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#Gabrielglesias #Fluffy #GiftBasket
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 2 686
Euriah Jefferson
Euriah Jefferson 9 hours ago
It’s yo boy it’s yo homey it’s yo brother from a nuther mother
Papa Bumba
Papa Bumba 17 hours ago
His specials are fantastic, mostly family humour, but people underrate him
Ryan Willis
Ryan Willis Day ago
as a middle eastern i wouldnt mind a gift basketball full of falafel, launch codes, virgins, shawarma, and hookah
React to what’s poppin by jack Harlow
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres Day ago
You spelled his name right don't worry bro lmao
Daniel Smolensky
Im Russian so I want a basket with cyrniki, blini, and a pet bear
Elin Day ago
Im greek ang norwegian I want a basket of Ouzo and Jelly-men
gregory clayton
“Man... I love all that shit” I felt that
dab walker
dab walker 2 days ago
david henry
david henry 2 days ago
This guy whack
Callum Anderson
Callum Anderson 2 days ago
I love Shaq's reaction to some dude trying to contact him at the start: *da-ding* Shaq: "...bruh, I don't wanna talk to you" *click* *da-ding* Shaq: "...bruhhh" *click* *da-ding* Shaq: "...BRUHHH" *click* That was funnier than Gabriels entire skit for me haha.
Davis K.
Davis K. 3 days ago
I'm Asian and I want a gift basket full of fried rice, yakisoba, kalbi, sesame chicken (technically fried chicken!), some anime DVDs (bonus points for hentai), boba tea and Pocky! And it BETTER HAVE CHOPSTICKS!
oRI6inAL-gaM3r 3 days ago
I always thought who subs to reaction loaders, Shaq you've changed my mind..subbed bro.
Havok 3 days ago
cleanin lady leavin with the watermelon Martin is drinking my 40 😂😂😂😂
Anthony Sheppard
Anthony Sheppard 3 days ago
Love your outlook on life and what you represent shaq. Keep doin you brother
haildiscord 3 days ago
You must watch "Freddy Soto" from my hometown , El Paso :)
Tiu Leo
Tiu Leo 3 days ago
Wesley Frohwein
Wesley Frohwein 4 days ago
im white and that basket sounds sweet for me damn
Ronda Matney
Ronda Matney 5 days ago
I LOVE Fluffy & seeing your reaction to that story was PRICELESS! LOL
CP3 originale
CP3 originale 5 days ago
Comedian: Danny Bhoy lez go
Cameron Woodall
Cameron Woodall 5 days ago
Hold up bruh bruh, Gabriel....it ain't that hard! That's tough, c'mon man!
Nicardo Knight
Nicardo Knight 6 days ago
10:50 I laughed so loud at the house keeper part
Drake Chao
Drake Chao 7 days ago
Dan Bull - 40 years of gaming! It's a geeky rap I'm sure you'll enjoy!!!
Daniel Duntavs Saunders
Hehe boi
C Warren
C Warren 7 days ago
Most stereo types have some truth behind them and there's not a damn thing racist about saying blacks like fried chicken 😝😜
C Warren
C Warren 7 days ago
scottracing51s 8 days ago
Just call him fluffy lol
Hot Pepper
Hot Pepper 8 days ago
Now I want 🍗. But who took the rubbers?
Mic Mercy
Mic Mercy 9 days ago
Def a perfect basket bro lmao! I need one of those right now! lol
CrankyFae 9 days ago
"Where the hot sauce at?" seriously, how did they forget that crucial condiment for fried chicken.
david Unoi
david Unoi 9 days ago
Fried Chicken can heal the world foreal foreal
Lars Møller
Lars Møller 9 days ago
John Rome
John Rome 10 days ago
Magnum condoms lol
David DeOcampo
David DeOcampo 11 days ago
why does he sound like g rilly
Gevin Prathibha
Gevin Prathibha 12 days ago
he doesnt have a good idea about chamber of commerce ,
Pitt Symbiotic
Pitt Symbiotic 12 days ago
Man every notification sound I'm like crying xD
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson 13 days ago
I love chilled watermelon
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson 13 days ago
I love fried chicken
Freeman Ahumada
Freeman Ahumada 13 days ago
Try to react to marcelito pomoy 🙏🏻😊☺️
Demon Gamer Girl
Demon Gamer Girl 13 days ago
Have you watched Josh blue sticky change?
tia pickett
tia pickett 14 days ago
You should see the racist gift basket he got from a guy in Mobile Alabama 😂 priceless
FROY 14 days ago
When he said bla fok I knew he was gonna say that
Tony Nay
Tony Nay 14 days ago
lol dude said a new comedian. haha already funny right at the beginning lol
Riley Sansoucy
Riley Sansoucy 14 days ago
This only works if your cool with the person. You do that to someone you don't know that well, it's your ass
Charles Bets
Charles Bets 14 days ago
I would have thrown some chitlins in there. And some pig's feet.
Juju Mimosa
Juju Mimosa 15 days ago
That’s a great basket! They forgot the hot sauce but oh well, I carry a bottle in my purse! Seriously I do.
Anthony Sipes
Anthony Sipes 15 days ago
Man I'll take any fried chicken ya'll don't want.
AdriEn k
AdriEn k 16 days ago
ay react to his black siri you'll like it coach
Kemberley Watts
Kemberley Watts 16 days ago
Edit: I want you to watch Jeff Dunham
Kemberley Watts
Kemberley Watts 16 days ago
I want to watch Jeff Dunham
Joe Murphy
Joe Murphy 16 days ago
Where's da greens man come on don't leave the greens out bruh #Datstuff
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 16 days ago
My best friend and I started doing this to each other after watching this. Try it with your friends.
Daniel Petersen
Daniel Petersen 16 days ago
I’ve watch this more than 5 times, and it’s Hilarious every time ‘Dats Tuff... you can’t even imagine what will be in the basket if i’ll get a racist gift basket. I’m from GREENLAND, NUUK
Jose Roman
Jose Roman 16 days ago
This is the fourth vid I've seen like this and I'm glad that you have a good sense of humor, just to have a good laugh Now if there's a Puerto Rican Gift Basket gag vid for me have a good laugh with 😂
Carrie Descoteau
Carrie Descoteau 16 days ago
You should check out Bert Kreischer the machine funny as ever
Nando 17 days ago
I’d die for a Latino racist gift basket right now!
Mistie Medendorp
Mistie Medendorp 17 days ago
Please do some more Dave Chappelle! That was so funny! I laughed my a** off.
Pukar Thapa
Pukar Thapa 17 days ago
You needa react to self made by young lama
Robert Purifoy
Robert Purifoy 17 days ago
Please react to my homies Odd Squad Family. Like, comment and share their music. I promise they are🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 . Straight Bars
Nicole Juarbe
Nicole Juarbe 17 days ago
You're expressions are amazing !!! Cute and funny!
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