FULL Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 Press Conference

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spirito 3 days ago
vilma Garcia
vilma Garcia 10 days ago
25:07 Xbox Fans's Meme
Elite Boi Games
Elite Boi Games 13 days ago
Goroda Gorodova
Goroda Gorodova 15 days ago
PS 4 is better
toxic clan
toxic clan 8 days ago
Shut up nobody cares
geealmulla 16 days ago
No word on a new Fable game ?
XBOX CHANNEL 16 days ago
Playground games new game
City Wayne
City Wayne 20 days ago
Im so sorry i love xbox
Headshredder 23 days ago
Why did Microsoft ruin Gears of War?
Headshredder 16 days ago
XBOX CHANNEL that is not a valid response to my question.
XBOX CHANNEL 16 days ago
COCO DRILO 24 days ago
No entendi nada XD
Sky Jony
Sky Jony 25 days ago
Microsoft flight simulator is what I’m excited about
savagegiraffe1 25 days ago
For now I prefer my PS4 and Switch over my Xbox any day of the week, I've bought every Halo and Gears since the first one of each but only played about 30 min of each one ever since Reach and Gears 3. The last exclusive ive played on Xbox was sea of thieves and ive completely given up on them. I'm tired of wasting money on a system that delivers shit after shit and Phil always says the same thing "just wait". Fuck that its gonna take a serious miracle to regain my faith in something like MS.
James Bell
James Bell 27 days ago
MrMetalhead 28 days ago
24:35 history was made.
Cherry Gamer 48
Cherry Gamer 48 Month ago
God of Bleach
God of Bleach Month ago
2020 looks amazing I hope it better then 2019
Mr. Papaveraceae
24:45 A meme was born.
MERCURY Edi Month ago
fuck that paywall
Goth Clownz
Goth Clownz Month ago
The guy who said you're breathtaking is an absolute epic Chad neckbeard gamer
Marcus Gale
Marcus Gale Month ago
Most of these games will be on ps4 lmao, Sony/microsoft conference
المستر_ حمزة
Over fifty years and no answer
Jeffyplayscod 112
Who’ is buying the new console because of GTA VI
John The Animator
*gets a PlayStation ad*
Joydratha Sarkar
can't make exclusives 7 years on
Albany Aviation HD
I can’t wait for Microsoft flight simulator 2020, as a long time FSX user, it’s nice to see what it has evolved to!
Luis Marrero
Luis Marrero Month ago
Anyone else think that a live action Gears of War movie is very possible?
KevinCrazy0825 Month ago
Where’s skarlett???
Mr Davis
Mr Davis Month ago
The hype is so overrated
Murad Mikayilzade
what is the name of the song 35:10?
eclair x
eclair x Month ago
Selling ps plus accounts with good price, ig: ecliar_demon
Shane Aiden Graham
Bill A
Bill A Month ago
With so much fanfare, I was actually expecting Tim Cook to pop up on stage and introduce Apple's new "mPhone". tsk-tsk
Molten Electricity
Youre probably here for 24:42
Sevon Sholl
Sevon Sholl Month ago
Make live free
Sevon Sholl
Sevon Sholl Month ago
Make live free
Sevon Sholl
Sevon Sholl Month ago
Make live freee
Sevon Sholl
Sevon Sholl Month ago
Make live freee
Sevon Sholl
Sevon Sholl Month ago
Make live free
Sevon Sholl
Sevon Sholl Month ago
Make live free
Barbara Stepa
Barbara Stepa Month ago
Outer Worlds nothing interesting i bet its gona be single player shit .
Arslan Ali Naqvi
24:40 is why you're here, accept it
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy Month ago
No. We need to fight!
S. Diiorio
S. Diiorio Month ago
so i get an xbox one x now and come 202 its goign to be obsolete already and next halo wont be on xbox one x?
Shiba Toast
Shiba Toast Month ago
Where does Phil say Gaming?
Demon Returns
Demon Returns Month ago
when will people finally get tired of things star wars
SPARKY 2 months ago
Microsoft: Flight Simulator !!! 😍😍😱😱✈✈
Lu The Gamecat
Lu The Gamecat 2 months ago
PlayStation is probably extremely regretful right now.
