Film Theory: Did Detective Pikachu Prove Pokemon's Greatest Fan Theory?

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Detective Pikachu has done so much better than Pokemon fans - and honestly, everyone else - were expecting. It hits that balance of current relevance and nostalgia. And on top of that, it holds the clues to a ton of Pokemon fan theories! Today Loyal Theorists, we are looking to Ditto. For a long time, fans have speculated on the origins of the pink little blob. I am here to tell you that Detective Pikachu has given us all the clues we need to figure out Ditto's mysterious origins once and for all!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Koen Verhagen and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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Jun 8, 2019




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Comments 7 439
Collaboris Gaming
4:42 i was kinda hoping for the great Pokemon war theory, lol
Lily Anna
Lily Anna 6 hours ago
Astute Banana
Astute Banana 6 hours ago
No love for Warcraft around here :(
Ibrahim Studios
Ibrahim Studios 7 hours ago
These were Howards FATHERS genetic experiments. Giovanni (leader of team Rocket) funded the experiments in Mewto Strikes Back. Coincidence, I think not!(Howard is Giovannis son)
Ibrahim Studios
Ibrahim Studios 7 hours ago
In the series ditto is pink
neiljuice 11 hours ago
0:37 no.
Lolipop 19 hours ago
ditto, alone in the daycare: *someone pLeAsE come FUCK ME*
Lily Blodgett
Lily Blodgett 21 hour ago
Theory: Humans are also pokemon.
Devon1238 22 hours ago
honestly Matpat, I liked your theory of detective pickachu actually being Ash's pikachu better than what the movie actually gave us.
EdibleGlowstick 22 hours ago
couldnt the villan just hijack the mind of his diddo?
Jardez the Various 'Decker Ramirez'
3:20 Oh my Arceus, not only do I share a birthday with Babe Ruth, I share it with Mewtwo. 0_0
Hector H
Hector H Day ago
Why did they have to cast Ryan Reynolds
Make a video about I am mom
Make a video bell I am mom
Sa bor
Sa bor Day ago
1:27 we got a chubby boy
MauriceGS - Still Making Videos Since 2009
8:18 in the German Version this is even more or less confirmed, because Mewtu has the same voice actor as in the first Anime movie in German :D
Julia Cortez
Julia Cortez Day ago
This is why you don't mix Mewtwo's DNA with another pokemon. He was already aggressive and powerful, we don't need an advanced ditto that's smarter and more sadistic (also the reason why I'm calling Mewtwo a "he" is because when it talks telepathically, it has a male voice).
Yell Day ago
Wait the movie answered why the hell Arceus doesn’t have feet?
Alehgory Regic
Its funny that we now have 4 confirmed pokemon created almost solely by humanity..(unless that specific ditto us just unique, but after this its highly unlikely)
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf Day ago
Wait, if Ditto transformed into Mewtwo, would it be a complete copy?
苏什鸭 Day ago
cmon its obvious ditto is throw up from mew and mewtwo when they're sick
Takezo Kimura
0:55 'First Watchable video game movie" I disagree, "Street Fighter: Assassin Fist" is the first video game movie that I really liked.
Emaline Westbrook
So is this is the Mew2 from the cannon, does that mean Ash is now 30? He grew up?
Chaos Channel
Chaos Channel 2 days ago
So basically, long story short.... *Ditto = Mew One Point Five*
Berleezys Chair
Berleezys Chair 2 days ago
First watchable video game movie Silent hill movie:am I a joke to you
DemonicMonkey88 2 days ago
11:43 Or he just had it study certain pokemon that he believed would be useful long enough for Ditto to memorize it.
Jennifer Shaw
Jennifer Shaw 2 days ago
The dads spirit is in pikachu
Jennifer Shaw
Jennifer Shaw 2 days ago
I think your right about the diddo being a failed mew
Richard Nicholls
Richard Nicholls 2 days ago
"The first *watchable* video game movie"? What about Silent Hill? FF: Advent Children? Dead Space: Downfall?
Daniela M
Daniela M 2 days ago
I watched the film and I can’t believe Ditto was a bad guy
Alex Black
Alex Black 2 days ago
We need s book theory
Gelo Funz
Gelo Funz 2 days ago
0:29 on repeat
Edwin blue
Edwin blue 2 days ago
didnt we already know ditto was mew
Foxy poop And springbonnie
7:23 I got an ad for poke balls Ad: calling all Pokémon FaN Realistic pokeball 3D character engraved into it Not all of that is exactly correct Edit: I mean what I said about what the ad said wasn’t correct
Manuel Nuñez
Manuel Nuñez 2 days ago
So is Tim’s dad Ryan Reynolds? I was confused towards the end of the film since we never got a picture of his dad. I know Pokémon and humans can merge into a Pokémon’s body but Howard’s body wasn’t fully inside Mewtwo. Everyone else went inside their Pokémon’s bodies with that R spray after Howard somehow turned everyone. I really liked the movie but I might be overthinking it even though this movie left me with lots of unanswered questions.
