Fortnite X NFL

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We're excited to announce that Fortnite and the NFL are teaming up for the ultimate football face-off. Starting November 9 at 7PM ET you'll be able to purchase NFL themed Outfits from the Fortnite Item Shop.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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Nov 5, 2018

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Comments 27 722
Patty_Mc_Fatty12 ‘
Patty_Mc_Fatty12 ‘ 6 minutes ago
Guys that leaked emote is still not in the files
Bruhitz Ole
Bruhitz Ole 20 minutes ago
Dont release the old skins again. You may Get easy money but people would leave. Soon if you guys do! Like if you want epic to SEE this and agree👍🏻
ItsNicoFantasy 27 minutes ago
Imagine this: It's a wonderful Sunday morning in December. You just woke up and see heavy snow falling outside. You hop onto some Fortnite. One by one, your friends hop on until the whole squad is on. Then, you grind. All day. Not a worry in the world. No tryhards, no broken shotgun, everything is cool. You take a couple of dubs and the lobby screen music comes on. Music to your ears as you and the squad celebrate by screaming into the mic. Now imagine this: Another Sunday in July. You hop on to your Fortnite account just to get spammed by everyone, but you don't mind. You log into Fortnite to hear the crappy music. You think about the good old days. You enter a game and you see Paradise Palms, Tilted Towers, and that thing. That desert. It doesn't even fit into the map! What was Epic thinking? You land into Tilted. You grab a shotgun and hear someone above you. You shoot him in the head. Nine damage. He shoots you in the foot and you die. You don't rage though. Your used to Epic Games ruining this once wonderful game. Just like Gears of War, it will die soon. You hop into another game. Luckily, you last until 20th place until a Drift pulls up on you and builds a 50 story hotel within 10 seconds. Then, you're dead.
Earth and Rok ER 2 EPIC
Hey, EPIC games can you add fortnite for huawei P10 lite?!?!
Stickman Andy
Stickman Andy 34 minutes ago
Corrupt O
Corrupt O 46 minutes ago
Just when you thought that you saw the best Crossover episode ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Simba 55 minutes ago
Give me max dire, can't be asked to grind out him
Mike Norris
Mike Norris 55 minutes ago
Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle skins
IGravityGuy /IGG
IGravityGuy /IGG 56 minutes ago
Epic Games plz make playground with more settings like adding bots and max is 100 people also add the setting to make ur own gamemode like solid gold close encounters. The last thing is bring back the thanos gauntlet and mqke it squads so if one of your teamates gets the guantlet theres a squad of thanoses and miniguns Lmgs and compact smgs only if anyone agrees reply with agree is no reply with 3 and a explanation
Defalt The rat
Defalt The rat 59 minutes ago
goeie fails
goeie fails Hour ago
Nice dances
Juega Con Flash
fortnite i cant not play in my xbox one charges mi
Ariol 37
Ariol 37 Hour ago
Vous été tous que des kikou sa mère lol mdr xd
DomiśPL Hour ago
Mam pytanie czy osoby bez skina to są boty czy prawdziwi gracze czy 6 latki?
Natalie Watts
Natalie Watts Hour ago
Put sniper only in fortnite forever
MAZZY Hour ago
Please FORTNITE on 2,0 GB RAM
Ciro Said
Ciro Said Hour ago
muy buenoas las eskin quiero una pero no tengo los pavos suficientes
Tommy Stone
Tommy Stone Hour ago
I hope an epic employee reads this but how come I play legit without buying g any tiers in the battle pass get to level 75 and now it’s impossible for me to get max dire wolf for this season yeah sure I can get it next season but it should be only fair for me to be able to get it this season as I’ve ginded out and I can’t get fire max come on epic I know you love money but come on
Carina Azevedo
Pf lancem para xbox 360
mydickhardasf dan
mydickhardasf dan 2 hours ago
why isnt stuff working today
imsowet inyouface
imsowet inyouface 2 hours ago
add back drum gun
Itz LBP Time
Itz LBP Time 2 hours ago
Bandit 55
Bandit 55 2 hours ago
Please bring nach Double pump
Xx_Panda _ Games_xX
This has nothing to do with the video but epic please give tfue hes account back and landon.Landon wasn't the only person that did pack files and you only ban him what about happy power and other youtubers and tfue might have cheated but you could've ban him for a week or a month and he spent thousands of dollars on your amazing game and all thats gone now you probably won't read this but if you do think about it.
Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia 2 hours ago
EPIC GAMES can you put Dragnonball Z characters?
Antonino Pizzo
Antonino Pizzo 2 hours ago
Leaked new emotes
T- king
T- king 3 hours ago
Epic games can u make fortnite avalible for galaxy tab a
GeneralYt Tony
GeneralYt Tony 3 hours ago
Dear EpicGames,I am suggesting that you can have a NBA theme!
