Found 5 Explosive Devices Underwater with the U.S. Navy! (Bomb Squad Called)

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Found 5 Explosive Devices Underwater with the US Navy! (Navy Bomb Squad) usvid.net/video/video-ODSaJuY5JRk.html


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Aug 10, 2019




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Comments 3 353
DALLMYD 4 months ago
I feel incredibly lucky and honored to have the oppurtunity to make a sponsored video with the US Navy. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who made this happen. I went from filming scuba diving videos with my phone and a camera I found to having an oppurtuntiy to team up with the US Navy! I'm not sure how all this happened, but today was a fun day! Help me do more things like this by clicking the thumbs up button and sharing this video! I can't wait for more adventures like this! Huge thanks to everyone who has served.
Jackson Zegers
Jackson Zegers Month ago
DALLMYD I got your post up to 3.5k likes
Karan Bedi
Karan Bedi Month ago
Yo. Jake. I. Fond. a. I. Pod. In. My. House 😎😎
the turtle master
Yo I live in Cali San Diego if ur still here mabye u could stop by? Btw great vids been watching u for awhile
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool 2 months ago
What are you using to be able to speak and for us to hear you underwater?
Mark Dougherty
Mark Dougherty 2 months ago
I was stationed at NAB Coronado from Aug 1972 until I got out in Dec 1973. The building that is now used for The EOD Team use to be a repair facility for small navy water craft. The reason for the large garage door is that there was large A frame crane that was operated by crew of Seabees. They where EO's. Generally there were a crew of 6 seabees, one bulldozer operator and 5 riggers. One of the riggers operated the crane controls and the other 4 would rig the boat to raise it up to move the boats from the boat ramp, or from the slab or from inside the building to wherever the boat needed to go. The riggers also acted as signal men to help guide the crane to where the boat had to go. The repair facility had every type of rated sailor to handle whatever repairs that needed to be done. You had ship fitters, welders, electricians, carpenters, fiberglass workers. You name it we had the person that could do the repair work. After I got out of the navy in 1973 I went to work for a moving company. In March 1974 they were hiring civilians so I was hired and went back to the same facility I worked at when I was in the navy to work along side my former shipmates. I stayed there until Aug 1980.
Teri Williams
Teri Williams 18 hours ago
Jake: "oh gosh this thing is so big" Me: *that's what she said* 🤣
MR Quavers
MR Quavers 4 days ago
They even got that high quality military mic
King Cheeseburger
Imagine being sponsored by a military branch.
Jonathan 6 days ago
When you see a shark, don't swim away from it. Stand your ground.
ben cossette
ben cossette 6 days ago
My cousin works there he’s in your video
Beebis Boy
Beebis Boy 7 days ago
I have been to USA midway IT IS HUGE
Metro Booming
Metro Booming 7 days ago
You're the best youtube in the world
Beast Squad52301
Beast Squad52301 7 days ago
I was born there
john shen
john shen 7 days ago
I think I see a hole in your pants, DALLMYD!
Schoolboy 219
Schoolboy 219 8 days ago
Calling the USS Midway a boat is probably the biggest understatement
IronBunky 10 days ago
You got to dive under one of my 2 favorite aircraft carriers. Nice!
Alanna Curtis
Alanna Curtis 11 days ago
Navy sailor here thanks for ur support.
Ashleigh Mendoza
Ashleigh Mendoza 12 days ago
My dad was in the navy so it's pretty cool of u to do this
Jocelyn McPherson
Jocelyn McPherson 12 days ago
Did they put the bombers there?
Axyy 12 days ago
Me: Wow they found explosives? This looks interesting. Me 10 minutes into the video: No explosives yet.. Me after I watched the video: WHERE ARE THE EXPLOSIVES
Prince Grak
Prince Grak 13 days ago
