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Welcome to ERB News! Epic Rap Battles of History return for Season 6 on Saturday, April 20th 2019! This season, you can get involved more than ever before at www.patreon.com/erb
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Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 5 977
Jose Amin
Jose Amin Hour ago
Please do, Ragnar Lothbrok VS Super Mario
NAJE GARDNER 2 hours ago
done done and done let's do this hahaha
Cool Nakerz
Cool Nakerz 5 hours ago
Captain Marvel vs Captain Marvel (Shazam)
StegRock 6 hours ago
Here is a challenge for yous… It is so hard to navigate politics right now as we are held hostage by a side and an establishment that has lost its sense of humor, especially of the self-deprecating kind, and is so filled with hate. But,... THIS could be UNBELIEVABLY EPIC... (South Park's) Reality vs. CNN Just the thought of it... LMFAO!
Love Ritter
Love Ritter 8 hours ago
Flask Gordon vs Flash
Love Ritter
Love Ritter 8 hours ago
Captain Planet against Captain America
Isaac Melendez
Isaac Melendez 11 hours ago
Mortal combat vs street fighter
John Buff
John Buff 12 hours ago
Can you please use FDR in a battle?
__JaxxOn __
__JaxxOn __ 13 hours ago
Crocadile Dundee VS Steve irwin
China Carter
China Carter 13 hours ago
Swear to God, the funniest shit was seeing the Hulk Hogan imitation have to cut the shirt so he could tear it!!!!
Jason vs chainsaw massacre but make tommy Jarvis rap for Jason
Skyr O
Skyr O 19 hours ago
Give me hitler
ThatDamnedYankee 21 hour ago
Patton vs Rommel?
RaPZaD 23 hours ago
I like that they’re coming out over a longer period instead of all at once
Ryan M.
Ryan M. Day ago
GoldenCodes Day ago
Finally bro
Dr. nightshade
Branin Dietz
Branin Dietz Day ago
I hope the may 4th is a new star wars battle. Leia vs Rey?
Mr. Cannabis
Mr. Cannabis Day ago
And I have one from years ago get a mulan vs rocky balboa
Mr. Cannabis
Mr. Cannabis Day ago
Respect for him but Larry Bird was more of a badass hardcore dont give a fuck player LeBron acts a fool and pussy out too much while Larry would take a broke back and a punch to a face while still dunking and fade aways on players from a time where legends walked the earth and turn even a joke into signs of war so when I see the so called king play a game where I battle the best of the best where its nothing more then a coin toss on who wanted it more and who wanted to fight Larry took on men of that nature and stomp on there asses so till I see a real king battle gods he ain't nothing then a mortal that isnt on the same level and on the same platform like how only gods can climb mt Olympus and live in its glory well LeBron is just a mortal that looks up too them and begs them to make him a god but never truly challenged and never really fought the battle of war Larry is a man that toss the rock and made buckets all LeBron has done is make money and walk around the question but never truly walked the line that is needed to be a legend while also beinf history the men u stated before are those gods aka the dream team till LeBron play a team like the dream team he aint nothing more then a speck of dust in the wind of a sport where he is praised and yet never backs his shit up we have seen rookies and chumps win the trophy before and after his only win and he hasn't go there since why is he called the best there is or was when u have over 30 plays that not only out play him out rank him but there were players that he has played against and with and still cant keep up with them I hope the guy gets to the top but till he walks the walk then can he talk the talk so yeah bird walked the walk and he made his own version while LeBron is mimicking others he is not making his own if he really wanted to make a name for himself he should win a few more and he shouldn't be mentioned in the ladder Of greatness where only the strong survived and the weak fall till he shows me he is strong enough and is hungry enough to win maybe just maybe he then can be spoken about and called a rank of his own where he is the rank there is no bar higher unless he makes it higher
Mr. Cannabis
Mr. Cannabis Day ago
But we all know Larry bird, kobe, air Jordan, magic Johnson and well about several other players that people would say is more of a omfg we're not worthy Wayne's World vibe of skill in the sport
Mr. Cannabis
Mr. Cannabis Day ago
And when is battle of the gods going to happen where u have Tom Brady verses LeBron James
Mr. Cannabis
Mr. Cannabis Day ago