ChilledRainn 3 hours ago
Once every month you should bring old fortnite back
Ioanna Seimeni
Ioanna Seimeni 3 hours ago
Did fortnite remove the LMG???
little man 67
little man 67 3 hours ago
Thay should bring back dabel pump
Jacob Halicek
Jacob Halicek 4 hours ago
fortnite and epic games can u plese add gifting to battle royal
Ferdinand Dichtl
Ferdinand Dichtl 4 hours ago
bring duoble pump back please repost this text on evry social media you have
niraj bhattarai
niraj bhattarai 4 hours ago
Red Knight
Red Knight 5 hours ago
Who saw the new dance in that Trailer?😂😂
Bradly Fryrear
Bradly Fryrear 5 hours ago
When are you making custom skins??
عبد المجيد
Rital Mutairi
Rital Mutairi 5 hours ago
I don't love ninja he don't love player in ps4 😭😭
Sandra Paredes
Sandra Paredes 5 hours ago
The skin is so cool but No Vbuks😡😡😡😡🤬😪
Sandra Paredes
Sandra Paredes 5 hours ago
i got the Dire skin last week and I had 192,000 XP and it said just 55,000 XP, my name is zomkiller57 in PS4 THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Sandra Paredes
Sandra Paredes 5 hours ago
William Casey
William Casey 6 hours ago
MLBman23 I mean
SOUMYA AMYN 6 hours ago
Stupid. Fortnight
SOUMYA AMYN 6 hours ago
Not to be rude but gta is better than
Iluminatuu Iluilu
Iluminatuu Iluilu 6 hours ago
Epic games pura injustiça no PS 4 poder jogar sem psn e no Xbox precisa compra a merda da lev Gold pura injustiça eu tenho Xbox one mais pra jogar no fortnite jogo de vcs e vcs fazem isso seis sabe perder dinheiro em
Besrri Officielle
Besrri Officielle 6 hours ago
Se qui aime les bf allez voir dans ma chîne.
WesAnd Logan
WesAnd Logan 6 hours ago
Add the infinity gauntlet
all phones
all phones 7 hours ago
Someone is dancing a dance that isn’t in the game
huz dhuz
huz dhuz 7 hours ago
Again for the rich, huh??
Charles Prince
Charles Prince 8 hours ago
I caught a scammer hip name is I LIKE TURTLES
أحـمـد - i Liwn
يقلع ابو فخامة جوردن 😂❤️🤚
Naufal Permana
Naufal Permana 8 hours ago
Tai fuck fortnite belum rilis di android udh 4 bulan kalo Desember belom rilis gw gak peduli ama game Lo pindah dari game Lo
sumi sufian
sumi sufian 9 hours ago
I think you should give tfues account back
Jr Gil
Jr Gil 9 hours ago
why is it crashing the ue4 crash report if i just look to the replay and it crash [edit] it takes long to load fortnite
kasper Markus
kasper Markus 6 hours ago
Whats ue4
Jr Gil
Jr Gil 9 hours ago
some trash channel Or Thanks Memes
U forgot default dance
Kareem Cole
Kareem Cole 10 hours ago
I don’t play Fortnite or watch Football, but I think this is pretty cool and a nice step in video games being even more widely accepted.
DAILY Gaming Mate
DAILY Gaming Mate 10 hours ago
at 0:10 you can see a leaked emote black guy with number of 45
Camilla Scharrer
Camilla Scharrer 10 hours ago
I didn’t see the spike it emote
Tang Jun Yau
Tang Jun Yau 10 hours ago
welcome to virginia
Julian Jones
Julian Jones 11 hours ago
Twinkie Pie Gaming
Twinkie Pie Gaming 11 hours ago
How did anybody look it this and not immediately see the hypocrisy? Players can’t even simulate firing a bow but you can put the uniforms of the fucking teams in a game filled with guns and explosives? What?
Jordan Corsey
Jordan Corsey 11 hours ago
Put it in all android
Joshua Sarmenta
Joshua Sarmenta 12 hours ago
Please stop listening to salty ninja about stream snipers it’s his excuse
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 13 hours ago
The first downer pickaxe makes an annoying noise when you pull it out so plz fix it or guve a refund.
Esniperboy1127 13 hours ago
Can you plz not take aim Assisi away plz its just cause ninja got killed by a console player he was stream snipping him still it is a game to some fun and play with your friends or family.
JRBGamer 0406
JRBGamer 0406 13 hours ago
There should be an emote like throwing a flag for the football skins.
