Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

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A Quiet Place is a great movie! We loved it. But like all movies, it still has sins, so we did what we do and pointed them out in a video.
Thursday: Adventure sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Dec 4, 2018

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Comments 8 503
nylecoj azonipse 275
Do you have a list of worthy movies?....
Jared Zeno
Jared Zeno Hour ago
Things they cant do: Fart Sneeze Burp Throw up Make a bed Cant play in the snow Have thanksgiving Eat cereal Watch youtube Yell when they have puberty
chiara olivo
chiara olivo 2 hours ago
I loved the movie haha I think that in a 100 wrong things you said, only three or four are actually wrong. This is a video based upon useless critiques. I actually thought it was some good horror/thriller after all this years of stupid disgusting splatters. If someone hasn't whatched it and is curious, go see it and judge it yourself! I really liked it
Mr.Animate R
Mr.Animate R 2 hours ago
Wouldn’t all the monsters kill each other for making noise when moving around?
sam peralta
sam peralta 2 hours ago
Dude just shut the hell up and watch the movie, it’s just a movie moron
Güneş Güloğlu
Güneş Güloğlu 2 hours ago
10:42 fcking casual
Ella Park
Ella Park 2 hours ago
I still love this movie
Addie Draws
Addie Draws 2 hours ago
The reason there is so much food and other essentials still there ie. candy, nuts, and the medication, is because they all would make too much noise, bags of candy and chips are loud, nuts and pharmaceuticals if not picked up properly would be loud, thus killing the person taking them
Karl.A Mort
Karl.A Mort 3 hours ago
So what about the sounds the creatures make like they screech so fucking Loud don’t they hear eachother
VINNSMOKINN 23 3 hours ago
Everything wrong with you hater
Jolly Ranchers:3
Jolly Ranchers:3 5 hours ago
I would die Wanna know why because I’m gonna scream
phani rithvij
phani rithvij 5 hours ago
A quiet sex
AP 5 hours ago
The daughter is worth 50 sins. She's the whiniest person ever and her stupidity killed 2 of her family members!
Drum Beats X
Drum Beats X 5 hours ago
At 9:46 ( sin no.59 ) they won’t sink in the grain because they are lying down which increases the surface area, so therefore reduces the downwards force active upon them. But if they were standing up ( decreasing the surface area ) they would most likely sink as the downwards force acting upon the people is greater. So I think you should remove another sin.
Rhys Jones
Rhys Jones 5 hours ago
Lol the Jurassic park bit at the end haha
Senpai Is Key
Senpai Is Key 5 hours ago
Dude didn't watch the full movie before making this 🤨
Shmicko 5 hours ago
Predictable movie. I didn't understand all the hype behind it. I get it seems different but still follows standard story telling structure with a classic sequel setup ending just in case the studio wants to milk it further.
