Exchange between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Wells Fargo CEO (C-SPAN)

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan during a House Financial Services Committee hearing.
Full video here: cs.pn/2F6Dj93

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Mar 12, 2019




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DB Stevens
DB Stevens 3 hours ago
So Cortez is drinking in a bar and a news report comes on about a jumper on a ledge, the guy next to her goes: "I Bet you $20 he jumps". Cortez says: "Ok you're on", a few minutes later, HOLY FREAKING SHIT, the guy swan dives right off the ledge. Cortez shakes her head in exasperation and pulls out $20 to pay the man, the guy looks at her and thinks for a few seconds and goes: "Aww forget it I just can't take your money, I saw this earlier on the 6:00 news so I knew the guy jumped". Cortez replies: " Yeah I saw it too but I didn't think he'd jump again".
adrian barahona
adrian barahona 5 hours ago
Why does this aoc always say hypothetically like stop😂🤦‍♂️
Ocasio Cortez is a JOKE
M K 7 hours ago
Even without fossil fuels, we will exceed our 565 gigatonnes CO2e limit by 2030, all from raising animals. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction. We are currently growing enough food to feed 10 billion people. Livestock covers 45% of the earth’s total land. Animals produce Enough waste to cover SF, NYC, Tokyo, etc. 414 billion dollars in externalized cost from animal agriculture. 1/3 of the planet is desertified, with livestock as the leading driver. 80% of antibiotic sold in the US are for livestock etc. etc. We can live without consuming flesh and secretions. Visit a slaughter house and smell the shit, blood, and fear.
Olaf Baumbart
Olaf Baumbart 11 hours ago
It is her job as a lawmaker to regulate companies so she just makes a fool of herself by giving that responsibility to banks.
Dawud Storm
Dawud Storm 11 hours ago
She’s very cute indeed unfortunately we British are unfortunate as the female members of parliament look like they fell from the top of the ugly tree and hit ever branch on the way down...
Casey Cupid
Casey Cupid 13 hours ago
She's being crucified for performing miracles on the Sabbath
Casey Cupid
Casey Cupid 13 hours ago
We want the swamp to be drained unless it's a Democrat if it's a Democrat we like the swamp
P Rise
P Rise 13 hours ago
This woman is as dumb as a bag of rocks.
c k
c k 19 hours ago
Clueless puppets like this and low IQ people who believe in what she is saying is why the whole world has lost there mind with this clueless generation
PJ Dexter
PJ Dexter 19 hours ago
She’s amazing! Greatest thing to happen to American politics in decades.
lou Albino
lou Albino 19 hours ago
Shift 23 hours ago
How did she get to be a congressman? Were all going to die if we keep electing officials like this in office.
c k
c k Day ago
How does some one with a low IQ be aloud to run ..they give her scripts to read and she still has no idea about what she is talking about ... the far left are the most low IQ idiots in the world .brain dead ... they listen to a idiot tell them something and they just believe it without even double checking if it's facts.
Freddy Again
Freddy Again 8 hours ago
+c k You lower yourself to follow blindly the smear campaign against AOC. You are brain dead just repeating the bullshit they serve daily on Fox and RT.
c k
c k 14 hours ago
+Freddy Again I agree with the corrupt elite politicians....but Freddy your kidding your self if this idiot has any idea ... dumb as dog shit and never prepared or even has a clue what she is talking about ... she is as smart as Maxine waters ...do not lower your self to follow a idiot like her
Freddy Again
Freddy Again 16 hours ago
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is well prepared all the time. The Grumpy Old Politicians are not doing their job only serving the caviar eating elite.
c k
c k Day ago
She is so dumb... she wants the funder to pay for damages that they do not own or run. ... love this idiot ...has no idea how Businesses work and how banks work ...
PJ Dexter
PJ Dexter 20 hours ago
c k You’d have some credibility if you made it to congress at 29, but you didn’t.
