.
Elliot Grainger
Elliot Grainger 20 hours ago
Sorry you can have as many opinions on Jose as you like but he’s an intelligent man
Ibz John
Ibz John 21 hour ago
8:20 souness swore fukuss
Duncan Abbott
Duncan Abbott 21 hour ago
Why do sky insist on having pundits that have nothing to do with the club's that are playing on the day ,can't they find pundits from the clubs that are playing on the day, gary from utd ,jose from both,can't they find someone to bolster the Chelsea side instead of biased (all I want to talk about is liverpool) prats
Need you now
Need you now 20 hours ago
Look at them all sucking up to Jose. He couldn’t even manage to bring United to finish top 5 in the League.
Richard O'Shea
Richard O'Shea 22 hours ago
What does Dave Jones say to sourness at 9:16?
Need you now
Need you now 20 hours ago
Souness should pack in though
AW88 22 hours ago
The special one 🤤🤪🥴🤡
james roche
james roche 23 hours ago
It's not heated its Carra and Neville. Great pundits between the two. I prefer them than any Savage Bt sport put in. And Van Persie jesus come on I can't understand what he says
dudley Gillham
dudley Gillham 23 hours ago
What on earth was heated about that??? I call it getting you to watch under false pretences.
Aj Rochester
Aj Rochester 23 hours ago
Really hope Mourhino is on the panel more he is a genius when it comes to tactics and everything. His football knowledge is crazy the lack of respect fans gave him as a manager is a joke. Legend. And yes I’m a Chelsea fan. I agree what he is saying too
toplad73 23 hours ago
Jose - top, top manager!!!!
C Kay
C Kay Day ago
Our dear Lord, please bless Jose with a job soon so he doesn't waste his brilliant brains on these silly debates. Thank you.
Zhimoka Zhimomi
Carra vs G'Nev is a fight i would pay any sum of money to watch!!
fight me like a man
fight me like a man 13 hours ago
Souness would do both of em in at the same time
dhinesh khanna
Jose is just way over qualified for this job... When he talks, the rest get schooled and react as if they r hearin abt rocket science...
Jose & his basic principles 😂
Kamak Day ago
Nice to hear proper professionals talking about tactics, football, great upload!!!!
Daniel Febrianto
Jose Mourinho should play 007
Saurabh Kumar
No matter what u think and speak about Mourinho, he is still one of the best managers of football. I love his spirit, his passion about football. I just want him to start again on the field....
wafflebutt1 Day ago
Pathetic title - the whole exchange is perfectly civil and professional. Heated - no! Just Sky trying to get people to watch their videos...
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Day ago
Souness should pack in though
LFC Day ago
Look at them all sucking up to Jose. He couldn’t even manage to bring United to finish top 5 in the League.
jon galloway
jon galloway Day ago
How was that A. Heated and B. A disagreement?
More OTT Sky Sports clickbait. Nothing to see here folks!
Mark Swain
Mark Swain Day ago
Heated? That’s an overstatement.
Ryan Hey
Ryan Hey Day ago
Jose Mourinho should be a pundit!!! Whether you love him or hate him he knows the game and can explain it nearly perfectly
Jonathan Eyes
Click bait!!! Don’t watch
Ling Long
Ling Long Day ago
Get Jose, wenger, sir Alex all on one commentary team for a big match like arsenal vs man united would be great to watch
Pascal the 8th
How was it ‘HEATED’??? Talk about typical media misleading title/headline as click bait which I and many others fell for and artificially boosted the view numbers of this game video.
Greg Richards
What a legend!!!
voetbal12 Day ago
Mourinho isnt saying anything special, everyone in the comments sucking him off
Wong Dr
Wong Dr Day ago
The whole mood and the way these in house pundits speak changes when you put a huge character in the same show. Jose 👏🏼
SCAMP Day ago
Brilliant TV love listening to Jose
james furlong
😂😂😂😂Uncle rafa😂😂😊😊
Tz HammerHead
I have just been clickbaited
Lord Vespasian
It’s not really a debate; it’s a “Jamie and Graham don’t know how to comprehend what another person is saying”
Typical Asian
U mad bro?
