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Review of the Ford Fusion sold in the Irish Marketplace between the years 2002 and 2012. Is this the ultimate used car?
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Mar 18, 2015




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Tomzy Pits
Tomzy Pits 2 months ago
Ford Fusion (Europe) group in Facebook
익명 2 months ago
the woman is beautiful
ATX-CVPI 3 months ago
In the US, the Ford Fusion is a 4 door sedan manufactured in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Generation 1 was based on the Mazda 6 and gen 2 was based on the most recent version of the Ford Mondeo.
Carl Wayne Holness
Carl Wayne Holness 4 months ago
i bought a 2007 1.6 ford fusion + in automatic and it drives nice engine is quick
Essco Lab
Essco Lab 5 months ago
Possibly the dullest car I've ever driven. You own one of these then you've pretty much given up on life. Ford are in decline and its pieces of junk like this that's pathed the way to their demise.
Jeroen Schouwerwou
Jeroen Schouwerwou 5 months ago
think i need a nap now.......
Georg Dobslaw
Georg Dobslaw 9 months ago
The Irish do speak quicker than I can catch the words. For I am german, I had to haar and translate the sense into my mind. Nearly impossible! So I saw only the Pictures of the car and the nice looking Woman. Both people talk together in a manner as there was no need that anyone else should understand them. Like a chat in a kitchen during a Party!
Dooste Aziz
Dooste Aziz Year ago
I was expecting to see the car but was watching two person talking each other and I couldn’t hear a clear word of what they saying !!!
slavchez Year ago
I can't understand what he is saying. It sounds like "uauaua lauu lauauau" ... Is this supposed to be English?
Falich Year ago
I got a black ford fusion 1.4 tdci with 458xxx km on the clock. generator died the other day. i dident change it and it drives again lol. the thing that has changed most is its top speed, New its 178 kmoh "wiki says" and mines top out at 145 kmph after all those kilometers.
Darshan Paunikar
Nick Kaarslev i have 1.6 petrol varient.. It goes 185 kmph... N its very good to drive
TranceNotes 2 years ago
Bob looks bored to distraction.
TranceNotes 2 years ago
I don't understand why anyone would prefer a black interior (or exterior, for that matter)! Shame this car doesn't have roof rails and easily-removable back seats. I'm guessing the 1.6 engine is the sensible choice, yes?
3RT 2 years ago
Its only a 1.4 diesel they sat but after driving it he says it a big engine.
Kameleonic 3 years ago
Many thanks! About to test drive a used 2006 model; hoping it will be a good choice.
ee dee
ee dee 3 years ago
hey, you fused all the search results ;^)
Paul Tindall
Paul Tindall 4 years ago
thanks nice well rounded review atb.
Bob Flavin
Bob Flavin 4 years ago
I'm sneaking into videos everywhere.....
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