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The funniest Japanese commercials on Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos
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Oct 29, 2018

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Comments 10 691
oliver Winchester
oliver Winchester 56 minutes ago
He has a sheep on his head and I want to touch it
Sol Galeo
Sol Galeo 5 hours ago
That rpg is called Summoner War
Sleepy 8 hours ago
You kinda looked like Freddie Mercury a little at the start
Darth Pikachu
Darth Pikachu 10 hours ago
Japan stop smoking every known drug in the universe all at once
Mady Johnston
Mady Johnston 12 hours ago
I love how there’s no difference between his shirt and his skin 😂
Bradley Coles
Bradley Coles 12 hours ago
F cup o noodle give me that cup o lemon curry god I dunno what kind of curry that is all I know is that its curry
Levi Behning
Levi Behning 13 hours ago
Japanese are f****** weird the first five seconds of that video proves it
Kyler Mine
Kyler Mine 14 hours ago
I work in a tiny convenient store and we have an isle with those chicken things and I don't know how many times a day I'll jump because a kid runs in and squeezes the fuck out of one and it's scream echos throughout the store.
Frost Dragon Gaming
Frost Dragon Gaming 16 hours ago
this series really blew up, understandable though, do commercial directors ever think about how strange these are??
Austin Boudreaux
Austin Boudreaux 18 hours ago
You can buy rubber chickens on Amazon
asrieldreemur 20X
asrieldreemur 20X 19 hours ago
How dare you ruin ymca
Queer Talk
Queer Talk 20 hours ago
Mexican and Japanese commercials are the weirdest
Innis Buchanan
Innis Buchanan 23 hours ago
FORGET LEG CAM... what about that ball cam you promised us about 2 -3 years ago Jack
xXDragon QueenXx
Jack: " I'll sell it to you for A high price.." Anti: *"Of your soul!"*
Kimberly Scammell
What er' sellin'
Monric 5
Monric 5 Day ago
1:10 *Cloak merch in a nutshell*
Madison Reagan
Madison Reagan 2 days ago
I had a speaker come into our health class in middle school and he would through those chickens at us.. they've been around for a bit
Kristie Hufstetler
Jack: That's it! Here, take my wallet! **Tries to throw wallet at camera** Wallet: NO! **Hits him in face**
Lol, you should watch Naptime
Charles Trombley
Charles Trombley 2 days ago
was that horse little Sabastian
Lisa Catherine
Lisa Catherine 2 days ago
I once heard that masturbating puts air bubbles in ur brain... Idk where or how I found that 😂 🤷🏼‍♀️
Seiaeka 2 days ago
Japan has the BEST commercials. XD
8:44 Look, it's Parappa the Rapper
THE COW 3 days ago
In the middle of is this an anti vaping commercial came on and it was so weird
Марина Соловьёва
now I want to see a video of jack in japanise schoolgirl costume dancing like 7:47
Марина Соловьёва
first LAUGH in this show
master gaming 01
master gaming 01 3 days ago
How dinosaurs died out 8:41
master gaming 01
master gaming 01 3 days ago
LAUGH! 🧔🏻🤚🏻 👕 👖
master gaming 01
master gaming 01 3 days ago
MasterYehuda816 3 days ago
9:05 rip Irish 🥔
kris 3 days ago
I want to move to japan
Gintautas Sickus
Gintautas Sickus 3 days ago
5:50 as you can see jack is stupid
Gintautas Sickus
Gintautas Sickus 3 days ago
9:17 the grammar mistakes
GrrillaGroggxX One
Where was the “top of the morning to ya”
Funtime Fredbear
Funtime Fredbear 3 days ago
I wonder if Japanese people think our commercials are weird
eccentric trash
eccentric trash 3 days ago
Phoenix Borealis
Phoenix Borealis 4 days ago
I want to see you watch the Long Long Man commercials. They're a doozy.
Flare Fox
Flare Fox 4 days ago
what's his beef with the due in gold, the one that combines stuff
Flare Fox
Flare Fox 4 days ago
I just found out his name after all this, Pikotaro is it?
Relensha 4 days ago
you cured my depression!
Clio LoRi
Clio LoRi 4 days ago
Poke King
Poke King 4 days ago
Screw the girls dancing with the lights. I wanna watch Jack desperately flail his arms in an attempt to mimic that for an hour.
Lucchini 4 days ago
Summoners War... i did not expect than xD that game is nice and played all over the world
Danny DeRouen
Danny DeRouen 4 days ago
8:06 thought it was a Gmod commercial
Penguinz R Awesome
right after the Fanta commercial, i got an ad for teeth care
Rose-a-pod 4 days ago
Jack: As soon as you yell at me , i'm yours Me:AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Daniel Lundvall
Daniel Lundvall 4 days ago
4:47 that also me. me in the future guy kicks a monster in the face
Daniel Lundvall
Daniel Lundvall 4 days ago
2:16 that me that so me
Roy Earle
Roy Earle 4 days ago
the "intro" absolutely killed me.
Nialxi Ị
Nialxi Ị 5 days ago
Jack understand Japanese wow
Elizabeth Wagner
Elizabeth Wagner 5 days ago
Don't give me those eyes. You know they turn me on-OH GOD!
Fedry Hwa
Fedry Hwa 5 days ago
That Playstation Ads tho
XiwySonicX 5 days ago
Takayuki Yamada in PS4 comercials yeahhhhhh
Gengi master
Gengi master 5 days ago
2 : 00 ?
