Every Girl's Purse | Anwar Jibawi

Anwar Jibawi
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Published on


May 21, 2019




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Comments 3 276
Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi Month ago
Thanks for watching! Subscribe & join memberships! Links in bio.
Kk_ L0ve
Kk_ L0ve 4 days ago
Brianna Grace
Brianna Grace 6 days ago
The Lopez Fam
The Lopez Fam 7 days ago
Awar you should do ¨Every Guy´s couch ¨
ReesesRileyplay z
ReesesRileyplay z 4 hours ago
I was not suspecting that at the end!!! LOL
Khalil Boutdarine
Khalil Boutdarine 6 hours ago
I love your videos and im also arabian slm labas
Aly Ahmed
Aly Ahmed 7 hours ago
A women's pures is like a Pokeball Like if you agree
Alexis the Gacha tuber
Is it in there tho
Greamien 15 hours ago
3:13 Guy asks what year it is Knows exactly how many months he has been inside her purse 👍
Hailey Ramirez
Carlos581 Day ago
2:51 vat19.com
Augustin Trepšić
This is so true
playstaz01 Day ago
Who else was born in 2006?
Alien Nilla
Alien Nilla Day ago
It’s so cringy that he throwing everything on the floor and not the counter that’s right there.
Omar Tito
Omar Tito Day ago
Very tru video 😂😂😂😂😂 love from Egypt ❤ you are so funny
ashnremy Day ago
2:56 random person in purse lol
Taky Boi is rich
Oh boy
Trenton's Gaming
Trenton's Gaming 2 days ago
4:26 every man's couch
Mario Loza
Mario Loza 2 days ago
Old ib
Ellatheroblox Gamer
Addison Weatherby
Hi people
Luke Calkins
Luke Calkins 2 days ago
Shulker box
Ayanda Parkies
Ayanda Parkies 2 days ago
Multicellunair TM
Shes the better version of Skyler from breaking bad
•yxllox.sxn• 2 days ago
My purse: Phone,wallet,power bank,charger,hair ties,water,gum. That's it!
Azfar Games
Azfar Games 2 days ago
Let me guess she use a mace to smash some tomatoes to make tomato sauce
sad boy kid
sad boy kid 2 days ago
Same problem jibawi🤦‍♂️
RealBlooz YT
RealBlooz YT 2 days ago
Answer: oh my phones at one present Me: looks at my phone percentage
Alfonza Wade
Alfonza Wade 2 days ago
Thanks for your time for you to come on guys turn out am l,m
Anabel Santos
Anabel Santos 2 days ago
Lol 😂 😂
Lokesh Sajwan
Lokesh Sajwan 2 days ago
Am i dating marie poppins 😂
i am l3R4VE
i am l3R4VE 2 days ago
Is that hanna stockings' sister?
Trucker 298
Trucker 298 2 days ago
Friend: Oh my God have you seen this movie!? Me: no? Friend: These two people die at the end! Other friend in the back: YOU JUST SPOILED IT!! Me: Technically, He didn't because he didn't say how they die.
Ms. Patato
Ms. Patato 2 days ago
Anwar: "Who am I dating?Mary Poppins?" Me:*laughing so Hard crys*😂
Viviana Baltazar
Viviana Baltazar 2 days ago
"Oh my phones at 1%" Me:*checks battery percent*
iiJirachi 2 days ago
So true tho....
InsertJams Here
InsertJams Here 3 days ago
shamara Mitchell
shamara Mitchell 3 days ago
I, g gamer
I, g gamer 3 days ago
بحبك إنت الأروع
⁅Qυie† Kim⁆
I think i was the one sitting in the bag, no wonder his face went 🤢
Carter Pawlenty
Carter Pawlenty 3 days ago
There is a guy under the table handing you stuff
Aseel Sultan
Aseel Sultan 3 days ago
هو عربي ولا لا🤔 إلي يحب Anwar يحط لايك👍 إلي عربي يحط لايك👍
Gabrielle Jones
Gabrielle Jones 3 days ago
That’s it he’s dating Mary Poppins
Alaney Kruth
Alaney Kruth 3 days ago
I like that your videos always have plot twists
Hannah White
Hannah White 3 days ago
Lol that’s SO my purse!
dawn folf
dawn folf 3 days ago
I only have devices and money in my purse
Heidi Burnett
Heidi Burnett 3 days ago
What a plot twist XD
sarah couch
sarah couch 3 days ago
These people have a serious cheating problem
Robert lee Arnold jr
Fuck you facebook nigga im a guy
Divine Wilson
Divine Wilson 3 days ago
These is so true, only girls can find stuff in purses
KrazyKatgirl 03
KrazyKatgirl 03 3 days ago
