Firecuda Gaming Dock Review!

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This Firecuda Gaming Dock is a really unique solution if you're looking to solidify your desk setup, especially with a gaming laptop...
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Jan 24, 2020




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Comments 523
Phantom AA
Phantom AA 23 hours ago
you have a black Rubix cube lmao
Kaekayyy 9 days ago
0:03 i give that a 8.7/10 on the "that's an obvious statement" scale
Brock Clendenin
Brock Clendenin 9 days ago
i fail to see the use
Ben Grace
Ben Grace 14 days ago
Is this a sponsored video? This is why I don't care for FrankP's content much anymore. There's no insight, critique, or evaluation that might help out a potential buyer on this product. It basically feels like an ad.
Ben Grace
Ben Grace 5 days ago
​@randomfrankp Definitely. It took 7:38 minutes of RGB-roll and a breakdown of the (weak) feature-set before you offered any insight or your opinion on the product. Your video description even describes it as a 'unique solution', not an over-priced one. If you think it's over-priced or have actual insight beyond it being 'unique', why not title the video "The Firecuda is overpriced" and educate viewers from the jump? Speculation but it feels like your relationship with manufacturers has skewed your bias and your content. It's all subjective, but I'd love some actual evaluation from the jump instead of 6 minutes of shots of USB ports.
randomfrankp 14 days ago
Did you watch the video Ben? I literally said this is over-priced for a small demographic.
ParrotPlaysGames 15 days ago
Me: **sees the price** Also me: **broke intensifies**
Spooky -
Spooky - 20 days ago
yeah thats cool and all but why is it $350, There is no reason this should be so much wtf
LoBo 3232
LoBo 3232 22 days ago
4:04 whats that little cube thing hold your mouse wire called.
ZIMBAGAMING 17 days ago
USB hub
Anurag Tulasi
Anurag Tulasi 22 days ago
What are the ssd temperatures? Do that dock cool that gaming ssd?
Coco 22 days ago
pian ren qian
Louder 23 days ago
I game on a MacBook Pro, running an external GPU into my gaming set up. This seems pretty awesome to me. It's just a bit of a shame that it doesn't pass power through to the laptop. I suspect it will be something I pick up. Can you get it without the HDD so I can put something else inside?
paul Z
paul Z 23 days ago
I love how company's just slap some EGG into something and immediately call it "gaming"
Rockastorm gaming
Rockastorm gaming 23 days ago
Im buying one immediately
Agram420 24 days ago
lining up the laptop and still dint line it up perfectly. lol r/mildyinfuriating
Nishan Goswami
Nishan Goswami 24 days ago
This needed a PCIE Slot for a EGPU on top to make sense.
borny21 24 days ago
gaming hard drives are here
mcwillzz23 24 days ago
It would only make sense if it was an eGPU as well. Still waiting for a laptop, that's as close as possible to ultrabook size with adequate cooling on an i7/i9 HQ processor and INTEGRATED graphics. That way there isn't excess GPU heat, and I can plug in an eGPU at home when gaming
Maddox Swan
Maddox Swan 25 days ago
I’m using the same keyboard and mouse as you 👌
TS 656577
TS 656577 25 days ago
Would love if it wasnt tree fiddy
CrownGK 25 days ago
David Allen
David Allen 25 days ago
It is Niche, I like it though, the thing is no thunderbolt power delivery is going to power a gaming laptop
What keyboard/keycaps are you using in this vid?
Francisco Gómez
Francisco Gómez 25 days ago
WTF most stupid "gaming device" ever
Jason Martin
Jason Martin 25 days ago
Seriously, Frank? Might just be the ultimate desktop gaming accessory? A fucking external HD with some extra USB ports for possible docking? Fuck outta here.
Generic Memes
Generic Memes 26 days ago
So they want $350 for this thing? Christ. Hard pass, no matter how good it looks or how functional it is. At the end of the day, it's still just a HDD in a fancy case.
elenchus 26 days ago
It's very expensive, but then most premium Thunderbolt docks are very expensive, and don't include the SSD/HDD component. My dock (needed dual DP-out and some other stuff) was like $200 (CalDigit Pro), and my Seagate Time Machine drive was like $180, so it's actually not far off.