John King
John King 5 days ago
Look at 4:40
Vicki Miller
Vicki Miller 5 days ago
I feel like not calling that Fanta Lemon +C "Fanta-C Lemon" was a missed opportunity
Brenda 6 days ago
Japan: at the same time that is interesting and cool it's a wee bit strange No offense
єl 6 days ago
Jacksepticeye has uploaded a video: *trying products from top 10 funniest Japanese adverts*
Colette Chapple
Colette Chapple 6 days ago
9:00 jack is such a mood it's unreal omg
Moon Hart Bell
Moon Hart Bell 6 days ago
2:49 had me dying of coughter. I'm sick, my throat hurts, and I'm coughing while laughing. But that priceless concern face got me
Jaxomega the gamer
When he said comedy i said yeah, dumbshit comedy
Dj Duck
Dj Duck 6 days ago
Emma Conway
Emma Conway 6 days ago
Now kids what did we learn??? That JAPAN IS REALLY EXTRA
Micahisadinosaur 6 days ago
I came back to confirm I've been a good elf and filed my taxes
Andro Nunez
Andro Nunez 6 days ago
I love these videos, laughing is my passion UwU
LozIsRelatable _
LozIsRelatable _ 6 days ago
The fact that he wrote laugh as LAuGH aka all higher case except the ‘u’ pisses me off
Rima Dragneel
Rima Dragneel 7 days ago
Awwwwwwwwwwwww Sam waved at us!! So adorable!!!!!!!
Der Wolf
Der Wolf 7 days ago
Jack. DHA is a nutrient found in fish that promotes brain growth in young kids. Fish is the biggest source of it.
cheyenna sovine
cheyenna sovine 7 days ago
R.I.P Irish Poatato Reason: Distryoed by wallet.We all loved him.
Crazy Earl
Crazy Earl 7 days ago
That guy with the chicken plays in how to train your dragon
William Holliman
William Holliman 7 days ago
poor jack
Son of Egg
Son of Egg 7 days ago
Someone had a leg cam before this video came out
kitten kiah
kitten kiah 7 days ago
I need to clean my money off the ground because I have so many of it I mean why did you say so many of it
Braelyn Peterson
Braelyn Peterson 7 days ago
Sean getting atacted by his oun walett
Braelyn Peterson
Braelyn Peterson 7 days ago
Braelyn Peterson
Braelyn Peterson 7 days ago
I had the valume all the way up and you said laugh and i died
KRISpy 7 days ago
I love that Robin used Jack's trumpet song as the actual intro
Joesph Smothers
Joesph Smothers 7 days ago
Jack she said : hey I am gonna act sexy as I put bubbles in your hair
Kalee Brown
Kalee Brown 7 days ago
the name of the rpg is called Summoners War, and its free on androind, and its a really good game!
Hello Vlogs
Hello Vlogs 7 days ago
So we’ve had..flamingo shorts and flamingo hat...new jack septiceye song 😂👌🏻
BouncingBen Animations
In that noodle commercial I prefer the cup noodles not the one they were selling tbh.
Christopher Johns
....what ...just....whaaaa....
ゆーすけ基 8 days ago
he is cool
Sasquatch Pictures
10:34 Let's be honest, that hasn't been true since 2016... That's sad.
Dylan Goodall
Dylan Goodall 9 days ago
you said ppap is dead but not initial d
veRtsdub 1315
veRtsdub 1315 9 days ago
I just looked at my hands... Why are they so hairy?
sans so cool
sans so cool 9 days ago
i only laugh when i hear puns/jokes or if someone falls down [not like dying tho]
Ellie Brownlow
Ellie Brownlow 10 days ago
*Great, now I have a bunch of adds about Japanese people with lo-fi music in the background. It's weird*
Dylan howard
Dylan howard 10 days ago
Lol I think japan knows what we say about their commercials and purposfully makes them weird
Lorena Llamas
Lorena Llamas 10 days ago
So this is where the *LAUGH* whiteboard intro started 🤔🤔🤔
Hyper05 10 days ago
9:43 definitely seen this
Kpop Metalhead
Kpop Metalhead 10 days ago
Aw poor thing hit himself in the face with his wallet 😭😭😭
Edward Lee
Edward Lee 10 days ago
If let jack poke me any day
Rose Renee
Rose Renee 10 days ago
2:14 “Don’t give me those eyes.. They turn me on.” *screen freaking panels to an old man in a schoolgirl outfit* A++
Superpanda24 10 days ago
why is it that the elder person in the third one is dressed like sailor moon?
Murcurial Muroid
Murcurial Muroid 10 days ago
2:00 Why wouldn't you want that?! I could think of nothing better than Japanese girls bursting through the wall and offering me coffee.
GeorgeBoi 11 days ago
1:15 Is that a Resident Evil 4 reference? The merchant dude?
The_Real_Kidz 03
The_Real_Kidz 03 11 days ago
Happy birthday Jack! 02/7/2019
Josiah Portalatin
Josiah Portalatin 11 days ago
10:04 thats a weird way to advertise the game summoners war
Kaore 11 days ago
Lumica are glow sticks.
LilWhiteBeanie 11 days ago
*hits board* LAUGH Me : hysterically laughs to the point of tears
Gintautas Sickus
Gintautas Sickus 12 days ago
5:57 THAT WORKS, learn east languages.
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