Funny Musical Realtor | Rudy Mancuso & Maia Mitchell

Rudy Mancuso
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Apr 12, 2019




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Comments 2 644
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 6 months ago
vuyokazi sodinga
vuyokazi sodinga 10 hours ago
Love your vids! The harmony when you guys sang in this video was amazing!
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 23 days ago
Rudy Mancuso he throws up that is the best
Tayba Sayed
Tayba Sayed Month ago
No problem
Sari Ani
Sari Ani Month ago
it,s ghalia's squishy channel
Thank you rudy i loved it 👍👍👍
vuyokazi sodinga
vuyokazi sodinga 10 hours ago
This just might be my favourite Rudy musical
Esther Romero
Esther Romero 22 hours ago
I like the voice of both guys
Ariaidel The star
Nice song Rudy 🤣😂🤣
Billybob Junior
The end We tried
Sounds like creeper aww man
Trevor2204e Day ago
For the guys who like the beat of the Poolside or Pool scene its called: Bailar (from El Neón)
Thama Meme
Thama Meme 2 days ago
3:38 sweet love:-D
Yhan Officiel
Yhan Officiel 2 days ago
Can you post the first music please. Instrumental only😍 Like so that Rudy can see the comment👏
Sophia  Arriaza
Sophia Arriaza 2 days ago
Are they over?
Gustavo Vega
Gustavo Vega 2 days ago
You can hear an extra two knocks on the door at 0:18
Rowan McGann movies
3:50 my fave part
Fatima Irfan
Fatima Irfan 3 days ago
i love this
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper 3 days ago
The realtor: that's what she said
sipping_fish oil Tea
that girl is pretty
Analia Capuchin
Analia Capuchin 4 days ago
Marty tarty
Ye_boi Angelo
Ye_boi Angelo 4 days ago
What’s the song that starts at 2:22 like the real one
Oh ScHnApP
Oh ScHnApP 4 days ago
Teen beach movie pt 3
Andrew Martinovsky
Maia, from Disney channel to, to THIS?
Debbie Rose
Debbie Rose 5 days ago
I love maia
The Werido
The Werido 6 days ago
do a musical dealer ship
Idk ?
Idk ? 9 days ago
The music is so nice
FCR imelik_inimene
FCR imelik_inimene 10 days ago
who knows that maia michell is on netflix. reply what netflix movie it is this is how many people know it 👇
VH IASCR7 11 days ago
3:52 I am crying
Hailey McLaughlin
Hailey McLaughlin 12 days ago
I loved the master bedroom part lol
ThePandagirlGaming 13 days ago
Lol that’s what she said
Madley 15 days ago
3:30 this killed me
Flynn Stocklin is CUTE!
Toxic Amazed
Toxic Amazed 22 days ago
Rudy: We have somewhere to go at 3 Microwave: ITS 803 STUPID
dark shadow
dark shadow 23 days ago
3:24 😂😂😂
Angel stars
Angel stars 23 days ago
Is that your real house
Biswabhusan Pradhan
Wtf they didn't even get that house😂🤣
Magdalena Bustamante
thats callie from fosters
om Yusuf *** Nada Elridi *
How do u use ur body with ur girlfriend then u change quick to him ⬇️
Mini Dara
Mini Dara 27 days ago
jb squad sisters locks for life
Are they actually together if there not they are cute together
Lus Pog
Lus Pog 28 days ago
Look at his face 😂😂😂😂😂 1:42
Ramon Vazquez
Ramon Vazquez Month ago
Love this video
RhajeGotGame Month ago
3:24 😂 lmao
Dania Al Jufaili
Maia’s voice is AMAZING!
Dania Al Jufaili
Their singing is giving me chills and who thinks their so cute together
UNKNOWNZ Unlimited
Lol **starts spinning** Rudy: im really dizzy Realtor: **barfs**
Hafacorn Month ago
AUDIO__ Queēn
AUDIO__ Queēn Month ago
Hafa Corn are they still together
Ananya Tuli
Ananya Tuli Month ago
Rudyyyyyy your expressions...!!!!... You're just amazingggg..! ❤️😂👍
Canaan Richardson
It’s really big: That’s what she said That’s a nice rack: That’s what he said 😂
King of Sparta
King of Sparta Month ago
I like the video but pls don't put funny in your titel
Sans Kid
Sans Kid Month ago
Crap there's a song which is like this... I can't remember the name 1:00 pls remind me
Jayden K
Jayden K Month ago
Are they still dating?!?
Meghan Bunter
Meghan Bunter Month ago
Are they dating!
tea spiller
tea spiller Month ago
Is so fucking big *THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID*
Francisco Nambo
Francisco Nambo Month ago
how you do your edit
Aaron Afabor
Aaron Afabor Month ago
Music meister
Jason Radley
Jason Radley Month ago
You really cut you hair finally.
Tayba Sayed
Tayba Sayed Month ago
That must be a bad movie
met reza
met reza Month ago
I actually really liked the pool song😂
Jasleen Najera
Jasleen Najera Month ago
So pretty
Lus Pog
Lus Pog Month ago
Shot hair looks very good
Starry Nitez
Starry Nitez Month ago
Ive seen that girl on Jessie before...
Reivew Month ago
That’s the same pool in the video of Anwar jibawi’s
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