FULL Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 Press Conference

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Tune in to catch Phil Spencer and the Microsoft team talk about all their latest game reveals, trailers, hardware reveals, and more at E3 2019.
For even more in-depth coverage visit: www.gamespot.com/e3


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Jun 9, 2019




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Comments 1 872
Mushy Mush
Mushy Mush 2 days ago
1:20:08 'THe combination of SSD and the Solid State Drive'......Huh?????
Mushy Mush
Mushy Mush 2 days ago
Sorry 1:25:08
Some one
Some one 8 days ago
24:40 You'r Welcome
Some one
Some one 8 days ago
No one: Xbox E3: LEGO Forza and John Wick
Slushy Splash
Slushy Splash 28 days ago
I was there
yeet kid
yeet kid Month ago
I can't wait to until they reveal new Xbox
Crossfire on Philippines.
The Names Kadin
The Names Kadin Month ago
Is Microsoft flight simulator coming to ps4
Hema chauhan
Hema chauhan 2 months ago
did keanau used the same gesture as in spiderman old animation memes where there are 2 Spiderman's pointing at each other when he replied u are breathtaking
Krishan Patel
Krishan Patel 2 months ago
The Start is 0:22
Goku Black
Goku Black 2 months ago
51:18 when it headbutted things all I could think about was goat simulator
Goku Black
Goku Black 2 months ago
flight simulator is on my wishlist that looked awesome
Averyoddgamer 3 months ago
24:40 Yes
BRMinistries 3 months ago
What song is in the first 1:00 of the conference?
PaoloTheWolf Vlogs
PaoloTheWolf Vlogs 3 months ago
Where was this? It’s legit amazing
spirito23 3 months ago
vilma Garcia
vilma Garcia 3 months ago
25:07 Xbox Fans's Meme
Elite Boi Games
Elite Boi Games 4 months ago
Goroda Gorodova
Goroda Gorodova 4 months ago
PS 4 is better
toxic clan
toxic clan 3 months ago
Shut up nobody cares
geealmulla 4 months ago
No word on a new Fable game ?
XBOX CHANNEL 4 months ago
Playground games new game
City Wayne
City Wayne 4 months ago
Im so sorry i love xbox
Headshredder 4 months ago
Why did Microsoft ruin Gears of War?
Headshredder 4 months ago
XBOX CHANNEL that is not a valid response to my question.
XBOX CHANNEL 4 months ago
COCO DRILO 4 months ago
No entendi nada XD
Sky Jony
Sky Jony 4 months ago
Microsoft flight simulator is what I’m excited about
savagegiraffe1 4 months ago
For now I prefer my PS4 and Switch over my Xbox any day of the week, I've bought every Halo and Gears since the first one of each but only played about 30 min of each one ever since Reach and Gears 3. The last exclusive ive played on Xbox was sea of thieves and ive completely given up on them. I'm tired of wasting money on a system that delivers shit after shit and Phil always says the same thing "just wait". Fuck that its gonna take a serious miracle to regain my faith in something like MS.
James Bell
James Bell 4 months ago
MrMetalhead 4 months ago
24:35 history was made.
Cherry Gamer 48
Cherry Gamer 48 4 months ago
God of Bleach
God of Bleach 4 months ago
2020 looks amazing I hope it better then 2019
Mr. Papaveraceae
Mr. Papaveraceae 4 months ago
24:45 A meme was born.
Classy FN
Classy FN 4 months ago
fuck that paywall
Goth Clownz
Goth Clownz 4 months ago
The guy who said you're breathtaking is an absolute epic Chad neckbeard gamer
Marcus Gale
Marcus Gale 4 months ago
Most of these games will be on ps4 lmao, Sony/microsoft conference
Hamza _7ii
Hamza _7ii 5 months ago
Over fifty years and no answer
Jeffyplayscod 112
Jeffyplayscod 112 5 months ago
Who’ is buying the new console because of GTA VI
John da Animator
John da Animator 5 months ago
*gets a PlayStation ad*
Joydratha Sarkar
Joydratha Sarkar 5 months ago
can't make exclusives 7 years on
Albany Aviation HD
Albany Aviation HD 5 months ago
I can’t wait for Microsoft flight simulator 2020, as a long time FSX user, it’s nice to see what it has evolved to!
Luis Marrero
Luis Marrero 5 months ago
Anyone else think that a live action Gears of War movie is very possible?
KevinCrazy0825 5 months ago
Where’s skarlett???
Murad Mikayilzade
Murad Mikayilzade 5 months ago
what is the name of the song 35:10?
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