Callum Johns
Callum Johns 2 days ago
🤔 "Super Ditto" may be the last Ditto before they successfully cloned Mew (created MewTwo). That eould explain more advanced abilities. Also, isn't Ditto being failed Mew clones heavily implied and pretty much the only reasonable explanation? Lol Pretty sure it's just a case of "show, don't tell"
Skyfox94 2 days ago
4:30 i thought it was pretty much established at this point that Ditto was the results of the research to create Mew and Mewtwo gone wrong. I mean they even share more or less the same color scheme.
bendoo4 2 days ago
Pikachu what did ditto do to you
AJE 3 days ago
Matpat, please theorize about where detective pikachu takes place
A sphere Gnome
A sphere Gnome 3 days ago
Ditto is mewtwo sweat
VeriStorm 8
VeriStorm 8 3 days ago
Today I watched Detective Pikachu today... it had like 10 frickin plot twists
Cora Brown
Cora Brown 3 days ago
You wasted 6 minutes of this video explaining stuff thats already know and explicitly stated in the games 😒 padding if I've ever seen it what's even funnier its been said way before detective pickachu came out as in in the first pokemon movie you didnt do that much research did you?
Cuprian 3 days ago
Me: OMG Did he find out who is Ash’s father MatPat: Ditto Me: oh
Rafa Rivera
Rafa Rivera 3 days ago
0:17 Meanwhile at sonic HQ: “Welcome to Sonic Team we make Games I think”
Katy Plays Sims
Katy Plays Sims 3 days ago
How did I never know that the Pokemon games were the same age as me... huh
Cassandra Winther
Ash is 30 years at least
TomThe YellowSquid
Have you ever played pixelmon it shows it in the mew two cloning machine
JaiCeeKaylen 3 days ago
Mew then mew’s clone mewtwo which kinda sounds like me too then ditto which means a duplicate kinda cool how there names line up
LunarScorch GD
LunarScorch GD 3 days ago
Just stating i encountered ditto in the same spot you first mentioned while i was playing pokemon Blue
Hilding Santesson
Is there spoilers?
Matthew Progamer
Matthew Progamer 3 days ago
You look nothing like Thomas Sanders. #NotifacationSpuad!
Evan Tran99
Evan Tran99 3 days ago
CAn people sub to me
Evan Tran99
Evan Tran99 3 days ago
Everybody knows ditto is a failed copy of mew
Emerald Hunsaker
Emerald Hunsaker 3 days ago
The question a PG movie won’t answer: does Hypno actually kidnap and keep children?
Riverprince barryman Gaiming
What do you mean. The mr mime scene is the Best scene just after rattata
gus ferry
gus ferry 3 days ago
Did you know that in the original Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never said he had a deer stalker, it was only the illustrator who gave him his hat.
The Goose
The Goose 3 days ago
This seems like it ties together why the dad of the company manager had a ditto because he managed the mewtwo operation in the lab
CopBabyCombo 3 days ago
matpat is like a discount Eric Stuart when he does the Pokedex voice.
Raven N.
Raven N. 3 days ago
i dident even have to know anything about Pokemon to love the movie
Anthony Ding
Anthony Ding 3 days ago
MatPat: This episode contains some minor spoilers for the movie, so i'll give you a few seconds to click away. Me: Whatever, minor spoilers don't matter. MatPat: The main antagonist of the movie is- Me: SHAT AAAAAP SHAT AAAAAAAAAAP.
ironkidMC 3 days ago
Well, halo forward until dawn was a good movie .... Don't kill me
TheLuckystar 10
TheLuckystar 10 3 days ago
Who remembers mew’s truck?
TheLuckystar 10
TheLuckystar 10 3 days ago
I feel like people don’t give the latest tomb raider the credit it deserves, it’s only an opinion but I enjoyed it
Galaxy Panda
Galaxy Panda 3 days ago
I just realized that mew (best Pokémon character) could be a ditto as well?
Lilyanna Hajek
Lilyanna Hajek 3 days ago
Did this turn into game theory
AnimeGod 3 days ago
I thought everyone knew that Ditto is a failed Clone of Mew.....
Krzysztof Suswał
12:28 Uhhhhh, no, this is a proof that Dito isn't connected... It's just upgraded Dito, like those Greninja and those big pokemons (size of hills).
