Found Diamond Wedding Ring Metal Detecting Underwater! $5,000+ (Returned to Owner)

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In this video I search for a lost wedding ring underwater in the river!
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Nov 5, 2018

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Comments 2 871
Felix Rogucki
Felix Rogucki 2 hours ago
Case Bulwadda
Case Bulwadda 7 hours ago
Not only do I call bullshit on this guy's video.... But why on the green earth I stand on, would you try and fool people??? And for those who fell for this... Please don't have kids!!! 🙏
Case Bulwadda
Case Bulwadda 33 minutes ago
😂🤣😂wow the pain you guys must of felt to reply with such hate 😂🤣😂 feel like I kinda won ✌🏿
En Static
En Static Hour ago
Go away troll. Crawl back into that ham cavern you call a mom.
Randy Cannon
Randy Cannon 2 hours ago
screw you
Benny The Coat
Benny The Coat 4 hours ago
Case Bulwadda Your parents must be very proud.... Dumbass!
twentyonetylers 9 hours ago
You should metal detect some swimming beaches. I bet there’s tons of rings and wedding rings
stephany araujo
stephany araujo 14 hours ago
you’re the sweetest dude
Orange Tortoise
Orange Tortoise 15 hours ago
Should have taken it to Seamus, he would have paid good money for that
Tyler Jankura
Tyler Jankura 15 hours ago
That’s a sick sweater where did u get it when your in your truck
Joe Jones
Joe Jones Hour ago
Tyler Jankura what do you even mean?
Mya Rose
Mya Rose 19 hours ago
Charisma Oko
Charisma Oko 20 hours ago
Next you can find Kim Kardashian’s missing earring
Love4Diving 21 hour ago
Now I want to get an underwater metal detector
yndiara araujo
yndiara araujo 21 hour ago
Yves meire
absentee gecko87
absentee gecko87 22 hours ago
Come to the beach bro please
ChildTime 4 to 9 ages
the chicken hat on the girl lol
Michael Shatley
Michael Shatley 23 hours ago
u are amazing I love you Jake
сей лармун vi
These are good deeds, strong will power, nobility, strong qualities, a great heart, thank you.
сей лармун vi
Very nice to watch your video without even understanding the language, thanks for the content and good luck.
Adventures In Dirt
Great video man.... good job. 👍
Kupik Adi
Kupik Adi Day ago
I watch while watching all coments
Keisha Burton
They didn't seem too greatful
J H Day ago
+Mike Wutsitmatter Good for you dude. I don't but you are entitled to your view.
Mike Wutsitmatter
Probably because they already knew he’d found it - if it was really “missing”. I just watch and enjoy but take all with a grain of salt and skepticism.
J H Day ago
You must have watched another video. They seem pretty grateful to me.
Sypher Carver
So let me get this straight... you spent all that time out in the middle searching and filming all the junk you found but just so happened to find the ring right by the edge staring you in the face. Not only is there no footage from where you allegedly found it you didn't even aknowledge how weird/amazing it was that you found it. Then you go on to say it is the husbands wedding ring but you 'think' its the wifes number that you have... yet you know the couples child by name... I call shennanigans.
Owen Kierscht
Owen Kierscht 5 hours ago
BlyatMan theJuggernaut lmao I have the same profile pic
dnbmania 18 hours ago
It was legit trust me
BlyatMan theJuggernaut
Nope, this is as real as this all gets.
Hugo Phillips
Sypher Carver, me to
J H Day ago
Sypher Carver: Go carve yourself a new brain. Moron. This dude is the man.
Alexander Elias
I’ve been watching this guy here and there and he’s a great USvidr and he has great vocabulary and articulation. Good guy
Samuel Agyemang
Catherine Doyle
Chloe Bear
Chloe Bear Day ago
Your a great person
Under God
Under God Day ago
What do you mean not a expert da hell you mean
Ana Arellano
Ana Arellano Day ago
I mean nickels
Ana Arellano
Ana Arellano Day ago
Imagine he only found pennies
adotron Day ago
Catherine Doyle
Oh my god
Drew Brooker
Drew Brooker Day ago
Where's Golem when you need him?
Dank Meme
Dank Meme Day ago
franky matano
Wonderful hobby. Great video good boys
antonio Ramirez
You are a good man
Seth M-T
Seth M-T 2 days ago
"Give us that, Deagol my love..."
Fred 2 days ago
Stranger Things
Stranger Things 2 days ago
This is Better that asmr
Dino bro lol
Dino bro lol 2 days ago
Wow u r so kind I love ur vids so much and the fact the u can return these things to the owners is outstanding
Torpedex 2 days ago
this is th most side questy video to ever sidequest
MOTTO motto
MOTTO motto 2 days ago
1:35 another ring
Ryan Ramsey
Ryan Ramsey 2 days ago
Should have thrown the ring back in the river when he showed up with that cowgirls hat.
