Foreign Boys | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Wuz Good

Rudy Mancuso
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Music by Rudy Mancuso
Produced by Jamie Rise
"Rockstar" by Post Malone, performed by Foreign Boys.
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Jan 3, 2019

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Comments 14 644
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 7 months ago
Hyundai Vroom
Hyundai Vroom 9 days ago
Rudy Mancuso hey um... if this takes place in the 1960’s then why were u in a big fancy studio and singing rockstar?
Lãmisse Brunette
Thats it you have the word ( enjoy )!to your fans ? WTF
JON TV Month ago
U can publish this song
skkkrt Month ago
Rudy Mancuso t
Iris Ramos
Iris Ramos 2 months ago
Rudy Mancuso adoro te/te adoro/i love you 😜🇵🇹😀 💗💝
cool killer98
cool killer98 2 hours ago
I don’t love those colors I’m Hawaii and I’m the 2 color I don’t know how to spell
Battle Gawd
Battle Gawd 6 hours ago
If you wanna hear the white people song press this blue thing 7:22
Aitor Immonen
Aitor Immonen 7 hours ago
gill azwer
gill azwer 8 hours ago
When is the part 2 comin out man.. cmon
TLK_Gaming _clan
TLK_Gaming _clan 11 hours ago
I'm waiting for a part 2
Lian Thang
Lian Thang Day ago
More, more, more, please!
j. cho
j. cho Day ago
When will they return?
lil PondA
lil PondA 2 days ago
Expert muslim people: Girlfriend HA cute
Abdali Bastidas
Abdali Bastidas 2 days ago
Does anyone know if Rudy is mean in real life
R T 2 days ago
If you think every white man spends his afternoon in his boat reading a book while wearing tight pants, then you're racist...
Julia Kalasova
Julia Kalasova 3 days ago
I love this song I bin hven sex a pop in feel like a Rockstar I chus love It souch and I love your Chanel and Anwar and Wes or wez good and that song forging boys love your chanel
LAdAcIa IsHĒRĒ 3 days ago
This should be a movie♥️
Football Legend
Football Legend 3 days ago
The song is so meaningful and i just love it
Who else looked the foreign boys up after this
OTJ ToxicTurtle
OTJ ToxicTurtle 4 days ago
6:12 That intro was Fire🔥🔥🔥
kaka laka
kaka laka 4 days ago
Nuke Toast
Nuke Toast 4 days ago
Just because your Latin and Arab doesn’t mean your skin color isn’t white
Lpswolverine 4 days ago
YES Latinos are the best.... I’m joking I just said that cuz I’m Latina.
C dudu
C dudu 4 days ago
Wes voice is nice along with rudy's gurl😍
Sloth Fries
Sloth Fries 4 days ago
1:18 I’m so confused know cuz Egypt is an Arabic/Muslim place and Egypt is in Africa so I’m confused some body please help
Cielo Diaz
Cielo Diaz 4 days ago
5:24 me when I finish the last question of a test
Chuy Mendoza
Chuy Mendoza 4 days ago
I wonder if the wife came crying back after he went big 2019 anyone???
Tanner Hardy
Tanner Hardy 4 days ago
I know this is about racism but it’s racist against white people
Maria Jauregui
Maria Jauregui 5 days ago
I love you Rudy
Catastrophic 5 days ago
i love this video
Divine 5 days ago
Nastassja Anderson
love this vid and you got anwar too sing
UpRising Wolf
UpRising Wolf 5 days ago
Part 2
BlazinAsian 5 days ago
Why are the backup singers’ voices so high?
This Slimy Unicorn
I love this!!! I’ve watched it on repeat about 10 times
Saitama One Punch Man
2:06 when Rudy sings Anwar just enjoying it 😂😂😂
joyce malcolm
joyce malcolm 5 days ago
10:31 They better
Ryan Saravia
Ryan Saravia 5 days ago
All the people who disliked this video are probably white
Aleckz 5 days ago
Hi lol hey
Kaven Animates
Kaven Animates 5 days ago
Like the music tho
Kaven Animates
Kaven Animates 5 days ago
No these 3 guys didn’t change music x did XXXTENTACION DID
RonTron 6 days ago
4:52 Kelly! My Kel-bare!
