Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

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Groot became a fan favorite right away despite, or perhaps because, he can only say the simple phrase "I am Groot". Now, so far in the MCU we've seen only two people able to fully understand the little twig - Rocket and Thor. What I want to know is, can you or I learn to speak Groot? Could it be a REAL language? Let's find out!
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Nov 29, 2018

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Comments 13 623
Mcdead 33
Mcdead 33 16 days ago
I am groot. Translation: Hit that notification bell!!
Simple Username
Simple Username 19 hours ago
cod roby No! I AM HOW TO BASIC!
MasterMagiOfDoom !
Kawaii girl123 A
I did
Tupac Minion
Tupac Minion 4 days ago
Monika _
Monika _ 2 hours ago
I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot
Poole Family
Poole Family 4 hours ago
Heart me heart me please
Matthew Yeung
Matthew Yeung 4 hours ago
Cantonese has 9 tones(I am hongkonger)
Orlando Bailey
Orlando Bailey 4 hours ago
i am Groot I find it funny that i was able to use prosody to write a English paper
Edguuu Miller
Edguuu Miller 5 hours ago
poop you 💩💩😾
Mr. Cookie
Mr. Cookie 5 hours ago
It says # *Guradians*ofthegalaxy
Mr. Cookie
Mr. Cookie 5 hours ago
It says # *Guradians*ofthegalaxy
Uhh Eli?
Uhh Eli? 5 hours ago
Kenny talks all the time you just can’t really understand that well
PoseidonHeir 6 hours ago
I am Groot
Bob Animations
Bob Animations 6 hours ago
I am groot Translation: who is groot I am groot? Translation: are you groot I am groot Translation: we are groot
AffatronGaming 6 hours ago
Love you matpat, great theory, but you compared the number of words in the English language to the number of phrases in groots language, if each time he said, I am groot, was one word, the movie would be much much longer because of it
rick vechter
rick vechter 8 hours ago
I am groot
Anna Schumacher
Anna Schumacher 8 hours ago
U know when kids fight while doning teamwork,while not talking or baby sounds,how do they snderstand eachother Kids:hm,hm,hm,it gets wearder Baby:grr guuhh plplpl gaga,this babys probaly just like lady gaga I dont anderstand them,do u guys/girls have an idee? u dont have to riplie of cours
The Leader
The Leader 11 hours ago
you're saying that 'i am groot' can be spoken in 100,000 ways... ok.... equivalent to the oxford dictionary.., but groot says 'i am groot'.. equivalent to a sentence...
Janry Juan Jagolino
Janry Juan Jagolino 11 hours ago
Ice bear feels forgotten. Ice bear will now return to fridge and cry.
TheTitanSmash :3
TheTitanSmash :3 12 hours ago
Do a theory about the skyrim dovah language! It seems like no man in skyrim has ever spoken in dovah but maybe Ulfric knows or the Greybeards.
O Nite
O Nite 13 hours ago
I am groot Translation: I am groot!
Joseph Torres
Joseph Torres 13 hours ago
You forgot: I never said she _stole_ my money. Indicating you gave it to her, with why being left to the hearer's imagination lol
Rayaan Mohamed
Rayaan Mohamed 13 hours ago
Vert cute
Silver_One _
Silver_One _ 14 hours ago
Ej you sub to me and i will sub to you
Dalton Napier
Dalton Napier 14 hours ago
I am. Groot Translation: Your my favorite youtuber
RANDOM FANGIRL 14 hours ago
This series seems real, i mean it *is* a language
RANDOM FANGIRL 14 hours ago
For the tone and stress it’s similar to Greek where you have to put emphasis on a certain letter for it to be a proper word (especially if the word can has different meaning)
Generic Lesbian cat
Generic Lesbian cat 16 hours ago
I am gro gro groo gro gro gro groot I am gro gro groo gro gro gro groot I am gro gro groo gro gro gro groot I am groot (Groot sings johny johny)
Charlotte McDougal
Charlotte McDougal 16 hours ago
bus you doing Gasol
Jason Cuellar
Jason Cuellar 16 hours ago
Iam groot iam groot iam groot
Glitchygamer 17 hours ago
0:12 (or something) YOU KILLED KENNY YOU *******! Oof *when you watch too much south park that you know what Carman says every time Kenny dies.*
Colin McPhail
Colin McPhail 18 hours ago
There's another whistle language called the Bird Language. Look it up. It's different from the south Pacific language MatPat mentioned
happybeejv 18 hours ago
i'm a time traveler from the year 177175 and in my native language we only have 5 letters, 4 consonants[d,b,g,sh] and 1 vowel, although there are 8 directional variations for the vowel [ on, cat, wet, eat, earth, oops, aught, but ], and 4 optional accent marks [semi vowel, popped, nasal , breathy ]to make the 20 consonant sounds, making 28 total, not including vowel digraphs and trigraphs, and rarely used 4 hardened vowels [h, y, f, w] and artsy curved vowels
beauty girls
beauty girls 18 hours ago
Yes you are yes you are
Hallowed5 AJ
Hallowed5 AJ 19 hours ago
Tide Pods
Tide Pods 19 hours ago
I am groot Translation: it's Britney bitch
Mattyb0t Gulley
Mattyb0t Gulley 19 hours ago
0:09 They Killed Kenny! You Bastards!
