Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)

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Bird Box is one of the BIGGEST horror movies right now. It's inspired dozens of theories trying to answer the BIG question. What is the Bird Box monster? Today Theorists, I'm throwing my hat in the ring and I think we've hit on something big! You see, the monster in Bird Box has left a lot of clues for a creature we never see. I've gathered the evidence and you are going to want to hear this! Let's go!
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Feb 5, 2019




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Comments 39 078
garbage frijol
garbage frijol 30 minutes ago
Do a theory of A:TLA
vittoria serafini
Yalern 27
Yalern 27 2 hours ago
The monster is obviously bully maguire step up your game
Rachel DeCiantis
Rachel DeCiantis 2 hours ago
Lmao at 5:06
TheAnonymus 3 hours ago
Nine tailed foxes? SCP-069 has breached containment again... This is for the SCP foundation fans :]]]
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato 6 hours ago
It's obviously USvid rewind 2018
Susan Fraser
Susan Fraser 6 hours ago
Fredy is a pichr
God King
God King 8 hours ago
Monster thats coming is the Sun
idk•-• imborrd
idk•-• imborrd 12 hours ago
Is it me or does he sound like the odd1sout
Jasper Thompson
Jasper Thompson 14 hours ago
But matpat, nobody saw the bird box monster but *the Vikings did*
Sayballee Kincade
Sayballee Kincade 14 hours ago
The monster the monster is T series trying to beat pewds
The Bad girl
The Bad girl 15 hours ago
Monster: take off your blind fold Me: No Monster: i have star bucks Me: *rips off blind fold* really!!!! Monster: no Me: sh*t Me: *dies* Monster: *takes out star bucks* Me: *whispers* lier
E. Morgan
E. Morgan 15 hours ago
Not trying to get too religious up here, Christianity has been taught in several ways with the same concept of Christ saving all God loving people through being crucified. But, I must say that about the rapture bit from what ive learned and read in the Bible (main religous book for Christians) that even if you broke gods 10 commandments (also in the bible) as long as you believed in him and all that other stuff you have yourself a place in heaven. I don't gor everyone, this is all up for interpretation. It just seems like MatPat just skimmed over why only criminals and the insane were still on Earth without much context. On top of that, does that mean that we're just going to call insanity a crime or crime insanity? Comment on what you guys think.
Dan Tyrone
Dan Tyrone 16 hours ago
Inverted Galaxy
Inverted Galaxy 17 hours ago
Lol when malorie take off her blindfold she saw a baby It was in instagram tho
khlocrazy 179
khlocrazy 179 18 hours ago
All other people: What’s the monster in Bird Box? Me: It’s obvious, it’s dEpReSsIoN
Chara Dreemurr
Chara Dreemurr 19 hours ago
If your blind and look at the monster will you still commit suicide like kermit?
Ruth Joseph
Ruth Joseph 19 hours ago
They have a new rip off of the quiet place........ the silence
Jefferry Co
Jefferry Co 20 hours ago
Maybe the “you’re not so bad” is her facing her fear
Bluetoon’s Storybook
My parents call me ladybug and you use the ladybug to call nothing I feel insulted I’m going to sue the bird box monster now bye
Gh0stReverse 23 hours ago
The reason they never showed the monster: It was to ugly like me or it didn’t want u to die
Election the gamer Omg
Monster: take the blind fold of Me:NO NO NO Matpat :"uploads video" Me :takes of blindfold "OOOF" Death
Election the gamer Omg
You Know Who Is The Best USvidr Ever Read the first word
Saddie Nighter
8:29 Medusa : hold my beer
Rosemary Duazo
Is monster is kid are weird dance moves and meme
mr rocket
mr rocket Day ago
It is scp 096
Kiera Kat
Kiera Kat Day ago
the monster is bird box is SCP-096 but mute
OneFact Man
OneFact Man Day ago
This episode felt a lot like theology theory
Dragon Ball Gamer 9060
Lore one and two: FUUUUUUU SION HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (Sounds of explosion) We are birdbox now imma go take on quiet place all by myself without going super bird box!