Jt Aier
Jt Aier 5 hours ago
I would not survive this.. I snore too much.. 😂
Bull bros
Bull bros 6 hours ago
movie: exists CinemaSins: it's wrong
Baty86 7 hours ago
but wait its Like a library XD person: talks Library guy: THIS IS A LIBARY OUT NOW
Baty86 7 hours ago
that's stupid they make sounds sometimes the aliens so why they cant make a sound the most karma to aliens were the badass mum doing the headshot
mahdi tabatabai
mahdi tabatabai 7 hours ago
i live this guy
Wade Hearn
Wade Hearn 7 hours ago
I agreed with some and disagreed with others. The one I really disagreed with was the corn one. They wouldn’t sink you only sink when you move. Moving separates the corn and allows more to pass. So if you lie down in it and stay still you stay on top. Was a good movie tho
getampt22 8 hours ago
Also really upset you didn't take a sin off for the birth scene
getampt22 8 hours ago
I've been a fan of yours for years. You are REACHING on this one lol
Dan Petersen
Dan Petersen 9 hours ago
How about you research some science:; from www.google.com/amp/s/theconversation.com/amp/a-quiet-place-the-science-behind-how-filmmakers-made-aliens-hear-using-distractions-and-deviant-sounds-96581 “Deviant sounds It has recently been suggested that there are two types of auditory distraction, where tasks are impaired by background sound. The most commonly researched of these is the irrelevant sound effect, where the processes that underpin task performance (for example, trying to remember things in order, or understanding the meaning of information while reading) can be interfered with by the similar processing of information from background sound, for example, from certain types of music. The second route is called the deviant effect. It is an evolutionarily adaptive function that we share with many other animals - and, in the Quiet Place universe, with alien creatures. It alerts us to potential changes in the environment that might indicate, for example, a threat to survival or a possible food source. The explanation of the deviance effect is conceptually quite intuitive. It is when an unexpected or unpredictable sound captures one’s attention. More specifically, any auditory item that deviates from an expected sequence of sounds is able to capture attention via a physical orienting response. Consider the example of a baby lying on the floor, looking up to the left at its parent. If the baby hears a sound on their right-hand side, they will turn their head towards it, and so are no longer attending to their parent. Laboratory research has shown this very same effect in different ways. Compared to the rest of the sound sequence, a deviant sound can be temporally different (presented at the rate of half a second compared to one second), have a different pitch (male voice compared to female voice, for example), or be semantically different (such as hearing one’s own name). In each of these cases, performance on a short-term memory task is significantly impaired compared to when there is background noise with no deviant sounds. The aliens in A Quiet Place rely on deviant sounds to alert them to their prey: when one of the children switches a toy space shuttle on it suddenly emanates a lot of noise (see the trailer above). The trees rustle, as the aliens have presumably been alerted by the sound, and the father rushes towards his child. The noise was clearly a change from the aliens’ usual environmental sounds.”
Dan Petersen
Dan Petersen 9 hours ago
From same science article: “Masking sounds A second auditory distraction phenomenon shown in the film has also been observed in the real world. In the film, the dad demonstrates to his frightened son how, in certain environments, making a noise will not alert the creatures. Specifically he does this by shouting under a gushing waterfall. The sound of the waterfall masks the shout so that it is not heard by the creatures. In the laboratory, we find that a masking sound (such as through white noise, speech, or music) masks target sounds so that differences between sound items are less well perceived. This results in a reduced irrelevant sound effect, because it decreases the acoustical variation in the sound - a key determinant of the impairment. This process is common in the treatment of tinnitus where music, for example, is used to mask the internal tones that are responsible for tinnitus. Although the effect of masking the deviant sound has not been explored by researchers, we would predict that a masking procedure would produce a reduced deviant effect. This is because it would not be able to capture attention so easily. An additional example from the film occurs when the dad says that if one accidentally alerts the creatures by making a noise, producing a louder noise somewhere else will capture their attention, making them search for the source of that new sound. Although this has not been shown in deviance research yet, it is a very interesting idea that could be easily explored. Though the film is very much a work of science fiction, the auditory science behind it is sound. Whether it works to save the Abbott family, however, is something only viewers will find out.”
Latrell Rhochelle
Latrell Rhochelle 9 hours ago
Basically, I’m glad I didn’t see this in theaters 🤣
Fernando Moura
Fernando Moura 9 hours ago
Lets start by the fact that deaf people usually make loud random noise, since they don’t know they are doing it. My father is deaf and every time he wakes up to go to the bathroom at night, every one wakes up with him haha
Thomas Jack Potter.
I don’t know if this movie deserved this many sins tbf
pnut84 10 hours ago
There's a reason why all the candy and chips and over the counter medicine was left behind, they make too much noise. Opening a bag of chips is loud and eating them is even louder. Try walking with a bottle of tablets and see if you can make no noise.
phuntsok Takring
phuntsok Takring 10 hours ago
Once I heard about this movie I didn't go see it because I don't want them to hear it and kill by the creature.
