Fix a Rear End Differential Problem - Rear End Making Noise?

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In this video, 1A Auto shows you how to diagnose a rear-end differential on your truck
🔧 List of tools used:
• Pry Bar 1aau.to/te4/1AXAA00020
• Marker / Writing Utensil
• Soft-Bristle Brush 1aau.to/tdA/1AXAA00079
• Dial Indicator
• Gear Marking Compound
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Apr 22, 2019




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Comments 17
Carl Helmick
Carl Helmick 3 days ago
Like your video. But could you get your man to speak up a little bit. Are turn up the volume. I could hardly hear him. Thanks for the info.
Tee Jay
Tee Jay 10 days ago
Excellent information but PLEASE learn to control the audio levels when editing your videos. The voice level was so low I had to crank my volume just to hear him speaking and then at 5:53 your logo transition comes in and was loud enough to wake the neighbors! How did this get past your editor? Wow! I'm not hatin - I swear. I loved the video. Your videos are always very informative and extremely helpful. I'm just trying to help. Unless it was just me.... Anybody else lose an eardrum at 5:53?
USAF Yuros
USAF Yuros 12 days ago
very informative video for a moment I thought you was Matthew Lillard
uhmeizuhngralphf05 19 days ago
Why does it sounds like the tire making the noise
Rowdy Rubio
Rowdy Rubio 24 days ago
I just put in a new ring and pinion. New bearings as well. Backlash is good but I m getting a howling noise on acceleration. Any thoughts.
ryder White
ryder White Month ago
Hello, I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. I've been hearing a grinding noise (when moving), and a popping noise (when turning). Both problems seem to be coming from the rear drivers side. The whole brake system has been taken apart, replaced, and/or rebuilt. The whole rear end has essentially been taken apart and checked over, but I'm no closer to a solution. I was told the problem could be the transmission, or the transfer case. I'm writing this in hope that someone can give me a more precise diagnosis, because I am at my wits end!!! HELP!!!! 🤔😑🤬
Check your differential clutch clips. Could be sliding out and grinding against your side mounts
Alonso Rendon
Alonso Rendon Month ago
I spotted your problem in two seconds, you're driving a ford.....
1A Auto Parts
1A Auto Parts Month ago
Thanks for the comment and for watching! +Alonso Rendon
Derek Maldonado
Derek Maldonado 2 months ago
Finally a good video by 1a auto! Two thumbs ups!! lol
Mr. Roy
Mr. Roy 4 months ago
1A Auto Parts
1A Auto Parts 4 months ago
Thanks for checking us out. 1aauto.com +Mr. Roy
KEITH KUHN 4 months ago
Superb job to thumbs up for that mechanic in his great great work.
1A Auto Parts
1A Auto Parts 4 months ago
+KEITH KUHN Thank you for your positive feedback! We are happy we could help!
Israel Rodriguez
Israel Rodriguez 4 months ago
What would cause a differential to go bad...
Jack Tradesman
Jack Tradesman 4 months ago
How about a brand new carrier assembly with nearly zero backlash and failed bearings?
TankDogg2012 4 months ago
Do y'all know anything or hear about 98' Durango's having the rear end lock up and/or unable to drive over 30 miles an hour. Any ideas, had someone say they'd fix it for $800 that I don't have.
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