Maximum Volume
This is why we don't have nice things... You elect dumb people to be in charge. When you are hired, it's based on merit... The gentleman from Wells Fargo is experienced and trained for his position. AOC was a bartender, now she is a political mistake. Maybe politics should be run more like a business instead of just voting for any registered idiot in America? Than we wouldn't have to be subjected to such nonsense everyday!!!
swankbeats Day ago
Maximum Volume bro look at our president u fuckin idiot this whole govt is a joke and so are you
So “hypothetically,” if a bank finances a car and the driver gets drunk and wrecks, should the bank be held accountable? This woman is an incredibly partisan idiot. I will never forget that she says we should support those who are “unwilling to work.” That statement alone is one of the most mind-bogglingly stupid things I’ve ever heard a politician make... and I’ve heard a lot of stupid statements from them.
Steve Draper
Steve Draper Day ago
I would debate her gladly and make her look like the clown she is for $1
PJ Dexter
PJ Dexter 20 hours ago
And she’d rip you a new asshole too.
Joann P
Joann P Day ago
Steve Draper I will give u the dollar, however,watching that debate would be priceless😁
A N D R E Y Day ago
She is stupid. Her logic is flawed. Isn’t there a common sense test before one would take an office position such as this one? Her questions are just stupid. But, again, what can one expected out of a liberal/democrat. Nonsense and stupidity is common from the “left”.
32hernandez Day ago
She is an idiot.
david taylor
david taylor Day ago
I like what This Woman's doing trying to address climate change and the hypocrisies in Washington, but this is really stretching it... If I loan somebody $10,000 to build a shed and that shed collapses on their goat, am I responsible for the death of the goat... don't over reach to prove a point of corruption between Banks, companies and the environment because then you'll look foolish and people won't take you seriously on the issues you are correct about
bradsicha Day ago
AOC is just an idiot! Bartender should go back to fucking up drink orders.
Prateek Gupta
Very poor questioning by @AOC. Very disappointed!
Southtown Hick
Cenk Ugyr writes all her scripted ass questions
None None
None None Day ago
This bitch is pathetic !
Stephen R
Stephen R 2 days ago
Cortez has to be the biggest skid mark on the Democratic side I have ever seen and that’s even over that dookie Maxine waters and Corey booker
jbdixs 2 days ago
Boy aoc what a DUMB ASS you are.
Double D
Double D 2 days ago
Aoc is a tranny
whatido120 2 days ago
Corrupt motherfuckers
wilson lee
wilson lee 2 days ago
From bad to worse, who elects this bobblehead woman.
RntUsmRt 2 days ago
Why did you loan that person $20 and then require them to pay you $30 in return, isn't that stealing????? Shouldn't you have just given them $20 and then apologized for not giving them more, I mean isn't that what you're supposed to do with "white-privilege" even though it's a bank??? Why didn't you just give EVERYONE who ask $20, can't you just print more money???? I mean just because you have a limited amount of something doesn't mean you can't just give an unlimited number of that something away, am I right? You could at least give everyone a dollar, even if they didn't want it, you could give everyone a dollar, couldn't you?!?!?! And SO, all this makes me wonder... why you didn't think of some kind of an excuse to get out of this hearing yesterday...., I mean isn't causing yourself an injury to get out of this hearing less painful, than say...., trying to figure out how to answer the self-righteous and completely IRRELEVANT questions coming from the democrats on this panel????????????????????????????????????????
electro1622 2 days ago
Cortez is a total moron....
bill hause
bill hause 2 days ago
OMG Do NOT underestimate AOC. This young woman is SHARP ! I hope I live long for AOC POTUS !
Fvghn Fvghn
Fvghn Fvghn Day ago
You can't be serious... Lol
Mainstream Media Is Evil
This was some of the dumbest and most pointless line of questioning I've ever heard. Nothing about this interaction was sharp or intelligent and I can't tell of you're a bot or being serious. She asked a LOAN COMPANY why they were involved in the CAGING OF CHILDREN. Do you see the issue with that? Why don't we hold Auto Loan companies responsible for peoples' hit and run accidents? Why don't we hold employers responsible for how their employees spend their paychecks? If somebody works at McDonalds and buys a gun to shoot somebody with, man, McDonalds gave him that money, better hold them responsible.
