Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! I've been doing makeup for 3 years now but the one skill I have not mastered is matching my foundation. I've looked white with Flashback Mary, but I've also looked orange. For today's video, I decided to test out every single foundation on the market and see if I could find the perfect shade. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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Jan 8, 2019

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Comments 221 942
Erestina Vela
Erestina Vela Hour ago
two faced!!!!!
skArpPT Hour ago
YOU ARE A GUY! This is something you need not worry about. 😂😂
ian .n
ian .n Hour ago
9 S
9 S Hour ago
Stay away from yellows. You're a definite pink. Dior fit you the best
Ana Ellison
Ana Ellison Hour ago
too faced and makeup forever
SimplyVal Hour ago
Too faced and Fenty it is sis
Chelsey Wingate
@jamescharles why dont you make your own foundation line? I have the same problems finding the perfect match for the exact reasons as you. I have a lot of redness and my neck arms and face are all different colors. Make a line!
Cassidy Goans
Cassidy Goans Hour ago
Emily R!
Emily R! Hour ago
I think the morphe foundation looks that best
katanovaplayz games
fenty is the best match believe it or not
Mish Phillips
Mish Phillips Hour ago
I honestly spent the whole time just watching the Dior foundation sink into his eyebrow.......
Must be nice to not have to check the price tag on anything 😭😭
Rhys Foster
Rhys Foster Hour ago
i loved the too faced & the fenty on you james!
Alicia Dickens
Fenty is the best, so sister snatched
I’m bad at Animating
You should do ur makeup with very very cheap makeup
Gissell Flores
Fenty is the best sis
Ashton Mangun
Ashton Mangun Hour ago
Too faced
Haley Lanham
Haley Lanham Hour ago
Mally Giraffe
Mally Giraffe Hour ago
I like how he tried to hide from peeps
llayshha Hour ago
Fenty was the best one
Sophia Williams
I know I should only pick one but I think Morphe, Dior, and Milk were all good matches and you could possibly just switch around with them in your videos! :)
Madeline Taylor
fenty or too face bb ;)
Kayla Streeter
Fenty sister
Lena Travis
Lena Travis 2 hours ago
You should do a video like this with drugstore foundation
Delaney Engstrom
Delaney Engstrom 2 hours ago
I liked the two face
House of Schenck
House of Schenck 2 hours ago
The lightest shade in most of those brands was a joke. They start the shade ranges at medium!
Renae Badger
Renae Badger 2 hours ago
This struggle is real/relatable> but get that Fenty sis
nezn8 2 hours ago
fenty had a clean finish. i would say best application: fenty closest to your skin tone: morphe had a natural glow: dior. overall best: fenty!
Sarah Powell
Sarah Powell 2 hours ago
Fenty all day
lonely forever
lonely forever 2 hours ago
Olivia Otis
Olivia Otis 2 hours ago
Too Faced looked the best!!! ILY bb!
dee x
dee x 2 hours ago
fenty. f e n t y. literally the fenty matched so fucking perfect im wheezing. fenty, james.
Grace Howell
Grace Howell 2 hours ago
I really loved the Fenty beauty color followed by the Makeup Forever foundation and then Too Faced!! Morphe is really good too ;) and don’t worry too much about what other people think Sister James because like you said if you like it that’s all that matters!!
Nicholis Crowe
Nicholis Crowe 2 hours ago
The first one and the airbrush one
so true Gonzáles
so true Gonzáles 2 hours ago
# beauty and the beastons
Anushka Nair
Anushka Nair 2 hours ago
I think the Fenty foundation really suited and looked great on you. 😁😁😊👍😘
Lucy-Ann 1999
Lucy-Ann 1999 2 hours ago
Lol the fenty one matched perfectly
Janis Butrick
Janis Butrick 2 hours ago
I think out of the final 6 the Morphe one was the best because it was not too orange and it was very close to your skin color! You are an inspiration to so many keep going and don’t let any one get to you. Love you 💕
Ana Victoria Leon
Ana Victoria Leon 2 hours ago
You definitely have cool-neutral undertones! Also I think the Dior one or the Milk one is your perfect match. There’s nothing wrong with the face looking a little lighter and the bronzing your face up a little bit. That way it matches your body perfectly and is warmed up on your face in the right places after you finish your whole makeup routine.
Julia Correia
Julia Correia 2 hours ago
Its Fenty sis
Dëäd Pįxïę
Dëäd Pįxïę 2 hours ago
the Fenty beauty color was probably the best. it still matched his skin without making him look like flash back Mary
Ashlynn Watland
Ashlynn Watland 2 hours ago
Natalie Nicole
Natalie Nicole 2 hours ago
Fenty, Makeup Forever, or Too Faced are all great matches
Layliana Segura
Layliana Segura 2 hours ago
I personally loved the Makeup Forever, and Fenty. Sister James, sweety…… I love you the absolute most, much love and kisses! From your favorite fan, Layliana
Zoupw Ww
Zoupw Ww 2 hours ago
Sarah Powell
Sarah Powell 2 hours ago
James:Hello... Helloooo? Helloooooooo?