Chris Is Cool
Chris Is Cool 26 days ago
frank:This is the ultimate gaming gadget Also frank: No this is the ultimate gaming gadget
nick treleaven
nick treleaven 26 days ago
Seems like a 10 year old device. Too slow and too expensive. This item with 2-4 ssd drives would be better
Azmaria Dei Post
Azmaria Dei Post 26 days ago
so the same price as my laptop... plus it uses a port that i don't even have on my desktop? no thanks.
Glenn Wilburn
Glenn Wilburn 26 days ago
Would an optane work in this?
Blueish Anteater
Blueish Anteater 26 days ago
No HDMI Port? Either
Chacky Chicho
Chacky Chicho 26 days ago
Kottonstream 26 days ago
Why would I want this again? This just makes more clutter and wasted space
Joseph Badger
Joseph Badger 26 days ago
Bad intro... Bad.... If you need something like this... Lol
Zenroy 26 days ago
Ehh I’ll just pop another m.2 in my mobo with the other m.2w already inside lol
J-Roc 26 days ago
Wouldn't the NVME be hindered by the USB connection?
Kirpich158 26 days ago
Is it a Skate XL in the end of the video?
Stephen Connor
Stephen Connor 26 days ago
This was a real slow burner Frank
Frentacticz 26 days ago
This just seems like why do i need a desktop when i can get a razer laptop then have it mobile? Im down doe
JJ Deviloper
JJ Deviloper 26 days ago
What is that keyboard?
Vince The Prince
Vince The Prince 26 days ago
Wait what, why do you need to connect that thing to a laptop?
Steven Baxter
Steven Baxter 26 days ago
Honestly if it also charged the laptop, that would make this a MUCH more viable product. Otherwise you mind as well just buy a Razer Core that charges your laptop, gives you the ports, and is an external GPU.
Harry Cox
Harry Cox 27 days ago
Does it work with Xbox?
Bryce CS
Bryce CS 27 days ago
Who was here when this was called “ Is this the ULTIMATE GAMING Device”
Sam Mainwaring
Sam Mainwaring 27 days ago
The thumbnail makes it look like a fan that cools your hand while gaming, maybe just me but I dunno
Kr33py Kyle
Kr33py Kyle 27 days ago
God damn $350 lmao. No thanks
Pau11 27 days ago
So its effectively an external hard drive with passthrough ports and rgb For $350?
Z Afzal
Z Afzal 27 days ago
Was hoping it was a E-GPU /w PSU + HDD + NVME + Dock enclosure for that price....
David Balea
David Balea 27 days ago
I know ir sounds as a silly question but where did you get that Black Rubik cube? Amazing!
Steven james
Steven james 27 days ago
This so shit ....
Dabaron Da Fox
Dabaron Da Fox 27 days ago
This is not even close to being "The Ultimate Gaming Gadget" It is such a small market for people who need any of that. And for a person using a desktop its not good at all.
Keb 27 days ago
Don’t wanna sound mean but this is absolutely useless
Bigdoge130 27 days ago
This is perfect for me actually lol
checkitimawesome 27 days ago
Seems like a really bad gadget for gamers, given that it's a hard drive not an SSD as standard. It looks nice, sure, but there are plenty of other docks, for way cheaper, that do the same functions. Notably, from Elgato (At least their entry level ones)
MiloTaterTots 27 days ago
What mousepad does he have it’s hot.
Jebus Adventures!
Jebus Adventures! 27 days ago
"Is this the ultimate gaming gadget?" No.
Angel 27 days ago
I thought the top of it was gonna be a wireless charger because of the mouse on the thumbnail. Then I looked at it again and realized it's a wired mouse
Dylan B
Dylan B 27 days ago
At that price was expecting it to be an E-GPU with included storage and docking. $350 for a hard drive with a bunch of dongles. nice.
P P B r a d
P P B r a d 27 days ago
Me: Oh wow this seems pretty cool, I might get this *Clicks on link* *Looks at price* Me: Oh...
ZIMBAGAMING 17 days ago
It’s cheap yo
Smashen 27 days ago
Is this the Ultimate Gaming Gadget? What is this crap? Honestly.
Smashen 27 days ago
You know the ULTIMATE GAMING GADGET? Spending 350€ on an actual GRAPHICS CARD. Dude if a gadget costs more than the typical gamer graphics card there is something wrong.
FaZe BrokeNiqqa
FaZe BrokeNiqqa 27 days ago
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