Gabisaurusrex 10
Gabisaurusrex 10 2 hours ago
lilahtuh 2 days ago
Dawaj te napisy po polsku!
ZenTEM- The Emerald Mythgamer
5:32 IS THAT GOLD!?!?!
Ana Arellano
Ana Arellano Day ago
ZenTEM- The Emerald Mythgamer Maybe maybe not
ZenTEM- The Emerald Mythgamer
oh I believe you now +Shiro
Shiro Day ago
+ZenTEM- The Emerald Mythgamer It is : copper and zinc alloy :)
ZenTEM- The Emerald Mythgamer
ok, but isn't brass man made?
Shiro 2 days ago
+ZenTEM- The Emerald Mythgamer maybe brass 😂
Jesse Kainulainen
You found the ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trohan Oliquino
Trohan Oliquino 2 days ago
I like the sound when u find metal
Sonia Ruma
Sonia Ruma 2 days ago
I like the water sound
Eka Kumala Putra
Eka Kumala Putra 2 days ago
Can you find my ring? I lost it in ciliwung river
LostIn TheComments
Never knew Sommer Rae sounded so young.
cute pinky
cute pinky 2 days ago
Awwwww...you are the best you just saved a beautiful meaning of love
Oh country roads take me home to the place were I belong*inhales* WEST VIRGINIAAAAAA
anton HPW
anton HPW 2 days ago
SamBerry 10
SamBerry 10 2 days ago
Emason Bacchus
Emason Bacchus 2 days ago
+Dr Cheats On Wife 😂😂😂😂funny dudee
Dr Cheats On Wife
Thx you're doing gods work.
Chambo 2 days ago
6.1 million subscribers that’s mad
GuelphRacing 2 days ago
Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. You're awesome! Have a great day
Crazedtech 20 hours ago
Bridget 2 days ago
You are such a kind person. I’m proud to be a sub. You deserve to hit that 10 million mark! :)
Henning Simensen
Henning Simensen 2 days ago
I like the sound it makes
Polly g
Polly g 2 days ago
well done Jake ,they seem like top people
Ronne Escobar
Ronne Escobar 2 days ago
Hanh 2 days ago
Cool video. Humans are soo weird for shiny material objects.
Gabisaurusrex 10
Shades Bower
Shades Bower 2 days ago
Bro. That metal detector you got there is really cool.
Alyssa W's singing
Erin Lapierre
Erin Lapierre 2 days ago
Levi Winningham
Levi Winningham 2 days ago
Damn what a great comment ‘hey’. Damn, absolutely incredible.
Its Rose Means
Its Rose Means 2 days ago
Alyssa W's singing hi :)
bloopblipable 2 days ago
It's cool that you're picking up garbage under water, but weren't you taught during your scuba certification training not to disrupt anything underwater? It's an ecosystem. Brushing away a couple stones is fine but throwing rocks around... And before people target this comment I have my certification through PADI. don't forget why you're down there and just be a little more careful that's all.
Pearlies World
Pearlies World 2 days ago
+bloopblipable Ok thank you for the clarification. Have a good day/night ☺💫
bloopblipable 2 days ago
+Pearlies World when you do your divers certification course they teach you to be ethical and polite to wildlife and not to disturb big rocks or even anchors or other large objects as not to disrupt possible homes or ecosystems.
Pearlies World
Pearlies World 2 days ago
So what you are saying is that people who go swimming in lakes/ponds/oceans , are disrupting eco systems ??? If that was true , wouldn't it be banned ?? Not trying to be disrespectful, just asking a question ☺💜
bloopblipable 2 days ago
+Hanh because animals and organic matter live there! There could be fish eggs under some of those rocks so by disturbing them you are ruining ecosystems! There are laws in place to protect them in my country.
bloopblipable 2 days ago
Yes it is. Because I come from a country not surrounded by an ocean and oceans are not the only ecosystems. There are so many more different types of ecosystems (a place where organic and live matter live and thrive) and lake water or river water contain ecosystems. There are places here that are conservation areas. That means that important wildlife ecosystems live here so that area is protected by law. It's a thing. Look it up.
cemc19 2 days ago
alex fxll
alex fxll 2 days ago
BabyFunTube -Nursery Rhymes for Kids
Dude perfect needs u
a kaur
a kaur 2 days ago
Darriel jankie
Darriel jankie 2 days ago
Would be scared of finding a body down there lol
Yooted but not yeeted
Finding a dead body in the river * returned to its owner *
ED Gadget River Finds
nice that you found the ring i like finding items inspired
Marcos Cedillo
Marcos Cedillo 3 days ago
Justin Setal
Justin Setal 3 days ago
Jake bro your so incredible !
