Foreign Mothers | Anwar Jibawi & Rudy Mancuso

Anwar Jibawi
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May 11, 2019

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Comments 14 756
Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi 2 months ago
Thanks for watching! Subscribe & join memberships! Links in bio.
MR ZeZo- زيزو
ابو سلطان هاهاها
Rose nava
Rose nava 2 days ago
Omg لسجسلسجساسحتقدجثهفاصگس.سج im from "İRAN"
Lea Galan
Lea Galan 2 days ago
I am fram dobai in UAE I am nagya 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪
EDitZ 2 days ago
Anwar Jibawi do a part with the dads
Samira Sn
Samira Sn 2 days ago
5:37 rap beat at end..name pllllllllllllz...!? ❤👄
sayf karim
sayf karim Hour ago
Im aribic
Tounis TV
Tounis TV 4 hours ago
أحبك يا انور
Tounis TV
Tounis TV 4 hours ago
I'm arabic to
Brazukinha 205
Brazukinha 205 5 hours ago
Caio Lorenzo
Caio Lorenzo 6 hours ago
Tik Tok م تيك توك
انور طلعت عربي ههه
Soraia Gama
Soraia Gama 8 hours ago
Mds eu n sabia que rudy falava brasileiro
مشاعر Mäčhā3ir
مترجم واو
All Tech
All Tech 10 hours ago
محلا لهجتنا الفلسطينية
my ρlαуlιѕt
my ρlαуlιѕt 10 hours ago
Anwar إنت Muslim
Wolfie Elinga
Wolfie Elinga 10 hours ago
Jad Gaming
Jad Gaming 11 hours ago
I speak Arabic to I’m from Morocco
abd abd
abd abd 12 hours ago
Lol im Arabic and thats funny
Elena rainbow deer
Elena rainbow deer 12 hours ago
... Neka mi neko ovo prevede prije nego što ga plesnem s ribom
juliana Vigat
juliana Vigat 13 hours ago
I speak Portuguese does anyone else do
dikshya bhattarai
dikshya bhattarai 13 hours ago
Slippers in the end😭😂
jana maher_21
jana maher_21 14 hours ago
الفلسطيني لايك
Mobile Hosani
Mobile Hosani 16 hours ago
She is Arab me to I am Arab I am from dabaui
김태현 -Tae-
김태현 -Tae- 16 hours ago
Wairlt was Rudy Brazilian??
Maya Artinian
Maya Artinian 17 hours ago
I'm from siria I understand Arabic but I can't talk Hala Ana baref Arabi bas don't know how to speak
Ghoson ghoson
Ghoson ghoson 19 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣 فرطت
Khadijah Hussaini
Khadijah Hussaini 20 hours ago
I love ma'mool lol any1 else?
Ben GM
Ben GM 20 hours ago
Hands down you the best. Love your vids
SCARFACE 23 hours ago
you should do the fathers
Mohamed Ibrahim
احبك ياانور
Sun Flower
Sun Flower Day ago
Isn’t Hookah really bad my sister did a project about smoking and there was many things about smoking trust me DONT DO HOOKAH!
Sabrina Tayeh
Sabrina Tayeh 8 hours ago
Sun Flower yes but it is a middle eastern tradition also we do it for social purposes so we don't smoke it all the time like a cigarette and this actually is proven that it doesn't affect are health as much because our family and body is immune to by now (I'm half Palestinian half Venezuelan btw)
Isis Rivas
Isis Rivas Day ago
That rug is the same one I used to use in my apartment when I moved to a house I wonder were they got it
Fernanda Chagas
Coisa velha, parece tapete velho kkkkkkkkkk AAAA eu amo Brasileiro
الاميرة السمراء
fabiocosta9 Day ago
I’m Brazilian 😅
Taekook My ship
Anwar’s mum is mine
Creep LTZ
Creep LTZ Day ago
I just realized that anwar and i come from the same country
emily oliveira
Ruby is from brazil
Shumi Barua
Shumi Barua Day ago
Hit like if u r not muslim
Parsun Khalesehosseini
I am Iranian
MrJEEGAH Day ago
That slippers signature 🤣🤣
liooov kid
liooov kid Day ago
Mom mom 😁😁😂
alifsaeb Day ago
I’m Arabic too
Donia abd.Elrhman
بتحكى عربى كويس 😱
Austux •
Austux • Day ago
Hookah given by mom, now that's a good mom, may i borrow her?
Nassy hope
Nassy hope Day ago
You Tube
You Tube Day ago
Yea right, a Mexican calling hokkah a drug. Its like Trump claiming he never heard the word “stupid”.
sofia s'yt
sofia s'yt Day ago
are you arabic? im persian so i'm a bit same like you lol
The muslims hit like 😍😍😍💕
Calvin M.
Calvin M. Day ago
That moment when u first time see that many Arabic comments.
super girl
super girl Day ago
مرحبا كيفك انت انا مغم 💓💓💓💓💓💓
Dr Wolf
Dr Wolf Day ago
i love how they both swipe up on their phones at the same time, with the same phones, going to the same app, about to do the same thing
Lol why'd they laugh at the end
Malek Darwish
Who knows arabic like
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