Ryan Newby
Ryan Newby Day ago
So funny seeing Neville and mourino sat next to each either. Especially after heated opinions Neville has of him when he was at man utd.
Trader OF
Trader OF Day ago
Gary Neville @9:36 "we're seeing teams play the same way" ..basically exactly what Carragher said @2:09 Then he gesticulates and gets animated as if he's giving new insight but he's just regurgitating a point already made. As a pundit, Neville is a fraud.. and as a Utd fan, as much as I hate to admit, Carragher is the more insightful of the two. Jose showing them all up though with his knowledge bombs.
Diirie Abdullahi
Jamie is right, while Garry is just blindly braising Man United!
Machina Inc
Machina Inc Day ago
Was so heated i’m freezing
Tony Anwas
Tony Anwas Day ago
Jose head and shoulders above them all but Neville and Souness speak the truth from the heart the other fool I have no idea why he is on !
My wife at any time of the day is more heated than that
Leopard Bra Brado
Still waiting for the heat....
wayne conway
wayne conway Day ago
If you watch any of Pep's teams play you can see that they never lose their shape right up until they get to the final third of the pitch. The myth is that they play with a lot of freedom but in actually they are very highly structured and just happen to do a lot of amazing things at the end of the pitch.
Archie Mc
Archie Mc Day ago
Does anyone else feel that Gary and Jamie are just talking absolute rubbish half the time? A lot of facts they use are usually incorrect, almost makes them ignorant.
Christopher Watson
Total click bait, where was the so called heated debate here?. 🤔
Leopard Bra Brado
Not all players can talk about tactical and be a good coach. Everyone knows that but why tv call them to be the panels 😊
Ekow.m Beidoo
Still the special one, José. United was rather too quick to lose him. He's the type of manager who needs the type of support Pep enjoys at ManCity.
Matthew Heath
Compact block of 11 players.... park the bus
Lou Paz
Lou Paz Day ago
My biggest regret is that Jose didn't win a Premiership or Champions League with United.
Morph 1981
Morph 1981 Day ago
Souness has no idea what he is on about. Jose gives a accurate in depth analysis on modern tactics and Souness replies with 'its not rocket science'. No graham just hoof it up to your 6 foot target man and hope for the best. Jumpers for goalposts. Oranges at half time.
Alexander Vasiliou
I wish Garry Neville would shut up.
Daniel Peric
Daniel Peric Day ago
Jose and Souness are enemies, aren't they?
W K Day ago
So funny at the end when Neville asks Jose what he actually should've been focussing on when he started managing at Valencia....
Vikalp Bhardwaj
It is time for JOSE to go to WOLVES and make them win UCL 😂
Razwana Khan
Razwana Khan Day ago
*Josie is so boring defence only Manager so please Sky can you bring back Henry*
Mark Zola81
Mark Zola81 Day ago
Lucky nev didn't end up with gob in his face.....but i suppose he's not a 10 year old girl
ishy GUJAR
ishy GUJAR Day ago
your uncle RAFA ..😂🤣
stonedraider420 Toke toke
Chelsea have had a great first half against utd and played better against liverpool👌 wait till the injured players are back will be great. Leicester will get rolled over sunday watch 100%
d p
d p Day ago
What were Chelski thinking singing Lampard as manager? That club, much like Utd have become way too big to sign ex-players as managers. What’s his proven track record as manager exactly? That he was a fan favourite midfielder? Desperate!.... I say that as someone who like lamps and wish him well, but this is just madness on Chelski’s part
Ichal Livan
Ichal Livan Day ago
For an EX-valencia coach (fastest fired coach) he got some big mouth, and he must shut his mouth 💩💩
md zen
md zen Day ago
Not all players can talk about tactical and be a good coach. Everyone knows that but why tv call them to be the panels 😊
rockyman_88 Day ago
Still waiting for the heat....
the difference btwn English pundits and Jose is that ones speak better English and Jose speaks better football.
Just a Bloke
Just a Bloke Day ago
Two fuds who couldn’t manage their way out of that studio in front of two very good successful managers......sums up English pundits doesn’t it lol
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