Everything Wrong With The Addams Family 1991

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With a new animated Addams family coming soon, we went back to the original film from 1991 and guess what... we found sins.
Thursday: Recent scary sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 2 741
Cameron Kobe
Cameron Kobe 8 hours ago
John Cooper
John Cooper 9 hours ago
Addams Family Values has a lot more wit when it comes to itโ€™s jokes and is a bit more iconic in my opinion.
Josh Workman
Josh Workman 9 hours ago
NUCLEAR SKIP I died upon hearing that
carver Augustus
carver Augustus 9 hours ago
Zatanna would own a book like that. Positive one exists in her house, Shadowcrest
Sage 10 hours ago
13:25 "And could we not have seen the interview process? How the f*ck does a HAND get an intervi- Oooooohhhh...." Ok, that literally made me laugh out loud. XD!!
Mind of a warrior
Mind of a warrior 10 hours ago
Jenny Pagan
Jenny Pagan 11 hours ago
5:56 lmao me too ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ because if I were playing wendsday in this scene I would be over thinking my lines and I wouldn't even be able to do what the lines say this is what would happen if I played Wednesday in this scene: me: * frozen* uh...its called... I- is there a god? *Aims the arrow at the other actor in front of me and starts shakeing points it at a different direction and shoots* I can't do it!๐Ÿ˜ซ Director: cut! *Sigh* you do realize this is a movie right?๐Ÿ˜ฅ Me: yeah i know but I don't want to miss and hurt him on accident!๐Ÿ˜ฐ My point is I'd be a terrible actor!๐Ÿ˜’ And I'm impressed with there acting in this movie!๐Ÿ˜ It's just on point!๐Ÿ‘Œjust pure perfection!๐Ÿ‘ How in the ever loving fuck do they do this!?๐Ÿ˜ How!?๐Ÿคจ HOW!?๐Ÿค”
GingerGoddess89 11 hours ago
Family Values had better be following...
Brian Creighton
Brian Creighton 11 hours ago
Nuclear skip
grumpy gramps
grumpy gramps 13 hours ago
What is this degenerate reprobate whinging about ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” everybody knows that this movie is completely utterly fiction & not meant to be taken seriously by anyone.... unless you're a complete, utter nitwit ๐Ÿ™„
louisa rose
louisa rose 14 hours ago
i do NOT want to hear it
Pearlie Grace
Pearlie Grace 22 hours ago
correction: the addams family is always perfect
TheRedGameboy 22 hours ago
He wasn't Fester all along. He just got fried and due to odd recent social associations, he clung to the identity. And the script wanted that. But yes still deserves a sin
TheRedGameboy 23 hours ago
Wait, what was the realization at 13:26? How DOES a hand get a job interview?
Onlera 23 hours ago
I love how he sins Fester instinctively knowing the Mamushka and then sins that there was no earlier hint that Fester really was Fester ^^;
JejuneFox Day ago
Proof! She gone.
PC NinjaRacer
U fucking donkey! There is nothing wrong with Addams Family u bitch
Eric Bauer
Eric Bauer Day ago
I'm not even watching this, for it will be the first time I'll have to disagree with you. This movie is absolutely perfection. The cast couldn't be better suited to the roles. Just like the Brady Bunch movies, they have no faults in mine eyes. For every sin you give the Addams Family, two have to be removed just for Wednesday; "are they made from real Girl Scouts?".
Dave K
Dave K Day ago
Addams Family Values was much better but still had a lot of mistakes. Do it next and I'm sure it will be less than 100 sins :)
luvs2spluug3 Day ago
Wednesday is nice to Lurch because he is "the help" , when you think about how they are the opposite of families at the time and a lot of people treat butlers and maids like shit and family with politeness, it makes sense
Glow City
Glow City Day ago
I'm concerned on where you get those toes.
archer Day ago
Do the outsiders coward
Wonderouz Jackson
Addams family values!
Caleb Coreas
Caleb Coreas Day ago
Look not every you point out is a sin
Tj Smity
Tj Smity Day ago
Lets not forget the fact that there was 3 movies and the 3rd was cast with almost all different actor's
Ash Day ago
"Don't torture yourself, Gomez. That's my job." Love love love this movie! Total classic that is quoted often in my home!
Edward Sell
Edward Sell Day ago
Love all the "everything wrong" videos. This one fell way short. Sinning things the movie did on purpose that gave it it's charm to begin just to run up the score was pretty weak. Sin the sinner. Regardless keep up the good works.
Rachel Lynne
Rachel Lynne Day ago
Can you do everything wrong with the Addams family values?
Mike McGomer
Mike McGomer Day ago
Dumb stuff they sell in Holywood. That people watch this is scary enough.