Dude friend:Do you have my charger? Me:yea it's in my purse Dude friend: *starts going through purse* Me:BOY GIMME MY PURSE BEFORE I SHOOT YOU! THAT IS MY PURSE, NO ONE GO'S THROUGH MY PURSE!😠
Diamond Jewel
KrazyKatgirl 03 not funny
Veyda the 1st
Veyda the 1st 3 days ago
TheDailyCake 3 days ago
You forgot the millions of pads and tampons
Gabrielle DelaCruz
SI RG 3 days ago
I like how they say movie night when its bright day outside😂🤣
Suyapa Perez
Suyapa Perez 3 days ago
That is not truecc
Nick eh 30 fan
Nick eh 30 fan 4 days ago
هلا بل عربي
Ginny Potter
Ginny Potter 4 days ago
Hermione’s bag
Adnan A
Adnan A 4 days ago
I don’t keep anything between the cushions
Sage PlayzZ
Sage PlayzZ 4 days ago
Hahahaha so true!!! and tat the end the girl that came out of the sofa😂😂😂
littlepup 01
littlepup 01 4 days ago
Mary poppin but in the modern days😂😂
Unknown JZN
Unknown JZN 4 days ago
Feminists: that is so assuming OMG Also feminists:*has everything in her purse that she doesn’t need*
Choi Jinsoo
Choi Jinsoo 4 days ago
Lmao, Vanessa Das my name.
Mysticz 4 days ago
Barbie Lover
Barbie Lover 4 days ago
Are you Arabic me too I am Arabic
100% Man City
100% Man City 4 days ago
How does she put all them stuff in
Rainbow melody and maneli
What is this girls name ? The girl holding the popcorn
Sassy_ Queen
Sassy_ Queen 4 days ago
Jowencha Simon
Jowencha Simon 4 days ago
The ending got me dying 😂😂😂😂😂
Fredericka Phelps
This is suppppper true
william king
william king 4 days ago
i mean purse
william king
william king 4 days ago
it is so funny when he saids is this a foot you have a foot in your purce
Ana Valdez
Ana Valdez 4 days ago
There's things under the table
hh 12
hh 12 4 days ago
Solmaz Parpaei
Solmaz Parpaei 4 days ago
Very true!
NUMB Milan
NUMB Milan 4 days ago
He litterally takes things behind the table
moe yan
moe yan 4 days ago
but ive seen other girl who have so much in their purse but the thing that has alot is my backpack cause whoooo you wouldnt be able to find a pencil in der
moe yan
moe yan 4 days ago
im a girl and the only thing i have in my purse are money and hairtyes
Kiearrie Peters
Kiearrie Peters 5 days ago
I can clearly see that the bag is not actually on the table😜
Sarotubi Boi
Sarotubi Boi 5 days ago
I Love Your Videos 💕 💗 ❤️
Walker Youtube
Walker Youtube 5 days ago
Sexist alert I
Rebel Vibes
Rebel Vibes 5 days ago
0:30 the face I make when she claims she's a virgin and I check
freakylilg 5 days ago
Show your fans what's In your purse fag.
Asif Jawad
Asif Jawad 5 days ago
Texting With Theressa
“What year is it?!?!” “Richard,what are you doing here?” “WeLl I’vE bEeN iN yOuR pUrSe FoR sIx MoNtHs”
skyimeee skyimee
skyimeee skyimee 5 days ago
tomato. potato
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII
Terrorist piece of shit, fuck your pedo moon god.
LuLu's boo
LuLu's boo 5 days ago
Dark Alex
Dark Alex 5 days ago
you need to make:Every Boys couch
rijack uzu
rijack uzu 5 days ago
YoonMinnie Lover
YoonMinnie Lover 5 days ago
Get your mom she would find it👍
Gustavo Pelayo
Gustavo Pelayo 5 days ago
Brooooo this is my mom's purse
Izak Sahli
Izak Sahli 5 days ago
Did anybody’s Siri also go off 😂
Mr Hydrogen
Mr Hydrogen 5 days ago
I seriously love Anwars video..like seriously he got this funny creative ideas with some sarcasm in it..that makes me love watching his video
Pokka Cola
Pokka Cola 5 days ago
Every girl's purse is every guy's nightmare.
Brailee Newton
Brailee Newton 5 days ago
Can you tell your fans who your cusion is
Satyana Rampersadsingh
I don’t like these videos they judge woman
Oof Gang
Oof Gang 6 days ago
There’s a WHOLE nother planet in there
Bossungen 6 days ago
The girl’s voice is sounds So relaxing
Raihana Akbar
Raihana Akbar 6 days ago
Why is every video you have lmao have the name Tiffany
aya Love shana
aya Love shana 6 days ago
When the girl tried to find the remote 😂 The girl : 😬😦😮😲
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