grzmiacy kij
grzmiacy kij 3 days ago
men come from you
mr ice dragonBG
mr ice dragonBG 3 days ago
Wow you are Lucky man
M L 3 days ago
I’m glad you pick up the rubbish not just leave it there
Dominik Biljaka
Dominik Biljaka 3 days ago
Juliet Moll
Juliet Moll 3 days ago
woow im amased that you found it if it was me i know i would be so upset if i lost my ring but im17 so you r some one that inspiers me
yøü gøt rëkt bøïï
Amazing** inspires** are**
Allen Edwards
Allen Edwards 3 days ago
I would be scared to swim in that
Xbhdj Bcjfkf
Xbhdj Bcjfkf 3 days ago
Yav iiiiii bizde inandık
Holtbeast70 3 days ago
Sounds like it’s you says dododododdo
Chloe Wallace
Chloe Wallace 3 days ago
There is also a diamond earring missing 😂
White Trash Bandit270
Awesome job man!!
Dot Dot
Dot Dot 3 days ago
LOL her daughters name is sommerray
KAWAII Tater 3 days ago
How cold was the water?
Kristen Karagosian
Wow thats a lot of coins
Cowbway 3 days ago
The stuff at the end about how you just want to do something good and it’s not about the money was cringeworthy. NOBODY ASKED! This entire video was faked for views.
Gabisaurusrex 10
Every video is for views, if it gets no views then it's kind of pointless.
kevin ford
kevin ford 3 days ago
Keep it up Scuba Jake. Your videos are great. Awesome.
Steven Raso
Steven Raso 3 days ago
For the .01% of you that see this, I hope your dreams come true! My dream is to become a famous youtuber!
Steven Raso
Steven Raso 3 days ago
Ash Thompson tysm
Ash Thompson
Ash Thompson 3 days ago
Make sure your videos are interesting and unique and your dream will come true bud
Lance Love
Lance Love 3 days ago
Suprised to find this is the subject object of cash me ousside and ice me out? Dont be...
Exploring with the Nug
Cool find. Dude you shivering big time. You gonna get a thicker wetsuit for winter or what? Shivering cold is so miserable.
Stubbize 4
Stubbize 4 3 days ago
Good job Dude, that’s just huge
Vinyl Monkey
Vinyl Monkey 3 days ago
they look SOOOOOO happy to get it back, even that phone call was dodgy. If i was that bloke, id be emotional and shaking and happy maybe crying. He has no emotion and id give him a slap for being such a grumpy c0ck. Plus its staged as fu(k ---- subscribed > watched vid > unsubscribed. If you believe that your a gullible tw@t the guy making it is more happy than the guy getting it.
Vinyl Monkey
Vinyl Monkey 7 hours ago
+GoBIGclan hes got 6.1 millions followers, he's a good actor. do you see any shaking when he says he is? just a good actor mate. thats it. you gotta be good a communication if you got that amount of followers
GoBIGclan 2 days ago
Isn't the guy making it being more happy than the guy getting it a sign that it's not staged? If it was staged, why would they make that guy look so anticlimactic and amused?
James Lopez
James Lopez 3 days ago
Ring was a staged find
Lady Ry Enterprise
“I’ll take those shades, thank you!” Lol I love these videos.
Oskar Kawulicz
Oskar Kawulicz 3 days ago
hmmm...................why they are almost no excited about this ring?.......something is wrong here, or I see everywhere fakes and manipulations in hehhehe. if its true - its a fantastic!
Trashiest Dolan
Trashiest Dolan 3 days ago
They just gonna let the kid take of the ring 😂
Blak 3 days ago
DON'T FORGET TO BREATHE while watching this video! xD Also murky water = nightmare fuel...
Halzar PAGE
Halzar PAGE 3 days ago
Awesome vid!
michael mattice
michael mattice 3 days ago
Wait!...Does this mean he has to go through with it now?!
Lilla Rincon
Lilla Rincon 3 days ago
he is going into water with nothing to cover his mouth🤢yeah no thank you jk but it’s still gross
Olov motrgon
Olov motrgon 3 days ago
Well nothing is coming into his mouth, anyways what happened to his special mask that he could talk underwater
RealADHD Beats
RealADHD Beats 3 days ago
Scuba jake
Marcello Bello
Marcello Bello 3 days ago
A MAN like him turns me on so much, sweet, kind handsome. I need a boyfriend like him.
Bubblefor2booty 3 days ago
+• JOHN BROWN yeah I do bruh lol
• JOHN BROWN 3 days ago
+Bubblefor2booty Wait, you dont see it?
Bubblefor2booty 3 days ago
+• JOHN BROWN yeah sweet, kind, and handsome people suck
• JOHN BROWN 3 days ago
Ben Greatbatch
Ben Greatbatch 3 days ago
Hey Dallmyd
Brandon Beez
Brandon Beez 3 days ago
Maybe it’s from when Kim Kardashian lost it on vacation
Trashiest Dolan
Trashiest Dolan 3 days ago
Hahahaha who knows😂
Fletcher La Roche
,your a nice guy
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