ACTruitt 3 days ago
Oh thought I clicked on an SNL video. I'll just leave now.
Ron Casto
Ron Casto 3 days ago
So what was the point if this hearing again?
Ray Ban
Ray Ban 2 days ago
Ron Casto She wanted to flex
Richard Bautista
Richard Bautista 3 days ago
Home girl is NOT a gentle woman
first last
first last 3 days ago
The best part is how she lacks so much self awareness. She doesnt realize she is making a fool out of herself
ZERO CASH 3 days ago
Da fuq? She is dangerous and gorgeous 😍😮
I dont agree with alot of her policies but homegirl knows her shit.
Mike Giglio
Mike Giglio 3 days ago
Those children are being protected
Baby Belkin
Baby Belkin 3 days ago
Stupid bitch well hypothetically
Larry Fry
Larry Fry 3 days ago
AOC's question: "Should Wells Fargo be held responsible for the damages incurred by climate change due to the financing of fossil fuels and these (pipeline) projects?" Whhaaatt?? When I hear this young lady speak, I feel like I'm listening to a precocious 12-year old. Sooner or later, she's going to experience a large dose of reality....and it's not going to be pretty.
ElGringo 3 days ago
Well Fargo gave me a loan to buy a car and I ran over 10 people with it. Should Wells Fargo go to prison for murdering 10 people?
ElGringo 3 days ago
She is such a dumb bitch. The more I hear her talk, the more I realize she is just a physical manifestation of far-left indoctrination.
dannyb4283 3 days ago
She's a moron
Jude Furr
Jude Furr 3 days ago
She is probably the dumbest person ever to be elected to Congress. He has to explain how basic business ideas work good god
Jude Furr
Jude Furr 3 days ago
What a bitch. Even if they do all the stuff she says they did, they didn't break any laws so why is their a discussion??
Mr. CoTrain
Mr. CoTrain 4 days ago
Wow AOC shows how retarded her and her team of lackeys really are, its hilarious, she really doesn't know how a fucking business loan works lol.
He Hate me
He Hate me 4 days ago
The reason why trump will win again in 2020 ^^^^
prozacRules 4 days ago
Peter John Hardy
Peter John Hardy 4 days ago
She’s so fucking hot. If she wasn’t such an ignorant twat I’d have an easier time masturbating to her...
Brian Brewster
Brian Brewster 4 days ago
To tell you the truth, I thought AOC would rip that Wells Fargo crony, Mr. Sloan, a new one. Wells Fargo is such a corrupt enterprise I REFUSE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER AGAIN! And so should most Americans. The range of investments that Ocasio-Cortez brought up is but the tip of the iceberg. This an evil, soulless company that has been caught many times breaking business laws and suffered pretty large settlements. I for one would love to see this company go under for the crap they pulled on millons of people. Shame on them!
Jeff Bieber
Jeff Bieber 4 days ago
Fucking idiot
Josh Gorman
Josh Gorman 4 days ago
She is such a moron
Nicole Ruffin
Nicole Ruffin 4 days ago
I'm very proud to say I no longer work for Wells Fargo. I was there almost 4 years and had no idea it was filled with criminals.😡😡😡
cdh79 2 days ago
+Henri Oliveros If I want to build a hydrogen bomb and need a loan to do so.. should the bank be held accountable, if they give me the money, knowing my intentions, and I set it off?
VP T 3 days ago
I doubt you worked for Wells Fargo, with such low IQ.
Henri Oliveros
Henri Oliveros 4 days ago
Nicole Ruffin but it’s not? It’s just people doing their jobs.. I want to build a house Wells Fargo gave me a loan to build the house I sell the house Buyer is a serial killer and lures victims into house and kills them Should Wells Fargo be held responsible for the actions of the serial killer?
