Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY

Dolan Twins
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We don't remember anything and we apologize in advance...
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Aug 13, 2019




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Comments 43 740
MLE 37 minutes ago
When I got my wisdom teeth out, I was told that when I got home, I sat on the stairs and slid down on my butt.
Jess. Sum.
Jess. Sum. Hour ago
Awww yall are so cute! You two are the cutest when you're on anesthesia. I'm glad everything went well with your surgeries.
Tessa Diane
Tessa Diane Hour ago
khade Hour ago
20:28 when he started dancing I'm fucking deaddddddddd 🤣😭
Laila Lestage
Laila Lestage 2 hours ago
18:13 tryna give us sneak peak🤣🤣
camila rivera
camila rivera 2 hours ago
So they got a nose job
allison 2 hours ago
"Is that anesthesia dairy free" 😂
Joanna Campos
Joanna Campos 5 hours ago
Ethan: “is the anesthesia diary free?” ... “alright I’m just checking.” LMAO
Imetchi Kim
Imetchi Kim 5 hours ago
10:30 😂😂😂
Maliha Ahmed
Maliha Ahmed 5 hours ago
When I tell you I freaking lost it when Grayson said "i wanna bust it down" and start dancing LMFAOOO. I love these boys. Best twins hands down LMAO
Ume-chan-sensei 6 hours ago
Grayson is shouting so much, that's why he's bleeding. All the vibrations in his nose are irritating the cut tissue. It's so nice how sweet his brother was to him.
Kelly Archer
Kelly Archer 6 hours ago
There were so many good and hilarious things in this video! I can honestly say did Ethan and Grayson are my favorite USviders at the moment.*Continues to binge watch the Dolan twins videos*
5sos Icon
5sos Icon 6 hours ago
Lol they put an ‘E’ and ‘G’ on their hands. For real? 😂
Nickalia Blake
Nickalia Blake 6 hours ago
Y does Grayson sounds like a black person
Sirama 6 hours ago
When you realize they put an "E" and "G" on respective twin's right hand so they wouldn't confuse them.
Natalieee 6 hours ago
8:26 "You ever see his boobies? He's like a C cup" - Ethan 2k19
Kelly Archer
Kelly Archer 7 hours ago
Ethan: that man’s my womb-mate. ❤️
Sara Smith
Sara Smith 7 hours ago
Fentynol. That's probably what they gave them before the surgery
Les Gutierrez
Les Gutierrez 7 hours ago
Ethan : Is anesthesia dairy free?? 😂
Cassie V
Cassie V 7 hours ago
“You look like a fool” “We look the same!” 😂😂
Amanda Harris
Amanda Harris 8 hours ago
13:48 is the most twin thing I've ever heard. Fellow twin can confirm.
Izzy Please
Izzy Please 9 hours ago
At the end of the video when y’all kept saying I love you my 3 year old said I love you too bye🤣💜
Izzy Please
Izzy Please 9 hours ago
I can imagine then as old men lol adorable
Nicole Palacios
Nicole Palacios 10 hours ago
I was NOT disappointed watching my first Dolan video🤣🤣 officially a fan!! "Look at that footwork"
Vimada Buthsombat
Vimada Buthsombat 12 hours ago
Lol this is hilarious 😂
Rowyn Mitchell
Rowyn Mitchell 13 hours ago
this is the funniest video i’ve seen in a long time i could not stop laughing through the wholeeeeee thing
Hi ღ
Hi ღ 15 hours ago
Ethan: You look like a fool Grayson: We look the same Twins: ...
Ελένη Χατζημανωλάκη
Jade 18 hours ago
19:40 "Come on in, brother. Watch your head." 😭😭💖💖
Angel Skullz
Angel Skullz 18 hours ago
donna Kim
donna Kim 19 hours ago
Triz Mordeno
Triz Mordeno 19 hours ago
Grayson: *kisses Ethan's hand* Ethan: Ew Grayson: sorry i felt the LoVe
Talisha Skelton
Talisha Skelton 19 hours ago
Grays on-I love him but he's annoying, but I love him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃😁
RoyalEXO_ 20 hours ago
I thought they were older than me but they are exactly a month younger than me???
Taamz Heart
Taamz Heart 20 hours ago
so cute
Jesse Isidori
Jesse Isidori 22 hours ago
Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee 22 hours ago
that "AYE GET OFF ME" killed me🤣
Yoongi’s Chubby Cheeks
“I got some tampons in my nose” -Ethan Dolan 2019
Leanne Lynn
Leanne Lynn 22 hours ago
Ethan: “leave it over your mouth please” 😂
Ultra Violet
Ultra Violet Day ago
Take a shot every time they say I Love You
I died watching the initials on their hands 🤣
Mark Clemente
I love how calm and loving Ethan is but Grayson is so loud and bitchy.
Chase Ziegler
i just want to know what shorts grayson had on. those are cool
RaeAnne Hill
RaeAnne Hill Day ago
Poor Grayson’s nose keeps bleeding
R.P. Schumm
R.P. Schumm Day ago
I want clothes on!!
RaeAnne Hill
RaeAnne Hill Day ago
Apple juice?!?!?!
Ethan is definitely my favorite
Lily Elgart
Lily Elgart Day ago
20:30 my last two brain cells
Phleonie Ian Ilinon
so cute....
DogLover Day ago
Oh my. Hahahahaha. You boys. So much love being sent your way.
Maya \ Posada
There is so much comedy in this 😂 ima watch it everytime I need a good laugh 😂
Maya \ Posada
I was just smiling till he said "Why thank you Mom." 😂😂😂😂😂 after that short period of silence, I wheezed 8:48
Chronic Daydream
@14:55 literally the cutest thing i have ever heard
Jordan Camilla
"Apple juice? Hell yeah I want some apple juice." *single tear rolls down cheek*
Nora G
Nora G Day ago
Must be just other people but when I had my wisdom teeth out. I woke up and went home, normal! No issues... no weird reaction! I’m starting to think people just do this for attention ?
Do The Do
Do The Do Day ago
LMAO with the rectangular dressing Grayson looks like those old timey gentlemen with mustaches like that. Like Dupont and Dupond in Tintin, I can't think of any better example right now.
Zoe Alexandra
wake up you sleepy fuck *AYE*
Zoe Alexandra
Apple juice?? hell yeahhh I want some apple juice.... *OH* .. that hit the *SHPOT*
Paige Turner
Paige Turner Day ago
11:22 the doctor legit labeled them
Gacha Queen
Gacha Queen Day ago
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