Plus u need to do a battle of Buddha vs Jesus if not do a battle of the "devils" from religious and none religion based version so the devil vs Lucifer vs Satan vs etc... So pick a version of each but say use the Lucifer one based on the t.v. show and the angel one get Satan from South park in it and the devil From the bible/Dante's inferno and add a couple more so called evil characters like hades from Hercules and u can have james woods reprise his role for a hell of a funny interjection between each "devil" characters
Mr. Cannabis
Mr. Cannabis Day ago
Also @ERB you should do a battle between mother Teresa vs Oprah vs princess Diana vs any other women of the people for the people if not then have Samus vs Lara croft
Mr. Cannabis
Mr. Cannabis Day ago
Or is it craft
Mr. Cannabis
Mr. Cannabis Day ago
Hey ERB you should do a battle between navi of Zelda vs shnarf of the thundercats whobis the mist annoying sidekick
Dustin Palmer
Anheuser busch vs frederick miller
raging mahogany
Have you guys ever gone on a epic rap battle music tour? Cause you should. I'd pay money to see all your best characters in concert
Maduro vs Guadio Interrupted by Simon Bolivar
the grinch vs the green goblin
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Robin Hood vs Arrow
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Cole Phelps (L.A Noire) vs Michael De Santa (GTA 5)
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Wilbur Wright vs Paul Wilbur
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
AMLO vs Bolsonaro
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Yiye Avila vs Sidh Roth
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Saladin vs Aladin
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Simon Bolívar vs George Washington
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Junior Avery Johnson (Halo) vs merry and pippin (Lord of the rings)
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Palpatine (Star Wars) vs prophet of truth (halo)
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Hellboy vs Blade
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Alf vs El Chavo Del Ocho
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Ned Flanders vs Princess Clara
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Sheldon cooper (the Big Bang theory) vs Sheldon cooper (young Sheldon)
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Don Corleone (the goodfather) vs Don Falcone (Gotham)
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Pinochet and Allende vs Castro and Batista (Fulgencio)
Paulo Sergio Ribeiro
+Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga However, in the country alignment, they would never be a duo, because they hate each other. Maybe, it could work in a battle royale, or in separated battles.
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Paulo Sergio Ribeiro yes, and the another option is Pinochet and Allende (the Chilean dictators) and Castro and Batista (the Cuban dictators), because the timelines of this dictators, First Allende, and then Pinochet, and first Batista and then Castro. But in the option of ideologies is valid too, because Pinochet and Batista are fascist dictators and Castro and Allende are communist dictators
Paulo Sergio Ribeiro
Maybe: Pinochet and Batista (at the right) vs. Allende and Castro (at the left)
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Francisco Franco vs Benito Mussolini
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Zohan and The Panthom Fatoush vs Mr. Wallbridge and his friends
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Kyle broflosvky vs Eric cartman
Jorge Andres Mohor Astorga
Ronald McDonald vs The King of Burger King vs Colonel Sanders
Fishy Chungus
Plot twist: Hulk Hogan died while falling and his ghost was talking
Kyle Persell
Kyle Persell Day ago
Will Smith versus Leonardo DiCaprio
Lord Trist
Lord Trist Day ago
Missed you guys.
thade Splatter
Ah the glory days are back
Yuval Agam
Yuval Agam Day ago
Amma Okami
Amma Okami Day ago
Man I missed Theodore "What's-Up-Bitches" Roosevelt's voice :')
HamTheBacon Day ago
Not going to lie, if ERB ever stops i can easily see NicePeter being a stand up comic, i was in tears during the hulk hogan bit.
pe10437 Day ago
"Thank you for spaying and neutering your pets" Dead. Glad you guys are back.
TonyDaExpert Day ago
Aww yeaa
If I get 10k subs i can drop out
Tom Holland vs Andrew Garfield vs Tobey Moguire
PEPRMNT 2 days ago
Indiana Jones vs Nathan Drake from the Uncharted games
baronhomer1 2 days ago
Jon snow vs Aragorn?look at me avoiding posting a spoiler!
