Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

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omg I bob rossed.... lol. Let me know in the comments how you think I did!!!! I haven't painted anything for real on a canvas in a HOT minute and this was lowkey so therapeutic! PS MERCH LAUNCH ON WEDNESDAY PREPARE UR LIFE!!!!!!!
♡ XO lauren
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Nov 25, 2018

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Comments 24 637
Kylie Walsh
Kylie Walsh 47 minutes ago
Omg!! I would actually buy that painting! It is so good and I love it 💞♥️
Leonid Alexander
Leonid Alexander 4 hours ago
Good stuff!
Gention Qeli
Gention Qeli 9 hours ago
You did beautiful 🙌🏼❤️🖌
Nicole_18 13 hours ago
That looks so good
Kayla Joy
Kayla Joy Day ago
Am I The Only One Who Notices She Has A Sisters Hoodie On?
HiRock Beats
HiRock Beats Day ago
if u did that with acrylic...you would've done amazing if u wouldve used oil painting,...you didnt look awkward with your brush strokes at all..great job. the liquid white along with the oil paint you can blend and the paint moves a lot smoother on canvas and they look softer..and there are no mistakes since its oil and it takes a while to dry you can always go back and adjust or fix anything you dont like.
Stephan Ginther
Apparently bob ross's pet squirrels liked hanging out in his shirt pockets. He mentions it in one video where one of them is sitting in his pocket peaking at the camera. He called the little guy his pocket squirrel.
Abdeslam Talemsani
bob ross who? more like laur ross DIY ross
Aisha Sidd
Aisha Sidd Day ago
U did such an amazing job 😍💯💯
Caelans Life
Caelans Life Day ago
It’s so good ❤️
Tyne Palmer
Tyne Palmer 2 days ago
Omg Lauren the painting is amazing
The greatest Demon that ever lived!
Legit question. When painting with the oil and adding the white at first, do you add the paints right after? Without waiting?
Iowa State
Iowa State 2 days ago
Love the Coors light commercial 😂
TinyAsianKumquat 3 days ago
Hi Lauren I just wanna tell ya that you are featured... is that right featured... well you are in a video called where are the bob ross paintings? We found them.
Maribel Sosa
Maribel Sosa 3 days ago
Your in New York Times, where are Bob ross paints
Slimey Lemon
Slimey Lemon 3 days ago
Shes a sister look at her hoody
Jenna Goodridge
Jenna Goodridge 3 days ago
Haha Lauren, your video was in a New York Times video about Bob Ross!😂
Dave Turner
Dave Turner 3 days ago
That is actual AMAZING
Lucy Mac
Lucy Mac 3 days ago
your video is in a New York Times special about bob Ross paintings www.nytimes.com/video/arts/100000005865824/bob-ross-paintings-mystery.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share
MrTicTic 3 days ago
omg such a great job
Gabby Hassler
Gabby Hassler 4 days ago
It’s sooooooo good
Reece Schurger
Reece Schurger 4 days ago
Low key Lauren's is better
Unicorn Gaming67
Unicorn Gaming67 4 days ago
Who here just watches Lauren paint a picture but never follows along?
Ezra Costell
Ezra Costell 4 days ago
Lauren, thats sooo freaken goooood! Yasssssss queen!
Projectawesome 4 days ago
And BTW he uses oil and ur using acrylic
Carla Sofia Garcia
Her is like messed up me drawing horses out of sticker lil
Edileen Paeaia
Edileen Paeaia 5 days ago
Terri Collins
Terri Collins 6 days ago
I thought you'd was BOB ross's that s how good it looks
Aydee Ramirez
Aydee Ramirez 6 days ago
does anybody know the name of bob’s tutorial for this painting?!
NerdyWolf 18
NerdyWolf 18 6 days ago
Lauren you did really good there is no possible way that I would do anywhere near as good as you did
SETH SCHMIDT 6 days ago
It's so good
Maggie Coyotehill
Who else would mistaken that for an actual Bob Ross painting?
Alizandra Garza
Alizandra Garza 7 days ago
Wow I am shook
Meg & Jess Parrish
i think its so so so so amazing
Selena x
Selena x 7 days ago
Am i the only one who thinks that she kinda sounds like Billie Eilish?
Brianna Landrum
Brianna Landrum 7 days ago
Dolorosa Imelda Sea
OM gosh Lauren it is so GOOOOOOOOOOOOD your so good at art
Brandi Mckinney
Brandi Mckinney 8 days ago
I think you were too hard on yourself but yeah he does use oil painting
Janessa Deleon
Janessa Deleon 8 days ago
Janessa Deleon
Janessa Deleon 8 days ago
I wish bob ross was still alive
TV. Industries
TV. Industries 8 days ago
Oh my good god that painting is amazing! Yours is alright I guess but Bob Ross is a legend
Emily Loves pugss
Is it hard? I like art.. I wanna try it! It seems like everyone ends up with a BEAUTIFUL painting!!
Faith Carlson
Faith Carlson 9 days ago
I want to see the other background with the pictures
Angelina Mai-Vuu
Angelina Mai-Vuu 9 days ago
Me:and my favourite painting ever is from..... Laura ross
Catherine P
Catherine P 10 days ago
Wow she did an amazing job 😍😍
Denis Reiz
Denis Reiz 10 days ago
Leena Tran
Leena Tran 10 days ago
That is soooooooo goooood
laian shahen
laian shahen 10 days ago
part two please
Wolfgirl Elisha Wells
I absolutely loved it before u changed the background colors... But u still did a wonderful job, its really pretty =^_^=
Elif Fidan
Elif Fidan 11 days ago
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