Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

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Groot became a fan favorite right away despite, or perhaps because, he can only say the simple phrase "I am Groot". Now, so far in the MCU we've seen only two people able to fully understand the little twig - Rocket and Thor. What I want to know is, can you or I learn to speak Groot? Could it be a REAL language? Let's find out!
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Mcdead 33
Mcdead 33 5 months ago
I am groot. Translation: Hit that notification bell!!
Blockman Amir 0098
Blockman Amir 0098 16 days ago
+big chungus memeber He's doing a jokr
Gandolf Phoenix
Gandolf Phoenix 17 days ago
Where is it though?
kakushigames35 gaming/music
shikagoco naromayaclo shimayla bulaup! (Starfox cerinian to English=I have already click on the notification bell!)
Mirage Shereng
Mirage Shereng 19 days ago
Mcdead 33 I AM GROOT Translation:FINALLY
Anyoneatall Noone
I am groot
traine2 5 hours ago
I am Groot
Plazyen 11 hours ago
I am Groot Translation: I am Groot Translation translation: I am Groot Translation translation translation: I am Groot Translation translation translation translation- *Continues* AH well that Plazyens dead. HI I’m the replacement,
Anyssel Estol Navedo
Diet coke USvid theroy
Adam Affer
Adam Affer 18 hours ago
*gasp* matpat how did you know I don’t like Cheetos.
Glupschi112 Day ago
I am groot Translation: My favorite is rocket ♥
I am Groot. Translation: I am Groot.
planet jennie
i think we ALL are groot
ya boii Captain
Mat pat lies, u made one before oh u did
Dr Pappa Pillz
I squanch groot?
Nathan Nainggolan
FYI, Thor called Teen Groot “branch”.
DenDärKillen !
DenDärKillen ! 2 days ago
Pause on 1:21 and look at the videos then you Will see one of his guardians of the galaxy videos
Captain Death
Captain Death 2 days ago
EatFloorPizza115 2 days ago
He says 4 words in the end he says “we are griot”
JinX Fibel
JinX Fibel 2 days ago
I had a diet coke ad while watching this video #NOTSPONSORED
Chill_Skrubalツ 2 days ago
“You got some acorns on you.”
Saverio Gwyn
Saverio Gwyn 2 days ago
Yes, your new language is adorable.
ABIGAIL McMillan 3 days ago
Arwen Miah
Arwen Miah 3 days ago
I am *GROOT* ( Subscribe to MatPat *NOW* )
Lisa Rodrigues
Lisa Rodrigues 3 days ago
Who is the character who doesn't talk in Harry Potter ?
Dannymatronic 3 days ago
frick, the doulingo owl followed me to this video AHHHHHHH!
Juicy Studios
Juicy Studios 3 days ago
1:21 3rd row, 3rd over there’s a video called “why Guardians of the Galaxy is the best movie ever”
TK Pixel Bit
TK Pixel Bit 3 days ago
I am groot Translation: Suicide is the only way
白饭 3 days ago
I am Groot. Guess the meaning,and comment
niTr0 stealth
niTr0 stealth 3 days ago
I am groot! I am groot i am groot
Alfonso Calderon Jr
I am groot. Translation: why the hell would you want to know how to speak groot.
Defective M&M
Defective M&M 3 days ago
*Duolingo has joined the chat
Michele 3 days ago
Roses are red Violets are blue I am groot Honey where is my super suit
Gabriel lazy Bones
I am groot! Translation: I am not groot.
Gabriel lazy Bones
I an groot.
Gabriel lazy Bones
Alright manderine lesson from a local chinese boi. Say the f word in chinese. It is ew but pitch it up words now u swared in chinese.
RJ Hamler
RJ Hamler 3 days ago
I am groot. I am groot. I am groot. I am groot? I am groot. I am groot. I AM GROOT! I am groot? I am groot.
Yofi Nugroho
Yofi Nugroho 3 days ago
Hello groot
QuAnTuM GaMeZYT 3 days ago
I amm groot: Translation:why am I here
Tammie Alisio
Tammie Alisio 4 days ago
I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot Translate: stupid freaking Siri can’t even work right
AzTeX Twistt
AzTeX Twistt 4 days ago
95% of comments: I am Groot translations. 5% of comments: Chinese speaking people talking about the language. Literally just me: Hey, I can play oboe. Wow!!!!
[][]Glitch[][] G
[][]Glitch[][] G 4 days ago
Tori's Adventures VJohnson
It’s sad that I am allergic to cheetos
ELZED YT 4 days ago
I am groot
Death Trooper
Death Trooper 4 days ago
I AM groot?
Tektr0_ Plays
Tektr0_ Plays 4 days ago
Yechnically in french its 4 words? Je m'apelle groot.
Cosmic 4 days ago
He also says we but okay.
tutorials for life
Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy. Length matters.
