Forrest Galante's Crazy Stories from the Amazon | Joe Rogan

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1240 w/Forrest Galante: usvid.net/video/video-OT0ZIq-yWEM.html

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Feb 6, 2019

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Comments 3 834
3245james 43 minutes ago
5:50 think about what they are talking about here. The western world has prohibited those plant medicines they are all illegal... Keep thinking about it. Its actually crazy. Those laws need changing.
Benny R
Benny R 13 hours ago
The Amazon is now on fire.. hope joe does a video about it
CoNnErW 125
CoNnErW 125 14 hours ago
And guys name is Forrest
NS Chptz
NS Chptz 18 hours ago
The messed up thing about this is how they are being referred to as “Indians”. Smh.
Kasey Kriebel
Kasey Kriebel 20 hours ago
I hated feet before I watched this video
Sh Hu
Sh Hu 20 hours ago
If only the natives knew 😔smh....these people have been existing in these places for centuries now they cant go back...
Larry Baker
Larry Baker Day ago
He is doing the best he can. I think he is very interesting.
Tealeye_777 Day ago
The feet deformities are from inbreeding.
Rellim Nayr
Rellim Nayr Day ago
Joe “Funji” Rogan
Justin Springer
he thought he needed to be dewormed
GON Day ago
Nature is so fascinating but also really horrifying
Childofearth Day ago
Vivian Suarez
Ummm ringworm is actually a fungus, not a worm or parasite for that matter 🤣🤣
Beauty on a Barn Budget
A mountain lion can hide in the shadows and not be seen. But no one believes a big foot can hide for centuries???
Beauty on a Barn Budget
Pretty sure this dude is confusing ring worm with hook worm. Ring worm isn't actually a worm. Its just a skin infection.
PsychTripper 2 days ago
Joe is amazed that South American natives speak Spanish, as if natives in North America don’t speak English.
Spicy Jim
Spicy Jim 2 days ago
Forrest: the shaman blessed us with a crazy green powder Joe: WAS IT DMT?!?
sw skating
sw skating 3 days ago
I went somewhere.... ask me anything, stock answer will be " not sure ".....
Bill Gotti
Bill Gotti 3 days ago
Plot twist. Yall weirdos pass athletes foot to everyone cause your constantly pissing on ur foot
Gregory Sedmak
Gregory Sedmak 3 days ago
I wasn't sold on this guy at first, but I like him. Great stories.
Abbas Timmy
Abbas Timmy 3 days ago
"I am not sure to be honest" was the response to half of the questions. WTF, didn't you pay attention?
Matthew Donaldson
Abbas Timmy I honestly wouldn’t have lol I would have been so scared I was gonna die 😂😂😂
Maka Rousse
Maka Rousse 3 days ago
That’s kind of how aliens prob see us... except for all the slaving economy and aggressive culture we all are part of.... Ignorances can be a blessing and a curse 🤨
Bernhard Seifriedsberger
That guy does not know anything that happened around him!! Wtf he was actually doing there?
Joshua Traffanstedt
I'm going to Brazil in 2021
Montega Jada
Montega Jada 5 days ago
So what color were the trees in the jungle ... “I couldn’t tell ya”
Andrew DiSanto
Andrew DiSanto 5 days ago
Bruh this guy think ring worm is a legit worm
Ben Wright
Ben Wright 5 days ago
never seen white people...wonder how many diseases they got....wonder how many of them died.
bibi green
bibi green 6 days ago
Joe where do you think English is from 😂
Christopher Holder
Forrest “I’m really not sure to be honest” Galante
Jujus 847
Jujus 847 6 days ago
All I can say is bless this man for doing what he can. Those people will develop better immune systems and stronger bodies by living in the forest over time. Let’s pray that they do so they won’t have to worry about worms or diseases
varun009 6 days ago
"he gets blessed us with this crazy green powder..." Joe: **takes out notepad and pen** "what's this now?"
Diego Zamoner
Diego Zamoner 6 days ago
Tupi language is the name given to Brazilian tribes
Lewis Lemons III
Lewis Lemons III 7 days ago
Looks like my mother’s feet
Rory Bjorkman
Rory Bjorkman 7 days ago
nice blouse on Joe !
Rexx Dogg
Rexx Dogg 7 days ago
That werewolf in Canada that supposedly killed that guys dog is Bigfoots dog...
light saberAddiCt
Those feet aren't from walking in jungle, it is from inbreeding would be my guess.
Scorpion Don
Scorpion Don 7 days ago
Dont be a fucking dumbass it's from walking years barefoot
LLIP DER 8 days ago
4:16 good for climbing trees.
GreenAndMeat paw
GreenAndMeat paw 8 days ago
I can speak 5 languages and I also change the language whenever I want to remain discreet 😂😂😂