Ken Millspaw
Ken Millspaw 11 hours ago
Does anyone think about how easy it would be to trap these things? Just use any trap known to man with a bell and a string in the middle. Problem Solved.
Wake me when we get there Huh
This was one of the most boring and ridiculous movies i have ever fell asleep in and walked out of.
MA Mase
MA Mase 11 hours ago
12:32 had me dying laughing, that movie song used to scare me
Gator Teeth
Gator Teeth 12 hours ago
This movie was shit.
LPSLover2005 Quinn
LPSLover2005 Quinn 12 hours ago
Sin tally 73 there was no decent back story
Narwolf 12 hours ago
Cinemasins gets a sin for having no references to the Office or Jim Halpert in the end segment.
Shit idk Man
Shit idk Man 12 hours ago
It’s jim
Lean Cup
Lean Cup 12 hours ago
My tummy hurt
Silver Dragon
Silver Dragon 13 hours ago
A dark souls reference, nice
NC Girl
NC Girl 14 hours ago
I loved all the signs references!
Daniel Palma
Daniel Palma 14 hours ago
This video sucks but then I see you’re doing over 3 million views. So there’s that.
Jokerman Gaming
Jokerman Gaming 14 hours ago
"I assume that's racist" Lmao 😂😂😂
FcknHenry 4
FcknHenry 4 15 hours ago
😂 this is so hilarious!
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 15 hours ago
When that thing got the dad I just thought nooooo halpert!!!!!
Amy Schneider
Amy Schneider 15 hours ago
And like what if U sneeze?
Amy Schneider
Amy Schneider 15 hours ago
And like what if U sneeze?
Michelle Finnen
Michelle Finnen 15 hours ago
Dude they make no noise when there sleeping because when you sleep on your side you don’t snore. Look it up
MIT Suha
MIT Suha 16 hours ago
Taylor Flan
Taylor Flan 16 hours ago
Okay here's my biggest complaint... Why don't they live at the fucking waterfall? You can talk, yell if you fuckin want, constant stream of fresh water, build a water wheel and have permanent source of energy... If anyone has a single valid reason against this, you win $100.
Apple Tv
Apple Tv 16 hours ago
This was one of the worst movies...
jinxgirl5 16 hours ago
I didn't like this movie. A lot of the reasons why you already covered. And sure, plot holes and convenience happen with movies so maybe I shouldn't judge so harshly. It was just the logic and reasoning were so completely at odds with what was going on that I couldn't take any of it seriously.
FBI 16 hours ago
I think I would survive because I have the ability to cry on the INSIDE
james snow
james snow 17 hours ago
How does anyone take a shit in this town?
Amber Flame
Amber Flame 17 hours ago
So Darn Funny! 😆 Also, Please upload these on FB Watch. Ty
eolhc 17 hours ago
everything wrong is when ur fucked and u decided to get a baby , nice
Amber Flame
Amber Flame 17 hours ago
Just upload them on FB Watch
toad1er 17 hours ago
Or the fact that THE FUCKING FIREWORKS would of brought every alien in hearing range before the damn shotgun
Mud Flap108
Mud Flap108 17 hours ago
I like seeing movie mistakes not opinions
Zach Chaffin
Zach Chaffin 17 hours ago
In 13 minutes video time *13:32*
Al Cohol
Al Cohol 17 hours ago
Songs I wanna blast: Africa Deja Vu Jesus Built My Hotrod Vegeta's Super Sayain Theme Alexander Hamilton Entire Cuphead OST My Way It's Not Unusual Your Best Nightmare(Laugh Enhanced) Best Day Ever Take On Me Hawaii Five 0 All The Way The Broly Chronicles Seinfeld(Bass Boosted or Earrape versions)
BrovarianMotorWorks 18 hours ago
Candy wrappers make noise.
