Everything Wrong With Hocus Pocus In However Many Minutes It Takes

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This movie has somehow become a nostalgic beloved classic, and that sh*t is WRONG. This movie is TERRIBLE. This movie is sinny.
Next week: Classic scary sins and new-era "classic" holiday sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Oct 31, 2019




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Comments 3 175
Xurreal 3 hours ago
I don't know why they honestly feel the need to include bullies in movies. Like yeah the way the bully bullies is always crap. What you would get a sock in the face faster than anything then any positive bully result bullying the way movies portray it.. what's 20 sins for every time I've been bullied in senior year and had to have been reminded about it. Seriously if you don't want me to hate the movie don't put bullies in it
Firiey Blazekick
Firiey Blazekick 2 days ago
Why is this video blank??!!!
Nikita Audio
Nikita Audio 4 days ago
Doung Jones used his face in the Butterfly Circus, so that should be a sin counted off.
Phil Svitek
Phil Svitek 6 days ago
I watch these to relive the movies - and this one is a great way to enjoy the movie in 20 minutes. Some of the sins are not nitpicky, more just pointing out things they don't understand. Example, Dani saying it's her first time because she's referring to to being in Salem and Trick or Treating for the first time.
Bunny Rabbit
Bunny Rabbit 7 days ago
Even as a kid I always found the blonde witch to be hot. Also, I was a fan of yabos too ;)
sweetblackblood1 8 days ago
the witches said "cheeses and crackers" as a sensor to jesus christ. as witches and loyal servants to satan, they don't say holy names. that's is also why they screamed when the little girl said "bless you" because it's a blessing from "god". another holy mention that as witches, they are not associated to.
sweetblackblood1 8 days ago
you should have removed 3 sins just for the sanderson sisters. they are a riot and a tons of fun. both the characters and the actresses are excellent. the movie would've fallen flat on it's face if they didn't exist.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 9 days ago
This movie is crap. The acting is crap, the effects are crap, the writing is crap, the characters are crap. I want to bash my head in 10 minutes into it because of how cringey the terrible acting and writing is. I just don't get why there's such a huge nostalgia following for it, it's such a bad movie.
I AM THE REAPER 8 days ago
I feel your pain. And you wanna know something funny? I wrote a story back when I was kid (mainly as a way to vent my unyielding anger toward this movie) where the witches were resurrected, and it was up to the Gundam pilots (from Gundam Wing) to find them and destroy them. And they did. :) *tee hee
LL X 10 days ago
Hey Cinemasins dudes can you do Everything Wrong With Hot Rod the movie came on Netflix afew days ago
ce ce
ce ce 12 days ago
Max is everyone's childhood crush
Dominique Panciezko
20:00 mins exact
Scorpio WarriorPrincess
CinemaSins" Everything Wrong with Hocus Pocus Me: 🎶I put a spell on you🎶 #ShutYourAss
I AM THE REAPER 8 days ago
Wow. Sick burn bro. You really told him off didn't ya? But no, seriously this movie sucks the sweat off of Satan's balls. (no pun intended)
Rachaud Walker
Rachaud Walker 12 days ago
Unfaithful lover long since dead Deep asleep in thy wormy bed Wiggle thy toes open thine eyes Twist thy fingers towards the sky Life is sweet be not shy On thy feet SO SAITH I!!!
Haidee B
Haidee B 13 days ago
When the video starts without adds Me:NoIcE
Pat Mgroin
Pat Mgroin 13 days ago
like the video description says. this movie is completely trash. if anything he went easy on it, this is worse than Pete's dragon.
RialVestro 14 days ago
Considering it's clearly established earlier in the movie that they just moved to Salem from Hollywood it's pretty freaking obvious that the first time she's referring to is it being their first time Trick or Treating in Salem. The past times she talks about Trick or Treating with her brother would have all been in LA. She's also clearly concerned about getting lost as she clearly hasn't been in this neighborhood long enough to find her way around by herself without getting lost. So why are you sinning that scene?
ThePoorQualityCrew 15 days ago
Can't believe you didn't make fun of Max using the Zippo so much after he got it😂 thought for sure you woulda watched this recently and just dinged in my head every time I saw the zippo
MakeupBy KaitRae
MakeupBy KaitRae 15 days ago
my favorite movie.. love this video lmao
Ella Sharp
Ella Sharp 15 days ago
. (duh!)
Miller Blaylock
Miller Blaylock 16 days ago
When witches talk about 'virgin blood' they mean unused blood, and has nothing to do with virginity. (ding!)
rock climbing33
rock climbing33 16 days ago
Great video!!
