FOOD That Used to Look DIFFERENT

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FOOD That Used to Look DIFFERENT! Did you know these foods looked different a long time ago? Watch Ordinary Food PEELED usvid.net/video/video-NxlaWH85omI.html Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 4 947
Brianna Higgins
Brianna Higgins 8 hours ago
Me cracked
Yea 8 hours ago
When you said “your favourite emoji” on eggplant, it physically hit me. Like an actual brick.
julie Rodriguez
julie Rodriguez 8 hours ago
Who is a else LOVES sniper wolf ❤❤❤ 👇
Chiara 9 hours ago
8:02 wine grapes are the best fruit period.
LilMochi 9 hours ago
Hi it's your friendly neighborhood SSSniperwolf
Jessica Blumer
Jessica Blumer 9 hours ago
I'm never eating those foods again who else agreeds👍👍👍👍
Kerri Lomas
Kerri Lomas 10 hours ago
Happbday have some baked dough with berries stuck in it
XxGPM-SoundsxX 10 hours ago
Who else thinks sniperwold is thicc as hell
Reyhaan H
Reyhaan H 11 hours ago
that stuff about the bananas is utter bullshit they didnt jsut change it there was a plant plague that wiped out all other breeds of bananas
Golden Puppiez2009
Golden Puppiez2009 12 hours ago
“How dare you name a fruit after a color o wait orange”lol
Brambleberry Vlogs
Brambleberry Vlogs 12 hours ago
No one: Not Lia: Not a single soul on Earth: Not a single soul in the universe: People in the comment section: "Blah blah blah blah" ~Me 2019
Christy Maria Al Hajj
I did not eat an avocado 10 years ago because I’m 10 years old
TheCarrie15 14 hours ago
Happy amos birthday
Chloe_the_ Skater
Chloe_the_ Skater 15 hours ago
2:17 that’s just a strawberry but someone put it in bleach 🍓
Trizzle DSG
Trizzle DSG 15 hours ago
If you are my Teacher i have a Sexy (Cute) Teacher
Grace Allen
Grace Allen 18 hours ago
🥚 plant
Angie Burdeu
Angie Burdeu 19 hours ago
1:48 my grandchildren !!!!!!!!!! Is there something your not telling us
Zoe Curtis
Zoe Curtis 19 hours ago
Wait how were the photos taken they should be in black and white
Tobi Vlogs
Tobi Vlogs 19 hours ago
…. imagine going to one fruit and getting 40 different types of fruit .I is confusion
mia morgan
mia morgan 20 hours ago
The apples in this video grow infrount of my old house but their in ediable and sour also dont eat them they made me sick for like a week!
Braydon/ Vlogs/
Braydon/ Vlogs/ 21 hour ago
Hey sniper wolf I started the uno reverse card thing soo... I’m sooo happy someone like you Is using it
Kylie Jade07
Kylie Jade07 Day ago
5:04 i don’t think I had one when I was 2. I’ll ask my mum
Abigail Loftis
Lia:has anyone else eaten an avocado 10 years ago? Me:no I’m 10 years old I was not even born yet I love your channel if I could subscribe infinite times I would
wade cooper
wade cooper Day ago
You shouldn't "Lay your eyes" on stuff, you will get dirt on them.
Fred Swindell
um am i the only one who likes water melons biter and have a lot off the rhine in it
foxy09 mangle Lps
This is how much I said what?!! 👇
Itz Ezi Gaming
Who’s watching this in the morning
Joshua Cristiano
You are so sweet 😍 you have the cutest voice ever!!!
SuqarFluff Day ago
“Why are we quoting things?” -Suqarfluff 2019
Vida Day ago
I am British and say eggplant ~Why is everyone doing this 2019
Tila Faafetai
The banana is a LIE! I live in Hawaii and know my shit so learn it! 😑🍌
Millie Time
Millie Time Day ago
Who else got the usda organic ad and whatched all 25 minutes of it 😂
Kenya27 Neblett
The tiny cucumbers (tiny watermelons )grow in Guyana
Tic Tac
Tic Tac Day ago
Anyone else just eat the seeds
This _ Guy03
This _ Guy03 Day ago
How.. did people in the past live without sweet food??
nikki lea
nikki lea Day ago
quoting lana we stan
Miss Fries
Miss Fries Day ago
My favorite things 🍏🍌🍒🥝🥬🥔🥖🥞🦴🥪🥘🍛🍛🍙🥮🍦🍮🍩🍪🍭🥧🍢🍚🍣🥫🥙🌭🥓🥨🍠🥒🍅🍑🍉🍎🍐🍇🥭🍆🌶🥐🧀🥩🍔🌮🍝🍱🍘🍡🧁🍬🌰☕️🍻🍹🥣🥡🍾🥂🍵🥜🍫🍰🍧🍥🥟🍜🌯🍟🍗🥚🥯🌽🥑🍍🍓🍊🍋🍈🥥🥦🥕🍞🍳🍖🍕🥗🍲🍤🥠🍨🍨🍨🎂🍿🍯🥛🍼☕️🍵🥤🍷🥂🍻🍺🍶🥃🍸🍹🍾🥄🥢🥡🥣🍽🍴FOOD!😍
Watts Day ago
I have a grape tree owo
Bonnie Anne
Bonnie Anne Day ago
This is what GMOs are
Socorro Estrada
I am from the future Me- 2023
Dalal Al-Enzi
lia;have you like eaten an avacado TEN years ago me; i wasent alive ten years ago so guess not ;/
Ella Bartley
Ella Bartley Day ago
Leave a like on this post if you know about sssniperwolfs twin sister! 👩‍❤️‍👩
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Day ago
xxjordan the gamerxx
i have an avocado tree
CarlieRae Browne
I saw this on infinite lists are you coping him latley
CarlieRae Browne
Sorry just weird brain fart
King Bee
King Bee Day ago
0:57 "that look dry to"
Stuffies Time
Katie Evereast
7:04 It looks like Broccoli and cauliflower
My grandmas sister has friend who still have those old apples growing. My aunt and grandma likes them but for me its too sour
nunya Day ago
If I had Lia as a teacher,I would pass her class!! And not skip her class
Marlyn Ribeiro
About the egg plant thing bout it being orange ib ghana and africa it still is yellow or orange but called 'garden eggs'. Like if u know what I'm talking bout
wrnkle g
wrnkle g Day ago
Dynamic community
Sineen Raslan
7:45 the small apples that you are talking about are actually not apples. They are in the plum family, but they’re only in season for a short while.
Maddi Benfield
that[old] watermelon looks like it was picked last in gym class
Quuen #QUEEN#
I never ate 🥑
Emily Tonn
Emily Tonn Day ago
Wait 10000 years! The world hasnt been around for that long
Erika Alvarez
This is how many times Lia said “wild” | | ¥
Blinking Once
Lia: I don't want my fruit to be salty Me: **Agressively dips a sliced apple in salt**
Rebound oωo
Rebound oωo Day ago
Green apples are sour
Lilybeth Lucero
Crabapples are the best! I like to pick them off trees from the park and eat them
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