Alex Fahey
Alex Fahey 18 hours ago
This movie was pure brilliance... From beginning to end
Alex Fahey
Alex Fahey 18 hours ago
Your channel is a sin this movie is flawless!!! I really despise cinemasins now i used to like but now your stupid points and senseless insulting the best movies possible
Emiliano Rodriguez
Emiliano Rodriguez 18 hours ago
You speak waaay too fast
Eden_v 18 hours ago
That scene where she gives birth was the dumbest in the entire movie. As if the whole thing goes down with one scream and then the child flops out in what.. a minute? Come on.
Julian Rocha
Julian Rocha 18 hours ago
He forgot to doge
Liam N
Liam N 19 hours ago
How do they harvest the food they eat?
Aleonte Logan
Aleonte Logan 19 hours ago
This was more than 13 mins
Jezzy MurR
Jezzy MurR 19 hours ago
He kind of sounds like cermet the frog
Joe Madden
Joe Madden 20 hours ago
It's a POS and CinemaSins should know better. It's utterly illogical. The people that like or love it are, in a word; morons.
blue oh
blue oh 21 hour ago
Is not that bad...
Stwabewwy girl
Stwabewwy girl 22 hours ago
This is a great movie made on a low budget can't people just enjoy it or do we all have to be know it all's and point out all of the flaws.
Pellet Tellep
Pellet Tellep 21 hour ago
agreed. I feel like lately they are trying way to hard to find "sins" anyway. it doesn't feel satisfying to watch anymore
Zero Star
Zero Star 22 hours ago
People! Hello! Baby!
MiNDx1er 22 hours ago
The store is half stalked because everything you pointed out makes too much noise to loot. This is one of your worst videos.
CringeAccount Lol
CringeAccount Lol 22 hours ago
Usually I like these, but this one, I can prove everything he's saying wrong
Machine Meme
Machine Meme 22 hours ago
Everything wrong with cinema sins in 1 minute or less: they still make videos
Pellet Tellep
Pellet Tellep 21 hour ago
true, it feels so forced and infantile
: PiersonYT :
: PiersonYT : 22 hours ago
baldi basics who these guys really can hear every door you open
: PiersonYT :
: PiersonYT : 22 hours ago
What if they went to the bathroom and then a monster was like i can what you peeing
Ziestosti / Jevil is best papi and I love em
mute people will be safe lmao
Corina Vigil
Corina Vigil 22 hours ago
This movie was retarded to began with glad.i didn't watch it
Red Ultra
Red Ultra 23 hours ago
I really don’t like Jeremy anymore
Beau Gleeson
Beau Gleeson 23 hours ago
I died in the first 2 minutes 🥳🥳🥳
Nicholas Wigchert
If a 12g to the face works, how are tanks and jets not?
Daily Crusader
Wouldn’t a nuke just take a bunch of them out easily because a nuke makes a lot of noise and then right after all of that noise whoosh the thing is vaporized
Meelad Day ago
I just wanna know how he knows he can’t be heard near the waterfall and doesn’t try to move near there.
Kevin Button
Kevin Button Day ago
Lol they sound like a squeeky door...so why not use a squeeky door to communicate
Ravens Gatcha
How do kids work? They are very loud. ?!
I wonder what happened to that baby
Pennywise The Dancing Clown
*School library's be like:*
Pennywise The Dancing Clown
This would actually make a great video game.
Jack Donkey
Jack Donkey Day ago
After I watched how to defeat them this sounds retarted
Felix Bergbauer
9:24 made me laugh so hard XD
Alex Btn
Alex Btn Day ago
They had solar pannels
Qwex0091 Day ago
The correct ending would be them like "So... How much ammo do we have?"
David Hale
David Hale Day ago
Watched this movie with family last night and thought a lot of the same things! Still a great movie, though.
MasterBall 65
Furry *D U M B A S S*
Seek - Dead by Daylight
The ending is so goddamn anticlimactic! I wanted to see some brain busted bitches at the end!
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