Marilyn Morris
Marilyn Morris 16 days ago
Idk if you watched the edited or the original version, but there's a part in the very beginning, after they've sucked Emily dry, when they're confronting Thackery, where "dead" Emily shifts around very noticeably--like opening and closing her legs.
Alice Willoughby
Alice Willoughby 16 days ago
16:31 - "furiosity". Cute!
Dan Beaumont
Dan Beaumont 16 days ago
Noone gonna comment on the fact that Winifred hairstyle is extremely suggestive
I AM THE REAPER 8 days ago
Looks like just another bad hairdo to me man.
Ken Hollis
Ken Hollis 14 days ago
I always thought they were trying to make her look like Elizabeth I.
Dan Beaumont
Dan Beaumont 16 days ago
they look like boobs or an ass
Pink Panther
Pink Panther 16 days ago
Plz explain?
Fun Draw
Fun Draw 16 days ago
1:36-1:45 looks to me like when Cinema was doing the 12th sin, Winifred and comp were swearing their butts off.
Salty Queen
Salty Queen 17 days ago
How dare you. You're a psychopath. I think you hate kids more than Bette Midler lol.
I AM THE REAPER 8 days ago
"How dare you. You're a psychopath." Jesus fucking Christ lady, learn to take a joke. Or better yet, find out how satire works. His whole channel is pretty much like this. Why are you even upset over this one shitty movie? It had it coming.
chiz413 18 days ago
The fact that the 3 main children are immune to the song is due to a deleted scene in which the witches make candy that allows them to fall in a trance. The main characters don’t eat it.
AriesFireSoul 15 days ago
Jameson White
Jameson White 18 days ago
Staaaaaan Daaaaarrrrsh
LATONYA J 18 days ago
This was my favorite movie when I was little lol
Byron Voogt
Byron Voogt 19 days ago
I haven't watched CinemaSIns in a while and it seems these videos have moved away from a humorous commentary pointing out plot holes, continuity errors and character flaws to a "this movie sucks and here's why" vein with very little nuance. Also, if you want to piss of the fan-base of a beloved cult classic, you might as well take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I dare you...
Yasmin Hernandez
Yasmin Hernandez 20 days ago
Nothing wrong with this movie 👏🏼
Clariza Mae Sevilla
Tbh I only watched this to stare at Sarah all movie long
loner1878 20 days ago
This review made remember why I love this movie.
JL Ghost
JL Ghost 20 days ago
Love the Mick Smiley Magic reference :)
Picket Pants
Picket Pants 21 day ago
I too often confuse children for weed. It's an easy mistake to make.
TT 21 day ago
So this is McGees backstory? I see why he joined NCIS
Scarlet Riley
Scarlet Riley 21 day ago
My mom would melt if she saw this video
userdetails1 21 day ago
14:40 Even 300 year old witches like to dress slutty and show off cleavage
steven9red 22 days ago
I feel like I should give a sin to cinemasins for missing the blatant "thou"ing in the film incorrectly. Yes, the archaic English did use "thou" but only as the singular form of 2nd person, personal pronoun, and not the plural form. Back then they would have used the term "you" when talking to a group of people, and "thou" when referring to one person.
IlikeTrainsguy100 22 days ago
Yeahhh say what you want about this movie, but this is the greatest Disney film of all time imo. Fight me
I AM THE REAPER 8 days ago
@IlikeTrainsguy100 There is still something to be said about popular opinion, so consider that as well. Not everyone is a so-called "sheep"
I AM THE REAPER 8 days ago
@IlikeTrainsguy100 Well you wanted a "fight" so you got one. Deal with that.
@I AM THE REAPER Also, if this film was so hated/despised with the people of today, why are they making a sequal of it??? Oh yeah I know, because people love it. Let people enjoy things, everyone has different opinions, deal with it
@I AM THE REAPER I'd rather kill myself than watch any form of anime which is cringy as hell. And seriously, who even listens to reviews anymore? I like to make up my own mind instead of be a mindless sheep who doesn't like something because other people tell me to do so. I like a range of films so trying to act like a child is not going to work I'm afraid. Hocus Pocus is a brilliant, nostalgic, laidback film that doesn't take itself seriously and I love it for that and so do many other people my age. (Ps. Don't angrily quote Marvel at me, I never said they were bad. Marvel is the greatest franchise of all time)
I AM THE REAPER 8 days ago
@IlikeTrainsguy100 Go wash out your pallet with something like Saving private Ryan, or The Graduate, or Mobile Suit Gundam. Then everything might start to look a bit better for you.
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