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I've waited this long to tell you...
...that I went to Italy 6 months ago with my family and fell in love with the country and several men in it. And a pigeon.
This life has been a heaven of a ride... thank you for riding with me.
I'll see you unexpectedly again, very soon.
Videographers: Liza Koshy, Mama Koshy, Papa Koshy, O. Koshy, R. Koshy
Editor: My bro, Mark C. Roe
Produced by Westbrook Media (and me lol)
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I thank you, I've missed you, and I am so happy to be here with you.
All my love always,


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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 8 940
MariaJose Amado
MariaJose Amado 7 hours ago
Wtf Liza...that was too cute and funny. WHY AM I watching this just now....like I'm crying and laughing and snotting...Thank you. You're so cute...your family is cute...I wanna be that cute.
Sarel Zgheib
Sarel Zgheib 7 hours ago
Sarel Zgheib
Sarel Zgheib 7 hours ago
Natalie Refai
Natalie Refai 7 hours ago
I think the first person that watched this video was David 😂😂😂
meg m
meg m 7 hours ago
You have beautiful family. This video was very beautiful like ur family :)
Genesis Richards
Genesis Richards 7 hours ago
Liza: "This is way better than Los Vegas" David: *going on vacation to Los Vegas every other weekend with his friends* Me: Is that shade I smell hmmmmmmmm
Unoriginal_Kai 7 hours ago
and y'all thought she forgot her password to this channel😭
aniokay 7 hours ago
Gabriela Doratori
Gabriela Doratori 7 hours ago
How come I didn’t know??? I would’ve stalked tf outta her
Jennifer Monroe
Jennifer Monroe 7 hours ago
Can you please vlogging you’re old videos
Sara Almansoori
Sara Almansoori 7 hours ago
Liza looks so much like her dad
A thro ugh Z
A thro ugh Z 7 hours ago
Who else saw the stops what they were watching immediately and clicked on this
TT That’s All
TT That’s All 8 hours ago
After Nursing school this is my dream place to visit
Sonia Canini
Sonia Canini 8 hours ago
rishil Lala
rishil Lala 8 hours ago
Miss you
Meechyshel M
Meechyshel M 8 hours ago
Dying laughing!!!! Bruschetta Brushitty LOL
Joaquin Torres
Joaquin Torres 8 hours ago
Her future husband is David dobrik and I know for a fact they will get married someday!! They are meant to be, truly soulmates
Te M
Te M 9 hours ago
5:58 that music is giving me Flashbacks. 😭
jadon Playz
jadon Playz 9 hours ago
I’m so happy for your success
Pink101dragon hulio
When will u start posting normally again? Btw i do love it
riski rival
riski rival 9 hours ago
Adam Ryan
Adam Ryan 9 hours ago
This video was amazing!! great editing and your so funny!! do you edit your own videos??
Memes Unlimited
Memes Unlimited 9 hours ago
I rlly miss ur old vids 😢
Dakota A.
Dakota A. 9 hours ago
Little Big
Little Big 9 hours ago
Liza true actress. she's so funny.Love💛
camNfamILY 9 hours ago
This video honestly makes me so happy. I love seeing people happy. I’m hoping to visit Italy this May :) now I can’t wait
Nora Mayadenu
Nora Mayadenu 9 hours ago
so beautiful😍
Dream Child
Dream Child 9 hours ago
josh moreno
josh moreno 9 hours ago
This was a dope video no lie
strike star
strike star 9 hours ago
The art, and the art of Italy
ZeKoR 9 hours ago
Кто русский лайк:'))
Ηελλο Τηερε
I hope your next destination is Greece
Indie 10 hours ago
I miss your little face
Marissa Silva
Marissa Silva 10 hours ago
Sheep trees???????
Cookie 10 hours ago
are we not gonna talk about how her videos used to get a million in like a couple of hours but it’s been like 3 days or sum and it’s only at 1.7
MikeIsAPotato 10 hours ago
Sometimes on the highways here in Italy you'll see signs that say "Smile: you're in a marvelous country", and to be honest to me it's just normal, just my boring home. I guess that from the perspective of someone who was born and raised in a nation that was only founded 350 years ago and doesn't really have a historical patrimony it's a different experience. I hope Italy treated you well, lots of love from Milan 💚♡❤️
Aizul Azani
Aizul Azani 10 hours ago
to the people who disliked this video, who hurt you ?
Linnea Lindholt
Linnea Lindholt 10 hours ago
Omg!! I freakin LOVE all of your videos❤️❤️Can you maybe do a video where youre trying to speak danish because i know it’s a really dificult language to speak when youre American ! PLEASE🤓😍
Abbie Keever
Abbie Keever 10 hours ago
Awe she’s so happy 😭
Courtney Worthington
You are so refreshing.
chorley3000 10 hours ago
Yes! This is perfect liza content
Mehraal Shahid
Mehraal Shahid 10 hours ago
I am so happy u made a vedio 😄 I hope u got over David 😯 LOVE U !!!💜💜
Cookies! /Chocolate!
How many siblings do you have, Liza?
Mya Doctor
Mya Doctor 11 hours ago
Omg Liza back
R W 11 hours ago
I love u Liza
Electra 11 hours ago
I LOVE how genuinely happy she seems.
David Corral
David Corral 11 hours ago
Extrañaba la canción que usa liza en sus videos. Soy el único?
Hannah Gensburg
Hannah Gensburg 11 hours ago
Now this is content BABY!!! YEAH❤
Ilayda Uykiz
Ilayda Uykiz 11 hours ago
i thought it was an aesthetic video till i turned on the sound ahaha
Ellie Salb
Ellie Salb 11 hours ago
borededits. 11 hours ago
i love seeing her happy.
Michaeng italy Michaeng italy
Lizaaaa you went to sorrento I’m shockedddddd I live there OMGGGGGG
ObeyMe Yaser
ObeyMe Yaser 11 hours ago
David Dobrik punching the air RN
K. Rucher
K. Rucher 11 hours ago
Geht dich nichts an
Geht dich nichts an 12 hours ago
Why does your sister lowkey look like Meghan Markle omg 😍😍😍
Juan Ocampo
Juan Ocampo 12 hours ago
i needed that periodt
smol potado
smol potado 12 hours ago
Tianna Gargiulo
Tianna Gargiulo 12 hours ago
This brings back so much memories from my trippp
kivi 12 hours ago
Лайза прошу сделай реакцию на Настю джексон
Nora Masemola
Nora Masemola 12 hours ago
She finally remembered the password
Faktus 228
Faktus 228 13 hours ago
То чувство что ты из России и ничего не понимаешь 😂🤣😅
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