everyone except my mom can watch this

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HELLO EVERYONE EXCEPT MOMDIY LOL. welcome to tattoo vlog #5!! i dont know how we got to #5, but apparently we're here LOL. hope u enjoyed coming along for my week! a bit hectic, but what else is new. hopefully see some of u this weekend at the challenger games!!! also NEW MERCH! YAY NEON PINK HOOOOOODIES
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Hi DIY Babes!!! Welcome to the #prettylittlelaur fam, I'm Lauren - a Canadian living in LA, makin' DIY dreams come true every single day. You'll find everything DIY related and more!! Including hauls, room decor, clothing try-ons, product testing, (many failed) slime DIYs, hacks vlogs featuring my sweet mini bull terrier Moose! I'm so excited you're here and make sure to leave me a comment down below if you're new here!
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Jul 24, 2019




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Comments 2 712
Amber Gallop
Amber Gallop 2 days ago
Girl you don’t need to worry bout that anxiety. You’ve got I’ve over 9 million people behind you and probably more❤️❤️ You got a squad
Lily Grace
Lily Grace 2 days ago
your no alone
Margaret Stouffer
Margaret Stouffer 14 days ago
She said the "D" word!
Tynilyia Seng
Tynilyia Seng 16 days ago
I Guess We're All Her Mom! UwU
Breanna Ignacio
Breanna Ignacio 17 days ago
The dresses are so cute uwu😊
Its Wednesday
Its Wednesday 17 days ago
the final photos were the same background
Matlhodi Matsekoleng
I like this
Katelyn Clayton
Katelyn Clayton 23 days ago
I think you should do the black one with gold that would look so cute
XoGracie _
XoGracie _ 27 days ago
Did the tattoo hurt? Bc i kinda really wanna get one when I'm older xx
Family, Fun and Toys!
I think you sshould do the ombre one with white writing
Camryn Frisby
Camryn Frisby Month ago
Same here girl I’m in your same boat I’m here for you😃❤️
Meghan Jianni
Meghan Jianni Month ago
I have anxiety and I have anxiety attacks but much worse and I also going to therapy too and I am with you girl
Bacon Gamer
Bacon Gamer Month ago
Nobody watches this even though it says so :l
xxMoonlight Month ago
*Laurens mum has entered the chat*
Sara Ayres
Sara Ayres Month ago
I loved the butterfly outfit
Missy Mimi
Missy Mimi Month ago
741 187 views well I guess you just have alot moms😂
Gryffindork Month ago
I don’t think your mom watched this 736,092 times ._.
Sasha Hill
Sasha Hill Month ago
Literally the most unnatural pose @2:00
Stephanie Month ago
My panic attacks are similar. It's hard. Each time you come out the other side you are that much stronger.
Stephanie Month ago
My heart aches for Lauren. Anxiety is so rough and I hate to hear how badly she has it :(
celia wedner
celia wedner Month ago
honestly you explain them so well. I always struggle to explain what it feels like and I think you're doing a great job educating people who don't have anxiety.
Aesthetic kãrma
Anna Tzaferis
Anna Tzaferis Month ago
Lauren I luv u so much your the best!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jess Norman
Jess Norman Month ago
Your anxiety attacks are really similar to mine and I have just got into therapy it’s really cool how you can just share it to everybody xx u r amazing and I love ur diys
Reeba _
Reeba _ Month ago
"I'm literally the size of Logan's thighs" 😂😂😂
Kayah M
Kayah M 2 months ago
‘So regulerly ‘
mary shetam
mary shetam 2 months ago
hello my name is natalia
Maya the Amazing
Maya the Amazing 2 months ago
I love the end the music is so nice I always love it keep up the good work love you vid there the best !!!!😁😁
Mia Robinson
Mia Robinson 2 months ago
actually if u peel the scab it takes the ink out
Danutaa 2 months ago
Niceee dresss
Paola Chavez
Paola Chavez 2 months ago
Laren plz like my commet i love yall
Karissa McCamey
Karissa McCamey 2 months ago
I entered the giveaway
Karissa McCamey
Karissa McCamey 2 months ago
Also have PTSD
Karissa McCamey
Karissa McCamey 2 months ago
I do that I have a anxiety disorder
Karissa McCamey
Karissa McCamey 2 months ago
Your necklace thou
Karissa McCamey
Karissa McCamey 2 months ago
Your so pretty
Karissa McCamey
Karissa McCamey 2 months ago
Can u link the dress
Karissa McCamey
Karissa McCamey 2 months ago
The title lol
It's Hannah
It's Hannah 2 months ago
Omg her dress is so cute!! I saw one the photos on insta laurdiy
CC Follos
CC Follos 2 months ago
It’s good that moosie was supportive🙃
Madie Denise
Madie Denise 2 months ago
Who kept moose??