MechaNeto 51
MechaNeto 51 19 hours ago
14:04 I am Groot! I am Groot! IIII am Groot! Translation:Thats Just a Theory... A Film Theory!
Liangmei Lin
Liangmei Lin 19 hours ago
I speak mandarin
Ele Clayton
Ele Clayton 19 hours ago
Can we see how vision can lift Thor’s hammer?
Talia Wolf
Talia Wolf 20 hours ago
Mat: "I am Groot" gasp* how could you say that! rude!!
Le meme Lord
Le meme Lord 20 hours ago
I am groot. Translation: *I am groot.*
_!Error 21 hour ago
I an groot: Translation: so, I hate to be that guy, (no I don't) but there's actually one big problem with this theory. When you say Groot has as many words as the human language, you're counting every variation as a word. But when Groot says, "I am Groot" it means phrases, not words. He doesn't say it five times to complete a sentence, only once. So, for Groot to be on the level of english, there would need to be as many variations in those 3 words as there are in putting together our 171476. Not to be a total theory killer though, you didn't count timbre as a separate factor because it is really hard to quantify. But looking at all the different timbres Groot uses, I think that nuance could very well affect the meaning of his words.
Isaac Callaway
Isaac Callaway 22 hours ago
8:30 More lampshading lol
Lora Knight
Lora Knight 22 hours ago
I like Rocket better
Someone You don't know
Matpat kind of sounds like and older morty
Gpmobile 5383
Gpmobile 5383 22 hours ago
I😍guardians of the galaxy
Thesloth 569
Thesloth 569 23 hours ago
Sponsored by cheetos
Alex Welch
Alex Welch 23 hours ago
do a theory on the spindle from sleeping beauty and how that works
Presley Mackley
Presley Mackley 23 hours ago
But if you watch your game theory about Rosalina you talk about loving guardians of the galaxy
Nonya Bizness
Nonya Bizness 23 hours ago
Never watched Ugly Americans have we?! Suck my Balls!
Evie Lola Forster
Evie Lola Forster 23 hours ago
Groot:I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot Rocket:Nnnooooo!!
tiesiog ignas
Natalie Payne
Dear MatPat, STOP BEING CRINGY, YOURE NOT FUNNY! Sincerely, A long time fan
Me and two of my friends have a secret language and it is only a combination of ah da and ba’s. Every sentence starts with “ah da” unless it is a name. The only word that have actual meanings is “Ahwoooowooo” which is the worst cuss word possible therefore it doesn’t have an English translation. Also every time you sing you can only use the word “twa”. Yet we can still understand each other perfectly.
JustTheNormal Channel
Is this how Pokemon talk to each other?
Team rocket Fan
So I am griot I kinda like me sayin somin like... Beautiful bacon butt?
nathan bailey
But mat you CAN lrn groot from tone sucas wen he wet I AM GOOT!!!! he was avisle mad so saying symthing say a way p.s love your vids
Llama Slayer92
5:10 lol that was pretty cute
Alejandra Ovalle
Asian language is like that ok....
nast the smool potato!!!!
i am game theory i am game theory i (hello mat pat i am nast the smool potato)
Karina Flores
Wait,It's not the words he is saying,it's how hes saying it like if he were angry we would yell and yeah,you get get,it's non verbal language
I am Groot Translation: I am Groot
Kyle Cheng
Kyle Cheng Day ago
Adi Gabriel
Adi Gabriel Day ago
I am *not* groot
Wolf Lightning
I'm waiting for Mat Pat to do a theory on what happened to Rocket the Trash Panda
SovietGames Day ago
Very funny intro
MATPAT rebrands gets 0 Subscribers
patricia mcnamara
Yeah he's adorable
MrCbrooks3 Day ago
Friends and I used to say "yeah, yeah" all the time when we were younger, like high school age. Our own Groot language; it drove people insane, lol.
charles pye
charles pye Day ago
I am Groot Translation:🌲
Ninja Dude
Ninja Dude Day ago
That's what you answer when someone says do you speak chinese?
Tornagh Malumenis
Nice :3
Andrew Sullivan
Talks about people who dont talk... doesnt mention Ferb once, REeeEEEeeEeeEeeEeeeEEeeeEee
Alex Lumsden
Alex Lumsden Day ago
Chowboca speaks Wookiee and artoo speaks industrial engenetuity R2 code.
