First to beat IMPOSSIBLE NINJA WARRIOR COURSE wins! (Trampoline park)

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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 1 588
Arya Jayaraj
Arya Jayaraj 11 hours ago
2020 anyone is what everyone says
lexi the wolf 907
lexi the wolf 907 19 hours ago
Funk bris you should visit Sam and colby
Meri Savage
Meri Savage Day ago
I never thought Cory would win a ninja challenge……👍🤟🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Darzy 2 days ago
Who rembers the scooter videos?
Ameerah Alli
Ameerah Alli 3 days ago
Why does 99% of people say 2019 anyone
Hyper bubble _118 Fortnite
Capran kiss z
Bentendo316 5 days ago
I like this intro the best.
Paul Alber
Paul Alber 5 days ago
I’ve been watching from the beginning of them👍🏻👍🏻
Vakaris 6 days ago
looksl ike the same park as Ally Law one time did and overnight challange
resolution myst
resolution myst 7 days ago
Team edge went to this same corse
Vitus Skjold
Vitus Skjold 8 days ago
when u said that i have smash the like button and now i have a broken finger
katelyn mueller
katelyn mueller 8 days ago
the vid of u jumping into that pool was caylas aka infint lists there???????????????????????!
SOULRAIDER 8 days ago
Z: "I don't run, I only run from the cops". 5:42
Dark Dynasty Trio
chilo Tshisevhe
chilo Tshisevhe 9 days ago
If u love funk bros like
Digna Medina
Digna Medina 10 days ago
Jason DeYoung
Jason DeYoung 11 days ago
Kaveman Meta
Kaveman Meta 11 days ago
NYPD training course lmfao i love y'all vids
Merissa De La Garza
“Cheddar cheese hanging “ I think you mean Swiss Capron 😂😂
Jake Winkelman
Jake Winkelman 14 days ago
Average youtubers lol
Linda Ayala
Linda Ayala 14 days ago
Cater where did this
Jack R
Jack R 15 days ago
Where is that
DEMO dog
DEMO dog 15 days ago
Corey a beast man
Ultimate fun time ,Yeah
Plz sub to me
Ultimate fun time ,Yeah
The two story thing where he hit his toe was at infinite ♾ house
Kevin Saunders
Kevin Saunders 15 days ago
Kevin Saunders
Kevin Saunders 15 days ago
Kevin Saunders
Kevin Saunders 15 days ago
Latifa Ace Family Love 1# Fan
Dojo boom copied circus trix with everything
Bazwoods 15 days ago
where is this place on google map???
Simone Lalic
Simone Lalic 16 days ago
i do parkour
Joshua Barca10
Joshua Barca10 17 days ago
Im wating for a new vid in 2020
Robloxxer Squad
Robloxxer Squad 18 days ago
i have been here
Robloxxer Squad
Robloxxer Squad 18 days ago
its in thousand oaks CA
Bill adams
Bill adams 18 days ago
Carter sharer went too
Neb007 Joagear
Neb007 Joagear 18 days ago
You should do a flip battle between Zeke and Bailey Payne
Fried Twinkie
Fried Twinkie 18 days ago
What is the discord chat for the funk bros?
Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez 18 days ago
Zeke do 9 back flip and 10 front flips😎
Hey Gals
Hey Gals 18 days ago
Haha Kevin Bull, one of the best ninjas on the show and the owner of dojoboom was next to u and u didn’t do anything lmao🤣
RLF DJ 19 days ago
You are in Florida I been there
Will Spink
Will Spink 19 days ago
Your awesome
Zyfo 20 days ago
5:50 to 5:51
Lil Coldhrt
Lil Coldhrt 20 days ago
How did you guys fail the 2nd part of the parkour I did it my 3rd try and made it farther then you guys and in 15
Brady Park
Brady Park 20 days ago
Do you know that Kevin bull was behind you
Paul Kramer
Paul Kramer 21 day ago
The funniest thing is regular Ninja Warrior courses like American Ninja Warrior are way harder than that
XxNghtMareForAllNightMaresxX 2722
Zee is going to win
fox roman
fox roman 21 day ago
I love ya
Scarlett Van Houten
The dangie bros went to the ninga waryors
Arthur Newberry
Arthur Newberry 22 days ago
Y'all should come down to Arkansas and go to this trampoline park called third realm
YIXIN MA 22 days ago
I have a dare for you funk Bros do a back flip then without stopping do a front flip do it with you Bros and see who can do that the longest.
Luke Shoptaw
Luke Shoptaw 23 days ago
what shoes does z have???
Living Death 17
Living Death 17 23 days ago
I wanna see them do a video with Team Edge
Staci Miller
Staci Miller 24 days ago
Staci Miller
Staci Miller 24 days ago
Z Is incredible
Lily Herman
Lily Herman 25 days ago
Am I the only one who is asking where this is so I can go there. Just me? Ok
Nick Lichtenstein
Nick Lichtenstein 25 days ago
Alexander Nguyen
Alexander Nguyen 27 days ago
This is dogo boom
Olive Huggins
Olive Huggins 27 days ago
Every like, I'll add a HEART!
Kaleb Lord
Kaleb Lord 28 days ago
Bro’s you guys are the best and you like are the only USvid video I watch
Skywalkerfpv 28 days ago
Mowie KC
Mowie KC 29 days ago
Where was that place??? I really want to go there!!! Looks so fun!!!
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