Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! I've been doing makeup for 3 years now but the one skill I have not mastered is matching my foundation. I've looked white with Flashback Mary, but I've also looked orange. For today's video, I decided to test out every single foundation on the market and see if I could find the perfect shade. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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Jan 8, 2019




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Comments 231 187
Lianne Zhuang
Lianne Zhuang 19 minutes ago
Too Faced!!!!
Libby Hatchel
Libby Hatchel 55 minutes ago
Fenty 170 ❤️
Abby Stanley
Abby Stanley Hour ago
Michell Hall
Michell Hall 4 hours ago
19:17 I have that same elf foundation alabaster or alablaster
Michell Hall
Michell Hall 4 hours ago
Why do comments get all the likes a lot of people in the comments don’t have a USvid channel.
Kate Jannette
Kate Jannette 4 hours ago
Sebastian Bails doesn’t have this problem, he can just color his face with an orange Crayola marker
S.x723 4 hours ago
James if it matches your neck use it it will maybe not be the perfect match for your face but it will blend beautifully with your neck which is the problem you are dealing with❤️❤️ P.S love you sista
Annie Fahd
Annie Fahd 8 hours ago
K I think fenty might be the one
Slavica Chavdarsky
Slavica Chavdarsky 9 hours ago
Oh ,God this ain't it sis.LOVE YOU SISTER!!!
Madi Mew
Madi Mew 10 hours ago
The 2nd last one sorry I couldn't remember the name 😅
Kleria Flouri
Kleria Flouri 12 hours ago
The fenty beauty foundation was definitely the best
Maddie Collier
Maddie Collier 14 hours ago
Iah Perez
Iah Perez 15 hours ago
Two faced!!
Madalyn Weirdo
Madalyn Weirdo 16 hours ago
someone sister snipped off some hair lol
Sofi Isabel
Sofi Isabel 16 hours ago
Someone who understands my struggle.
Sofi Isabel
Sofi Isabel 16 hours ago
“I’m literally going to quit my job” oh James, you won’t be able to afford to quit your job😂😂
Takoyakimonster 17 hours ago
30:18 That actually matches you in my opinion!
TryMe Perfection
TryMe Perfection 18 hours ago
It's been 2 months 2 million, almost 3 million subscribers later...
Madison Kunze
Madison Kunze 19 hours ago
Fenty or two faced
Leah F
Leah F 19 hours ago
The air flash is the best
Victor abzros
Victor abzros 19 hours ago
Bye sister tell flashback Mary I miss her
Xan Kirsten
Xan Kirsten 19 hours ago
Sweety your 5 o'clock shadow is really showing. Your sister xan
Vivien6298 20 hours ago
I really wanted to see you blend all of them togethor. That would've probably been really funny.
Madison Paulsen
Madison Paulsen 20 hours ago
Btw ilysm James💕😭
Madison Paulsen
Madison Paulsen 20 hours ago
Shannon Graham
Shannon Graham 21 hour ago
Too Faced and Morphe
Simply Geek
Simply Geek 21 hour ago
Fenty sis
Slow Slug321
Slow Slug321 21 hour ago
Sister I don’t even think u need a perfect color of foundation ur beautiful!!!!
Shannon Graham
Shannon Graham 21 hour ago
The amount of money spent on these foundations 😩😩
Eleonora Ruvolo
Eleonora Ruvolo 23 hours ago
The fenty one was perfect owo
A Nickels
A Nickels 23 hours ago
I don't know about makeup, is your foundation supposed to be lighter or darker than your skin?
imani rose
imani rose Day ago
Fenty was definitely the best!!
Zoe Macaw
Zoe Macaw Day ago
I really like number 1,3 and 5
Elisa’s Adventure
I think that fenty is definitely the best
llhackeryll 14
I think the Fenty one matches best
Kamryn Rezin
Kamryn Rezin Day ago
Fenty and Too Faced
Daniel Sidén
You are neutral with a pink undertone?
Annie Green
Annie Green Day ago
Whatever foundation you put on you always look beautiful. Even if I put foundation on that is the right shade I look like a monster . I love you so much
Margaret Hillman
I like the fenty
Shannon Germanos
I like the two faced foundation
Btrain 15
Btrain 15 Day ago
They should make a shade called sister shook that’s James right shade
Rebecca Fultz
This is the first James Charles video I watched. I'm glad I stumbled across you, James.
sabrina k
sabrina k Day ago
Imagine being this richhhh goals😫😍
Britta Anderson
Tbh I think the Dior air flash is the best even though he doesn’t like it
Destinee Jabar
11:56 my explanation is... Because you don't tan or take your shirt off. No hate at all
nicolas lana
nicolas lana Day ago
The good match for you sister James is Dior air thing 200
Savannah Waldo
That is definitely 100 per cent your match
Jadyn Ochoa
Jadyn Ochoa Day ago
My cousin said that you are stubeny
Eve xx
Eve xx Day ago
U look so pink in the intro And I'm not surprised this video is so long 🤔😂😂
Millie Booth
Millie Booth Day ago
Quick sister tip I learnt: for trying new shades put it on the inside of you thumb to get a better comparison
Kristi Pollard
The first foundation you tried looks good to me but who cares what those haters say
Kristi Pollard
I found out it's called too faced
Hannah Alvarado
You are PALE and PINK
Olive Issler
Olive Issler Day ago
I think the fenty was the best Like if u agree
Anthony G.
Anthony G. Day ago
Omg James! You finally found it! Do you have any tips on matching concealer? I really need to know because most of my concealers are darker than my skin or lighter than my skin.