Hey Guys It’s Ali-A
What if someone was blind and the bird box happened and they were like *PEASANTS*
Reel&Liamtaylor Love eating grapefruit
The best type of horror is the horror you don’t know the answer to not knowing the monster makes it terrifying
Serban Radu
Serban Radu Day ago
This has to be the worst movie ever made. The plot and the actors we're awful.
Brett Grzyb
Brett Grzyb Day ago
Maybe it's just a really dumb Hula Jing
SteroMadns 2 days ago
I draw stuff
I draw stuff 2 days ago
Voltron It’s good Go check it out Our fandom is not that bad
Papa Marill
Papa Marill 2 days ago
Isn't the bird box monster just a mimikyu who couldn't find a Pikachu cloth?
Email 2 days ago
Its nihilism. Its not a god. Its Godlessness.
049- Plague Doctor
Stairs. Everybody's worst enemy...... Demons...
Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans 2 days ago
Bird box doesn’t make sense! They say they use sound but the have a blindfold OVER THEIR EARS! (Check for yourself)
eugene Ramos
eugene Ramos 2 days ago
It ls a human that is imuned to the outside
Kamilla Bauter
Kamilla Bauter 2 days ago
I’m the monster DIE!!!!
blueberry the wolf
We now must pray to the Octopus Jesus *HALLELUJAH HOLY (insert word here)*
Kaiden Mavrogeorge
MatPat hit with a pan, then cuts his arm off, then kills himself by stairs. WHAT I FEEL LIKE? WEIRDOS.
Fortnite NASCAR ROBLOX Morales
What about blind people
sans the skeelaton
so blind people would rule the earth if the bird box monster won
Cyb3rsandgaminG 3 days ago
Haha funny skrull/war machine reference.
Jenna does makeup
The monster is When the WiFi goes out the person that turned it of
Meep Meep
Meep Meep 3 days ago
The scene b4 his intro tho🤣😂🤣😂 he can be a voice actor🤣😂🤣😂
melee tostor kirby
Keep looking
Gemma Bere-Brant
Gemma Bere-Brant 3 days ago
What if SCP-096 becos when you look at it It kills you
Submarine in the Sky
Yeah, ok, if you look upon cthulhu,, you either kill yourself or become a worshipper... except that one norwegian guy.
Master of the Universe
You should make a theory about the slender man movie
catlover 125
catlover 125 4 days ago
When I try to remember Hulu I keep thinking of Honolulu
bird with knifes
bird with knifes 4 days ago
the monster is.... t series
How about happy time mirders
Charlie Bywater
Charlie Bywater 4 days ago
Does anyone agree but if someone blind someone couldn't get killed
Mizz Murple
Mizz Murple 4 days ago
Venom Eddie
Venom Eddie 4 days ago
Is mat pat the monster because he said take off the blind fold like and. Subscribe
uw U
uw U 4 days ago
I just made memes along the movie with my friend.. *biRDiE???*
Ali Mandac
Ali Mandac 4 days ago
I guess if you saw the monster in the movie you will die
Sean Jones
Sean Jones 4 days ago
hiuytew jobvih fhnjibvghn y8po
Gaming With Yon Yon Afton 2.0
Tommy Stacy gaming!
Can't talk: a qiuet place, can't look:birdbox. Can't kill 682: SCP Foundation
Untalented Cat
Untalented Cat 4 days ago
It’s probably Carl.
GetawayPig 4 days ago
this is how many ppl want part 2 | \/
Meadow Weaver
Meadow Weaver 4 days ago
For real was is the bee's?
bongo fury
bongo fury 4 days ago
Clearly, it's a liberal, Democratic fascist. Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical, left-wing, authoritarian ultrasocialism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy. Sound familiar.....?
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 4 days ago
My firts theory is that they see Jesus and they kill their self to go love with him and my second theory is that they see the devil and say "fuck this shit I'm out" and kill their self. I think my first theory makes more sense tho.