GreenAndMeat paw
GreenAndMeat paw 7 days ago
@luminositymusic BrianPRickard and his beard too
luminositymusic BrianPRickard
GreenAndMeat paw this guest voice is very annoying.
David k
David k 9 days ago
I died laughing when he said,they took the pill to kill the" worms"
Anthony LaMotta
Anthony LaMotta 9 days ago
You should have Kent Hovind on your show.
I'm the alpha
I'm the alpha 10 days ago
Joe "pee on your feet" rogan 9:05
Oopaulio 10 days ago
bro i want to go explore the amazon now
J Pyatt
J Pyatt 11 days ago
He keeps calling these native people Indians. Smh
RONIN BOY 12 days ago
i live in borneo. and i used to run with barefoot too in the forest like a bad ass. but now i wear nike.
eazyrat 13 days ago
LucasLopesTV 13 days ago
Nobody: Joe: Cause in Jiu-Jitsu...
ronan houston
ronan houston 14 days ago
fun facts ringworm isnt a worm at all its a fungal infection
Carlos Sandoval
Carlos Sandoval 14 days ago
Should be embarrassing for you the way you talk about this people. “Indians”, “Amazonian dialogue”, “ I do not know the name of their language”, “I do not know the name of their culture”. “what about their feet?” I wish one time the colonialist way of seen this word will stop. Big micros do no make you wise, and in your case guys they make you look very ignorant and stupid.
Geoff /// M Nelson
Geoff /// M Nelson 15 days ago
Them feet are from interbreeding. Ik because I'm from a town of 200 people middle of Nebraska
Josh Jensen
Josh Jensen 15 days ago
Migo STX
Migo STX 19 days ago
Its gotta be scary as fuck at night
The Swellhead Spur
The Swellhead Spur 19 days ago
Joe "foot fetish" Rogan
WalkerBrosFilms 19 days ago
The person with the top comment here is 100% right but the thing is we only know what we know and they only know what they know. This world Is amazing.
WalkerBrosFilms 19 days ago
I’d love to show those people who are cutting down trees with rocks and show em a bad ass chainsaw and cut them a piece of lumber they want and just to see their face seeing something like that. Idk if they’d like it or not idk lol. But it would be interesting.
Grizz Friction Wood calls
This guy Joe isnt very observant. How do you not notice their feet ? Interesting but I wouldnt want him investigating a new culture. 🤣🤣🤣
danni ragu
danni ragu 21 day ago
Suck on those toes witis bbq sauces yikes
Porfy  D
Porfy D 21 day ago
This Guy doesn't know shit
Death 818
Death 818 21 day ago
He went to see new things and he didn't pay attention to shit. I hate those kind of people
PABLO ESCOBAR 22 days ago
Do not mess with colombia
Hegelian Dialectic
Hegelian Dialectic 22 days ago
This guy is a retard he knows nothing. Joe should be going to greet these ppl not this dude
ClockzTickin 22 days ago
What a fool this guy is.
Lono Kahiwa /Low•no Ca•he•va/
Forrest at 0:37 says "and I'm not particularly fair". Hmmm...🤔...?
Peter Richard-Johnson
Estrada603 23 days ago
I dont think it does help in the long run to give them antibiotics if it kills good bacteria. Making them weaker to what you know will ultimately come back
Luke Lace
Luke Lace 24 days ago
“Amazonian Indian” smh
selim lechner
selim lechner 24 days ago
maybe it was a tribe called quest
Elysia Moore
Elysia Moore 25 days ago
Joe “feet” rogan
Shifttube 26 days ago
there fee get like that because of climbing trees everyday for food also thay might have broke them and they heal like that around a tree but thats what it is so thay can climb a trees
GEM 27 days ago
Stop calling them Indian.
Busa_rdr 27 days ago
Break a leg, you die.
Jes Tehr
Jes Tehr 27 days ago
That dude talks sO LOUD
Carlos Yanes
Carlos Yanes 28 days ago
Three minutes & forty seconds into this interview & this guy who experienced what very few people are privy too does not remember shit wow
406 OUTDOOR 28 days ago
Joe Flowers Bushcraft Global. Look it up
RAFD98 28 days ago
Joe "Piss on your feet" Rogan
APT420 28 days ago
Adam The Woo?
Unhumanized 29 days ago
Bleach the feet Jesus
Stokesbury 29 days ago
1st world naivete sprinkled with liberal moral relativism.... a bit
peter otoole
peter otoole Month ago
Dude is lying on about 75% of what he is saying....
peter otoole
peter otoole Month ago
He says he is not particularly fair - dude - your pink
California Cowboy
Western knowledge isn’t the highest knowledge on earth ! I strongly dislike people whom assume that
Victor Pintó
Victor Pintó Month ago
Do you speak apache Joe?
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