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The funniest Japanese commercials on Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos
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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:
Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

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Comments 100
Anthony Naranjo
So, this is where the LAUGH arc of this series started.
4EyedBlaccat Day ago
Jack I'm so sad you don't say top o' the morning to ya anymore!! :( Bring back the intro!!!!!!!
Hailey Young
Hailey Young 3 days ago
Look at the child's eye ball at 4:39
Daniel Hammerby
Daniel Hammerby 3 days ago
3:19 FACE XD
joe smith
joe smith 3 days ago
I have 1 million weird rubber chickens want some
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 4 days ago
Does anyone know the song for 5:21
SPOOKYFRENCHI 11 5 days ago
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Shreyans Amin
Shreyans Amin 7 days ago
he should see "washing powder nirma" ads
SonicDoritoBlast 8 days ago
0:12 the closest thing we’ll get to a “2019 Setup” video
Naty Alvarez
Naty Alvarez 8 days ago
8:05 jack:first
What did I just watch....it was beautiful and terrifying
Xenomorph Warrior Productions
2:26 i think the man is going to get a stroke
Xenomorph Warrior Productions
Bonus: 2:49 *Record Stops* Jack: i dont want to know whats your saying
Josh Victoria
Josh Victoria 12 days ago
I like the outro in this one
Harri Goston
Harri Goston 12 days ago
The first LAUGH!
monster energy buzz
I'm miss the old outro, Thank you guys SO much for watching, if you liked it, punch the like button IN the face, *LIKE A BOSS* (makes sound affects, then says something in the mic) and I will see all you dudes, *IN THE NEXT VIDEO* !!
Anon aniMus
Anon aniMus 13 days ago
I think japan is natural caffiene..i need that life,their excitement is ugh
Angelobot 14 days ago
0:08 when true love begin
James Clyatt
James Clyatt 15 days ago
Link Breath of the wild
3:17 easy random shit
TheIrishMan 15 days ago
I have 5 of them chickens
Peyton Golding
Peyton Golding 15 days ago
8:21 *Jevil joined the chat*
Julianne 101
Julianne 101 15 days ago
Midas Silvius
Midas Silvius 15 days ago
i thought that guy that turned into a werewolf got petrefied
Gacha.ēxė 17 days ago
*Jacks poor war flashbacks*
sakurai ryoji
sakurai ryoji 19 days ago
Your Japanese pronunciation is very good .
MiBrony 19 days ago
12:13 sadly my salary is low enough for not paying income tax :(
Jay Blue
Jay Blue 20 days ago
david lucas
david lucas 21 day ago
Who doesn't want Japanese girl's in mini skirts jumping out at them.
XxCookies xX
XxCookies xX 22 days ago
You can can get those chickens in a dog market in Germany.
popplethefalafel 22 days ago
Jack: (slaps board) You can fit so many *L A U G H.*
Soulless_XL 24 days ago
World's first, "*boom* LAUGH!" I think... ;-;
StitchTheArtistTrash Nunyabuisness.-.
They were fighting for the last piece of sushi
JSeedProductions 25 days ago
KillsKounted 25 days ago
Jack u should put on a British accent for the laugh at the start of you next one of these
Emu Ahndurus
Emu Ahndurus 26 days ago
9:00 sounds like a horror film with the music slowed down to .25%...then the wallet comes down and hits him and you laugh so hard you forget the unease.
Immanuel Hyttedalen
Wait what how did u poke me? O shit it’s behind gushimashi! How did he get out I need to go SHIT!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh HELPPPppPPpPpP!??? Wait umm how he teleport umm MOM HELP!!!!!!!!! Have I said I poop in my pants? Because of bananas we need to extinguish bananas NOW ok I’m just depressed ok I’m done ok see you later mom
Maria Griffin
Maria Griffin 26 days ago
Never watch jacks videos at 3am
Nathaniel Gatchalian
Notice how there was Kingsman kind of camera work in the Playstation ad!
Dan Park
Dan Park 27 days ago
he said he was running on three hours of sleep right after he said he didn't want the coffee
masked freak
masked freak 28 days ago
5:18 Me: *yells*
Luna :P
Luna :P 28 days ago
8:21 "We can do anything!" *if Jevil was communist*
Foxie Girl
Foxie Girl 28 days ago
Reasonable adult to small jack: don't masturbate or you'll get hairy hands! Jack present day: I GOT FUCKIN HAIRY HANDS ANYWAY probably from all the masturbating*laughs* Me: *spits tea out at brother laughing* Brother: Oi! Wtf?? Me:*runs and his in room* someone send food plz
Flusher's Music
Flusher's Music 28 days ago
Lochlan Productions
Bird flew in for 2nd pinapple-pen add... (Asian pet shop/market..) freaked out and flew away as NXT as started lol
EpicWolfGaming 29 days ago
10:35 when people see a new Jacksepticeye video
Nanao Unknown
Nanao Unknown 29 days ago
also the last one with the ware-wolf was basically like: Guy1: 'I have a strange condition where I turn into a wolf when I see the moon!!!' Guy2: 'aaaahhh.... Racoon or fox??!?!?!?' Guy 1: 'I'm a wolfff!! aaaahhh' Guy2: 'No I'm asking you Racoon or fox' Guy1: 'WHaattt you're asking me what noodles I want as a time like this!??!?' (and then the Racoon and Fox udon comes in cuz in japan racoon and fox are a type of udon topping)
Nanao Unknown
Nanao Unknown 29 days ago
okay the couple one with the weird wedding: so they were a poor couple and they were imagining this crazy future wedding that wasn't possible, and they came back to sanity cuz maguro (the fish on the sushi) has DHA in it and that was the point that brought them to reality. yeh.
