Forrest Galante's Crazy Stories from the Amazon | Joe Rogan

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1240 w/Forrest Galante: usvid.net/video/video-OT0ZIq-yWEM.html

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Feb 6, 2019




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Comments 4 075
WasatchMan 9 hours ago
Their original language was probably shit that’s why they adopted languages that were more developed
RG 12 hours ago
i kinda smell bull shit lol but good stories
N1MF 21 hour ago
Peeing on the feet changes the ph on the surface of the skin, not allowing the fungus aka ring worm to grow.
Richard Wilson
So the medic gave the people Vermox to de-worm them....when they had a fungal infection? Then makes a call on a kid who is in his opinion Asthmatic...ummmmm. Also this guest is in my opinion not credible
Skim Voge
Skim Voge Day ago
How many times did this morron say "Indian"? Please, stop.
Gerald Pde
Gerald Pde 2 days ago
This looks like Nohlalikai Falls in Meghalaya, India. Google it. Won't disappoint.
Lucas 3 days ago
The waterfall in the thumbnail is Caracol Falls in the south of Brazil, if anyone is wondering.
Jeff Bunk
Jeff Bunk 3 days ago
Ringworm doesnt involve worms. Its a skin rash.
BigDave TALKS 21 hour ago
Jeff Bunk, thank you, I was specifically looking in the comments to see if anyone mentioned that. My son and grandson had it before
Gavin Tharney
Gavin Tharney 4 days ago
I can’t tell you an even crazier story about the Amazon now 🔥
J 4 days ago
This podcast is for tourists - this is all bullshit.
HeadBob GunPants
HeadBob GunPants 4 days ago
Joe: are fairies real? Dude: yes Joe, fairies are real. Joe:...............woah....
Nothing To See Here
Joe "I'm a live performer and UFC announcer who'll shout at my guests for not speaking into the mic but I'll fucking mumble my way through 80% of my interview" Rogan
Steve Abdelkoui
Steve Abdelkoui 4 days ago
"Jungle powder" lol
Gemma Saint
Gemma Saint 5 days ago
@4:45 Joe: toes that actually have muscles in them and move Me: looks at feet and picks up cat bed with toes hmm Also Me: moves toes independently of one another 🤔 Me again: drops a strip of swan ultra slim filters on the floor and retrieves it with toes I thought we could all move our toes like that? No? I can't recall if I've ever seen anyone else move their toes independently buuut its normal for me. 😂 they ain't "splayed feet" but I can splay my toes, though.
coinstalker Hunt Hard
Peeing on your feet is supposed to cure it I guess the ammonia in urine is supposed to kill the athlete's foot
Denis Shillingford
I think he be going to these nations to the city and then writing these stories down and then coming back. Didn't know nothing 🤣.
Amy Kelly
Amy Kelly 6 days ago
Ringworm is a fungus-
thoth111 7 days ago
Fungus ≠ Parasites. Everyone should take a parasite treatment - even if you don't have symptoms and especially if you have kids or work with them..... reference.medscape.com/slideshow/intestinal-parasites-6010996#1
Alyxandria Randle
They should have murdered him.
Mahesh Walatara
Mahesh Walatara 7 days ago
8:09 This reminds me of so many Star Trek episodes. Especially one Enterprise show where they find humans underground on a distant colony with everyone having Lung Cancer and the doctor simply cured them with a simple shot before they left.
Mahesh Walatara
Mahesh Walatara 7 days ago
Sounds really enticing when ur watching this from your plush leather couches but go there with all the leeches, mosquitoes, snakes and million other creature trying to eat you in one way or the other I am sure you'll wish u never left home. Not to mention lack of WiFi. lol
C Sosa
C Sosa 8 days ago
Lmaooo did he just say he made contact with natives. Isn’t that dangerous for them? Thats like how the Spanish brought smallpox
breeknow 8 days ago
Are these guys really acting as if native americans didn’t speak english? This video is pretty confusing...
