Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows (Nintendo Switch)

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"The surface world turned its back on us, and we did the same in return.”
Meet the Officers Academy’s secret fourth house, the Ashen Wolves, when Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows arrives February 13th as part of the Expansion Pass.
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Jan 16, 2020




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Jebaited 9 days ago
kinda sucks that it's not a 5th route like revelations. i wanted to be able to recruit them all in 1 route. pretty meh
R34FireEmblem 9 days ago
Ahhh welcome to fire emblem three houses. Featuring 4 houses and five routes
Blade of Evil's Bane
Yuri is unironically a Guy. *Huh...*
Sharon Groeneveld
Sharon Groeneveld 10 days ago
I wonder if these guys have timeskip portraits
Little Hagoromo Gitsune
They do, I can confirm.
Ambur Price
Ambur Price 10 days ago
Sharon Groeneveld Very very likely that they do
SilenTHerO78614 10 days ago
Ah yes the four new characters, White Claude, Goth Chick Dmitri, Not Leon, and Nihilist Starfire.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 11 days ago
3 hours and thirty minutes left.
WhiteKoneko 11 days ago
Hype it's out tomorrow!!! Bye bye social life
Lawlup TheLombre
Lawlup TheLombre 11 days ago
1orinth 15 days ago
It’s about time they brought a new Dark Souls to the Switch 😂 Ashen Wolves living near the Abyss, oh Fire Emblem you are such a tease.
Nicholas Santos
Nicholas Santos 15 days ago
Idk why but this whole underground theme reminds me of Octo Expansion and if it’s even half as good as octo expansion was I’ll be incredibly happy
BlackShadowFan29 20 days ago
So is this Byleth's actually house to choose??? Byleth is known as the Ashen Demon and they're the Ashen Wolves that can't be a coincidence
Ambur Price
Ambur Price 10 days ago
BlackShadowFan29 Sorry, there are still people who think that this is an entirely new route, so I wanted to clear it up in case you were being serious.
BlackShadowFan29 10 days ago
@Ambur Price 😞😞😞😞I was saying that as a joke sorry I know it's only a separate route
Ambur Price
Ambur Price 10 days ago
BlackShadowFan29 No, this is not a separate route and you will not be able to choose the Ashen Wolves as your house.
Charlotte Dardenne
Charlotte Dardenne 20 days ago
I wish the ashen wolves were against Rhea so the black eagles wont be the only one So it be fair Blue lion and golden deer= with Rhea Black eagles and ashen wolves = against Rhea
0fuxxgiven 26 days ago
It took me until today to realize that yuri got a 0% crit lmao
Poop Face
Poop Face 26 days ago
**sees the Ashen Wolves' leader** OH YEAH! DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA BABY BABY! DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA OH YEAH!
the gaming doggo
the gaming doggo 26 days ago
I'm in the abyss ratatata I'm in the abyss
D S 21 day ago
luk20000 27 days ago
ok but, with how cheap this is, how long will the house be? obviously we would all love it to be as long as the other houses but thats very very unrealistic
Ambur Price
Ambur Price 10 days ago
luk20000 This isn’t another route, just a separate mode from the main game. Developers stated that normal mode will take about 8-10 hours.
TheLadyMeyneth 27 days ago
Where's the Hapi love
Decaying Dream
Decaying Dream 28 days ago
Clearly the only reason anybody would dislike this video is because of Smash Bros. Not at all because it’s an absolutely abysmal concept that will most likely be executed just as poorly as Crimson Flower or Fates as a whole was, but this time with the added benefit of emo teens as our house members. Certainly can’t be that.
Decaying Dream
Decaying Dream 10 days ago
Ambur Price I do understand that and I think it’s an excellent idea on the whole to avoid the mistake of Fates Revelations, but that’s not the point I’m getting at. The concept of there being a fourth house underneath the monastery is, to me, absolutely idiotic and the characters immediately left a very negative impression on me was my point. Sure, maybe this will change but I doubt it. Not to mention the fact that it will obviously have to include its own story, albeit a small one, and that if Crimson Flower or Silver Snow was any indication, said story will likely be god awful.
Ambur Price
Ambur Price 10 days ago
Decaying Dream You know the devs have explicitly stated they do not want to make a “golden” route, right? This isn’t a new route, just a new mode.
Decaying Dream
Decaying Dream 28 days ago
Joe Baldino no you
Joe Baldino
Joe Baldino 28 days ago
You’re gay
TwinTails100 29 days ago
This strangely looks more anime than the main story.
Rebecca Lotto
Rebecca Lotto 29 days ago
So,these guys are like the 3 houses version of team skull?
Captain Sarina
Captain Sarina 29 days ago
okay but like if post-timeskip Constance doesn't have the most extra Gothic ball gown ever I'm going to be mad
F.Y.E AMVs Month ago
Hope Yuri won’t have orgasms talking about how he wants to kill or be killed by me like Jeritza. I need someone to gay love me sweetly like lindhart. Plz?
Superangelo 64
Superangelo 64 Month ago
1:26 if there is no gay option, im getting mad
ren 22 days ago
Yuri’s confirmed Bi.