Top Notch Gaming
Top Notch Gaming 2 months ago
Yet alot of ppl letdown by Microsoft
Roland Mendoza
Roland Mendoza 2 months ago
Wake up, samurai , we have a dog to save.
CO0OK ANNNG 2 months ago
Wait, people were disappointed?? There can be more sure, but you really want to keep playing the same games over and over again?? Im a competive multiplayer head but I also can dig into a indie, RPG, or even some racing ya digg expand up.
Godzilla Fan1995
Godzilla Fan1995 2 months ago
Keanu was the best part of this
i1f1 2 months ago
Thanks GameSpot
superkami guru
superkami guru 2 months ago
Arcade battle toads from the 90s looks better
Patrick J. Tavara
Patrick J. Tavara 2 months ago
skate 4 pls
Some Creepy Dude
Some Creepy Dude 2 months ago
Fuck yeah keanu
Neo Moon Sevin
Neo Moon Sevin 2 months ago
Fuk yeah I want to play star wars fallen order badly
Quantum 2 months ago
2019 year of mobile games
James Neave
James Neave 2 months ago
Hurray! Gaming comes out of its wilderness years. Stuff your Anthems and Destinys and Fallout 76s!! REAL GAMES! REAL ONES!! LOOK! THEY'RE THERE! ON THE TV 'N EVERYTHING!!
axel larsen
axel larsen 2 months ago
no xbox!!!! internal battery on you controller? Why the fuck!!!
country side
country side 2 months ago
Worst e3 ever
InQieGaming 2 months ago
Dying Assasin's
like! ждتč
like! ждتč 2 months ago
Lol Xbox pso2?
Vfopie jcod
Vfopie jcod 2 months ago
What a shit of a console.
Matheus Z gamerrr
Matheus Z gamerrr 2 months ago
Isso a sony nn tem
Gerard Dela Cruz
Gerard Dela Cruz 2 months ago
I cant WAIT for 2020!
رضا بیامی
رضا بیامی 2 months ago
35:03 song plz
musab junaidi
musab junaidi 2 months ago
Enough of this Zombie survival games.
RØMAN 2 months ago
im mad at everyone that called keanu "john wick", like seriously
faraz allam
faraz allam 2 months ago
MINECRAFT looks cool :)
Synergy2900 2 months ago
Xbox is shaping up to be great for next gen. much better than the Xbox One launch. I'm interested
Doggo Lord
Doggo Lord 2 months ago
Bruh the live stream comments are just a bunch of lil playstation kids Its okay we know sony didn't participate in E3 so you went here to see something better
Patrick Musson
Patrick Musson 2 months ago
As long as a game doesn't have EA's grubby mitts all over it, I'm happy to give any game a try.
Fanda Riedl
Fanda Riedl 2 months ago
Sony will kick ur a.. again 😂👍👍
It's Just MaiMai
It's Just MaiMai 2 months ago
I guess so many games coming out they just show trailers instead of gameplay and trailers this year. But this e3 was interesting
Francis Hey
Francis Hey 2 months ago
I bet your here because of 24:38
wutang6020 2 months ago
Can they make a power brick that works after a year!
Vin 2 months ago
Mine has been working for a really really long time, wtf did u do, could it be ur outlet
Luffy Dragon
Luffy Dragon 2 months ago
What are the Xbox exclusives?
Amaan Ahmed
Amaan Ahmed 22 days ago
Halo, gears, Blair witch, 12 minutes, phantasy online 2, MS flight simulator, crossfireX, bleeding edge, battletoads, ori
British Comment Police
Alex John
Alex John 2 months ago
1:14 no g note warning?
Pareeague Pravesh
Pareeague Pravesh 2 months ago
Music 1:34:37
emothegunslinger 2 months ago
You got to love Keanu man.
Mattius08 2 months ago
I don't know if it's just me but the pop music they play in the video game trailers just seems off from the entire theme of the game. And it's a little cringy
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