#1hero 3 days ago
dittos are man made, since they can’t reproduce, this explains
Cabbage Lord
Cabbage Lord 3 days ago
I thought it was much more interesting that anyone with shades could be a Ditto spy.
james payod
james payod 3 days ago
Look at that face that ditto makes when he copied her, his eyes are the same as his original which shouldn't happen, maybes that's their way of saying that ditto can't copy someone perfectly when he uses his photographic memory
Lydia Robertson
Lydia Robertson 3 days ago
Well the bad guy also experimented on those greninja and torterra too. It wouldn't surprise me if he did some tests on it to make it better than other dittos.
james payod
james payod 3 days ago
So how about Zoroark's ability to create illusions?
#1hero 3 days ago
They have good memories like magicians
MageSkeleton 3 days ago
4:38 Poor fushia city, the ditto's there are lost and confused without purpose.
Adam Kricha
Adam Kricha 3 days ago
when youre a big time fan and you want to prove it yourself yet the pokemon company takes that away from you... (in the background punching a ditto plush
theMoonlit -Wolf
theMoonlit -Wolf 4 days ago
I freaking knew mewtwo from detective pikachu is the same as strikes back. While I was watching the movie I noticed that he was more trusting of humans; almost like he’d learned a lesson from mew in strikes back.
Brick By Brick
Brick By Brick 4 days ago
Matpats list of Disney movies to ruin: Wall-e Detective pickachu Toy story Frozen Up next: TARZAN
BlueAmpharos 3 days ago
Detective Pikachu isn't made by Disney what are you talking about?
Yixing Qian
Yixing Qian 4 days ago
realise its said as mew TWO that moment of realisation
Sky Slug
Sky Slug 4 days ago
I thought we already knew this😂😂
KingRoayal V.
KingRoayal V. 4 days ago
*And what about the Great War theory?*
Άγγελος Γεωργαλλής
At first I thought that team rocket was behind everything in the movie, and I have evidence! 1) That chemical thing was named "R" 2) I'm pretty sure Mr mime was trying to tell them "ROCKET" 3) The ditto was a pink haired girl. I legit thought it was Rose ISN'T THAT ENOUGH?!
Ed It'snotgoingtosuckitself
1:35 the O.G game boy does not have color HA
Gacha Gamer526
Gacha Gamer526 4 days ago
No. Ditto can base it’s copies because of MEW. Well mew has the genetic code of EVERY. SINGLE. POKÈMON so for a ditto with MEWS cells it can transform into whatever it wants BOOM
GREEN GAMES 4 days ago
pat your wrong about the ditto and mew same shiny from pokemon regions 1 -5 pokemon were supposed a random color that depended on their normal color
jason cunningham
jason cunningham 4 days ago
"The first watchable video game movie" Uh...did we forget the original Mortal Kombat movie fucking ruled?
talha ehsan
talha ehsan 4 days ago
more of a success story
Aaron Araceli Abundez-Briones
*Looks at Thumb Nail* He's Probably Gonna say Pikachu's a Ditto
Ramesh Karamakar
Ramesh Karamakar 4 days ago
HighRiderJF 4 days ago
usvid.net/video/video-tVUd3S8lr9s.html Yeah matpat your 2 years late this guy figured it out already
MELVIN Dogo 4 days ago
Joli 5 days ago
Make a video on how old spongebob is?
no one
no one 5 days ago
I know it's not a film, but do you think you could do a theory on the stray kids songs and music videos and how they connect?
seth kopp
seth kopp 5 days ago
Didn't everyone already know this?
Xiukui Huang
Xiukui Huang 5 days ago
yo matpat can you make the Game Theory jacket WITH the thumb hole cheaper please cause I don't have 57 dollars man
James Kennedy
James Kennedy 5 days ago
Satoshi Ryku
Satoshi Ryku 5 days ago
Don't forget that in Pokémon go, in the mew quest, you need to catch a ditto :)
pug pie
pug pie 5 days ago
Spoliers every boddy idé
SteVoBooZe 5 days ago
Shiny ditto duuuh case solved
I should be studying
12:52 kinda random, but do u think Mime's shoulder, thing looks like doge balls?
Mathieu Lemieux
Mathieu Lemieux 5 days ago
I don't think spoiler alerts matter. I pretty much knew all the twists before watching the movie because of all the spoiler videos appearing in my suggestion feed. I didn't watch any, but everything important was in the thumbnails.
Vanessa Sedlezky
Vanessa Sedlezky 5 days ago
I’ve already known about the failed ditto clone thanks to pixelmon 😇
Nicholas Chua
Nicholas Chua 5 days ago
Can we get a "Which element in Avatar The Last Airbender is the strongest element?" theory?
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