breeknow 8 days ago
Wait, did he just say “westeners”?
Source Hauntings
Source Hauntings 8 days ago
It's fungus and peeing may help from the ammonia is our urine. An anti fungal works- nano silver works
Symbiotic226 8 days ago
Make sure to say hi to fentanyl the chinese communist dragon awww so loving so Liberal you idiots are brain damaged from the Chinese posion ... i mean vaccines
Symbiotic226 8 days ago
Make sure to vaccinate and drink atleast 3 glasses of flouride bottled/tap water a day so loving so liberal
Symbiotic226 8 days ago
Vaccines are the reason you fucks are sick stupid and dying lmfao thank china they make your vaccines dont you love communism
abyss cat
abyss cat 8 days ago
I dont get hate coming on JR. If you dont like it then dont watch it. He is more human than those media trained and biased cyborgs. Thats why we are here, he is just refreshing by being everyday Joe, humble and listenning.
Alejandro Moreno
Alejandro Moreno 8 days ago
Why does this fuck face keep using the word "Indian"?
Zane Harmon
Zane Harmon 9 days ago
Joe “pee on your feet” Rogan
Maarek Steele
Maarek Steele 9 days ago
This video is full of things that are why I stay inside.
s m
s m 9 days ago
Hey Joe, when you gonna have Barry Soetoro on the show along with Marcie Darcie aka crooked hillary? 😁
Ketchup Overdose
Ketchup Overdose 9 days ago
I think you’re destined to become an adventurer when your fucking name is Forrest Galante.
Shmu'el 10 days ago
Indians can move their toes separatly and that's why they use vigesimal numeral system...
Roberta Laidman
Roberta Laidman 10 days ago
Hair dryer is foe of fungus.
Roberta Laidman
Roberta Laidman 10 days ago
Those feet are splayed for a genetic reasons.
Carl Username
Carl Username 10 days ago
And the whole tribe died from western medicine.
Blue Coke
Blue Coke 10 days ago
Hobbit Feet
James Logan
James Logan 10 days ago
Peeing on your feet actually works.
Pato Toro
Pato Toro 10 days ago
Man u fuckers should get your shit together before u talk about people u know nothing about I went barefoot for ten years and have no splayed toes so fuck u no nothing assholes
Joey Davis
Joey Davis 10 days ago
It really does work pissed does kill ringworm and it's not bacteria it's a fungus
CK CRAZZYKING 10 days ago
Already getting tired of the call of duty mobile ads 😭it isn’t as good as it looks either
Steve Miller
Steve Miller 10 days ago
Steven Bishop
Steven Bishop 10 days ago
thats what happends to your feet after youve stubbed your toes a few thousand times
Raheem ent
Raheem ent 10 days ago
The whole village is dead now
R. Rod.
R. Rod. 10 days ago
Basically Catachan regiments.
Blindi 10 days ago
"untouched by people, there was only blacks" oh, okay mr. hitler
YaHozna1 10 days ago
Ringworm isn't an actual worm...
Luis Peña
Luis Peña 11 days ago
Maybe schooling and the disappearance of those who had the native tongue have something to do with the Spanish language taking over.....hmmm
maynard3legs 11 days ago
11:04 Joe. Hes brilliant
Adolpho Aranda
Adolpho Aranda 11 days ago
What’s your name? “idk”🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂 he doesn’t know shit!!!
Thomas Hunter
Thomas Hunter 11 days ago
Why does keep saying"Western"?
tony Martinez
tony Martinez 11 days ago
Jre 5999: bro goes to jungle, gnarly
The One
The One 11 days ago
Let the liberal Democrats get ahold of them, they'll teach them how to be emotional.
sbdreamin 12 days ago
70% of pharmaceuticals are derived directly from plants.
Christopher Barnes
Christopher Barnes 12 days ago
Slavery is incredible. Smh 2 fucking dweebs
Joshingya 12 days ago
I would totally stare at a dudes feet...if his dick was hanging out.
Gabajabadingdong 12 days ago
why do they keep calling them Indians???? they are indigenous people
Jeff Chapman
Jeff Chapman 13 days ago
Those feet where from inbreeding
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