Vanessa Ahtnamas
Fluidity F.220 🤩🤩🤩
Courtney Buzash
Imagine if medium olive was the perfect match 😂
Courtney Buzash
You know so much history on makeup 😱
Ona Paredes
Ona Paredes Day ago
Aly R
Aly R Day ago
I have the same issue as James,my skin is yellow ish but my face can be very red😂then my neck is white😂I'm so confused when I go shopping
Aly R
Aly R 9 hours ago
+Shamara B oh nooooooo my chest is the whitest part of my body😂
Shamara B
Shamara B 16 hours ago
Match to your chest maybe.....
Cata Gomez
Cata Gomez Day ago
The milk foundation its good
Emma Grace
Emma Grace Day ago
In every video it bothers me SOOOO much that your foundation doesn’t match, until you blend it, then I can’t even tell!!😂😅 Also, I have NEVVVVERRRR EVVVVEERRRRR left a hate comment on your videos!
Katie Cosme
Katie Cosme Day ago
Can we make #sisterswatches a thing? *Can we hit one sister swatch?*
Madilyn Bozzo
why cant u put on 2 different foundations? like, put one that matches your body on your body then put one that matches your face on your face then blend them at the neck. like so james can see!
School Idol Kevin
Fentiy definitely was the best
Jo Pope
Jo Pope 2 days ago
I think the fenty beauty was the best match
pelumi Olukoga
pelumi Olukoga 2 days ago
Definitely Fenty or Two faced
Hailee Aurora
Hailee Aurora 2 days ago
the fenty looked the best.
Amanda Hoff
Amanda Hoff 2 days ago
Who be haiten i not haten so who is
Saptashe Saha
Saptashe Saha 2 days ago
What of James keeps all those foundations on and blend em' in...?
Mariely Garcia
Mariely Garcia 2 days ago
Fenty Beauty
Saptashe Saha
Saptashe Saha 2 days ago
Dear people who are say his skin is not yellow it's pink, I agree but NO ONE IS TRYING TO LOOK PINK! HE'S TRYING TO LOOK....normal?? NOT BRIGHT PINK! And sister James has mention how certain parts of his body are a different color then his face...SO HE WAS TESTING FOUNDATIONS ON HIS HAND..Which ain't look like his face. Oh yeah, and Y'ALL AINT MAKEUP ARTIST...DON'T TRY TO CORRECT HIM!
Melissa Barrera
Melissa Barrera 2 days ago
The first one
Kristi Skane
Kristi Skane 2 days ago
Marie Barnett
Marie Barnett 2 days ago
Fenty and two faced definitely your best shades x
Ri and My Sing
Ri and My Sing 2 days ago
It’s hard for me to wear foundation because I have a small beauty mark/ mole on my face and I’m insecure about it. Any tips?
Ainsley Jones
Ainsley Jones 2 days ago
Two faced or fenty
Anisha Goyal
Anisha Goyal 2 days ago
Get a custom foundation
Lila Lewis
Lila Lewis 2 days ago
Fenty is the best match lol
Kylee Mounts
Kylee Mounts 2 days ago
fenty is one of my favs
Mary Alana
Mary Alana 2 days ago
Sorry honey but you got some pink undertones on your face
Mary Alana
Mary Alana 2 days ago
Shade all star. Or fenti
gabby swan
gabby swan 2 days ago
2.20 is the best
Qasim Ali
Qasim Ali 2 days ago
I can't even afford a single one of those foundation 😑😥
Madelyn Gordona
Madelyn Gordona 2 days ago
fenty was def the best match!!
Eli Brown
Eli Brown 2 days ago
I believe that Fenty was the best..but i really don't care what fountain you were.
kimberly zamora
kimberly zamora 2 days ago
32:33 - 32:54 ,slow down sis💆🏻‍♀️
Kristina Porter
Kristina Porter 2 days ago
You have pink undertones, Sister. YOU ARE NOT YELLOW BABES :) lol
Nathan Bailey
Nathan Bailey 3 days ago
I don’t get why people hate u all needs toooooooioo stp it’s not very kind BE NICE OR THE GODS WILL GET I HAVE MENT THEM!!!!
Nathan Bailey
Nathan Bailey 3 days ago
Hey sisters plz like this vid
S O L A N A !
S O L A N A ! 3 days ago
he made a whole video and still can’t match his shad-
Aurora Australis
Aurora Australis 3 days ago
Ruby Chisem
Ruby Chisem 3 days ago
hi james! you are sooo talented in makeup! me and my friend think you are fab! me and my friend are addicted to makeup and want to go far in it so you are such a star and role model to us! thank you sooo much for these super videos! xxx
Ava Thomas
Ava Thomas 3 days ago
17:38 is what your looking for
brittney dorothea
I love you no matter what you do bby your great ♥️♥️♥️
Andrea C
Andrea C 3 days ago
What kind of make up artist u are if you don t know that u need to match your neck to your face, you cant have a darker face and a white neck, white hands etc. u had to take only cool tones and neutrals, warm tones idk what they do in this video, u clearly don t have a warm undertone....u need pink undertone foundation, Mr ''Makeup Artist''.
Simone Heemskerk
Simone Heemskerk 3 days ago
Jemma Orange
Jemma Orange 3 days ago
2.120 morfie
Monica Benavides
Monica Benavides 3 days ago
The two faced looked ammmazingg❤
Frontier 808
Frontier 808 3 days ago
Wow... morphe has a fluidity shade matcher on their website... *I'm shook*
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