Mike Hu
Mike Hu Day ago
*cough* wreck it Ralph 2 *cough*
Stop Motion Epicness
He can also say we are groot
Stop Motion Epicness
7:30 inflection as well
Hi And Fun
Hi And Fun Day ago
Heyo. Can you PLEASE do a video on what animal goofy is
Nelmore Day ago
I am groot
Nelmore Day ago
I hate ferb
Tomasz Skowroński
0:34 Yes You are Matpat. Yes You are.
minecraft 22917
I am Mena WAIT NO Groot
Gadmer Layson
Corey Browning
SirTeddyCat jr.
Plz do a polar Express episode
Carter Animations
I AM GROOT translation: im eating go away
Anzy Day ago
Like bc Hayley Kiyoko is in the video 5:52
Blood The red panda
groot at the end of infinity war:"i was groot"
Nathan Frisk
Nathan Frisk Day ago
5:24 I had a project at school and I picked that tribe. Coincidence?
Dexy Nash
Dexy Nash Day ago
you do know that the artifical sweetener in diet drinks and food gives you cancer...you might as well take up smoking...it'll give you cancer just as fast as diet coke.
Beanslinger 2
chris pratt stalk
katgirl 123
katgirl 123 Day ago
Wait if Mandarin is the hardest why am I learning it in school
Mark Perez
Mark Perez Day ago
1:21, Pause, he said he doesn’t have a GOTG video. Just look around
TheDead Gamer
TheDead Gamer 2 days ago
1:21 there is the movie Guardian of the Galaxy
TW videos
TW videos 2 days ago
Speaking of language. Matpat, do you think it is easy for American peaple to speak Dutch? I mean, just look at what you said yourself. We Dutch peaple have a extream simulair linguistic prosody as English speakers. It isn't to diferand. My dad told me that Dutch is actually the most freaking difficult language on the world, because of our grammer and vocabulairy. But I've been looking and I can obviusly see that there is bearly🐻 any diverence. So, should it be realy that hard for you?
TW videos
TW videos Day ago
1: You are right. Dutch and German do look alike. But (and not in an angry way) German does have longer and more dificult words for something that can be smaller and simpler. For example: Dutch; sorry, zij je iets? German; entschuldigung, Sie sind etwas für dich? Both mean "sorry, did you say something?" in English by the way. But if you just got to know the translation, which one would you have guessed meant "sorry, did you say something" quicker? (And yes, I lookt up the German part) 2: Don't worry, it did help. I have dyslexia and I have some difficulties with words. So I appriciate it.
Azure Griffin
Also, for the sake of education and not to seem like a dickhead: - Past tense of "say" is "said," not "sayd" - "an extreme," since "a" or "an" depends on whether the next word begins with a spoken vowel. N9te also the spelling of "extreme." - "extremely similar [linguistic prosidy] to" for making a comparison. - "Similar" and not "simulair." - "different" not "diferand" - "vocabulary" not "vocabulairy" - "obviously" not "obviusly" - "barely" not "bearly." "Bare" means minimal, while "bear" means the creature. - "difference" not "diverence," though I get how that was made, since I *assume* the V makes an F sound in Dutch. - "should" not "sould" Again, I am doing this to be helpful, not to be a dickhead. Hope you appreciate it 😅
Azure Griffin
With all due respect, with how Dutch sounds to non-natives, I think if I was choking, a Dutch person could feasibly answer with "yes, the weather is quite nice today." I kid, of course. While I have no education in Dutch, I do take German for GCSE, and intend to take it for my A-levels, and - correct me if I'm wrong - German and Dutch are very similar. I once saw a scale of language difficulty (to learn if your first language is English), and German was in catagory 2 of 5, with 1 being easiest to learn and 5 being the hardest. Honestly, what does my head in most is gender in nouns. What ancient European bloke put the wrong mushrooms in his soup, and looked about, thinking "this door has a vagina"? And who decided this was a good idea?
Finn8145 2 days ago
You forgot ma with no tone (I learned Chinese at school)
Lora Knight
Lora Knight 22 hours ago
Say Whaaaat?!
Tristan Graff
Tristan Graff 2 days ago
So if groot is the name of the language, wouldnt calling him groot be the equivalent of calling someone who speaks mandarin "Chinese" kind of racist if you think about it..
Henry Salmeron
Henry Salmeron 2 days ago
The Devil’s Magpie
I bet if you asked Groot nicely that he’d still carry you to Isengard
kerrie 2 days ago
*I'm suddenly proud that I speak Chinese*
Alegost1 2 days ago
i haven´t watched the video yet, but i´d think it would be possible considering we humans developed 2 "languages" with one being just 1 and 0 and the other "." and "-"
Brad Brown
Brad Brown 2 days ago
Talking timbre of a talking timber. Quality content 👌
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