Anwar Akkad
Anwar Akkad Month ago
Game : *three houses* Nintendo : *objection!*
Currently Phi
Currently Phi Month ago
rats, we're rats. we're the rats.
Ritly13 Month ago
A genderqueer character?! A very bold decision for Nintendo, I like it! Can't wait!
Mark Wells
Mark Wells Month ago
Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Revalations
Miss Anthropist
Miss Anthropist Month ago
Something tells me Ashen big boi and Golden big boi would get along.
Call me Zelda ONE moar time
FE Five Houses now huh
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor Month ago
Does anyone know the name of the ost or is it new?
Revan Cousland
Revan Cousland Month ago
Byleth: Oh you’re the Ashen Wolves? Funny because I’m known as the Ashen Demon.
Zeke Onetoo
Zeke Onetoo Month ago
I heard that Ashe, Hilda and Linhardt will be joining too
God Sammit
God Sammit Month ago
I wonder who provided their voices in English...
God Sammit
God Sammit Month ago
@Devo I was hoping for Johnny Yong Bosch, though. My other hopes for VAs: Erika Harlacher as Constance, either Jalen K. Cassell or Chris Tergliafera as Balthus, and Hapi is the wildcard. Also, has Saab been in FE?
Devo Month ago
Going to ear, I'm fairly certain I know Yuri's VA. Alejandro Saab, also known as Kaggyfilms here on USvid.
pyrosianheir Month ago
Ooohhh son of a heck. This was unexpected but it VERY welcome. Can't wait for what all this brings. Hopefully their side story ends with them being folded into the house you're part of. XD
Ambur Price
Ambur Price 10 days ago
pyrosianheir Yup! After completing Cindered Shadows you are able to recruit the Ashen Wolves into whatever house you’re in!
Cookie Mom
Cookie Mom Month ago
Finally we can join Slytherin
Background Character J
It ended with Bernadetta now Constance is my waifu
MaKenna Month ago
Jierda Reisa
Jierda Reisa Month ago
I noticed two things in this trailer: - Yuri landing a 0% crit (something I would really like to be capable of) - Constance's 69% hit rate
Malfesto Nocturnos
As long as its lore friendly (flows well with the already established story) I'm good with it TBH.
Solid Snake
Solid Snake Month ago
Only 4 guys ?
Mist Month ago
Prepare to face the Almighty King of Grappling!
ZackSNetwork Month ago
Hapi is best girl
D.SENDAMA 5 Month ago
Fire Emblem fans are feasting right now!
Jude Bamford
Jude Bamford Month ago
How very convenient
Александр Костров
Soooo.... They just ripped Yuri Lowell and nobody is going to ask?
highrobin Month ago
FE 3H: Constance: "Tremble in fear at my magical might." More like: DW 3: Zhang Bao: "Feel the power of my MAGIC!"
Icy Joestar
Icy Joestar Month ago
Now there is 5 houses. Golden Deer Blue Lions EW. Shadow Daddy Muscle House S M A S H
Lucas Month ago
Fire Emblem: Four Houses
TheIronBreaker 344
Sewer students
I don't even care about Fire Emblem, but... You guys are within your rights to show these mad hoes the binary code finger sign for the number 4.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Month ago
*My boy Ashe gets an entire house. Is he house leader of Ashen Wolves?*
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Month ago
Not gonna lie, these new characters just look like pallet swaps of existing characters with minor alterations. The big guy looks like buff Claude. The blonde girl looks like a wild Ingrid. The red head looks like a cross between Petra and Bernie. And the last one stole Byleth hair and outfit combined with hints of Shamir.
ren Month ago
I honestly don't understand the whole "Constance looks like Ingrid" thing. She looks more like Dimitri than anyone. Also Hapi def doesn't look like a cross between Petra and Bernie, that's a total reach. Yuri didn't steal Byleth's outfit... that's just the house leader outfit basically, modified. The hair isn't Byleth's either. Honestly, it just seems like you're reaching for comparisons... the only one I can see is that Yuri looks a lot like Leon from SOV but that's it.
Biota Tempus
Biota Tempus Month ago
maybe it's just because of the artstyle... not just these new characters but i find many other characters to look very similar. Anyway it's not easy to draw many characters that are all different looking
kevi1813 Month ago
So is this a new playable path, or is it just additional units and i should wait to play the remaining paths so i don't have to play them all over again to play with them?
Ambur Price
Ambur Price 10 days ago
kevi1813 If you want to use the Ashen Wolves in the main game, play the DLC before finishing your remaining paths.
Miss Foxiness
Miss Foxiness Month ago
Blue Lions: Gryffindor Golden deer: Ravenclaw Black eagles: slytherin This new one: Hufflepuff?
Thot Slayer69
Thot Slayer69 Month ago
0:58 My boi just crit with a zero...... BRUH
DbzFlipz Month ago
Kuraiko Sarana
Kuraiko Sarana Month ago
(Fire emblem Shadows of valentia) Leon... ... is that you???
Matthew Wagner
Matthew Wagner Month ago
Noice well deserved slap to the smash community 👏 music is fire too
Tuco Imposter
Tuco Imposter Month ago
Yeah, no way that purple hair guy is evil. No way
toshio1334 Month ago
Legit thought Balthus was the leader at first instead of Yuri
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