Ffghh Ffhh
Ffghh Ffhh 2 months ago
Lauren got her take pic on the ground 1:08
Chocolxte_ Bübble_Teã
The second outfit with butterflys was so CUTE!!
Chocolxte_ Bübble_Teã
Guys let's call youtube to say don't recommend this to MomDIY
just me
just me 2 months ago
Taylor Elizabeth
Taylor Elizabeth 2 months ago
Ooh ooh u should do the lilac one with gold letters and the white one with black letters and the black one with gold letters
Taylor Elizabeth
Taylor Elizabeth 2 months ago
I remember like 2 or 3 months ago I lost my science packet that I needed to study for my final and I wasn't sure what I was going to do. So I was really stressed and anxious about it. And then one morning before school I had an anxiety-panic attack thing and I started out with having this really intense nausea like I was about to throw up but nothing was coming up, and then my mom told me to sit down for a minute and calm down and then she and my brother left for work and school and I was all alone with just my cat. I sat down and tried to calm myself. I soon started to feel better so I stood up but then I got really dizzy and started falling back and I was trying to walk backward to keep myself upright but I bumped into the counter, then into the chair, knocking it over, then ran right into the fridge, backwards. I fell to the ground and was crying nonstop my cat, being the sweetest thing in the world, ran over right away to see if I was ok and sat on my lap. It all calmed down in a couple minutes but it was the scariest moment of my life. I would never wish that upon anyone. So Lauren I feel ya.
Kayla Kibodeaux
Kayla Kibodeaux 2 months ago
When it is itching... smack it I know that sounds weird but my tattoo artist says that is the best way to help it stop itching without messing up the tattoo
Shreya Maanavi
Shreya Maanavi 2 months ago
Panic attacks can be terrifying, but I am glad u had someone there to help u! And Moose! I get them too and it is nice to know that other people go through similar attacks and that there are ways to combat them. :)
Tasha Cera
Tasha Cera 2 months ago
Girl I feel it. I have it on a daily and it’s hard to explain to people who don’t understand or get it how it does affect you in some ways !!!
kat.peachy 2 months ago
well i guess im a mother if i watch this jk
MAL Bouchet
MAL Bouchet 2 months ago
Thanks Lauren for the anxiety attack talk. I feel ya. My anxiety attacks are basically the same as yours are. Love you❤❤
slivermistcool 2 months ago
so you where shaking e it bc ihave attack that where i get hot and start shake and im told it a anxiety attack so idk if same as you
Trying to get 1000 without Channel
When her mom watches this she’s gonna get so angry and be like wtf lauren🤬 Thanks so much for the like
Michael Monte Carlo
Michael Monte Carlo 2 months ago
OMG that tattoo is so cute I love I hope you get better with you anxiety
Alice Cami
Alice Cami 2 months ago
Girl watch out you flashed at 1:51 so be careful or sensor next time
Bubba Queen
Bubba Queen 2 months ago
Everything you said about your attack happened to me on the 1st week of the school holidays. Problem was I was at a friends house and I went to the bathroom and as I was walking back my heart was coming out of my chest, I couldn't breath and my legs and arms went numb. I accidentally woke my friend up cause I was crying. Thought I was going crazzzzzzy.
Hello Bli
Hello Bli 2 months ago
flower princess
flower princess 2 months ago
Who else can relate to watching or playing on your phone and then think u lost it but then realise u have it
Lydia Davenport
Lydia Davenport 2 months ago
You know the first person to watch this will be your mom because of the title lol
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