Film Theory: The Joker Is Not Real (Joker 2019 Spoiler Free)

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This year we are getting a seemingly brand new take on the classic Batman villain, the Joker. This version stars Joaquin Phoenix as a failed comedian named Arthur Fleck - a new name for the old character. People are saying it's a whole new origin story for the Joker and I think that's true... but maybe not in the way most people are thinking. I think this Joker is not actually REAL! What do I mean? You're about to find out!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, BanditRants, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 9 763
HiMyNameIs !!!!!!!!!
HiMyNameIs !!!!!!!!! 46 minutes ago
John Jones
John Jones 47 minutes ago
Hmm, interesting...I wonder if the big reveal at the end is that he is imagining himself to be the Joker, not because he is the Joker, but because he knows about Joker from the comic books?
maya player1
maya player1 2 hours ago
Brad Palato
Brad Palato 3 hours ago
The director himself said that this movie had nothing to do with the actual joker
Dontplay Withme
Dontplay Withme 3 hours ago
The joker fanesed chuckys laugh
Scott Galpin
Scott Galpin 5 hours ago
Your an idiot
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks 5 hours ago
Mesa not mentally ill....
Timothy Kozlowski
Timothy Kozlowski 5 hours ago
I'll watch their take on the Joker. No matter what you say
Anya 6 hours ago
If this is what the joker movie will end up being. This will probably become one of my top favorite movies of all time. Aside from Amadeus and Silence of the Lambs.
Jon Dani
Jon Dani 6 hours ago
I hope you’re wrong. I want a relatable character. Someone growing and raising. Not some delusional person shuffling around around.
Jam sandwiches
Jam sandwiches 6 hours ago
Ya know how I got these scars
Axess2084 5 hours ago
If we don't deal with this now, soon, little, uh, Gambol (?) here won't be able to get a, a nickel for his grandma.
Jim Rogers
Jim Rogers 6 hours ago
I have a theory: Arthur is the guy who killed Bruce's parents
Autumnz _Artz
Autumnz _Artz 6 hours ago
That actually makes it better not only showing how Arthur behaves but what he experiences showing what his life is like in his eyes can help you understand what happened to him to me its a good idea but thats an opinion
Homer J. Simpson
Homer J. Simpson 6 hours ago
This isnt going to happen. Dc wouldnt cop out like this. Not at all.
Amber Powell
Amber Powell 7 hours ago
You seem to be right. The joker of then and who he wants to be and eventually becomes. How he came to be what he is in Gotham today.
DAKOTA REAPER 7 hours ago
You don't want no beef.. *YoU dOnT wanT nO bEeF!!?!?!*
ClumsyPlant 7 hours ago
Well I mean the joker has always kinda just been mentally unstable
Derek Cornett
Derek Cornett 7 hours ago
I was diagnosed with schizophrenia after being locked in a psychiatric unit for 2 weeks and I've avoided "medication" for 9 years... I seem to be doing fine :)
Homer J. Simpson
Homer J. Simpson 6 hours ago
nah bro according to him half your life has to be in your head
Skztg 8 hours ago
matpat you’ve done like 30 fnaf episodes we know what hallucinations are
RangerAgr 9 hours ago
One must imagine Arthur Fleck as happy.
random numbers 783
random numbers 783 9 hours ago
Or it could be the other way round because the Joker's origin is to clear it has always been multiple choice
Dahn 10 hours ago
Jokeseph Jokestar
Piggy Drawz
Piggy Drawz 10 hours ago
matpat, we better get a it chapter 2 theory
Reverse Fuhrer
Reverse Fuhrer 11 hours ago
This video is bollocks. 🙄
BM PUNK 12 hours ago
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins 14 hours ago
You got this whole movie twisted bruh. He is going to be tormented by other humans in such horrible, terrifying, and scarring ways. He will lose the attachment ability that normal humans possess. He will start giving 0 fucks and then Viola! Society will have successfully created the most notorious psychopath.
Mateja Ivanov
Mateja Ivanov 14 hours ago
There are great channels who show us more about the movies... And there are channels like this. ( I am angry, you ruined the last 47 movies I wanted to watch )
MarvelousBowski 314
MarvelousBowski 314 15 hours ago
Phoenix's The Joker 0% not the best anti-Villian that we know xd
Nazir Osmani
Nazir Osmani 15 hours ago
Do a theory on human combustion from fire force anime
YgPhaz 15 hours ago
Man I hate the theory 'he woke up and it was all a dream' or 'it was all in his head'
Dyslogix 16 hours ago
Arthur.Fleck / Ben.Affleck / A.FFleck / A.Fleck ?