Caroline Inoue
Caroline Inoue 4 days ago
i hate Chirs prat
علیرضا صالح زاده
But here's the thing. The171500 number you got is the number of the sentences not words
der Lean
der Lean 5 days ago
I dont like cheetos
Titus Chow
Titus Chow 5 days ago
Help meh I’m Chinese and I don’t wanna learn mandarin
Benjamin Shields
Benjamin Shields 5 days ago
Ima be real, I didnt like that intro. At all. It felt so disconnected from the video and pretty pointless. But you prolly eont see this anyways
Eric Shen
Eric Shen 5 days ago
6:41 - 6:46 I couldn't hold back my laughter
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 5 days ago
I wonder if Yondu speaks Silbo Gamero's language
rezkhy adami
rezkhy adami 5 days ago
You must be a genius.
Marquis Krueger
Marquis Krueger 5 days ago
Spanish or vanish
Fox Boi
Fox Boi 5 days ago
No where near cute
The SpaceCat
The SpaceCat 5 days ago
Mat, you have always been cute
ricky rhubarb
ricky rhubarb 6 days ago
So you just explained that animals can and do talk but we just don't understand
Andor Ferencz
Andor Ferencz 6 days ago
I can! I am groot!
רועי שר
רועי שר 6 days ago
You are always cute mat❤ I cant believe I just said that that...
Xprogamer210 6 days ago
You forgot to say gamora 😂
huck challenge
huck challenge 7 days ago
but if you forget the end i think the world need a i am groot book
Spiff 7 days ago
9:20 Fun Fact: In college I shoved a goose through a paper shredder!
Filbo Vulcan
Filbo Vulcan 7 days ago
I'm sad he never mentioned Portal's Companion Cube
Etrade1208 7 days ago
WE are groot. Love that scene. :) 👇??? Plz??
Puppetzer plaazzz
i am GROOT?
Mason Carter
Mason Carter 7 days ago
I am groot Translation: subscribe to pewdiepie
Jess Rowan
Jess Rowan 7 days ago
I am groot
Jellyz_ PG3D
Jellyz_ PG3D 7 days ago
Jrlopez1027 7 days ago
If Groots a language then imagine of you had a name like English or Spanish or something
Jrlopez1027 7 days ago
Duolingo bird: *IM ON IT*
Caleb Rubino Origami
I adore you matpat but Diet Coke taste like ass
Wesley Morrison
Wesley Morrison 7 days ago
trash panda?
MuffinCountry 7 days ago
Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaltd gersput!
Ramen Master
Ramen Master 7 days ago
Love filmtheory
Block Gaming
Block Gaming 7 days ago
lol kenny cant even appear on a film show without dieing "You killed kenny you bastards"
Cylum -
Cylum - 8 days ago
I am groot: Translation:Subscribe and on notifications!
Agent Mr. Flame
Agent Mr. Flame 8 days ago
There is also bumblebee
Aw geez , Rick
Aw geez , Rick 8 days ago
I'm gay
iona reburiano
iona reburiano 8 days ago
I am groot i am groot Translation; i love baby groot
Nugget Jimenez
Nugget Jimenez 8 days ago
CallMeDaddyC 8 days ago
I am Steve Rogers
Ender Shadow10
Ender Shadow10 8 days ago
Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best Marvel movies! It's up there with the Iron Man movies.
Jackie Gabel
Jackie Gabel 8 days ago
Star Lord all so can Now what groot is Say 😬
Noob and David
Noob and David 8 days ago
"I am Steve Roger's"
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald 9 days ago
Tbh matpat s Job must be hard because it’s not like just playing games it’s doing maths and Morse code and maths and launguages so give him it
M. CHANIF 9 days ago
Indo mana tolol
Josie noneyobiz
Josie noneyobiz 9 days ago
I liked solely for the intro.
The gaming blader
I'm nothing without you
Some Guy
Some Guy 9 days ago
when we stare at a phrase online, or read words, we do not feel them as if they were spoken, only as we read and perceive them, this can always cause issues in trans-communication, a variable lack of this, not found in Telepathic communications 4:02 being autistic, my lack of vocal diversity and facial expressions always caused issues with me trying to converse, when i talk, i think in my head alongside what iam saying, like trying to convey 100 things at once, with 1 sentence that sounds blurbed and monotone, misunderstood.
Sardonyx fusion9
Sardonyx fusion9 9 days ago
I AM groot. Translation: if you don’t give this video a like you hate marvel (then you hate most of humanity)
Krystal Klear
Krystal Klear 9 days ago
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang 9 days ago
Wrong! You have made a guardians of the galaxy vid before it was about how guardians of the galaxy is the best movie with groot on the thumbnail!
Diego Brando
Diego Brando 9 days ago
Fun fact: vin desal has a copy of his script, translating all of groots lines
The Rick Awesome
The Rick Awesome 9 days ago
Hi. It’s Duo Looks like you missed your groot lesson. You know what happens now.
The Rick Awesome
The Rick Awesome 9 days ago
Can we get 10k subscribers no videos?
my alarm went off right after he said ring-a-ding-ding
NOT_TACO_BELL 10 days ago
I am grooot Says in Europe SUBSCRIBE
No Name
No Name 10 days ago
I am groot
You dont want to compare Groot to a constructed language because that is unfair? Why? Because Groot is a real language?
So the number of WORDS in English is similar to the number of SENTENCES in Groot?
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