James Macferson
James Macferson 13 hours ago
hey is Fortnite PVE going to be free in 2018 like promised or was that just a lie??
deafult girl
deafult girl 14 hours ago
Put forntite on the google play store not in google soooo dumbb we might get scam so put in the google play store
Dukebjz12 YT
Dukebjz12 YT 14 hours ago
Um fortnite quick question *What Dance Is The Black Jersey Skin Number 45 Doing!*
Alexander Maldonado
Alexander Maldonado 14 hours ago
Fortnite X NBA
The Derpy Noob
The Derpy Noob 14 hours ago
Man I remember when games were good and Football was something to remember....My father would be disappointed if he saw this
Sanyog Vyawahare
Sanyog Vyawahare 14 hours ago
Introduce the concept of winds in fortnite the direction of wind will help balloons fly faster in that particular direction where wind is blowing, wind will also help gliding make faster. There will be spots at different location on map where the wind stream will be present. You can add items which will be usefull with the wind think about introducing wind streams in fortnite a environmental change i call it
Cat Brothers Network
This simply should not exist.
Wolfz Gaming
Wolfz Gaming 14 hours ago
New dance that has not come out yet on 45
Leijoe Perez Echevarria
Fortnite, listen. You really need to add a replay mode to the switch version of the game. I know you think I'm just another comment asking for something, but please, just listen. The reason I'm asking for a replay mode on Nintendo Switch is because there might be hackers that people were killed by, yet they don't have enough proof by just taking a picture, taking a screen shot is not going to be enough evidence that it is a hacker, so if someone were to take a screen shot of someone who isn't hacking yet they want to be trolls, then they can easily photo shop the damage given to said person and then they end up getting banned because of a screen shot of which could be edited in the album editing. So you really are going to need to it in a replay mode on Nintendo Switch. I'm kinda nervous now that I gave that info away to a lot of people. Sorry if my grammar is pretty bad.
GamePlay Android
GamePlay Android 15 hours ago
In the near future, we’re working on major performance improvements to Android 7 and some other older operating systems. We’ve since resolved this, providing a big win for performance. Additionally, we’ve been working on large scale optimization efforts to reduce the amount of memory Fortnite takes up. This should provide a more consistent frame rate during longer play sessions. For iOS players, we’re changing how our “shader cache” system operates to reduce size and impact on memory....What to do ... can not reduce the size of the game
Tim Wieland
Tim Wieland 15 hours ago
Epic Can You Please Keep The Football Skins On Friday November 12 - 16
Jackson Dickler
Jackson Dickler 15 hours ago
Bring back drum
TiGerZ 15 hours ago
I wish you could put your name on the back
Manuel Ray Uy
Manuel Ray Uy 15 hours ago
Don't ban me please people say I have aim bot but I don't
XxEyeOfDarknessxX 15 hours ago
Rip Fortnite X Roblox
FlameZ 15 hours ago
Aidan Cintron
Aidan Cintron 16 hours ago
Fortnite can you try to put the deep freeze bundle in the store where you buy v bucks because I just saw a video saying it might sell out,if you do this players will be able to get it easier and give it as a present to someone on Christmas and plus I'm trying to buy this because its a very cool bundle for fortnite and I'm doing a lot of research to find this bundle so that I could eventually buy it,plus I'm going to buy the new starter pack as well so that means more money for your company and if you release the deep freeze bundle in the v bucks store,players will probably start buying it which means alot of money sent to company.
x M k s
x M k s 16 hours ago
Angryluigi 21
Angryluigi 21 16 hours ago
Fortnite ban place top 12 and 6 in squads challenges
Fire Warriors
Fire Warriors 16 hours ago
Yo Epic where’s the GHOUL TROOPER
Echo Kid
Echo Kid 16 hours ago
Can jack gordan come out again plz I love fortnite and I was not able to buy it
Zonreque Brennan
Zonreque Brennan 16 hours ago
fortnite suck as one day it going to get old and when pubg star geting back on top we see who the best game
FD-Xuxa_ -
FD-Xuxa_ - 16 hours ago
Cadê a topson e a doblle pump ????
YourFurryM8Jony 16 hours ago
Where is the guy doing the Default Dance?
NekoTheNinjaCat 16 hours ago
Do you have a discord?
Blackman 2.471
Blackman 2.471 16 hours ago
You guys should add an attachable optic to the game
Troll Slender
Troll Slender 17 hours ago
Devuelvan Le La Cuenta A Tfue >:v
Man OfWar
Man OfWar 17 hours ago
Well, I have an idea for the Christmas update, the whole map is covered with snow, accepting the desert area and the decoration, every time build on the edge of each construction that the snow (without affecting the vision) that the Rocketlauncher hace projectil with a Christmas wrap that some weapons like snipers have Christmas lights. That you meet some challenges like hallowen an emote a graffiti but give you a glaider and a picaxe to a sweet candy Christmas. in skines a santa claus with a sled glider and another skin for both reindeer genera. well that was my idea.
Wallace Santos
Wallace Santos 17 hours ago
O pessoal da epic o servidores brasileira então ruim n da pra jg
Ethan the Ethical Wizard
Does anyone else see the leaked emote?
EclipticQ 17 hours ago
🔴Raid me im live🔴
Sam77828 17 hours ago
0:09 Look at black Uniform 45 He is on the back left
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