Marckenz D
Marckenz D 17 hours ago
I thought that this would be one of the many origin stories the Joker makes up in his head. One of the multiple choice ones. I definitely enjoyed this video.
Randy Ciriaco
Randy Ciriaco 18 hours ago
We are all CLOWNS.
Dabasaurus Kex
Dabasaurus Kex 19 hours ago
Playing peekaboo with a kid on the bus is an inappropriate action? Fuck off
ANOICE_LEMON 20 hours ago
I think that the joker is mad. He is crazy but he laughs and smiles to hide the sadness and craziness behind his smile and switching between happy and crazy faxes makes him go mad. That’s why he jerks around and switches personalities so much and because of all of his insecurities he turned to the joker. He makes super unnerving movements and he is unpredictable which makes him so terrifying it shows what society can do to an outsider. It puts chills down my spine. I love it. The switch from imagination to reality is amazing. you don’t know if he is good or bad
ANOICE_LEMON 20 hours ago
Why was venom not mentioned when he was talking about solo villain movies
Micah Nichols
Micah Nichols 21 hour ago
Not only thst aboyve those words on 3:53 it says the worst part of having a mental illness is (havent finished watching video so dont know if he pointed that out
Jamais Vu
Jamais Vu 22 hours ago
matpat: "Joker is NOT REAL!" me: "duh. he's a cartoon character."
Everguan S
Everguan S 22 hours ago
I got a Joker ad when mat said the last line of the trailer. It was the same line in the ad. Coincidence? I think not
Sohaib Sana'an
Sohaib Sana'an 23 hours ago
It could be that as it takes things from the king of comedy and the killing in which after describing the whole joker origin he just says " Sometimes I remember it one way and sometimes I remember it another . If I am gonna have a past I prefer it to be multiple choice."
Hailey Snow
Hailey Snow 23 hours ago
Warner bros should take this video down for spreading misinformation. This theory is a waste.. You are delusional and mentally ill Bich
Wilkozox. 23 hours ago
Hey does anyone know what the music is starting around 3:19?
Suiki 23 hours ago
I hope they take this video down fck you lame ass Bich boy
Mileena Cut
Mileena Cut 23 hours ago
Blocked you and I hope they take this down.. Bc Im fcking puking.
Catherine Raas
Lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame.
Ashley San
Ashley San Day ago
Fck you ruining my day wtf is this irrelevant garbage
Josh Leoner
Josh Leoner Day ago
If this theory is correct.. It's fcking garbage lol.. Like why you name him last name fleck and make him into.. Like what? A joke FCK you and this trash theory it's fcking lame and makes no sense.. You can't just name a movie Joker & his name Fleck if this is the plot.. Fck your theory there's no way this is true its not even a theory it's your delusional theory damn squirrel..
Miles Gerschefske
Something something, let me tell you a story about two guys on the roof of an insane asylum, something something
Scary Nerd
Scary Nerd Day ago
I do all of these symptoms I think I have schizophrenia
Maybe everything really is happening in his head just hallucinations and what of this Joker is the joker that the batman Joker was inspired basically an inspiration for the Batman Joker or who ever is to become the joker
DrHotShot Day ago
If i find out that all the things he does as Joker r just in his mind. Im gonna be upset cause i really want him to do the things
Fire Mario Brothers
I know why Batman never kills joker. If this is the backstory he knows that he is just affected by society and he is just mentally ill....depressing
Cheeto Dawson
Cheeto Dawson 10 hours ago
Fire Mario Brothers true and if that's is real and he is that's mental I'll if batman killed him batman would be the bad guy.
Carl Tigsøn
Carl Tigsøn 12 hours ago
tf? He doesn't know his origin he just appeared, he doesn't wanna kill them cuz if he does he'll just be as bad as the joker or the other villains
FredFuchs77 Day ago
You sound like the sort of nerd who stalked women in college
Jacques Marneweck
The real joke is that we have not seen a live adaptation of the killing joke yet.
Sekiberius Welkesh
this is a story of how the world creates evil, and that evil isn't born, it's created. it's showing how the world turned the man into the joker.
FreedomFighter777 endtimes
So like what they did in Gotham
Alchi Layo
Alchi Layo Day ago
You should start putting 'soiler alert' in front of these. Too much depth bruh.
Python 085
Python 085 Day ago
I'll still see Joker just to piss off all those stupid WOKE SJW's!
Danny Dan
Danny Dan Day ago
Incels rise up
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