Jackie Buys
Jackie Buys 2 hours ago
What happened to the NARS one that really matched you?!
the Fenty was definitely the closest match
dayra Jimenez
dayra Jimenez 2 hours ago
dayra Jimenez
dayra Jimenez 2 hours ago
Winter Clark
Winter Clark 2 hours ago
Fenty is the best
Jaydi Johnson
Jaydi Johnson 2 hours ago
Hoodybeauty 18:53
Katherine Caronis
Katherine Caronis 2 hours ago
definitely too faced !!
Julianna_ Torre
Julianna_ Torre 2 hours ago
Fenty or the last one
Ahleesha Tromp
Ahleesha Tromp 2 hours ago
I love you 😍
El At
El At 2 hours ago
Why do I feel like this is a guy? 🤔
Josephine Espino
Josephine Espino 2 hours ago
Petra Jocić
Petra Jocić 2 hours ago
Fenty was the best!!!!💖💖💖
Lani Skinner
Lani Skinner 2 hours ago
two faced and Fenty were the best
isabella martino
isabella martino 2 hours ago
This is kind of tricky because your face w no makeup has very warm undertones, but your neck and chest seem to be cooler or more neutral toned, I think the tenth looked best bc it seemed like it was more of a neutral undertone which blended in perfectly with your neck and chest, and looked like a very nice color on the face for you, but I think warmer undertones tend to make you look a bit orange? (Please don’t hate me ily I’m just giving my two cents, no hate here)
Abby McCrary
Abby McCrary 2 hours ago
Fibente beauty
Angelica Virrueta
Angelica Virrueta 2 hours ago
Fenty is the best for sure. Thank God lol
zaneygirl1 2 hours ago
I like the morphe, fenty, and too faced the best.
Siullymar Santiago
Siullymar Santiago 2 hours ago
The Fenty oneeeeeeee♥️
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson 2 hours ago
Dior and two faced
Maria X
Maria X 2 hours ago
You could've just went to Sephora and got a foundation matching 💀
GamerNova_YT Diamonds451
The 2 faced,Dior,Fenty,morphe were my favorites 1
Ibado Bouh
Ibado Bouh 3 hours ago
Two faced😝
Isabela Rendon
Isabela Rendon 3 hours ago
Fenty beauty and too faced
Kit Thomas
Kit Thomas 3 hours ago
Def the too faced 😍
Bad Bitch 24
Bad Bitch 24 3 hours ago
y 325 one I thought it looked good
Shania Manwell
Shania Manwell 3 hours ago
James Charles is freaking beautiful 😩♥️😍
Adam Alexander
Adam Alexander 3 hours ago
The shade range in the morphe foundation though 😍
Princess Arekusa
Princess Arekusa 3 hours ago
Makeup forever and Too Faced looks so natural on him
danie grevous
danie grevous 3 hours ago
I liked the Fenty and Dior foundations best
Nixie Martinez
Nixie Martinez 3 hours ago
Sister James i think Fenty is your match P.S love ya sis
Lily Greenberg
Lily Greenberg 3 hours ago
the fenty was so good! i tho k that’s my fave
Daniela hernandez
Daniela hernandez 3 hours ago
fenty beauty was the best matchh, love it.
Scarlett Garcia
Scarlett Garcia 3 hours ago
fenty was the best match
Camille Brennan
Camille Brennan 3 hours ago
two faced, morphe, and dior
ren dewolf
ren dewolf 3 hours ago
The dior would've been better if you applied it correctly
Martina Galvan
Martina Galvan 3 hours ago
Too faced was the best
HoransMuse 3 hours ago
Definitely fenty
Emily H
Emily H 3 hours ago
James Charles not wanting to admit he’s pale for 36 minutes straight
Hot Cheeto
Hot Cheeto 3 hours ago
Nope, morphe won😂
Ava Zientak
Ava Zientak 3 hours ago
do a video on how you keep such clear skin and the best products to use! 🥰
audreysamazing 3 hours ago
Fenty and then too face
Jasmin Madrigal
Jasmin Madrigal 3 hours ago
1,3, and 5 I think were the best! What happened with the NARS one?
Harry Mccartney
Harry Mccartney 3 hours ago
(Fenty) sorry james I know you dont want it to be that but yes fenty. Just Accepted for what it is rather you go with fenty or not and keep on (Sister Smiling)
Courtney 3 hours ago
I’m torn between the Too Faced and the Fenty but tbh it’s your face and they can be sister silent💋
Hot Cheeto
Hot Cheeto 3 hours ago
Wow fenty foundation!!!
bubbles wubblez
bubbles wubblez 3 hours ago
Hot Cheeto
Hot Cheeto 3 hours ago
Love the milk foundation! Like I think he’s just scared of flashback mary😂
Melany Murillo
Melany Murillo 3 hours ago
waoh! very difficut decision but my three favorites are MAKEUP FOREVER, FENTY BEAUTY AND, MORPHE I think that the best option could be MORPHE!
Mia Golden
Mia Golden 3 hours ago
fenty or two face love you sister james💓💓
kiara gutierrez
kiara gutierrez 3 hours ago
Too face and Morphe
thanosgamming 3 hours ago
Paul Scott
Paul Scott 3 hours ago
Meh still doesn’t match
Anngelie Perez
Anngelie Perez 3 hours ago
dior and fenty honestly looked so good on you
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