Darryl Pendergrass
It is obviously a infinity symbol
Jessica Hdez
Jessica Hdez 4 days ago
es el coco xd
Larry stylinson
Larry stylinson 5 days ago
The monster is obviously riverdale
Sqrootofbeetroot 5 days ago
Nice theory
LittleLiamgames 5 days ago
im scared
BMT115 5 days ago
cthulhu of course
Mycenaea 5 days ago
0:02 He looks a bit like Pearl on RPDR when he was out of drag being bitchy towards Ru xD
Zacky Ardian
Zacky Ardian 5 days ago
The monster is obviously ricardo milos
Joeani Andrea Sullano
Satan: - "lucifer"(old name of satan) most beautiful angel that was ever made by God - leader of the choir in heaven - satan got jealous/mad, for God chose Jesus to His right hand. - which God sent satan to Hell - trying to lure people in earth to do bad things so somebody to be with him in hell So maybe the "monster" in birdbox is satan, that we need to avoid/or being blindfolded so we can avoid him for not to be evil or something that God didn't want us to do. Just my own theory ^-^ P.S hell doesn't exist after the second coming of Christ ^-^
froximus SX
froximus SX 5 days ago
Nathan Morley
Nathan Morley 5 days ago
But suicide is the greatist sin bit youl probs say that later on
David Peter
David Peter 5 days ago
Here's my theory the monsters are the good guys but yet they are demons and they are trying to send good people to heaven by killing them but the bad people stay and help them to get the people to kill them because the people are killing the earth so the monsters make them extinct because they were on this planet before humans so the earth was originally theirs.
Catleo Litob
Catleo Litob 5 days ago
Huli-jiin or Kitsune of japan. Fum fact the pokemon ninetales is a kitsune
Jaxon Sandford
Jaxon Sandford 5 days ago
I feel like this movie was sort of like explaining how hard it is for blind people or like how hard it is with out sight! It sort of spread a message of like how important sight is so don’t treat your eye like a piece of rubbish treat them like your most prized possession! And also why couldn’t they just like......... dump flour on the creature and show us what it is! It’s very very annoying when you don’t know something! Sorry for wasting your time have a good day and you willl always look beautiful!
George Ayar
George Ayar 5 days ago
It is Jake Paul that Kill humans
Luna Love
Luna Love 5 days ago
8:18 I was screaming “CTHULHU!”
Jack Huckins
Jack Huckins 5 days ago
Just googled why do birds go quiet and it says it’s because of a predator so the monster is predator. CROSSOVER!
kawaiiFox 5 days ago
just another bird box devoteeeeee
Sam I Am
Sam I Am 5 days ago
I liek demonology and lovecraftian creatures ... I'm rewatching this because I forgot the third lovecraftian creature (night gaunt and Cthulhu... Are the first two)
Tori's Adventures VJohnson
There was another chose your own adventure for all ages, it was mincraft story mode but it wasn’t as advanced as the actual game.
Yesi Cuevas
Yesi Cuevas 5 days ago
One more thing....... he said......... "SEND ANOTHER POSSIBILITY THROUGH THE SHREDDER!" 😑😏🤣🤣🤣
Yesi Cuevas
Yesi Cuevas 5 days ago
I SAW IT!! on the camera scene
Yesi Cuevas
Yesi Cuevas 5 days ago
THERE IS NO MONSTER PEOPLE!! It's a dust thingy...........
Connor Dingess
Connor Dingess 5 days ago
The Bird Box monster is CLEARLY your ugly mom!
AllForOne 5 days ago
Roblox Zandy
Roblox Zandy 5 days ago
The monster in the bird box Etodolac
NYT 5 days ago
I think its my friend brian
[SS] Mebo
[SS] Mebo 6 days ago
Its just a mirror. The survivors are egomaniacs and everyone else kills themselves after seeing themselves
Henry Wisch
Henry Wisch 6 days ago
Josiah Santiago
Josiah Santiago 6 days ago
Actually one of the characters said a person saw her mother who is in my opinion dead
Otaku Boi Bucky
Otaku Boi Bucky 6 days ago
13:58 FUS RO DAH
Zalgo The demon eye killer
His arm had no hand (0:05)
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