Sheila Ok
Sheila Ok Month ago
Yes I need to buy a car.
Sheila Ok
Sheila Ok Month ago
AC Dexter
AC Dexter Month ago
Jack stop being a buzzkill. The penpineappleapplepen guy is awesome and he honestly deserves his own religion.
aaron young
aaron young Month ago
damn ldshadowlady got old!! 2:25 haha
BenJAMIN! Murphy
Mazzii Fire
Mazzii Fire Month ago
11:47 this is the best thing I have ever heard Jack say.
Jess70412 45
Jess70412 45 Month ago
When the money bites jacks 9:18
Madzie 2000
Madzie 2000 Month ago
hey nae!
hey nae! Month ago
6:07 agreed.
Patrick Month ago
My friend ran out of graphite at school I'll come to you
The Official Nugget
(1:16) Is that a rocket in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
Kaylee That One Weird Chick
5:25 There's an American version.
The Guardian
The Guardian Month ago
Two words da fuq
Ming - Sia
Ming - Sia Month ago
You can buy the chicken toy from pet shops,
Stacy Yamashita
Stacy Yamashita Month ago
N ℹ️ 🅱️ 🅱️ 🅰️
TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]
Jack's wallet couldn't stand his yelling anymore so it attacked him
TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]
Wheres ,,, Wheres my subtitle hero?
epic gamer 53
epic gamer 53 Month ago
Every time he says LAUGH i put my beats headphones on max pls halp
Cjtherealgamer Month ago
Jack:as soon as you yell at me I’m yours Me:so your saying if I yell BE MINE and ADOPT ME when I see you down the street you’ll do it? Cool
Ghost of Shadow
Ghost of Shadow Month ago
Subtitles anyone
Wolf Blood
Wolf Blood Month ago
I just got poked.. ahh!
Bork Bork Nom Noms
Jack that wasn't a noodle commercial... It was a curry 🍛 comercial. It was saying how that there was cup of noodle, and now you can also buy cup of curry.
Shinigami Xangel
*watches a couple burst out of their wedding cake* *ad about a japanese anime starts* Me: is this part of the video?
鈴木華菜 Month ago
It doesn't make sense to show the quality and taste. commercial「This is delicious!This is safe! This is good quality!」 Japanese「That's just common sense!」 It is important to stand out regardless of the product. The Japanese look at it as if it were a matter of course. But They sometimes think it's a little overdone.
Nosepicker12 Month ago
7:39 Jack, you really should perform in a remake of that!!
PEEPS HERE Month ago
Nick Nowicki
Nick Nowicki Month ago
I don't have enough weed for this, and I'm friends with snoop dogg
Ashleigh Stangeland
Aha the origin of LAUGH
Minato AudiPH
Minato AudiPH Month ago
1:53 my God it's the one with AKB48 in it...
Emily TheGamer21111
NEWS FLASH!!! 9:04 youtubers are now getting hit by their own wallet
Aiden Garcia
Aiden Garcia Month ago
8:44 can you find Prappa the rapper *hint it is a doggo
V1234ghan Month ago
Fuck yeeaa 2:02
Your Name
Your Name Month ago
Wanna know what I do? **hits whiteboard** *Laugh*
Hatchet Tech
Hatchet Tech Month ago
10:04 I have that app actually.
Burdi Month ago
8:39 is my mind at 3 AM.
syaondri Month ago
Mr. Jack, more of this maybe? :D
Đ3M0Ń Ć0Ď3Ř-hydrolyzr
3:06 as it turns out, its all 3! XD
0 Jordinio 0
0 Jordinio 0 Month ago
Haylie Gaming
Haylie Gaming Month ago
They'd really good
Haylie Gaming
Haylie Gaming Month ago
I eat those soups
Chris T.
Chris T. Month ago
More Deja Vu
cristy cook
cristy cook Month ago
Genderbend_Patton Sanders
Krissie Holloway
When you are making coffee and a coffee commercial comes on 😂 And now I want noodles
Susan Bowers
Susan Bowers Month ago
I Never laugh
OG F8 Month ago
lorenzo guidoni
lorenzo guidoni Month ago
Yes j.f.h.v.
Pedro Stormrage
Pedro Stormrage Month ago
FYI: If you want to see the subtitles, they're done already, but they haven't been approved. However, you can still see them if you click on "setting -> subtitles -> add subtitles" and then "select language -> English". It would be even cooler if you could approve them, so they would be easily available to everyone :)
Michael Chandler
I laughed till I was in tears and felt like taking a shit
I.G.W.A G.W.A Month ago
III see whats happening
Mr. Man
Mr. Man Month ago
What was the music in the background
Veronica Tokmina
Samwell The Cammel
i did meth and heroine and cocaine and weed and peyote and harmonium and lsd in minecraft while listening to this for the 60th time
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