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Ah, young love - whether it's kissing in the halls, passing notes during EVERY single class, or more, this is Every High School Relationship Ever!
Ian Hecox
Courtney Miller
Keith Leak Jr
Olivia Sui
Noah Grossman
Jessie Gill
Directed & Produced by Ryan Todd
Written by Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
Smosh Creative Director: Luke Barats
Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
Editor: Nick Agich
Producer: Kristina Nikolic
Production Manager: Jon-Michael Burgess
First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
Production Designer: Tayler Nicholson
Art Assistant: Jake Sperling
Camera: Brennan Iketani
Gaffer: Trent Turner
Grip: Joseph Pitruzzello
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Makeup Artist: Rachel Jenkins
Costume Supervisor: Lindsay Hamilton
Script Supervisor: Merina Seidel
Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
Senior Design: Ness Cardano
Senior Design: Ness Cardano


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Nov 5, 2018

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Smosh 3 days ago
Hello everyone, it's Ian (The pale one with the glasses and gracefully receding hairline) As some of you may have heard already, our parent company Defy Media is closing its doors. This doesn’t mean Smosh is going away. We’re already in the process of finding a new home and will update you all as soon as we can. Smosh has been enjoying record numbers lately, and this closure won’t stop us. The family that we’ve worked to build over 13 years is not going away. You guys have given so many of us here at Smosh the best jobs in the world, and we’re going to do whatever we can to continue to bring you the same Smoshy goodness that we always have. I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure the videos we've already shot for Smosh and Smosh Pit are finished and uploaded. We may have to go down to just Monday uploads for the time being, but so many people have already put a lot of work into these projects, and I want to make sure you guys get a chance to see them. We hope to have some exciting news to share with you soon, but for now, please give your love to everyone involved at Smosh. Thank you, Ian
A skits
A skits Hour ago
Sturmpanzer IV
Sturmpanzer IV 2 hours ago
bring back Anthony
Yes I love u
Nox 5 hours ago
Mendicant Bias
Mendicant Bias 5 hours ago
Does that mean you and Anthony can come back and makeup? So we have higher quality content?
Armaiti Salimi
Armaiti Salimi 51 minute ago
I love this soooooo much
Zonix Paul
Zonix Paul Hour ago
Smosh I’m growing up we’re you guys grew up you were my childhood Thanks for giving me the best childhood ever
You should so do *Every Verizon Ever*
Dna K
Dna K 2 hours ago
What can I say it was gonna happen eventually
Bameron Baller
Bameron Baller 2 hours ago
People still watch Smosh?
1sshiki Nguyen
1sshiki Nguyen 2 hours ago
Every smosh members ever
Ангел Ночев
Anthony and Ian can you made funny videos again your the best
Moisés Enri
Moisés Enri 2 hours ago
Where's Anthony
VINCE MOUA 3 hours ago
This is my first time watching smosh but that asian girl is WOOO WOOOO pls tell her I said this
Student Kaydin Everist
Do every potluck ever
Anarv Krishna
Anarv Krishna 4 hours ago
3boodiman 98
3boodiman 98 4 hours ago
Sad to see this channel stopped growing
Tutorial Games Android
I Hate Bully
Nox 5 hours ago
Katelyn Goode
Katelyn Goode 6 hours ago
do a every 7 minutes in heaven ever
Olly Cherry
Olly Cherry 6 hours ago
Can you guys do every Defy Media Ever
Vortex & Gaming
Vortex & Gaming 6 hours ago
Anthony 😢
Google User
Google User 7 hours ago
I wish I had such a great teacher
Sreejoni Roy
Sreejoni Roy 7 hours ago
I love 'teacher-Ian'.