Baseball surfer 42
do you actually smoke
Nain_ 6 days ago
Came back from anuar birthday vedio 🎂 happy birthday nuarrr🎈🎉
theylovedee 6 days ago
Zaidi Abu Said
Zaidi Abu Said 6 days ago
I'm not racist but I think I like the black man voice bcoz it's awesome
Truly Devote
Truly Devote 7 days ago
Waiting on Part 2 😭
Dylan Rodrigues
Dylan Rodrigues 7 days ago
Yooooo post the racist song, I love the vibe :-):-):-):-)👌👌👌
joyce malcolm
joyce malcolm 7 days ago
I love this!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
rachma mama
rachma mama 7 days ago
ryan Fillis
ryan Fillis 7 days ago
Charlotte Naseri
Charlotte Naseri 7 days ago
What the fuck he said at first he hated it but it was beautiful 💓💓💓
Matthew Balderas
Matthew Balderas 7 days ago
Who else came back because they think there’s finna be a sequel
ChrisBazazo 8 days ago
انت عارف انا امنحكيش انجليزي🤣🤣🤣
Txcz 8 days ago
Ehen will they return it took so fucking long man😪❤
SOPHIE ً 8 days ago
Yo ,Your voice is cool ..
Beed Cha Prasad
Beed Cha Prasad 8 days ago
Racist 9:08 this songs freaking awesome 😂😂Who agrees
I saparamadu
I saparamadu 8 days ago
2:08 use me as the replay button
wally dd
wally dd 8 days ago
Does Rudy smoke
KID STERLING TV 8 days ago
U couldn't perform unless u were lighter then a brown paper bag....
Ava Mathys
Ava Mathys 8 days ago
“Your black” “your Europe” “I’m latin” Me:I-I’m Atalian AnD jerman :D Everybody: SHUTUP AVA
Issy Henderson
Issy Henderson 8 days ago
Wow Anwar has a great voice!
rose just meh
rose just meh 8 days ago
You know we dont speak eniglish,right? XD i love that part!!
rose just meh
rose just meh 8 days ago
Henning Engen
Henning Engen 9 days ago
Rudy what song did u play on the piano when they talkes and u say guys
Hannah Van deventer
hahaha "if you see a black guy walking by and you lock your car immediataly then you're racists" Bruh nuh if you are in africa then you have no choise unless you want to have your car hijacked
Hannah Van deventer
i don't know what it's like either i'm south afrikan living in australia
ttv-kill-me__ 9 days ago
Am I the only one but when I hear these types of videos it makes me wanna play the piano and play music?
lordwilliam jones
Episode 2?
yasmin laourin
yasmin laourin 10 days ago
Rami Goalkeeper
Rami Goalkeeper 10 days ago
still waiting for another episode
F4T1M4 B1B1
F4T1M4 B1B1 10 days ago
It would be even better if they put Dan Naimpikid in it as well but still loved it 💖
Aka Nikogus
Aka Nikogus 10 days ago
My mom said that shw never heard of ya and said that the video was hearrt touching
FinJenkz2 10 days ago
Wait he smokes?😭
kitkatcroak y
kitkatcroak y 10 days ago
So does Rudy smoke
Gianna Ochuko
Gianna Ochuko 11 days ago
i need an album
Eiliya J
Eiliya J 11 days ago
This music was amazing i love it
Helen Grace Zablan
Helen Grace Zablan 11 days ago
Part 2
Kathrine Spruse
Kathrine Spruse 11 days ago
Need more of foreign boys
Nifi Fatogun
Nifi Fatogun 12 days ago
Good voices
Cherise Viljoen
Cherise Viljoen 13 days ago
I'm white but... I'm South African white I'm Afrikkans it's gotta count for something I mean we eat food with flavour and all that Lol
George Rekhviashvili
Donald trump should hear the rock star song 🤣🤣
Jada RO
Jada RO 13 days ago
I love this
LarissaInAction 13 days ago
this has a great meaning
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