John Tate
John Tate 4 days ago
My God I hope I never get stuck in the Bronx in NY City. The people that elected this woman have got to be as incredibly stupid as A. O. C. Why don’t her colleagues say shhhhhhhhhhh you are embarrassing the entire nation.
rowell669 4 days ago
What she is trying to establish is they don't put people before profits. Not that they're responsible for any of that.
Rajesh Unnikrishnan
Wow who is this ignorant congresswoman? Sad state of American politics 😂
Kaptain Kek
Kaptain Kek 4 days ago
She's making the Democratic party look bad please get her out of fucking office.
Richard Miller
Richard Miller 4 days ago
She is a dim bulb
hockeyplayer0241 4 days ago
My neighbor cut down his trees so I can sue him if I get skin cancer from to much exposure to the sun is this how it works crazy eyes Cortez?
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams 4 days ago
She’s such a dumb broad. She’s the type of person who thinks she deserves a participation award.
Aaron Hoffman
Aaron Hoffman 4 days ago
I feel like Cortez’s main thought moving forward is to link all aspects of projects together logistically hard but could have some good. I don’t agree with this approach because it inflates victim culture. This said I do see where they are coming from. Basically if the company wanted to build the pipeline they should have occurred all funds possible to make it fault proof, this hands off a majority of the task of making it safe to the investors trying to encourage “smart” investments. The problem with this is if there is no profit margin for the banks there is no incentive to fund any projects. This is what bothers me about these kinds of debates. Sry for the long comment if you read what are your thoughts?
Maurizio Timelli
Maurizio Timelli 4 days ago
If I finance a brand new car in 6 months later start leaking I don't believe the financial institution leasing the money is nothing going to fix it for me. That was a very weak argument from her side
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 4 days ago
God!!! She's such a spoiled entitled moron!!!!! What a disgrace our politics is, when Trump and Cortez are the headlines 😞
Daniel August
Daniel August 4 days ago
She’s an idiot
SURFER BY BLOOD 4 days ago
This dumb bitch should be serving me drinks and taking my food orders. You stupid idiots. She was a fucking bartender and waitress 2 years ago. And now your letting her pretend to be someone that has half a brain and is literally going to destroy western civilization. You fucking morons.
Dylan Snow
Dylan Snow 4 days ago
Hillary used to be the GOP’s scapegoat. Now it’s AOC.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 4 days ago
Willing to take the risk of poisoning the dreaded red man, eh? Sounds like accessory to murder to me!
Francisco Rodz
Francisco Rodz 4 days ago
Ocasio-Cortez is Undercover and is trying to Destroy the United States of America
STEM Scientist
STEM Scientist 4 days ago
Anyone who thumbed down probably works for Wells Fargo or favors caging children.
Thomas Ferretti
Thomas Ferretti 4 days ago
So we will be holding facebook and twitter responsible for all suicides and assaults from online bullying? Go get em AOC!
John 4 days ago
Wells Fargo is a piece of shit corporation, but AOC is completely wrong on the way she attacked them
Omar 4 days ago
Lmao AOC makes me cringe
Dave Wylie
Dave Wylie 4 days ago
Scary that someone that stupid can get elected.
Bee Cee
Bee Cee 4 days ago
Dumb dumb woman, soooo soooo stupid, how did she become a congresswoman? Is this how dumb the New Yorkers are?
YETI IS REAL3557 4 days ago
How is she in this position?
Suazzz 4 days ago
Her eyes scare me. bug eyed B!+$#
Crissy 5 days ago
She is making me believe more women should stay barefoot and pregnant.
Andres Sandoval
Andres Sandoval 5 days ago
Can someone please kill this stupid bitch already!!!!! Please
Buffaloaf 5 days ago
Here's a thought Wells Fargo invested in the pipeline to have it not leak and be more efficient. But that seems too reasonable
cdh79 2 days ago
and too surreal, because it did leak multiple times.. so if that was their job (as you intended) then they failed at it..