JOHN Micheal
JOHN Micheal 7 hours ago
Fuvk off defy media
JOHN Micheal
JOHN Micheal 7 hours ago
ALfiE 7 hours ago
please someone make a petition to start smosh up again.
bloodshot557 8 hours ago
Damn, Smosh is trash now lol
Mitchell Moan
Mitchell Moan 8 hours ago
Magda N
Magda N 8 hours ago
I need more Ian in those videos, the rest is annoying me xd
gamerland GPH
gamerland GPH 8 hours ago
Ì dont miss anthony i miss anthony hair
Begone, Thot
Begone, Thot 9 hours ago
*You were always my favorite pizza place*
iFrostHecate 9 hours ago
*every every blank ever ever*
Mr. Weird
Mr. Weird 9 hours ago
Pls do every PUBG ever
Riley Pikachu Gaming
Do you have IBS # Mind of Shane Dawson
Chris Durant
Chris Durant 10 hours ago
A Keith I'm your cousin I no drama John David leak and jerald Is my dad
NinjarTurtle 11 hours ago
Minh Trọng Channel
Everyone gets you 1000 channel subscriptions! Thank you for registering!
Rj Fabro
Rj Fabro 12 hours ago
Bring back anthony
laura felix bueno
laura felix bueno 12 hours ago
Sorry for the DEFY situation
ʀᴇǫ FaDe
ʀᴇǫ FaDe 12 hours ago
Comment F to pay respect
SNAKE 53 13 hours ago
Wtf is smosh now...garbage
random man
random man 13 hours ago
Defy Media is a criminal organisation, I'm glad they went bankrupt. Hope smosh can recover from all the damage they've caused you. Best wishes.
Missy Sena-Ulibarri
Missy Sena-Ulibarri 13 hours ago
I saw Shane on the gold bergs
BroLife Gaming
BroLife Gaming 13 hours ago
This channel stupid. I loved back in the day when it was just 2 friends making funny videos and now it turns into a whole company with actors and whole studios it’s so stupid.
SuperMichaelGaming 14 hours ago
Whatever happened to the “Shut Up” intro??
Hail TayLord
Hail TayLord 14 hours ago
Rewatching Smosh videos missing them and it barely been a week
Shandrea Lopez
Shandrea Lopez 14 hours ago
Why would you even answer did you know where the funny videos
Fails And Success!
Fails And Success! 14 hours ago
Bring back food battle that would be awesome
bmx thugs
bmx thugs 14 hours ago
Where is Anthony
Frank 14 hours ago
Can we get an F in the chat
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 15 hours ago
Project zorgoe Is wachig
Jonas Games44
Jonas Games44 15 hours ago
Every ASMR ever plz
Abby and Bryson
Abby and Bryson 15 hours ago
I’m so sad right now I love you guys so much me and my cousin grew up watching ur videos and I’m just extremely sad and I hope u come and are not gone forever cus my heart is literally breaking right now I love you guys so much and I hope you find a new company
Hotdawgsuper 14
Hotdawgsuper 14 16 hours ago
Lol vid idea every Smosh vid ever idk if it’s been done I’m new to the channel
FortniteKid 155
FortniteKid 155 16 hours ago
Can you guys do Every Burger King Ever Plz since you did McDonald’s thx ❤️
Recklessly Cartoons
Recklessly Cartoons 16 hours ago
Why do some of the quotes sound like to all the boys I loved before
Manolo Tusca
Manolo Tusca 17 hours ago
Soy boys and vegan scanks don't do the nasty any more. They just fukbook all day long.
TheFuriousGamer 17 hours ago
jimmy picks his nose
Aaron gets ridiculous
Last video
Vlad 117
Vlad 117 18 hours ago
Never had any of these....
Flora Jakaj
Flora Jakaj 18 hours ago
- every kindergarten ever - every clothing store ever - every toy store ever - every Wendys ever - every Wattpad ever - every Wreck this journal ever - every lunch time ever - every farmers market ever - every animal ever
Ni Annie
Ni Annie 19 hours ago
Hey um I saw smosh for like in 2013 and I haven’t saw the for 6 years and what happened to iron Anthony
Sha Ayaz
Sha Ayaz 19 hours ago
They still have 23mil?? How long has smosh been on USvid??