Brian Flanagan
Brian Flanagan 2 days ago
Tony stark vs Bruce Wayne
Clip Boss
Clip Boss 2 days ago
Margaret Thatcher (The Iron Lady) vs. Otto von Bismarck (The Iron Chancellor)
John Adams
John Adams 2 days ago
*Sees Theodore Roosevelt* *Immediately clicks*
Sir. Ghastgod
Sir. Ghastgod 2 days ago
I can’t believe they got Hulk Hogan!!
Ben Aaron
Ben Aaron 2 days ago
absolut 2 days ago
Hitler vs Darth Vader Part 4?
LucasCAPS 2 days ago
Good on you being indie. That means no more funding from the Democrat Party. You know what I'm talking about… That battle was just sad. One of your very few bad ones.
Jim Draven
Jim Draven 2 days ago
John F Kennedy vs George Bush Sr
Tyrese Roberts
Tyrese Roberts 2 days ago
The rock vs dwayne johnson
pete stockley
pete stockley 2 days ago
Can we have Tony Stark Vs Arja Stark?
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior 2 days ago
Sam Walton vs Walt Disney vs Jeff bezos
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas 3 days ago
Cersei Lannister vs Medusa
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas 3 days ago
Daenerys Targaryen vs Susan B Anthony
Lyrics World
Lyrics World 3 days ago
Pewdiepie vs T-Series
John Michael Ledesma
Please do Thanos vs Iron Man / Thor!
Alex Koukoulis
Alex Koukoulis 3 days ago
Erwin Romel VS Bernard Montgomery or Gordon Ramsay VS Jaime Oliver
ThatBoyLee 3 days ago
It's been awhile
Marine Admiral Jeronimo
nick al
nick al 3 days ago
Hirohito hitler and Mussolini vs Charles Dr goul Winston churchill and fdr
Jeffelocity Show
Jeffelocity Show 3 days ago
Hulk Hogan And The Macho Man Randy Savage Vs Andre The Giant
J T 3 days ago
Patrick Wright
Patrick Wright 3 days ago
Most people: “2019 is gonna be the worst year for USvid.” ERB: “WHAT’S UP, BIIIIITCHEEEEES!!!”
Justin Ball
Justin Ball 3 days ago
Jerry Springer versus Dr. Phil?
J Solomon .Evans
J Solomon .Evans 3 days ago
14 million subs?! I thought you guy were rich, what do you need a patreon for?
The Hh
The Hh 3 days ago
Der Mit Den Fröschen Laicht
I like the Epic News of History
Vincent Emery
Vincent Emery 3 days ago
Ronald McDonald Vs Kernal Sanders
Noah M8
Noah M8 3 days ago
Do Jimmy Fallon vs Jimmy Kimmel
The Unsmart Asian
USvidrs vs USvid’s demonization Every time the youtubers swear the demonization just kills them
Meijin KawaguchiIV
Why is Teddy still a 2D after his own Rap Battle? :V
blackpotato master
ΜrCookie 4 days ago
I am sick and tired of waiting too!
Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini 4 days ago
John wick vs agent 47
AtomicG 4 days ago
It honestly didn't feel like a proper news video without a *What's up, bitcheeeeeeeeeeees!* If ya'll need me, I'll be at the Roosevelt v. Churchill battle.
dkdrock456 4 days ago
Teddy forgot to thank people for vaccinating their kids, because that's where we are now.
goofball14 4 days ago
Teddy, You have been sorely missed. Welcome back, old friend!
Coolms9-YT 4 days ago
That newest battle had some nice *Sideburns*
SuperBadspeller 4 days ago
kazi 4 days ago
Ironman vs Captain America
Neriyahu 4 days ago
_Ohhhh yeaaaaa_
Mason hi there
Mason hi there 4 days ago
Can we plz get a Eragon off of lord of the rings VS John snow off of game of thrones!?
loic tells everything
I hope you all get more money cuz that Wolverine costume f****** sucked Freddy Krueger was decent and you had a fucken inflatable suit on Hulk Hogan come on, and you guys are better you used to have great costumes like f****** top noth s*** work on it Jesus
Lexi Duncan
Lexi Duncan 4 days ago
J.K Rowling vs Harry Potter characters she changed up years later lol
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