My uncle is in the navy and he was just moved from right where u are and he and my aunt and cousins where just moved and so it is soo cool to see u in thee
Hotshotlevi 25
Hotshotlevi 25 13 days ago
I was at the uss midway before
Dudiddh Duducdhsb
Dudiddh Duducdhsb 13 days ago
He has a Hitler mustache
MW2 13 days ago
I live by the midway
SuperMom Perfect3
SuperMom Perfect3 13 days ago
Hi can you work with the U.S military and the U.S Navy while scuba diving please
Darin Hamilton
Darin Hamilton 13 days ago
My dad served on the Midway at the end of WWII.
Gerald vlogs
Gerald vlogs 14 days ago
You need your own submersible
Gerald vlogs
Gerald vlogs 14 days ago
It may be one of tanner Fox's
Gods Daughter
Gods Daughter 15 days ago
My brothers in the marines and my sisters in the Air Force I thank them for their service!!!
tundralou 19 days ago
Your attitude will get you through a lot of doors!
シᘔᗴᒪᗷᗴᖇᖇఌ ᖇᗩYYت
California my hometown
wati laros
wati laros 21 day ago
Wow kereeenn👍👍 Indonesia hadir😁😁
Mike Bottiaux
Mike Bottiaux 24 days ago
My Dad was a WWII Navy Veteran, they rock!
Lily Prasad
Lily Prasad 24 days ago
My brothers in the Navy! 💙❤💙❤
Chase Massart
Chase Massart 26 days ago
My brother is in the army Navy
Hellsbloodstorm 27 days ago
14:59 said you guys 9 times lol
Teddy Nelson
Teddy Nelson 27 days ago
I’ve always wondered what was under the Midway...
little ugly rat
little ugly rat 28 days ago
"Im joe" Nobody: Me: "Joe moma"
Billybacon Ak_47
Billybacon Ak_47 29 days ago
That an electric scooter
Ho cares
Ho cares Month ago
To much talk, Why dont you watch this video,, better than your bomb disposal teamusvid.net/video/video-4Ir8bNEoTd0.html I'm just kidding, but please watch anyway
lil joe
lil joe Month ago
Those are Crayfish not 🦞
David Sherbert
David Sherbert Month ago
Those Navy Divers are some of the best in the world......dude, you brushed shoulders with SEALS and didn't know it!!!!
Jonesy Films
Jonesy Films Month ago
The bird scooters really are a problem in San Diego and I'd expect there to be five hundred more down there
Barnes466 Month ago
Great video! Good for you to be tied with the U.S. Navy!!!
Fawn Last
Fawn Last Month ago
nancy phillips
nancy phillips Month ago
You should have freaked them out y asking, "hey, did y'all plant another shape on here?"
Alto Games & More
I live near there
4:55 were u actually at 900 feet?
Braden Shappard
Braden Shappard Month ago
i went on the midway on a trip to sandiego a few months ago
Julien Contreras
San Diego
something Month ago
"hooray you found a lost bird!" *yeah at the bottom of the ocean*
papi panda
papi panda Month ago
rip headphone users
KayakDIY Month ago
*DALLMYD* I wonder if we could make a civilian version the navy dive sonar device (shown 13:00) using a high quality fish finder with side imaging. Garmin has some pretty insane fish finder sonar tech with lots of detail. Maybe can even build one into a DPV or something! Just need waterproof housing to put the fishfinder unit in. Running from lithium I think we could build one the same size or smaller. Would be interesting to try. I also want to make a personal homemade submarine/submersible vehicle in the near future....been drafting plans. I found a used submersible vehicle in Florida for $600 but unsure of condition and I'm trying to get more info. *ANYWAY...JUST WANTED TO STOP BY AND TELL YOU AWESOME VIDEO*
Brave Risk
Brave Risk Month ago
Hope you hit 10M Subs Love your videos they are very entertaining
Trinidad Murillo
My great great grandfather was in the navy
Mary Frederickson
Best yet! !!
Asiandonut 21
Asiandonut 21 Month ago
The best patch from the EOD is "If you see me running you better catch up"
YT_ Treexie Willow
those crab scorpions were lit
Jason .Oliver
Jason .Oliver Month ago
they didn't hide them very well. good video though. Former U.S. Marine.
RonttiRoniTTV Month ago
I got so anxious
Voisard Family
Voisard Family Month ago
ive ben there
miyage_ Month ago
02:34 what the....
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congrats ksi
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