Buffaloaf 5 days ago
Buys a car. Car airbag fails. AOC: r u going to pay to fix all Chevy's failed airbags? Person: um? I didn't build the car? AOC: ok. Why shouldn't you pay for it? Person: I didn't build the car.
Buffaloaf 3 days ago
+Eric Johnson no she won't she'll buy her own private jet tho
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 4 days ago
No, but she’ll help you buy an electric car😀
mosinnagant76 5 days ago
What the fuck is she on about?
zeke iel
zeke iel 5 days ago
Just watch this and you'll understand cortez. usvid.net/video/video-MjWS8hQk188.html
Noah 5 days ago
is this real life?
Damian Lara
Damian Lara 5 days ago
I do not like her one bit.
Glitch 5 days ago
Good God, That woman is dumb as a fucking bag of hammers.
loganj7238 5 days ago
I think this is a pointless line of questioning. Wells Fargo's incentive is to provide loans they can make a return on, not protect the environment directly. They evaluate environmental risks but only to determine the viability of an investment. The organization that really had the power to prevent environmental harm is the agency that issued the building permit. They are supposed to establish standards to avoid these events. If the costs to meet these standards are too high Wells Fargo won't invest because it's not viable for them thereby preventing the harm. If the investment is still viable after meeting the standards then it gets funded. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez wants to blame the company for following their incentive when the lack of judiciousness in the government standards is what enabled the disaster. Business follow their incentives. Government (ideally) shapes the incentives to prevent externalities. She should be grilling the permit issuers and modifying the environmental standards that apparently were not strict enough.
Southtown Hick
Unfortunately you’re talking way above the understanding her supporters can manage.
300Balake _
300Balake _ 5 days ago
I bet she got slammed when she was a bartender
ninuxy 5 days ago
The point she is trying to get across is, if you do risk assessment, and constantly see people who you do business with, and those services you provide to them is vital to the point that their action would not be possible without it, and those actions end up hurting others, then perhaps, either you are doing business with those entities under the guise of knowing their prospective damage to others, or you are just a greedy bastards who only care about the bottom line.
Pat M
Pat M 5 days ago
She's such a hack 🤣🤣🤣 The entertainment her ignorant antics provide almost make it worth the embarrassment that she is actually an elected official 🤦‍♂️
Reddinah Redmond
Reddinah Redmond 5 days ago
I adore this woman and abhor the slovenly men that think simply calling her b*** and not finding her attractive (most of these men are slightly south of mule faced themselves) is a debate tactic.
Michael Ferngettie
Keep the fat cats on there toes....
Doug Unfunny
Doug Unfunny 5 days ago
she just keeps getting dumber.
Mojave Red
Mojave Red 5 days ago
The Djinn
The Djinn 5 days ago
God, her voice is so annoying!!!!!!! And why do her teeth look like Gary Busey????????
Marcela Hunsberger
So moral of the story is, pass better regulation that would hold financial institutions responsible for the type of people/business they invest in. Oops, I believe they already do that, (SEC, FinCEN, BSA, OCC, FDIC, FRS, NCUA etc.) 🤯 Please Congress, spend more time regulating smaller business or intities who you wish to really hold accountable to the same standards! If I missed the point then I will admit that fact. I didn't like the Congress women's tone in this hearing.
Diego Vera
Diego Vera 5 days ago
Its like talking to a Wall... she is making xtreme connections and wants companies to be held responsible for something they arent. This girl is dangerous.
you knew it was gonna be bad when she started off with "according to an article from The Guardian"...
Nick Spiro
Nick Spiro 5 days ago
Even the nuts can become a politician????
TruDragon88 4 days ago
Yeah , look at Trump
Edgar Lopez
Edgar Lopez 5 days ago
What a joke
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