Ellie Goulding, Juice WRLD - Hate Me

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DIRECTOR: Saam Farahmand
Founding Partner: Patrick Milling-Smith
Exec Producer: David Richards
Exec Producer: Kamila Prokop
Producer: Matt Day
DP: Pete Konczal
PD: Rob Ebeltoft
1st AD: Chris Bicknell
Wardrobe: Aeri Yun
Hair: Panos
Make-up: Lucy Wearing
VFX: Platige
Edit: Julia Knight, Speade
Color: Bryan Smaller, Company3


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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 43 184
Adiba Almas
Adiba Almas 2 hours ago
Beautiful song
The JoKer
The JoKer 2 hours ago
juce wrld the legend rip we love you
Samrat Vai
Samrat Vai 2 hours ago
Subscribe channel
laince paraguya
laince paraguya 2 hours ago
The very worst way to leave 2019
Chigga Ligga
Chigga Ligga 2 hours ago
is this sponsored by samsung or smth
Owen Ragnes
Owen Ragnes 2 hours ago
Legends never die there just reborn
Farty Bart
Farty Bart 2 hours ago
Free juice wrld replays 1:06
Farty Bart
Farty Bart 2 hours ago
0:00 free replay
Miintae 2 hours ago
Legit, ppl commenting “Yeahh who’s here after they heard he died, hit the like button.” I don’t even like Juice WRLD, but stop using someone’s death for likes, you sick fucks, even if you like him or not, don’t continuously bring it up.
Chunckie 3 hours ago
He's not here anymore
qRadu 3 hours ago
is this an ad for smartphones?
Maja Lenehan
Maja Lenehan 3 hours ago
ona wyglada jak sexmasterka
Haifa Alo
Haifa Alo 3 hours ago
1:06 plz take your medication Thank me by like
Weah- Call Of Duty
Weah- Call Of Duty 3 hours ago
Do you have heart for Juice Wrld.I Do -Andria💔
kexxboy fdc
kexxboy fdc 3 hours ago
Kate Stevenson
Kate Stevenson 3 hours ago
RIP juice weld
Suriya Jabeen
Suriya Jabeen 3 hours ago
hate me
RAMBO MILAT 3 hours ago
Who’s still listening this song✅
Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar 3 hours ago
Y dint you become a actress
moolt 3 hours ago
juice WRLD 💔 R.I.P.
Nathan Adjei
Nathan Adjei 3 hours ago
Ellie are you sad juice weld died ?
Lewis Stamas
Lewis Stamas 4 hours ago
1:41 "In your head I sing" this hits different, now he has to sing in our heads, Rest easy Juice 😔🙏
Lewis Stamas
Lewis Stamas 3 hours ago
Just to add, at that part its like the smoke is his soul and it just stops or he "shuts down"(the sound effect makes it even weirder) its kinda weird to think about almost like he is only "alive" when we listen to his songs then once it ends he isnt(from now on) idk just something weird i thought about(no hate)
Jotaro 4 hours ago
getting this recommendation makes my heart uncomfortable.
marco loucas
marco loucas 4 hours ago
My man must of took the biggest hit ever for all that smoke RIP juice u will be missed 💯💙
HARRY JASON 4 hours ago
Wait a minute what did he put in his mouth?to much smoke
JaCoBskY 4 hours ago
Dired- Beats
Dired- Beats 4 hours ago
usvid.net/video/video-CR7OZ1lEnlQ.html veri good
Itz_Justice Baby Girl
WHY YOU HAD TO....die I love you more than ever love you juice world
Thiago Bolty Gamer
Thiago Bolty Gamer 4 hours ago
:( saudades
Akshay kn
Akshay kn 4 hours ago
Ava :3
Ava :3 4 hours ago
We miss you juice WRLD
Paulin 4 hours ago
R.I.P Juice Wrld!!!!
Lil Vibes
Lil Vibes 4 hours ago
Anybody who wants to see a tribute of Juice WRLD, Watch This Video: usvid.net/video/video-3JolIJcrcwE.html
Fortnight boy Rory
Fortnight boy Rory 4 hours ago
RIP juice
JENNİE 13 4 hours ago
Hate me ...
Archie Taylor
Archie Taylor 5 hours ago
999 forever
Anthony Apostolakis
I still can’t believe it he’s gone
TB- Hebron
TB- Hebron 4 hours ago
All legends die Young but stay legends
TB- Hebron
TB- Hebron 4 hours ago
It was so unexpected 😭.......
Rose Finch
Rose Finch 5 hours ago
'17- lil peep '18- xxxtentacion '19- juicy wrld
hot dog
hot dog 5 hours ago
rip u legend remember when he blew up he was an amazing sounding artist but now all that talent is gone its sad
cman sank
cman sank 5 hours ago
Love juice r. I. p
Matthew Majors
Matthew Majors 5 hours ago
Affuvlogs 5 hours ago
Awesome 👍usvid.net/video/video-alNKlw2ilKI.html SUPPORT GUY'S
The Green Dragon boat
Juice wrld is the best bit of the song
Hotake Louis
Hotake Louis 5 hours ago
The Green Dragon boat
RIP juice wrld D:
Sara Zeka
Sara Zeka 6 hours ago
I love song hate me
Eva Humra
Eva Humra 6 hours ago
R.I.P ......💔
DHR10 Rahim
DHR10 Rahim 6 hours ago
Please dont take Ski mask to😥
Cassie's Toy World
Cassie's Toy World 6 hours ago
Guys hes faking his death-
Starboy LYRICS
Starboy LYRICS 6 hours ago
Juice you never hated you, we always loved you. RIP juice
Billie Eilish best
Billie Eilish best 6 hours ago
Nonik Catur rina
Nonik Catur rina 6 hours ago
Omg .. he's gone. . Sometime . I can't believe it 💔
Zasuo 6 hours ago
R.I.P Juice Wrld
Zhenia Life
Zhenia Life 6 hours ago
Кто тоже из лайка? 👇❤️
Havin Bulgan
Havin Bulgan 6 hours ago
Rest in peace Juice🥺 We love you
Aaron smith
Aaron smith 7 hours ago
To Young to die my friend rest in peace juice wrld
111 022
111 022 7 hours ago
Best Song😍🙁
Tahir Aktaş
Tahir Aktaş 7 hours ago
I don't know why but I don't believe he's die
Tahira Fatima Hussain
that hurt i think
Rajesh Upadhyay
Rajesh Upadhyay 7 hours ago
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