Chris H
Chris H 13 hours ago
The smosh channel began in 2005 just a few months after youtube was launched.
laura13642 19 hours ago
Smosh/Smosh Games will get back on their feet! They can do it.
Logan Adam
Logan Adam 20 hours ago
Y’all remember when Amish actually made good videos? 2009-2015 was the shit.
Shrimp Yum
Shrimp Yum 20 hours ago
Why u go bank robbed :((((((
joker hamnett
joker hamnett 20 hours ago
Can you make a song of deadpool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BlinkoJam 20 hours ago
This is like a cringe compilation
Blackshadow 20 hours ago
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle I gave up 😢😢😢😢
Bunny518 21 hour ago
I kinda sucks that this of all things will be their last video
Bunny518 19 hours ago
Altaïr ibn-la’ Ahad I meant on the smoosh channel
Altaïr ibn-la’ Ahad
Bunny518 this isn’t their last video, have you even read anything Ian has said, “this dosent mean smosh is going away and we’re already in the progress of finding a new home”
Zapbot 1
Zapbot 1 21 hour ago
Is smosh shutting down
Noah P
Noah P 21 hour ago
WHY is smosh not going to do USvid I been watching this show for 6year now and it make me sad that they are leaving ┌(˵༎ຶ ل͟ ༎ຶ˵)┐
Tullock 21 hour ago
I came back to take my like back because I only got through half the video and when I clicked out I realized you shouldn't get one of my likes for only getting me through half the video, and turning me off. Then I realized that the owners of SMOSH are rich and I hate nothing more than making the rich, richer. Making me come back to give you 2 views now and writing out this long time wasting paragraph. I'm going to dislike it now.
Jose Alvarado
Jose Alvarado 21 hour ago
I will always be subbed to smosh
What to do?
What to do? 22 hours ago
Who remembers the old intro
Dude 22 hours ago
smosh must have bought their subs , no way 23 million subs but only 1 million to 2 million views per video
Maddie 23 hours ago
My name is maddie
Gretchen Guelen Gelpi
Umm can I get donuts plz 100 likes= 100 donuts
Deven Wheeling
Deven Wheeling 23 hours ago
Stahp sayin Deven it’s my nane
Chicken Nugget
Anyone else remembers the old smosh? The one that actually has good content?
Grace Nugent
Grace Nugent Day ago
you guys need to make a “every snow day ever!!” like if you agree!!
E DAVIS Day ago
Do every hallmark Christmas movie ever
Cursed Rider
Cursed Rider Day ago
Smosh I will miss you so much ever since I turned 4 I watched I'm 11 today and I still love you guys I Love you so much I re watch your videos everyday Please if you can keep Smosh on it feet,I give the best luck to you guys,Sincerely Thomas Payne
DamirGamer Pro
Make a food batle 2018
Jynflyn1 -
Jynflyn1 - Day ago
Good luck not having jobs now
FUCK it can’t believe it is shutting down
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Day ago
I remember when Smosh was actually good
Moldy Sandvich
The End of Smosh: You Can (Not) Upload
RedCape Day ago
Is this cliche or is it really like that in America?
ivan prid
ivan prid Day ago
666 666
666 666 Day ago
Last video of Smosh😢
Salvi50376_YT Fortnite
I dont want smosh to go im literlly watching every single vid they uploaded
Tobby To
Tobby To Day ago
Sexually active nun......
Carson Jones
Carson Jones Day ago
Repeal the 13th amendment
Kiri Day ago
honestly, it was time for smosh to go.
Luke Films
Luke Films Day ago
I just noticed I was watching the Goldberg's and Shane topp was in it
xazal hader
xazal hader Day ago
xazal hader
xazal hader Day ago
Hi team Smosh. Pls try Swedish Candy
Niels Salemon
What about a gay relationship? O wait, they aren't there... :(
Icy Waters
Icy Waters Day ago
It’s sad that this is the last smosh sketch
JY Assistant
JY Assistant Day ago
Relationships don't exist in highschool.
Marco Castro
Marco Castro Day ago
Awesome and today is my birthday
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