Sylver Serf
Sylver Serf Day ago
That woman wrapped in vines? Sounded different because the vine had infiltrated all her orifices.
Impending Doom
I absolutely love this movie, and the sequel was almost as good as the original, which almost NEVER happens. Is the cartoon that came out yesterday any good?
Old CanadianGamer
7:30: "Sic Gorgiatus Allos Subjectos Nuc..." Is it just me or is the way Angelica recited this INCREDIBLY erotic?
Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai Day ago
6:12 And now I want to hear you sing that song.
emmanuel esene
Is it wrong that I found Morticia attractive
Advanced Raymondology
They tried to make an Addams Family without Carolyn Jones. That's enough of a sin right there. Nothing against Angelica Houston, but Jones IS Morticia.
Black Hat Ty
Black Hat Ty Day ago
No one said it was boiling oil...its assumed.
Nicamon Day ago
I prefer the sequel.Also,FYI,in Italian Thing is called Mano,which means Hand. ...I think it makes more sense. 11:04 - 11:16 This sin would make sense if he wasn't the real Fester,but he is,so he *does* know the Mamushka,he just doesn't remember it,but you CAN recall something you said or did several times before in your life even if you don't say it/do it for a long time. I know this for sure because it happens to me all the time with lines from movies,cartoons and TV shows.Even if I don't watch them for years and I've forgot the lines *the moment* I hear them again I start to repeat them *along* with the originals because my brain just works on his own in that moment. 13:03 - 13:05 And Harmony in"Buffy"AND Amanda in the sequel of this movie!
Killer Quinn
Killer Quinn Day ago
The irony that the Addams Family extremely close and healthy compared to so called normal people
TFG-Darkness Day ago
Buying movie: 0 IQ Pirating movie: 50 IQ watching CinemaSins: 200 IQ
7:05 CinemaSins: *takes off sin for good director cameo* Also CinemaSins: *sins every Stan Lee cameo*
Deathwish Day ago
they did hint that fester was the real fester. more than once infact.
Mr. Thoroman
Mr. Thoroman Day ago
Nothing wrong with this movie.
Sofi- chan
Sofi- chan Day ago
", but could we have removed Bette Midler for For the Boys?" You deserve 3 sins for grammar errors. (This is a joke. By the love you're video.) ๐Ÿ˜Š
Thatslifeyall *
So the Adams family 2019 version
Gacha Dragon
Gacha Dragon Day ago
Thereโ€™s nothing wrong with the film mate, thatโ€™s just the film, itโ€™s fictional, itโ€™s weird, ITS AMAZING sooooooo, your wrong
Jeff Barg
Jeff Barg Day ago
Why say the twist wasn't hinted at? Fester knew how to do that dance. How else would he know it.
Renato Corvaro
-1 sin to CinemaSins for recognising the superb acting in this movie.
gindaburra Day ago
Fester knew the dance, wasn't that a clue it was him all along?
Craig J. Clark
The Addams Family was unintentionally made to give CinemaSins guy a brain aneurysm and I am here for it.
C Anne
C Anne Day ago
Anyone else watch movies now and find themselves saying "Narration" and "'something going on' cliche" lol
eldiablov2 Day ago
The kid from Jurassic Park was also in Dream Warriors
That was a really good big Lebowski reference!
Layla December
R. I. P. Raul Julia. ๐Ÿ’• His performance as Gomez Addams felt like the dad I never had and always needed.
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Day ago
Put the kids on the next mortal kombat!
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Day ago
Thank you for covering the problems with this movie. Specifically the "dark" take on them. The Adams were always weird and morbid but it was *never* done maliciously or against other people's will (at least as far as they interpreted it - it was always voluntary. That person wasn't getting murdered by the sofa he's helping us clean!) Sure people were terrified of them (and their accidental murder house) but its because they kept offering to let people play with their pet hellbeasts or offering the cyanide cookies. The screams in the night is even weird because iirc Fester slept like the dead in a coffin. The joke was that they were opposite in interest but otherwise almost always polite about it. You're also right about the acting though. It was the saving grace of the film.
Lola Rose
Lola Rose Day ago
Everything Wrong With Addams Family Values?? Please??
Brandon Edwards
Brandon Edwards 2 days ago
16 minutes of missing the point.
agizzy23 2 days ago
*Sees this on my recommended* *Squints in goth* : Bring it, bitch.
DubstepBroda 2 days ago
Before I finish watching this video, I'm gonna guess that they get over a few thousand Movie Sins(considering that everything is wrong about the Addams family)
Dr Pancake Face
Dr Pancake Face 2 days ago
I always wondered why the guy was eating cereal in a second floor room.
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